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• The radio crew talked about their weekends! Janette went to Vegas didn't get home until 2am because of the horrible wind in New York. However, she's up $30 thanks to the penny slots! Big spender Janette! Google Pete said that that is how the casinos get everyone in. The penny slots give more out than they get and they hope that you'll get the idea that you're on a lucky streak and hit the bigger money making gambling choices they offer. I thought that was soooooo interesting!

• Janette wanted to know how did Rosie think the interview with Oprah went! She hadn't talked to her since the interview last Thursday. Rosie said she thought it went really well! Rosie said she was overly nervous at the beginning and because of that she was overly chatty at the start. She was happy because she got to give Oprah "a big old hug." Rosie said she thinks she may like Oprah too too much to the point where Rosie knows Oprah has "a starring role in her life and she doesn't even know it and she didn't ever sign up for it." (I totally relate to this part. Perhaps I feel the same way about a certain celebrity....but who's to say?) And Rosie brought up the phone-call that she made to Oprah after the Columbine massacre. Oprah said that truthfully, she never thought about it ever again meanwhile Rosie has been obsessing over it for the past 10 years! Rosie's fantasy is that she, Oprah, Janette, Jeannie and Jackie would all go to Casa Del Sol and have dinner. (Okay, I get this part too. Perhaps I know some people who have similar fantasies about Rosie but I'm not naming any names!)

• Jackie (Rosie's longtime BFF) was jealous because Rosie got to meet the woman who picks out the books for Oprah's Book Club. The Book Thief is Jackie's favorite book right now. Rosie just started reading it. Rosie even recommended it to the woman who picks the books for the Oprah Book Club.

• Now THIS is really fantastic people so keep reading! If you go to Rosie.com and you put in your email address you get to listen to today's show FOR FREE! Shows will be updated Monday thru Friday by 5pm EST. Try it and listen online FREE for TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! FANTASTIC! There's also a link on Sirius online where you can listen to Rosie Radio reruns 24hrs 7 days a week! Click HERE for more information on that!

• Janette asked how the outfit worked out. Rosie hired a stylist, who is employed elsewhere and doesn't want to get in trouble, for the People magazine shoot and for the Oprah interview. The stylist picked out an outfit by Misook. It was black pants and a black top but Rosie said it was SOOOO expensive. Rosie said just the jacket was over $500 and the pants were over $400. Rosie was also talking about this to Oprah and mentioned to her that she always goes to the sale rack and Oprah admitted that she doesn't like the sale rack which Rosie found so interesting. Rosie's hairstylist and friend Eric did her hair and makeup for the show. Apparently she told Oprah she would live in sweats if she could and Oprah recommended her Cashmere sweats from the Oprah store. Deirdre said she didn't really like Cashmere sweats because you need to dry-clean them and they get "pilly on the butt." Rosie said Oprah looked really great and seemed really happy.

Don't forget to watch today!

Rosie and Oprah
(as IF you need my captions to know who is in this picture!)

• Pete said he had food poisoning this weekend that he got from a new Mediterranean restaurant near where he lives. However, Rosie said it was NOT food poisoning because he didn't throw up. I believe she used the term barf. lol Rosie then told a story about once getting food poisoning on location in Savannah, Georgia when she was shooting Now and Then with Demi Moore and Melanie Griffith. Rosie got a chicken from Wendy's one night and 3 hours later "it looked like she had done spin art all over the walls" of the bed and breakfast she was staying in! When she got up the next day her driver (who had also eaten at the Wendy's) was also sick and they were admitted into a Savannah hospital. Demi and Melanie tried to break her out of the hospital. Rosie did her best Demi and Melanie impersonations. So, that's why Rosie didn't think Pete had food poisoning.

• Rosie then talked about how much she wanted the interview to be good for Oprah. Rosie talked about how happy she was with how it went but admitted she won't watch it today. Rosie thinks she is (meaning herself) annoying to watch and doesn't watch any of her own stuff because she becomes so self-critical it effects her next performance. She and Tracy (Rosie's new girlfriend) did get a picture with Oprah and said they were going to use it as their Christmas card this year. Oprah told Rosie she can't imagine having 10 kids in the house.

