10-27-10 - Glee, The Rally to Restore Sanity and Thintervention

In case you missed it...

Rosie began today's broadcast by immediately saying she doesn't know how she'll ever listen to Janette's opinions on music again because of what she had to say about last night's Glee episode.  Janette said none of the singing that took place on last night's Glee was as good as the original Rocky Horror and she didn't like the show.  Deirdre likes Glee (but is not a total Gleek like most of the members of the staff) and she said last night's episode was amazing!  Bobby loved it too and said it reminded him how much he loved the music from Rocky Horror.   Rosie was really mad at Janette for disparaging Glee and saying that she didn't like Mercedes' version of Sweet Transvestite. (listen below)

Rosie thought the actress's version of the song was "show-stoppingly brilliant."  Janette said she and her boyfriend Barry were horrified by the performances as they were watching.  One critique Rosie had of the show was that she didn't like the lyrics they had re-written though she understood many of them needed to be changed.

Janette thinks one reason she may not have liked last night's Glee was that she is too attached to Tim Curry singing the original.  Janette said she knows and loves the original so well and the Glee version is not even in the same category as his.  When she saw Tim singing the song in the original movie, she said it was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen in her whole life. 

Last night's episode was directed by Adam Shankman who also directed the movie Hairspray.  Rosie remembered how much  she loved the Broadway show of Hairspray and then was disappointed after she saw the movie version.  She was so upset about it she emailed her friend Mark Shaiman, who wrote the songs for the Broadway musical, to express her disappointment.  Then she heard from Harvey Fierstein that Mark was really mad at her!  Rosie did her best Harvey Fierstein impersonation of him telling her that Mark was mad at her.  Mark didn't talk to Rosie for a year because of her email.  She did apologize though and wondered why she felt the need to write the email in the first place.  She said no one asked her her opinion and maybe she shouldn't have said anything.

But Rosie absolutely loved last night's episode!  Rosie took several callers about the show.  One caller agreed with Janette - that no one is sexier than Tim Curry in the role.  But she also agreed with Rosie that the character Mercedes did a fantastic job!  One caller said having Tim Curry's character played by a woman is UNAMERICAN!  And one caller said viewers of the show needed to judge last night's episode as its own entity and not compare it to the original.  Janette agreed and compared it to her love of the 1970s series Hawaii Five-O.  She loves the new 2010 version of Hawaii Five-O but has to be careful not to compare it to the original and just appreciate it on its own. 

Rosie said her son Parker is on a never-ending quest to not do his homework.  He told his teacher they don't have a non-mac computer at his house to do certain PC-related classroom assignments.  In fact, he's telling everyone at school he doesn't have the right computer at home to do his work.  Rosie spoke to the teacher last night on the phone and assured her that he does have a PC to use.  Rosie remembered procrastinating with homework as a child and Janette commented at how much more homework kids have today.  Rosie said that too much homework was the reason she and Kelli switched their kids to a Waldorf school but now she's wondering if they did him a disservice because he's not used to doing it. 

Then a new squirrel came up to the Rosie Radio studio's window.  Rosie leaves nuts on the window ledge for a favorite squirrel whom she named Shady but this time it looked like a different squirrel.  Rosie named him Bosco.  If you ever want to tune in and see Rosie's squirrel you can go to the ShadyCam on Ustream and sometimes they broadcast the squirrel antics live while they're on the air!  HERE IS A LINK TO THE SHADYCAM

Rosie said her children all enjoyed eating the pumpkin recipes everyone made for yesterday's show!  She also said that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is apparently a pretty big seller at Starbucks though she won't try one because Deirdre has her all freaked out over the calorie content of her favorite Starbucks Chai Latte.  Janette still cannot believe that Rosie hasn't ever tasted pumpkin pie!  She's surprised Rosie is so against something she has never even tried before.  But Janette admitted she has never tried Sushi so she shouldn't really judge. 

Deirdre was happy that "fake, phony, Audrina Patridge" was voted off DWTS last night.  She thinks it's ridiculous that people see her as a celebrity when she's just a spoiled, rich, girl from a reality TV series.

