In case you missed it...

• Rosie and the crew were at the Sirius radio studios in NYC. The Rosie Radio crew said it felt more like a real job today. The studios are at 49th Street and 6th Street in New York City where Howard Stern does his show live. Helene was in the studio joining the regulars today. Helene, Rosie's friend and make-up artist, did Rosie's makeup for her interview with George Stephanopoulos on GMA this morning. If you missed it, you can watch the interview HERE.

• The Howard TV guys were also in the studio and Rosie asked them if they wanted them to "get naked or talk about sex" since they were there. Rosie chatted with the camera crew for a while, one of whom was also from Long Island. Jeannie and Rosie told a story about once getting into "a rumble" in Kings Park when Rosie punched someone! (the one and only time she ever hit anyone)

• Deirdre and Janette talked about how the weather was so bad yesterday that they had trouble getting back into the city after the storm. Jeannie and Janette watched Rosie's interview with Oprah but Rosie said she couldn't watch it even after her friend Attallah Shabazz called her and told her she had to watch the rerun. Jeannie LOVED the interview and thought Rosie seemed very articulate and calm. Rosie loved how Oprah gave her a big hug. Janette admitted that this was the first hour of Oprah she has ever watched! (WOW) And Janette really enjoyed it too and called it "fantastic."  Pete and Helene don't have cable and do not get the channel that Oprah is on so they didn't see it. Helene thinks she would spend too much time watching T.V. if she had cable and Pete's theory is that if he has time to watch T.V. he should be spending time with his kids. Pete had cable in college and never went to class freshman year because of it. Rosie, on the other hand, has ALL the channels. Janette said Rosie "multi-tasks better than any human she's ever met." Rosie talked about how she thinks she has ADD and how she's made it work for her in life. Janette thinks she has even made her low self-esteem work for her which Rosie made her explain how that is possible.

• Rosie and the radio crew then talked about celebrities and women in show business that they think have had plastic surgery. Rosie and Helene think women who age naturally are much more attractive. Janette talked about her neck and how it's starting to look like a curtain. lol

• Rosie took a caller who asked her if there is any one celebrity who she thinks is allowing herself to grow old gracefully and Rosie said Tyne Daly and someone else in the studio answered Edie Falco. Rosie asked Helene if she should allow herself to go all grey but Helene said her skin tone is too Ruddy for the all grey look.  

• Jeannie asked Rosie if it was difficult talking about such personal issues in such a public way and Rosie said that even though it was hard she's glad its out there and hopes she doesn't have to cover the topic again now.

• Just then, Gary Dell'Abate (AKA Baba Booey) and Howard Stern stopped in to the studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rosie introduced them to everyone in her crew and Howard called Helene HOT! Howard asked Rosie if she was "promoting Sirius" on GMA or if she was just "promoting that she has a new girlfriend." Howard wanted to know why no one was naked on this show. Rosie and Howard talked about The Rosie O'Donnell Show and how it compared to The Oprah Winfrey Show when they were both on air. Howard said he liked the fact that Rosie stole audience from Oprah and the idea that she had the ability and was healthy enough to walk away from such a successful show. Rosie said that when she hit the 100 million dollars mark in the bank she knew it was time to walk away. (Holy shit.) Howard asked Rosie if she was nervous about money when she lost 10 million dollars of her own money in the Broadway musical Taboo. And Rosie said "it didn't worry her" and admitted that she never pays attention to her money.  Plus, Rosie doesn't have expensive taste and shops at Target. Howard, on the other hand, worries he never has enough money.

Beth and Howard

• Rosie and Howard then talked about what it is like working at Sirius. Rosie Radio has 10 people working on the show and Rosie LOVES doing radio. Howard loves working at Sirius too and even talked about how strange it feels that you don't constantly hear from a program director telling you what you can and cannot say on air.

• Howard talked about how he was "on the fence" about doing Conan's last show last week and how he seriously thought about it so he could go on and attack Jay Leno but didn't want to make the trip all the way out to L.A. Apparently, Rosie had sent an email to Howard offering to do it with him. Howard said that Rosie's "Jay Leno story" meant a LOT to him and he would share why with her later when they were off air. Howard mentioned an article in The Wall Street Journal comparing Jay Leno to Hitler. Click HERE to read that article. Howard mentioned how Jay is going to be interviewed by Oprah and hopes that Oprah really asks some tough questions.

