In case you missed it....

• Rosie began the show singing along to the Rosie Radio theme song doing her best Temple Grandin impersonation. (If you haven't seen it, there's a moment in the film where Temple, played by Claire Danes, sings at her graduation ceremony with fervor!) Rosie talked again about how much she loved the movie and how she's already seen it 3 times- see it if you can people. Jeannie mentined how they were discussing on the Internet (the Rosie Radio Facebook page!!!) that you can tell what mood Rosie is in by the way she sings the intro theme song: good mood = sings along happily, bad mood = sings grumpily.

• Just before they went on the air today Janette explained how everyone is going to die in 2012 because of the supervolcano under Yellowstone that's going to blow its cork and we will all perish. Sweet! Therefore, Janette sees no reason to stay on a diet. They talked briefly about this theory and about the group of people who think that the world will end in 2012 because the Mayan calendar says it's so. Janette also talked about the theory that there will be a cataclysmic polarity shift that will cause the end of the world. Can't we just talk about celebrity gossip and weight loss people?

• Rosie discussed that ever since she mistakenly rubbed fish oil on her face she now tastes fish oil when she takes her fish oil vitamin - and how before she knew it was fish oil, it never bothered her. Janette also discussed the Hantavirus, another way we can all die. Janette was quite versed on the topic of possible ways to die, I must say!

• Bobby told a story about how he once yelled at a woman in his building for feeding the pigeons and told her it was illegal when it really wasn't. Random. Sometimes I read this back and have no idea how we got there from what they were talking about.

• Rosie asked Janette and Bobby what the ride to the studio in Nyack was like. A car picks up Brendan, Deirdre, Janette and Bobby at the Sirius studios in NYC and they ride out all together. They said there was no music and no singing and typically Brendan works the entire time, Deirdre sleeps and sometimes snores, and Janette and Bobby talk the whole time. Deirdre was home sick today. Feel better Deirdre!!

• Rosie talked about how she wants to watch the series Survivor: Heroes and Villains and how she missed the first episode last week. Apparently Rosie loves Colby and he's her most favorite guy on Survivor ever. Rosie hasn't watched Survivor in years but asked Pete to set up the Tivo season pass for her.

• Rosie said she's getting her teeth fixed again. She told the story about how after she won $20,000 on Star Search she got a car and got her teeth done.

It's only a commercial but check out what I found on YouTube!

• Rosie said she still hasn't watched herself on Oprah and mentioned how she wants to watch it one day.

• Then Rosie asked (again, not sure how we got here from Oprah) who would pose nude in Playboy if they were skinny enough. Google Pete said Yes (for playgirl), Jeannie said she didn't know but she'd have to be "smokin hot" and Rosie said Absolutely No, even if she was gorgeous.

• The studio crew then started discussing New Yorker attitudes and etiquette. Rosie said she was out to dinner last night with her girlfriend Tracy and her 6 children at the mall and Tracy mentioned to her that she was being abrasive to the server. Rosie didn't think she wasn't being rude at all. She said they were all ordering and going around the table taking turns and when one of the children ordered the same thing she was going to order she blurted out "Make that two" but it wasn't her turn. She asked if this was rude or not. Ummmm, no? Tracy skyped Rosie after she told the story and told her she didn't say it right. Bobby thinks New Yorkers are just used to doing things very fast and get annoyed easily when people are slow. Rosie said she doesn't think of other people she just thinks fast and does something. Apparently there was an air conditioning incident that Tracy pointed out to Rosie too, where she turned up the air conditioning in the car because it was hot but didn't ask anyone - Tracy pointed that out to Rosie and Rosie didn't even notice she did it. Rosie said now she's constantly thinking about the stuff that she does and how others are effected by her. She contemplated that maybe she's much more of a bitch than she knows. Awwwwww!!! Jeannie told a story about how once Rosie ordered for Jeannie at a restaurant in Tijuana and Jeannie got so angry at Rosie they got in a huge fight and they didn't speak the whole way home on the plane. Janette said that Rosie doesn't even realize when she's in a bad mood and lots of people see her as yelling when Rosie doesn't even know she's yelling at all! Interesting! I have a friend from New Jersey and when I'm telling her a story if I take too long, she will say abruptly "What the Fuck are you talking about?" so that I clarify myself or speed it up! In my opinion, its a New York thing. You just get used to it or you don't. And I love it about her. She's also one of the most generous people I know. It's why I love her!