• They then talked about the last Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Rosie and Janette thought he was classy. They played his farewell speech which you can watch and listen to HERE before NBC takes it off YouTube, that is. They called it "a perfect way to end the show." Rosie said "Conan O'Brien you rock."

• They talked about the Hope for Haiti Telethon and how it raised 57 million dollars for Haiti relief. They talked about the spectacular performances and went to commercial playing the Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris. It is available on ITunes for download with all the proceeds going to relief for Haiti so go buy it now if you can.

Justin Timberlake and Matthew Morris sing Hallelujah

• They then talked about how it's hard to be cynical in today's world (as Conan advised). And how sometimes life doesn't go the way you plan it but to be grateful for what you have right now. Rosie talked about how they say whatever you think you create so to stop telling your negative story and she talked about the book 29 Gifts in 29 Days. Tracy (Rosie's new girlfriend) has pointed out to Rosie that she re-tells the story of losing her mother frequently and yet Deirdre doesn't agree. Deirdre thinks its important to learn the lessons of your past.

• Rosie mentioned how tomorrow's show will be broadcasted from New York City because Rosie's going to be on GMA! Set your tivos!! Rosie is going to sleep in the city tonight and has to get up at 5:30am tomorrow to put on hair and makeup. They talked about how typically the commute to the studio is difficult for everyone in the studio except for Rosie and when they're there in the morning as soon as they see Rosie coming out the door in the morning they yell "SHE"S COMING!!!!!" LOL

• They then talked some more about the Hope For Haiti Telethon performances and how some were pretty amazing. Rosie thought the phone-calls they played on air were "kind of awkward." They played a phone-call that Steven Spielberg had with a caller the night of the telethon. Janette finds it so interesting how this tragedy has gotten to people so much and Rosie thinks that its partly due to the immediate presidential response (unlike Katrina). Rosie talked about the needs of foster families for the children while they're trying to locate family members and hopes they have someone to spearhead that aspect. Deirdre mentioned how Les Stone, the photojournalist, will be calling in from Rwanda later this week. He also knows a woman who's run an orphanage in Haiti for over 30 years so Rosie might be able to talk to him about that too when he calls. It is estimated that there are 100,000 orphans.

• Rosie then talked about an amazing story of a Haitian man who was positive his wife was alive and after 6 days they rescued her from the building. They talked about what that must have been like to be buried alive for such a long period of time and how terrifying that must have been. Watch the amazing rescue they were speaking of below:

Jeanette's Rescue - Jan 18, 2010

• A listener who called in finds it offensive that we're not being as generous with our own problems at home and yet are so willing to help out other countries. He mentioned Madonna for an example. Rosie said "Madonna is a citizen of the world" and even though "Rosie feels like a citizen of the U.S." because she has not traveled outside the country much and has no desire to, it is not that way for everyone. They talked about how Madonna got involved in Malawi. Rosie told the story about how a woman called Madonna at home, told her of the struggles Malawi was facing and how no one cares. Madonna admitted to the woman on the phone that she didn't even know where Malawi was and the woman told Madonna to "go get a map" and hung up on her. Learn more about how Madonna got involved with Malawi in her documentary I Am Because We Are. Watch the trailer below:

Madonna's "I Am Because We Are"

Listen to Madonna talk about cynicism and adoption.

• A caller called in and recommended Freecycle.org where you can post things that you have to give away.

Cesar Millan called in and Rosie called him "just dreamy in every capacity" and "the man she needs in her life." Rosie and her son Blake are obsessed with watching his show. Cesar talked about growing up, his first dog, his children and how you've got to give what you get. He learned to apply that to his relationship with his wife after learning to do it with dogs. Rosie asked Cesar about her own dog issues. Rosie has a 4-year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd who is "the neediest dog." She also has a 2-year-old Chihuahua who doesn't always use her pee-pad and sometimes poops in the house. She said her dogs bark A LOT and they won't stop. Cesar said needy dogs can be related to anxiety. He said that she needs to address the anxiety in order to address the behavior. Cesar said the combination of excitement and anxiety can cause the barking and how he likes to read the house so he can read the energy of the home. He suggested having a session with the family to get a better feel for the home in order to find out why the human (AKA Rosie) is not creating a calm submissive state. (Calm submissive Rosie? lol) Blake even told Rosie before her interview with Cesar "mommy he's going to tell you what's wrong with you not the dogs." And Cesar said Blake was RIGHT.