Janette absolutely loves the show "Two and a Half Men" and has been talking about how great it is for years.  Rosie had her hands up like "please save me from this!" as Janette talked about how much she loved the show.  Well, in the early hours of yesterday morning, Charlie Sheen, one of the stars of "Two and a Half Men," was arrested in a hotel room in New York for going on a drunken rampage.  Charlie Sheen is getting 2 million dollars an episode (23 episodes a year) for the character he plays on the show.  Allegedly he was with an escort (aka HOOKER) and he went into a rage and trashed the Plaza Hotel room where he was staying in.  The escort (aka hooker) called hotel security and they took Sheen to the hospital.  Here's a link to the full story.  Deirdre was annoyed that his representative said the reason for his rampage was because Sheen had an allergic reaction to medication.   She said it annoys her when publicists think we the public will actually believe their lies.  Janette said it's clear that Sheen is a man with a lot of problems but worried that he didn't have anyone in his life who was trying to help him either.  Janette absolutely hates the constant judging of celebrities.  She said everyone is fallible and said let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.  Bobby asked for someone to give him a rock.

Brendan talked about how our society has changed because of the digital world we live in.  He said when something embarrassing used to happen, a teen was made fun of for it and then it quickly went away.  Now if you're a teen and something embarrassing happens to you everyone has videos and cell phone pictures of it.  He said in minutes a web-page and a Facebook page can be created to crucify people.  And it happens to celebrities too.  Rosie said when you're a celebrity whenever you make a mistake now it becomes public record for life.  Janette hates the glee that people get in ripping the shreds out of celebrities when they fall down. 

The last time Janette mentioned she loved the show Two and a Half Men a listener emailed her to question her love of the show because one of the actors, Jon Cryer, is a huge Republican.  Janette said she loves Jon's work and his politics don't matter to her!  Rosie said the same thing happened to her.  She's often mentioned her love of Drew Pinsky (Dr. Drew from Celebrity Rehab) and people have questioned her because supposedly he's anti-choice.  Rosie asked if she should lose all respect for someone she admires because he has different values and beliefs. 

Rosie said this type of rigid thinking is exactly the type of thing that inspired Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity!  The Rally To Restore Sanity is taking place on 10-30-10 in Washigton D.C.  It is where rational people will gather on the National Mall "because that makes the most sense."  Deirdre's mom is going on an Arianna Huffington bus from NYC to the rally!  Brendan said his parents are going too!  Oprah is sending Daily Show audience members to the rally and thousands of people are expected.  Rosie said it would be amazing if millions of people showed up!  Deirdre thinks it will be a huge event. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who's going to the rally with her entire family. She said she and her family are big Jon Stewart fans and believe this country's politics have gotten crazy and it's time to act civilly about things.  Rosie asked the listener to call back on Monday and tell her how it went.   

While Janette thought that topic was important, she thought an even more important topic was how her pumpkin is coming in second in the Martha Stewart Living Pumpkin Decoration Contest!  There are not any prizes to be won so Rosie didn't really understand her STRONG desire to come in second.  Janette then gave a big speech (complete with instrumental music playing in the background) pleading with listeners to vote for her to keep her in second place.  Deirdre once won a watermelon spitting seed contest when she was 11 and Janette once won a bone china teacup in a drawing.  Rosie had had enough of this topic and wanted to move on so Janette quickly blurted out, "REMEMBER, ONLY TWO MORE DAYS TO VOTE!"

Pete read from a story about a young California man who was killed in a shark attack in California this month.  You can read the full story HERE.   Rosie has some experiences with sharks and has even caught a few on fishing charters.  She said with all the sharks she's caught and seen in the oceans near Miami, it surprises her that there aren't even more shark attacks.  The fishing boat captain Rosie goes out with Mark the Shark will send her his catch of the day and other pictures of what they catch and she said it's shocking to see what's in the ocean!  Pete said they think the shark that killed the student was a Great White Shark.  Janette's friend Fran wants to go cage diving with Great Whites and Janette has no interest in going with her.  Rosie said she wouldn't want to go cage diving either because she often watches those shark programs with her son Blake where the shark gets in the cage!  Janette gets sea sick and won't EVER go in the ocean.  She said sharks can swim close to shore even in just 3-4 feet of water.  Pete saw Jaws when he was just 6 years old and said he wouldn't even go in  a pool because of it for three years. 

Rosie said she isn't keen on danger and/or adventure.  Janette isn't either.  Janette admitted she doesn't adjust to anything new easily or quickly.  Even a new restaurant takes getting used to for her and her initial reaction is always to hate everything about it.  But Rosie pointed out that Janette has no problems going to a war zone on a humanitarian mission.   Janette explained she feels the need to help in disasters but she won't bungee jump, go in the ocean or swim with sharks.  For her it's all about the payoff.  The medical and humanitarian missions are worth the risk for Janette because the payoff is so great. 