• Jeannie and Rosie talked about how her girlfriend Tracy is a very calming influence on Rosie and lives up the hill in a house with her 6 kids.

• When coming back from commercial Lou played the song Be Our Guest from the musical Beauty and the Beast which everyone got the tie in except Rosie. (because they were talking about restaurants Ro!)

Be Our Guest

• They then discussed yesterday when a caller named Carla called in to talk about being overweight and Rosie asked her if she liked to get dressed up and she said "Yes, I was raised by a fag." (they then played the clip of the phone-call) Rosie assumed at the time that the caller meant it in a nice way and it didn't offend her. Bobby said it did offend him and Shoshana said she was shocked and looked around the room to see if other people were offended (especially the gay members of the studio) and they didn't seem like they were so she didn't say anything. Carla called in when they were discussing it and explained that she is gay and was having "living room talk" and explained that that's the way gay people talk when they're talking to each other. They then got in a debate about whether or not it was okay or not okay for members of a minority group to use the words like the F word and the N word when referring to each other. It was a complicated debate!

• A listener called in and asked Rosie how she would feel if her children were being interviewed and said they were raised by "a pair of dykes." Rosie said said it would depend how they said it or their intention behind it. Rosie talked about how she was once called dyke when she was coming out of a movie theater with a previous girlfriend. She was also called a dyke once when she was riding her motorcycle and then she took off her sunglasses and they said "Oh, sorry Rosie!" Rosie talked about the need of minority groups to reclaim the use of these derogatory terms and the profound and empowering use they can sometimes have. One listener called in and asked for everyone to simply STOP saying these terms so they can just go away and Rosie said she would "call I Dream of Jeannie and have her blink the words away." Good plan, that'll work. Can she blink away discrimination, hate and intolerance while she's at it? :)

• Janette told a story that an old guy yelled "YOU'RE FAT!" at her one time when she was riding her bike and how its not okay to call people the N word, or the F word but fat is still okay.

Watch Janette ride her bike and blog at the same time!

• Rosie then introduced the super-smart comedian, actress and political activist, Janeane Garofalo! Let me preface this portion of the recap by apologizing to Janeane and her fans. I know I am not going to be able to do justice to Janeane's thoughts and political opinions. I loved listening to her speak and I don't think there's anyway I can truly translate all the amazing facts and points she made during the interview. Having said that, here goes... Janeane started the interview talking some about how Air America radio went off the air. Air America was a politically left-wing radio program that ran from March 2004- January 2010. Janeane was a co-host on Air America Radio's The Majority Report. Janeane talked about how the passion and the talent at Air America were there but how there were a lot of bad business decisions that were made. Janeane discussed how much she enjoys the medium of radio and how it draws people in and creates such a huge, dedicated community base. Janeane said she would like the opportunity to do radio again.

Janeane Garofalo

What I love about Janeane is she doesn't pull any punches. She says what she believes. No apologies. LOVE THAT! Janeane talked a lot about the Republican party and the formation of Tea Party Protests and Patriot Gatherings claim that they're about big government when really it is racism, pure and simple. Janeane said "If you don't see the racism, you're in danger of having a baby in the toilet nine months from now." LOL Rosie asked Janeane if she would consider coming to the mainstream media and she said she realizes some people really don't like her views and she would never want to get in the way of the actual issue or the facts because you don't like HER. But she followed that up with the point that facts don't seem to be an issue for right wingers, its all about what gets news.

Listen to Janeane sum up EH
• Janeane talked about how she has been very disappointed in Obama's first year and Rosie asked her to explain in what ways. Janeane listed many things including having Rick Warren speak at the Inauguration, not repealing don't ask don't tell, what happened in Copenhagen regarding climate change, not passing health-care reform, and not making more steps towards safer gun laws and women's rights regarding their reproductive decisions.

• Janeane told the story about how she stopped drinking in 2001 and even stopped smoking for a year until an interview with Connie Chung. She said Connie upset her so much during the interview she marched out of CNN into a deli, bought a pack of cigarettes, and never looked back. Janeane said she doesn't consider herself a celebrity, she considers herself someone who was moderately successful in the 1990s. She said that when the media calls you a celebrity it marginalizes you. They briefly talked about the controversy the Dixie Chicks faced when they spoke out against George Bush and the backlash that occurred.