• Jeannie has a Chihuahua-terrier mix who licks excessively and she pushes her face on to your face when you pet her. Cesar advised that she should not give affection when she's in an obsessive state because it promotes the obsessive state rather than calm the dog. Cesar also encouraged draining the physical energy of the dog.

• Rosie asked how Cesar would incorporate two new dogs that are going to be moving in next door (Tracy's dogs). She said the bigger of the two chases cats and one time killed the guinea pig. Rosie asked how they teach the dog that her Chihuahua is not prey. Cesar advised bringing in an expert and asked if he could stop by the next time he's in New York. Rosie told Cesar how he is Blake's new hero since Steve Irwin died. And she invited listeners to call in and ask their questions to Cesar.

• One caller had problems with his dogs attacking each other when he was feeding them as soon as he left the room and Cesar told him to not leave the room! He said if you're there during the mealtime you represent an authority figure so they don't have to challenge each other for food. Cesar said he does not leave the room when he feeds his dogs and there is never a fight.

• One listener has a dog who recently had surgery and has been acting strange ever since. Cesar advised getting feedback from another friend's dog to help him to recover.

• A listener with an elderly dog talked to Cesar about the pros and cons of euthanasia for elderly dogs and how she's against it but Cesar understands the need for it at the same time but how its ultimately your choice.

• You can watch Cesar Millan on The Dog Whisperer every Friday night at 9pm EST on the National Geographic Channel!

• Lou played Puppy Love by Donny Osmond and went to commercial break.

• Rosie has decided to throw away her magnifying mirror. Kelli's mother, Rosie's ex, gave Rosie that mirror and it really ruined her life. Rosie has become obsessed with picking her face in that mirror. However, Rosie is afraid that when she gets rid of it she won't be able to see the hairs on her face and will have a large mustache. Janette told a story how in Vegas this weekend the saleswomen selling the anti-aging cream kept running up to her every time she walked by and how it made her feel old. After taping the Oprah show Rosie went to a bar at the airport and was carded! The waitress thought she was 27 years old!! NICE!

• Jeannie and Rosie talked about how they used to fix their IDs so that they could get into bars and drink Sloe Gin Fizz and Tango (tang and vodka mixed together) and how "coming up it tasted just the same as going down."

• Apparently there was a large fire in the barn on Rupert Isaacson's property (the documentary filmmaker of The Horse Boy) where they treat the kids in Austin, Texas. Rosie told her brother Timmy (who was skyping in at the time) to send the $2500 they needed to replace all his riding equipment.

• Rosie talked about how she is doing a puppet number on when she goes on Craig Ferguson Thursday night and she advised listeners to go on YouTube and look them up. Go HERE or you can go to the Rosie.com radio tab to see the ones they have posted.

• Rosie talked about how she's really enjoying doing radio and how much she looks forward to it every day. She talked about how it feels as if she's coming full circle and Janette talked about how it's so different from T.V. Rosie and her agent were talking about T.V. and Rosie doesn't think she could have the same authenticity as she can on radio. She quoted B.F. Skinner who says that when you observe anything it innately changes the essence of it. Just then, Rosie mentioned how part of her craft house roof was coming off in the storm and it looked like Donald Trump's hair in the breeze! She encouraged (pressured) Jeannie to try and have a sleep over with her tonight in the city. And she talked about wanting to wear her pajamas on Craig Ferguson on Thursday.

• A listener called in and asked Rosie what her favorite Wii game was and she said Figure Skating.

• She talked to a caller about adopting and fostering the Haitian orphans and the necessity of being ready with a homestudy first and the many children in the United States who need homes.

• Rosie talked with a caller about some gay bars she's been to.

• And Rosie closed the show reminding everyone to watch her today on Oprah!!!!!!!!!

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