Deirdre goes Heliskiing which is a dangerous adventure but worth the risk for her.  Heliskiing is off-trail, downhill skiing accessed by a helicopter.  It's all about skiing in an area not typically skied by others.  It can be dangerous but she loves it.  Rosie asked the crew if she does anything dangerous and Janette said she does, she lays in the sun.  Rosie didn't believe this was risky behavior so Janette schooled her on the topic.  Janette's boyfriend Barry used to tan a lot like Rosie does and then stopped at a certain age because of the dangers.  But the damage has been done and he continues to have precancerous moles removed on a regular basis.  Rosie said the rewards she gets from laying in the sun makes the risk worth it for her. 

Janette said random death scares her and mentioned a few examples of people getting impaled by objects or having a tree or object fall on them randomly.  Rosie doesn't think there's anything random about death and simply feels if you die that way it was your time to go.  Deirdre agreed that there's no randomness in dying.  Janette said the way Rosie explains it is something we tell ourselves because we can't deal with the idea that sometimes death is just dumb luck and sometimes accidents happen.  

Rosie reminded listeners that she will be hosting a night of funny females on November 5th in New York City!  The guests include Judy Gold,  Bonnie McFarlane and Wendy Leibman.  Rosie then played clips of the funny ladies from their standup routines.  She said if you called right away you could win 2 tickets to the show!  They gave tickets out to the first three callers.  

Last night Janette went to Stand Up New York and judged a comedy contest.  She said there was something great about being back in that room of standups.  She said it plugs you in again and reminds you of what you once wanted so desperately.  She had flashbacks remembering her own standup days.  Rosie said she doesn't have any real new material and that she will just be hosting the night of comedy.  She said she'll be trying some material but you have to really practice at standup to stay good at it.  Janette said standup is the art-form that keeps you honest.  Rosie wants to have a game every day for callers to compete to win tickets to the comedy show!  Stay tuned for that!  

Brendan thinks the questions on Jeopardy are getting easier.  Rosie said her brother Eddie is the best Jeopardy player around and Pete said his Dad is great at it too.  Brendan and Pete said when they've been watching Jeopardy lately they could answer all the questions, even in subjects they're not well-versed in.  Pete said they've written the questions so you can now figure out the answers.  Pete asked the staff real Jeopardy questions from a  website that posts all the questions from former episodes.   Rosie talked about how much media has changed today and how it used to be that everyone watched the same shows on television.  She said media used to be a shared experience but today there are so many choices there isn't that same commonality.  Janette blamed the dumbing down of the Jeopardy questions on the fact that we as a society are getting dumber and dumber.  

Rosie then interviewed Brian T. Donovan from Thintervention with Jackie Warner.  Rosie said Jackie scares her but not as much as Jillian Michaels.  Rosie said Jackie ruined her enjoyment of cookies when she made Brian run up and down the stairs enough times to burn off the two cookies he ate on the show.  (They then played the audio clip from the episode.)

Brian revealed he has lost 68 pounds from being on the program!   Rosie said she almost didn't recognize him when he came into the studio.  Brian said he was a skinny kid but gained weight after he got into a relationship and fell in love.  As time went on he gained even more weight and then got depressed which caused him to gain more.  He was 266 pounds when he started the show.

Brian had never seen Jackie's show Workout but had heard she was tough.  They taped the program for 13 weeks but they were living on their own.  The cast showed up for filming and for therapy once a week.  Brian found out about the casting for the series through a Facebook link one of his friends had posted.  They interviewed him extensively for the show and also did some psychological testing on all the cast members. 

Brian said he was afraid of Jackie in the beginning but said she is incredibly kind.  He said she has a tough shell you must break through in the beginning.  Rosie asked if she's like Jillian Michaels who seems like she feels like she's really saving people's lives.  He said he feels Jackie really cares about the people she had on the show.

Brian told Rosie he used to wait on her when she came into a restaurant in California near where she used to live.  He said she was the most generous person he ever waited on.  Rosie said she's a 100% tipper and she's heard waiters will sometimes fight to get her table.  Rosie knows being a server is one of the toughest jobs and she also knows a good tip can change your whole week.  Brian said it speaks volumes of people when he sees how they treat the waitstaff in a restaurant.  People still stop Rosie on the streets and tell her how much her very large tip meant to them when they once waited on her. 