• Howard told Rosie he thinks she is moving too fast with her new girlfriend yet understands she's in love. Howard once heard that Rosie used to have orgies (I just had to look that word up in the dictionary to see how it's spelled as this is the first time I have ever blogged about orgies) at the Four Seasons Hotel. Howard also wanted to know where the Sybian was that he bought for her????? Rosie said she uses it as a footrest every day and that they had to hide all the attachments so her kids wouldn't accidentally find them. Rosie believes that certain sex toys are too powerful and can "ruin you for life." Howard said all that women really need is the Pocket Rocket (Don't click on that link if you're under 18! Better yet, stop reading right now if you're under 18! It gets worse!). Rosie then volunteered Deirdre or Helene to try out her Sybian. lol

• Howard said he's shocked that Rosie hasn't tried out the Sybian because he's heard it's the greatest orgasm (yes I just blogged about orgasms) ever.

• Then, the whole "Rosie once said Oprah and Gayle were gay" comment came up in conversation. Rosie clarified that she doesn't think Oprah and Gayle are lesbians but that she thinks they're each other's emotional mates. Howard thinks that Oprah hates him but Howard actually loves Oprah and even subscribes to her magazine! Howard said he loves Rosie because she's controversial and honest and wishes Oprah would just be real.  Rosie thinks this is because there is a "deification" that has happened to Oprah and that she's become an almost spiritual leader.

• Howard asked Rosie why she decided to come clean about her new girlfriend and Rosie it was because  she knew they were going to be publicly photographed together and she did it for the 10 kids that are involved. Howard called the fact that Rosie is going to move Tracy's 6 kids to New York and then have 10 kids living all together "a nightmare." Howard said he thinks it's going to be very difficult for their relationship to be successful with all those kids. He brought up the rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are breaking up and how if two of the most good looking people in Hollywood can't make it work, how can anyone! Howard went OFF about Brad and Angelina, it was too funny. Howard said he's happy Rosie has "puppy love going on" and how he's happy for her BUT he thinks it's too soon. Rosie said she's going to give him all the details of her sex-life off air and said that she has already shared this information with the members of the studio. Rosie said she and Tracy had 4 dates until they even kissed for the first time. Rosie told the story about how they met and how she loves that Tracy loves kids so much. Howard talked about how he and Beth have only animals living with them and how he has 3 daughters but he's done with "the fatherhood thing." (not done being a father, just done having more babies)  Rosie said she knew he raised his daughters well because they love musical theater.

• Rosie told the story about how she first met Tracy and how she flew her to Miami without even knowing whether or not it was going to be a romantic relationship or not. (Howard didn't believe that) Rosie admitted that this is only her 10th romantic relationship she's ever had. Rosie said she likes the way Tracy dresses and how she doesn't wear a bra and she has big boobs. (Lordy.)  Rosie said she has "very enjoyable boobs" and she "spends a lot of time on the boobs." (okay....)  Howard said "the amount of time on foreplay is the best part about lesbianism." LOL  (I suppose Howard should know!)

• Rosie said she went to Galveston at Thanksgiving because she was spending the holiday alone and she and Tracy have been dating since September. Howard asked Rosie what she is going to do if the relationship "burns out" and what happens if she has to "untangle this mess???" Rosie told a story about how that happened to her growing up and how it was very upsetting but admitted its hard to date someone who lives in Galveston, Texas. Rosie assured Howard that "they're going to go slow" and "they have the space."

• Rosie then talked about her publicist Cindy Berger who said this morning that she was going to get it confirmed about whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have truly split. Rosie talked about how she originally couldn't stand Cindy, because she thought she was horrible to work with and then Cindy became pregnant (at the same time Rosie was adopting Blake) and ended up losing her baby. Rosie said she sent her a book and a note and they have been really good friends ever since.

• Howard asked Rosie why she wasn't at the Hope For Haiti Telethon and Rosie said that she may have not been invited because she mentioned that all the celebrities should have a cover-charge to attend. Rosie said that she thinks that celebrities are never asked to give financially because it is assumed that their time is equivalent to giving money and Rosie said it is NOT. (GOOD POINT Rosie)

• Howard talked about how he thinks Conan will go to Fox and how all the late night talk shows need to "step up their game." He hopes Jay Leno FAILS and hopes Dave (Letterman) will be able to steal some viewers from Jay. Howard then told a story about an appearance he once had on David Letterman when during the commercial break Letterman called out Howard about upsetting his girlfriend and how awkward it was.

• Just then Ozzy Osbourne stopped in to the studio for a photo with Howard and Rosie did an Ozzy impersonation. It was very funny. Ozzy was on Howard's show today promoting his new book I Am Ozzy. After Ozzy left Howard said that Ozzy was on air for a half an hour and Howard doesn't know one thing he said. LOL

• Howard continued that since David Letterman's sex scandal hit the press he thinks he hasn't been asked to come back on Letterman because he doesn't think he could go on and not bring it up. Rosie said she likes Letterman but she doesn't really feel a connection when she's interviewed and he makes fun of her so she doesn't feel the need to go on.

