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• Today the Rosie Radio crew was back in Nyack after being at the Sirius Studios of NYC yesterday. Rosie said that Howard was very happy with the interview yesterday and that he knew she was going to love radio. On yesterday's show a listener called in and Rosie gave away her Sybian that Howard bought for her. Deirdre said she would have taken it! Rosie said she would buy one for Deirdre's birthday (which is June 9th) yet give it to her early in April when her boyfriend is supposed to go out of town. Rosie said she'd give it to her but she wants details about what it's like when she uses it and Deirdre said she would provide them! Deirdre told a story about Howard when he once gave one of his female listeners an orgasm from sitting on her speaker. Janette talked about how she got a tour of the Sirius studios yesterday and how she has such admiration for Gary Dell'Abate as an executive producer of radio and Janette even got to see Howard's real Sybian!

•  Rosie talked about her appearance on Good Morning America yesterday promoting her documentary A Family Is A Family Is A Family.   During yesterday's radio show while Rosie was talking to Howard, Ozzy Osbourne and his entourage also stopped in. Rosie said Deirdre almost ruined the entire relationship with the Howard Stern Staff because she yelled at Steve Leeds who is the VP of Talent and Industry Affairs at Sirius. Deirdre said she was not upset but that they were trying to create a calming atmosphere for Rosie without a lot of people in the room and then Steve pushed Ozzy and his entourage into the room.  Deirdre said she was worried it would upset the vibe of the show. Apparently Rosie said Deirdre threw a "hissy fit" on Steve and Rosie told her she's not allowed to do that because Steve is the reason Rosie has a career. Rosie then told the story about how in 1987 MTV was looking for new VJs and Steve came and saw Rosie perform. Steve thought she was good but not exactly what they were looking for. Rosie came to NY and auditioned but never heard back. However, Rosie sent him a thank you note and because of that he sent her audition video tape to VH1 and that's how she got the VJ gig at VH1. Rosie then talked about how when she went on Oprah recently she asked Sirius for some free radios to give away and then again for the audience of the Craig Ferguson show and she was told they didn't have them to give away! They said to her "How are they ever going to make any money if they just always give away free radios all the time."

• Rosie then reminded listeners that right now on Rosie.com you can get 2 weeks of free Sirius radio online! Rosie said she wants to extend it and encouraged her listeners to write to Sirius and tell them how much you were thinking of subscribing now that you've heard it for free.

• Timmy (Rosie's brother) wanted Rosie to clarify that she only spent $40,000 at Target not $52,000 as she said yesterday. He wanted Rosie to not exaggerate that it makes her look bad. Rosie explained that she gets EVERYTHING including clothes, household goods and food at Target. Janette said she's only been in Target once (gasp!) when she bought an Isaac Mizrahi jacket for only $20. In Rosie's opinion, it's the best store EVER. Apparently 3 years ago Target did a redesign and Rosie had a panic attack over it because she didn't know where anything was.

• Rosie then told this hilarious story about how once she found this extra large drinking cup in the clearance section at Target and was so pleased she talked about it on her T.V. show. People wrote in to Rosie to tell her it wasn't a drinking cup at all, it was actually a toilet bowl cleaner holder!!!!!!! (LOL) Rosie asked that Target come on board as a major sponsor. She said they could do shopping spree prizes at Target once a month. She then talked about the old T.V. show called The Money Maze show hosted by Nick Clooney (George Clooney's father). Rosie said she was mad when a man was hurt on the show and they had to cancel it because Rosie loved that show.

• Rosie told a story about how when she was on Oprah she was talking about how weird fame was like when she's shopping at the sale rack in Target and gets recognized and Oprah commented that she never shops at the sale rack. It's interesting that two women who didn't grow up with much having very different feelings about discounted items. Rosie said she can't think of any reason to need to shop anywhere else.

