In case you missed it....

• Broadcasting from Nyack today, Rosie began the show singing I Feel For You by Chaka Khan. Google Pete talked about shaving his mustache this weekend in order to snap his daughter out of a screaming fit she was having in the bath last night. Pete shared some of the difficulties he's having with his youngest daughter who has screaming fits and is inconsolable. Jeannie recommended having her evaluated for sensory integration issues. Jeannie gave Pete some advice on how to get her evaluated through his county and what services are available. Pete feels it might merely be his daughter's stubbornness rather than a disability. Jeannie said even stubbornness can be a problem if it gets in the way of development. Rosie shared her own experiences with her son Blake. Jeannie talked about how often the absence of speech can be a marker that another disability or learning disability could present itself later in life, as in Blake's case. (Blake has auditory processing disorder). Rosie took calls from listeners who have children with various developmental delays and disabilities.

• Rosie talked about how being in public has changed from just being on the Oprah Winfrey Show one time (she was on Oprah last week in case you've been living under a rock). She said the amount of people who have come up to her since that interview is unbelievable. She talked some about the difference in the level of fame that she has had since doing the The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Janette made an analogy comparing fame to boxing and completely lost Rosie mid-analogy. Rosie mentioned how she has gotten many offers since doing the Oprah Show. Rosie talked about balancing fame and life and being aware of what you can and cannot handle.

• After coming back from the commercial break, Rosie explained how she often watches the Rachael Ray Show on mute and skypes with Tracy (her girlfriend) on mute. During today's commercial break the TV went black all the sudden and the ABC newscaster was shown preparing and practicing her lines and fixing her sweater and hair (all the while she was live on air unbeknownst to her)!! Rosie told the story about how she once said "SHIT" while interviewing Lucy Arnez and how it was the one time she cursed in the 6 years of doing her talk show. Rosie talked about how she said "shit" three or four times during her Craig Ferguson interview last week (I noticed that!) because she's so used to radio that she forgot.

• Rosie talked briefly about the Grammy's last night and Pink's performance. Rosie said she loves Pink and "in her mind she thinks she looks like her." She admitted actually she would love to look like her. Rosie described Pink's performance and called it "the performance of the night." (I SO AGREE!)

Pink's 2010 Grammy Performance
(my personal favorite too!!)

• As you all know Rosie does love Eminem and Rosie talked some about his performance last night and how she kept hitting her TV because the sound was going in and out. Turns out instead of bleeping him for curse words they just kept muting his performance. (I saw this too, it was totally annoying. If an artist would like to be HEARD during their performance at the Grammy's they might consider just taking the night off from swearing.) Rosie talked about Eminem's own channel he has on Sirius/XM and how she stole a poster of him when she was at the Sirius studios last week. Rosie called him the "most physically beautiful man ever." (Okay, Ro, YOU lost ME on that one)

• Bobby Pearce and Rosie discussed Jay Leno's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show last week and both wondered why Jay even chose to DO that interview. Both thought Oprah did a great job interviewing him and that she "wasn't pulling any punches." Janette talked about how traditionally "comics really don't do that crap to each other." Janette and Rosie talked about how much fun they used to have on the road together and how Rosie had even said she wouldn't perform if they didn't also hire Janette. Rosie took callers to discuss the Jay Leno/Oprah interview and Rosie wondered if people aren't going to watch Leno when he goes back to the Tonight Show. Janette believes Jay just might have destroyed the entire Tonight Show. Watch part of the Jay Leno/Oprah interview HERE. After speaking with a very "butt-kissy" caller Rosie DID mention that if she does go back to TV it would be during the day not at nighttime. INNNNNTERESTING!!!

• Rosie talked some about the former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard and the documentary on HBO entitled The Trials of Ted Haggard. Apparently, his wife Gayle Haggard has a new book out she's been plugging all over the place. And while she was talking about wanting to meet Ted and Gayle Haggard Rosie broke her Vitamin E capsule she was holding in her hand. Janette recommended Rosie rub it on her face because its very good for her skin. Then she started screaming because she realized it wasn't Vitamin E it was FISH OIL and now she smells like a can of tuna fish! She yelled at everyone in the studio to "Open the windows!!" and she yelled/asked Shoshana "Why is she taking fish oil anyway?" Rosie said that people are going to say "All lesbians smell like that." (ba dump bump). Then Rosie had to take "an emergency break" because she had to go wash her face and couldn't continue. It was very funny to listen to all the ruckus from the fish oil!