• Steve Langford with Howard 100 was in the studio too. Steve works on the Howard News and Rosie said she wanted to rip that off and do ROSIE NEWS! Howard said Howard News is news that isn't about anything but Howard related topics. Howard said you can get the regular news anywhere and his fans want to hear the news about the Howard Stern Show so he developed HOWARD NEWS! He said it became clear that that was the glue that would keep his channel together. Howard rarely makes a request to censor Howard News but when Artie Lange attempted suicide he asked that it be kept off the air. However, as soon as it hit the mainstream media they covered it. Howard called Artie "a dear friend," and "a terrific, super-talented guy." Howard said he still can't believe it. Howard told the story about talking on the phone with Artie since the suicide attempt and how it was public and he was sedated and it was awkward. Howard called it "a family matter" now. Rosie said she understands depression and how when the second tower went down during 9/11 she slept for two days and didn't get out of bed.

• Rosie and Howard talked about how she is going to LA tomorrow to do the Craig Ferguson show but they will email each other to set up a time to have dinner. After Howard left Jeannie admitted to being very afraid of Howard but how she's not anymore! Jeannie said she was worried when she found out Howard was going to stop in because she thought Howard was going to call her fat. (I always thought that he'd call me fat too Jeannie if I ever met Howard!) Helene thought it was predictable that he thought she was hot and if there was a hotter woman in the studio he would have gone after her. In other words, Helene thought she was the hottest woman in the studio, Rosie made her clarify. Janette thinks Howard is sexy and unbelievably HOT. Janette loves his nose, his mouth, and his hair. Rosie said Janette's "all squishy and ready!" LOL Jeannie said she just wanted to stare at Howard and Janette talked about how she is intimidated by Gary. For years Janette has been a Howard Stern fan and has been telling Rosie she should do radio. Janette said she would DO him in a heartbeat. Janette said "he may not like fat and old but he is fricking HOT."

• Then they opened the lines to callers for the remainder of the program. Some current Howard Stern fans called in who had doubts about Rosie but who have fallen in love with her since she's been on the radio. (We told you people! Rosie is the BEST!) Rosie offered to have lunch and meet one of the Howard fans when she is in LA and take him and a guest to Craig Ferguson too!

• A listener called in who borrowed a Sybian from a friend and to say it's fantastic. She said it could be really addicting and she had 9 or 11 orgasms the first time she used it. (oy vey) Rosie offered to send hers to the CALLER so she can have hours of enjoyment from it!! The caller admitted she may never leave her house again. The caller offered to take pictures and send them to her but Rosie suggested to send them to Howard instead.

• Janette asked why one would need to have 9 orgasms and said she has one and she's done. Jeannie says these days it's one and done too. Rosie and Helene say they could go for more. :) They didn't ask Shoshana because they're convinced she's still a virgin.

• A listener called in and told Rosie to stop saying that she's old and thinking she's on borrowed time. Rosie admitted to always waiting for the other shoe to drop but that she's going to start thinking of forever and grandkids and how this new way of thinking has been good for her.

• A woman with panic attacks who recently lost her dog called in.

• Rosie talked to one caller about how she will be touring this summer all over the country doing stand-up.

• Everyone in the studio talked about how they've had panic attacks except Shoshana and Jeannie. Helene talked about panic attacks she's had since 9/11 and the power of Xanax.

• One caller commented about how sweet James (the call screener) was.

• They played the audio clip of Rosie admitting to not wearing underwear on Oprah.

• Rosie closed the show reminding listeners that they will be live again tomorrow but will have taped shows Thursday and Friday but the material will be ALL NEW.


  1. thanks for another great recap Kelly!
    reading it made me chuckle at some of the segments again.....especially the caller (Sugar?) who Rosie gave her sibian to LOL

    talk about a great show.....loved Rosie and Howard together

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  3. It was SUCH a good show today! Seriously, one of my all time faves. I blushed when I was listening but was so into it too! I wouldn't miss this one. It was fantastic radio.

  4. Oh. And I can totally vouch for the pocket rocket. Listened to Stern in the early 90's and he spouted about it then so I got one. Best time: 15 secs. Howard knows his stuff.

  5. What a great show it was! Thankyou I loved reading it all over again.

  6. I giggled as I read your recap, Kelly, because I just imagined you blushing while typing some of it! It took listening to FIVE different replays for me to hear the whole things today! I am so grateful for the new Rosie Radio Online Channel (XM94, not sure what it is on Sirius!). And as always, loved your recap and all the extras!

    : ) P

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