• Deirdre began laughing because she's watching porn while on air! Well kind of. Deirdre was watching a video on YouTube of Jenna Jameson riding the Sybian on Howard Stern and how it looked like she was in pain! They again talked about vibrators and Rosie said the "magic wand" is way too powerful and how Howard recommends the pocket rocket (Lordy, enough vibrator talk already! I can't take writing this anymore!). A listener named Laura who called in and is an identical twin made plans to meet Rosie at Target the next time she goes. Rosie asked her where they eat when they shop at the mall (but she didn't mention Chilis at the Palisades which I know is one of Rosie's favorites!).

• After the commercial break Rosie talked about the problems with the Haitian orphans and how there were 400,000 orphans in Haiti BEFORE the earthquake. They discussed the Operation Babylift that happened in 1975 when over 2,000 infants and children were airlifted from Vietnam and adopted by families around the world. One of the planes of orphans crashed and Rosie remembers wanting to adopt one when she was a child. Apparently, Senator Mary Landrieu has a new bill she's introducing to Congress to help the Haitian orphans by allowing American families eager to adopt to help. Rosie said this is exactly what needs to be done. The bill will help accelerate the adoption process even if it's temporary until their family members can be found. Rosie LOVES Mary Landrieu. The only time Rosie has ever been to Washington D.C. to lobby on behalf of foster children was at her request. Rosie asked listeners to WRITE IN TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SAY SUPPORT THE FAMILIES FOR ORPHANS ACT. Read more about it in an article HERE. Learn more about Mary Landrieu and her effort to enact this legislation HERE.

• Janette mentioned Americares that gives humanitarian and disaster relief to nations around the world. She told a story of a man named Bob Macauley who after the crash of a jet carrying 243 Vietnamese orphans in 1975 decided to take action. Bob Macauley, a paper broker from New Canaan, Conn., immediately chartered a Boeing 747 to rescue the young survivors. Within 48 hours, the children were safe in California.  Macauley did not have $10,000 in the bank to cover the down payment for the aircraft, nor the $241,000 for the remaining balance. To cover his expenses, Mr. and Mrs. Macauley took out a mortgage on their house and ended up losing their home over the expenses which his wife said was a fair trade because "the bank may have gotten the house but Bob got the kids." Janette says Americares is a wonderful organization. A listener called in who has friends who have successfully adopted from Haiti and friends who are still waiting for their child. Rosie talked to another caller about the difficulties of fostering when you have to return the kids to their parents. Rosie talked about her own experience when she lost a foster child. And Janette told the story how she was given away to foster care when she was just 7 years old. Rosie and Janette emphasized that the fostering has to be about the children and what is best for them. Learn more about Americares and their amazing history HERE.

• Rosie talked to a woman whose daughter's coat was stolen and how the mess in Haiti has really put this small thing in perspective. The caller has seen the boy wearing the coat he stole and the caller asked Rosie's advice. Rosie told her to approach him and tell him she forgives him and to tell him that she's there to help if he needs someone to talk to.

• Rosie recommended the site charitynavigator.org when looking for a trusted charity. Rosie and Madonna have each given $250,000 to Partners In Health which is a trusted charity of Madonna's. Lou went to commercial playing "Halo" by Beyonce from the Hope For Haiti Now Telethon.

Beyonce singing Halo

• Rosie then interviewed Deridre's friend and photojournalist Les Stone who's covered Haiti for over 20 years. Les is in Rwanda right now documenting the Women For Women International celebration of the 100th anniversary of Women's Day. Les is 50 years old and has been doing photography his entire life. He talked about being moved by the Haitian people, the religion, and about hearing the most amazing stories of survival from the Haitian people. Rosie asked Les how difficult it is to not just put down his camera and help people and Les responded that most photographers help quite a lot, you just don't see it photographed. He said that he's been in many violent circumstances and you realize that the violence is going to happen whether you're there photographing it or not. He explained the politics of Haiti and Rosie asked how he survives witnessing the horror that he's seen. Les says that he suffers from depression and PTSD and he just deals with it and tries to have a good sense of humor. Les sees the desperation in the orphan situation in Haiti and hopes Americans will reach out if they can.

