In case you missed it....

•  Today's show was a compilation of previously aired Rosie Radio. 

•  If you haven't heard the Howard Stern-Rosie interaction from Tuesday's show here's a link to an article on autostraddle.com where you can listen to it.  It was captivating radio and one of the best shows they've done, imho.  Autostraddle's website crashed yesterday after Perez posted the link.  Somehow, I doubt that will happen from me posting it.  :)

•  Have a great weekend and don't forget to watch A Family Is A Family Is A Family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration on HBO this Sunday!!  Check your local listings for times.  (I feel so official posting that.)

Read a fantastic REVIEW of the documentary!

Also, if you missed Rosie on Oprah (I don't know how you COULD miss it, I only reminded you every day!) you can watch it in 5 parts here. 

Part3 (part 3 link doesn't seem to work)

Peace out peeps!



  1. Thanks for that link Kelly. I fell asleep last night watching Craig. But I did get to see the puppet show. From now on anything on after 11 oclock news gets taped.

  2. Thanks for posting the review of Rosie's new doc Kelly
    i can't wait to watch it
    i signed up for HBO just to see it
    now I see the quality of HBO programming I wished I'd had it sooner
    like the article you posted said the doc would get more viewers if it was on more channels but its getting lots of press so that's a good thing

  3. Kelly..from 3 on..he puts the 1st 2 parts,and titles it 4 & 5!...its sorta a promotion for that site. Alotta people were not real pleased with him, by the comments I read!
    JulieB aka Lilshy