Brian is an actor and went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Then he got an apprenticeship at the Burt Reynold's dinner theater. He said his partner loves his weight loss and he loves it too.  He doesn't see how much weight he's lost when he sees himself in the mirror and it's not until he sees pictures of himself that he realizes how far he's come.  Rosie said she's the same way when she gains weight.  She never notices it until she sees pictures of herself.  Brian said knowing that people would be watching the show and that he had to be accountable for his weight loss helped him lose the weight.  He thinks this time he'll be able to keep it off.  He said he doesn't eat perfectly now but he knows there's a price to pay now for eating poorly.  He still works out with a trainer three days a week and does cardio with Craig Ramsey. 

They ended the interview as Brian gave Rosie gifts.  He gave her a box of Ring Dings signed at the seal so she wouldn't open them and the ingredients for Jackie's morning shake which he said has changed his life.  Rosie joked that she's going to try the shake as she's eating the Ring Dings.  She thanked him for the interview and congratulated him on surviving Jackie Warner! 

Brendan had a list of the 50 largest chain restaurants in America.  The player was to name any chain restaurant they thought would be on the list.  The more obscure, the more points you would get.  The number 1 restaurant (worth only 1 point) was McDonald's.

Janette guessed Chart House which  was not on the list.  0 points
Bobby guessed Chilis which was not on the list. 0 points.
Shoshana guessed Starbucks which was number 5 for 5 points. 
Rosie guessed Wendy's which was number 4 for 4 points.
Pete guessed Dunkin Donuts which was number 9 for 9 points.

Janette guessed KFC for 8 points.
Bobby guessed Burger King for 2 points.
Shoshana guessed Long John Silvers worth 27 points!
Rosie guessed Arby's worth 11 points. 
Pete guessed A&W which was not on the list. 0 points.

Janette guessed Red Lobster which was not on the list. 0 points.
Bobby guessed Denny's which was not on the list. 0 points.
Shoshana guessed IHop which was not on the list. 0 points.
Rosie guessed Taco Bell for 6 points.
Pete guessed TGIFriday's which was not on the list. 0 points.

Janette guessed Bennigans which was not on the list. 0 points.
Bobby guessed Applebees which was not on the list. 0 points.
Shoshana guessed Barnes and Nobel eateries which were not on the list. 0 points.  
Rosie guessed Carl's Junction which was worth 21 points!
Pete guessed Baskin Robbins which was worth 32 points!

Janette guessed Jack in the Box worth 13 points.
Bobby guessed Subway which was worth 3 points.
Shoshana guessed TCBY which was not on the list for 0 points.
Rosie guessed Dairy Queen worth 15 points. 
Pete guessed Checkers which was worth 30 points!!!!

Pete won!  Rosie demanded someone look at his computer to verify he wasn't cheating.  Brendan quickly listed off some of the other restaurants including Cold Stone Creamery, Chipotle, Panda Express and Papa Johns.

Rosie closed the show and said, "See you tomorrow!" 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Omg, I love Jackie Warner. She seems to have this kind of spiritual and nurturing energy that comes across as really genuine. Plus, you know, the eyes!

    Also, I really liked Audrina from The Hills. :/ She was about the only one who did NOT seem fake & phony to me. Plus, I don't see how it's any more ridiculous that she's a celebrity vs someone like Mike "the situation" (who is nasty and gross and degrades women) or any other reality star/sports star/friend or family member of stars, etc., etc. A celebrity is just someone who is high profile in the public eye, politicians generally exempt....

  2. Thanks for posting the Rocky Horror Picture Show clip of Tim Curry.....it was fun seeing Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick in that clip.....I would have loved to have seen Susan in a cameo appearance on Glee

    I missed that last half of the show today so thanks for catching me up!
    Another great recap Kelly!

  3. On yesterday’s show, I can’t remember who it was, said that they tend to vote party line when it comes to Judges since they don’t know anything about them. In my opinion, this is a huge mistake since it’s the Judges who are interpreting the laws passed by your legislators! It’s vital to make sure the right Judge is on the bench…one who has adequate knowledge of the law and the right judicial temperament. Check your local Bar Association for help with voting. Each one will rate the Judges (based on the lawyer’s feedback (those litigators who commonly appear before them)). Judges should be impartial and I think party affiliation is the last factor that should be considered.

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