• Rosie asked Les if he knew Dan Eldon which he did. Dan was the youngest Reuters photographer ever and he and three colleagues were killed by an angry mob in Mogadishu after the U.S. mistakingly bombed some citizens. Dan left behind a series of journals, which his family has exhibited on a worldwide tour.

Rosie recommended the documentary Dying To Tell The Story which is a moving tribute to the brave efforts of photojournalists who cover wars and highlights Dan's own story. Les reiterated that photojournalists risk their lives to tell stories for the world. Rosie thanked Les for his work and amazing pictures and for calling in.

• Rosie talked about when she traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and how much it devastated her and how when she visits soldiers in the hospital how it's so hard for her to recover from that. Janette told a story about the medical missions she's been on and wants to go back to get a woman a cow. Janette met a women while she was there and her child was helped by the medical missions. The woman would take care of some cows in exchange for the compost. She worked incredibly hard and she gave Janette a picture of herself because it was the only thing she owned. Janette wants to go back and get the woman her own cow. Janette thinks Rosie would love these kinds of missions because their positive nature. To learn more about Janette's Medical Missions For Children visit mmfc.org!

• Rosie asked if she looks better because its been three days of not picking at her face. Rosie's therapist has been talking to her about her face and picking. Rosie blames it all on Kelli's mother for giving her that horrid magnifying mirror (jokingly) and did a "Kelli's mom" impersonation. Very funny. Rosie talked about how her new girlfriend Tracy is a photographer and now takes photos of Rosie which is different for Rosie because she's typically the one taking all the photos and is usually not in any of them. Tracy kindly asked Rosie why she picks at her face and kisses all her boo-boos when they see each other. Rosie said that that was probably TMI but I think it's cute Ro!

• Then I missed a little bit of the show but I think they began talking about Glenn Beck. Which is okay because I detest him so I'll do my best at this part. A Mormon listener named KELLY (not me however) called in to talk to Rosie about Glenn Beck, his history and some weird commercial he did about a Christmas Sweater. They played the clip which I cannot find online nor do I want to hear it. This woman actually went to the Christmas sweater program all about how he grew up in poverty and was ashamed to wear this Christmas sweater. Kelly recommended watching the 20/20 John Stossel interview with Glenn because in that he explains the reason he converted to LDS was because he wanted to have sex with his wife. This woman is a Mormon who's embarrassed that Glenn Beck is Mormon too. Rosie told her to be sure and watch her new documentary on families because she's going to love it and Rosie gave her so many prizes so she can tell her Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck loving husband that liberal Rosie is so much better than them. Rosie asked the caller to call her on Feb. 1st to tell her what she thinks about the documentary and James will put her through. Rosie asked the listeners not to miss the newest season of HBO's Big Love and they went to commercial playing the Big Love theme song.

• Tomorrow will be a brand new show with comedians John Mulrooney and Peter Bales!

• Then Shady (Rosie's squirrel) was making some noises that sound almost like a cat. Apparently Shady calls to her when he wants to be fed. Rosie said she can talk "squirrel" and "dolphin" and she's friends with them. Bobby warned her not to say that.
• Rosie reminded listeners that she will be on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday night and they are going to be performing a song together. Rosie talked about seeing service members at the airport and how every time she sees them she worries about the mothers. Rosie closed the show sending love to all the armed forces members.


  1. ahhhh, friends with squirrels and dolphins...that made me laugh!

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  2. Another great show and another great recap! I loved hearing how Tracy kisses Ro's boo boos. It isn't TMI at all! In fact, it makes me happy because knowing Tracy was a "fan" first worried me a bit (I have a slight co-dependent problem). Hearing that Tracy makes Ro so at peace, and has such a kindness, well... it makes me happy too!

  3. kelly fabulous recap!! letting you know that when i click on craig ferguson it takes you to big love! xxxxxxxxxxxxx♥

  4. Thanks Annon! I have a huge head cold and yesterday was not my best work. Sometimes I'm just too tired to go back and check! lol Thanks for telling me, I hate when I do that. Have a great day and thanks for reading everyone!