• Janeane and Rosie talked a lot about Republicans and any possibility for empathy. Janeane called Elisabeth Hasselbeck an "anti-intellectual" and "not particularly compassionate," with a "ridiculous take on religion." (OMG I love her.) Janeane asked Rosie if she'd ever heard of dead reckoning, when you decide to figure out where you're going based on where you are and where you've been rather than the tools available and since new positions are calculated solely from previous positions, the errors of the process are cumulative, so the error in the position grows with time. I believe this was in reference to Elisabeth. She called the people on the "news" program Fox and Friends douche-bags that don't even know they're lying and they don't care to know compared to some news analysts that actually know the crap they are spreading is not true.

• Janeane was raised in a conservative family with a hard-core conservative father and all her siblings are Republicans. She went to Providence college in Rhode Island from 1982-1986 at the same time Rosie's sister Maureen attended! Janeane did not enjoy Providence because of the very conservative atmosphere. She said that she has found that the most close-minded, meanest people were the Reagan youth and the very religious. She said that not always, but most times, Republicans are kind of a dick. (she fucking rocks) She said to be a Republican today is not about "smaller government" and to say you're a conservative or a Republican means something very suspect to her.

• Janeane said she was there when Howard Dean supposedly screamed and said the corporate media turned the sound down on on the crowd. If you haven't ever heard about this watch this clip, its shameful. It literally makes me sick. Janeane said it is an example of how the mainstream media is not your friend. She recommended several media outlets that were truthful including the BBC, the CBC of Canada, Rachel Maddow, The Young Turks and several others but man, she talks fast! Lastly, she recommended listeners print out their news from democracynow.org because it's a non-profit news media that gives you nothing but uncensored news from around the world.

• You can see Janeane Garofalo perform in Love Loss and What I Wore from February 3rd-February 28th! Get your tickets NOW! Rosie thanked Janeane for coming and closed the show.

Here are some clips of some great Janeane Garofalo moments on youtube, just cause.

Visit Janeane's website HERE!


  1. I loved the show today!
    Rosie does an awesome impersonation of Temple Grandin! I wrote in to her earlier on askro requesting she sing the entire theme song in that voice. I saw the movie it's fantastic!! it would be great if they aired it on a major network - I think a lot of families would benefit from seeing it.
    and good to know that the world is going to end in 2012, thanks Janette! that's a classic video of Janette riding her bike, love Janette! She's so funny. :)
    and I really enjoyed the interview with Janeane. Rosie should have her on again.
    I remember her from the movie Romy and Michele's High School Renunion, she's great in that movie, so funny!!
    and I agree with you Kelly, it's a New York thing! ;)

  2. janeane is so freaking smart, it is scary! i just think she kicks ass. love her.... now, if rosie ever had her own channel, she should most definitely have a janeane garofalo show!

    as far as whether rosie was being rude by quickly adding her order in when it wasn't her turn- no, i don't think that is rude at all. i am usually very respectful to my waitperson bc i know what it is like to wait tables and have a table or two of complete douchebags- BUT- if they aren't doing their job and they suck, they will definitely know it and see it in their tip- if there is one. i remember dave and i left a PENNY for a tip one night bc we were that pissed off. and the a/c thing? if she was my passenger and did that, i wouldn't really care. i've been known to adjust the heat or a/c in a friend's car a time or two. idk- is this kind of stuff really a big deal? maybe i am like a new yorker in that respect.

    even though i was able to listen today, i sure do like reading the recap and your thoughts on it, kw! xo

  3. Liz, I agree a janeane garofalo show would be great! I really hope Rosie has her on again.
    and I never knew you waited tables... or did I??? my memory fails me sometimes lol
    and I do the same thing as far as the tip goes - never left a penny though - but I like that idea. and for all those that missed the show - if you have sirius try to catch the replay it was a really good show!

  4. i did! the summer after my freshman year of college (you know, when i failed out) in ocean city, nj, and then again at a local place here. it is hard work!

    the penny was harsh... but really, we had never had such horrible service! and she was RUDE.

    come on, people! leave a comment! it can't be just me and michele having our own conversation!

  5. Thanks for providing this great blog. I love it.