• Rosie then interviewed Kevin Meaney in the radio studio. Kevin Meaney is an Irish American comedian and voice actor who has been involved in a number of television programs and is also an accomplished singer. Meaney also appeared on Broadway in the musical Hairspray. Kevin talked with Rosie about when he first started stand-up, where he grew up and when Rosie and Kevin first met. Kevin told the story about how he did The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and how that is one of the highlights of his career. Kevin talked about how Hairspray changed his life and about moving back to NYC after 9/11 to be closer to family. Kevin told Rosie how he always knew he was gay and about coming out to his wife and daughter. Rosie and Kevin talked briefly about the Tonight Show debacle and Kevin wished it would have been handled better.

• Kevin then told a hilarious story about getting arrested by Homeland Security after 9/11 (if getting arrested could be considered hilarious which in this case, I suppose it was).

Kevin Meaney stand-up

Kevin Meaney on The Tonight Show

• Rosie invited Kevin over with his daughter and Kevin mentioned how it would be good for his daughter to know more kids who also had gay parents. (man, Rosie must have a busy social schedule from all these lunch dates and dinner dates she makes with every caller and guest on the show! just sayin.) Rosie and Kevin told stories of sticking up for their kids at school and how once Rosie went up to a kid on the playground and said "I will physically hurt you" if he kept tormenting her son. (JESUS ROSIE!, LOL) Check out Kevin's website for more information on his upcoming appearances!!

• Rosie came back from commercial talking about how charming Howard Stern is and how Janette has a crush on him. Deirdre talked about her crush she has on Craig Ferguson. Rosie said she told her agent that she wants to do a Christmas special with Craig for CBS. Rosie closed the show saying she was hallucinating from the smell of fish oil and how she needs to go to her therapist today (good plan).


  1. I am loving the pink editorial comments, Kelly!

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  2. Oh mylanta! Here is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel about Jay and Oprah:

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  3. Great job Kelli, You are doing a fantastic job. I look forward to this update every day. I am a 50 year old lesbian in louisiana. How cool would it be to meet her and her g/f? I am a dreamer!
    I wonder what they write to each other or say to each other on the skype. The g/f must not work out the home due to her being there a lot. It also seems that ro is going there a lot to texas, I wonder who keeps the kids? Loving ro!

  4. I love your pink editorial comments too lol

    I loved the Grammy's except the annoying bleeping lol

    Thanks for all of your hard work Kelly!!:)

    Oh and I was so surprised that Beyonce did an Alanis Morisette(love her! lol) cover!! I knew she wouldn't swear during it haha

  5. keep up the editorial comments!

  6. I love the pink comments!! It is a PERFECT balance!

  7. Thanks Kel - Today's show was the first I have missed. My coworker is on vacation at work and I completely forgot to tune in.... So this was a great catch-up.

    On a different subject.... last night after watching "A Family is a Family is a Family" I posted pictures on my blog (http://2288beckleyrd.blogspot.com/2010/01/family-is-family-is-family.html) from my son's wedding which was on Saturday night.

    The pictures were of me and my kids, Fettit and me and my kids, and for the first time ever a picture of my ex-wife and Fettit. It was groundbreaking as she has ALWAYS hated Fettit...

    Anyway.. I posted a link to that post on Ask Rosie and today I checked and although she didn't answer (there was no need to answer) she did in fact take a look at the pictures... Cool huh? It excited me knowing she was on my blog!!!

    Just wanted to share that with ya....

    and keep up the good work Kel!!!

    Love ya


  8. Love your blog! Did you know that Rosie will be on the cover of Female Fyi
    magazine to be released late Friday, Feb 5th with Fran Drescher. You should check out the Q & A, the photos and video.