In case you missed it...

• Rosie started the show today mentioning how her kids had a 2-hour delay today, yawning and saying she needed a Coke to wake up! lol She said it's also exhausting rehashing the radio show topics on the blog. I guess blog followers who don't listen to the show everyday asked a lot of questions about the manatee photos she put up and Shady's green tail. Ummmmmm, point them here, Rosie! I will fill in the blanks for them!!

Shoshana made triangular pizzas with chocolate and peanut butter. Shoshana explained how she made them. Hamantashen for the Jewish holiday Purim today. They talked about the holiday and its traditions. Janette talked about 70 calorie brownies made with black beans. I looked for the recipe and found this online. Maybe Janette will share her recipe with us! She also mentioned the book series Eat This Not That. Also, apparently many people enjoyed Rosie impersonating Janette yesterday.

• Rosie talked about how Parker didn't do his homework last night. Jeannie talked about her daughter and her difficulties with school and whether or not she's going to college next year. Rosie took many callers who discussed homework policies, withholding privileges and incentives for teens to get homework done.

• The group that rides together to the studio in Nyack every day shared a story about today's car ride. Evidently, in the car "Dark Bobby" came out. When Deirdre was trying to sleep in today's car ride, Bobby leaned over to Deirdre and said, "You look so beautiful when you're sleeping" in a creepy voice and he also bugs Deirdre constantly on the ride. I guess they also got in a fight about his "Go-Bag" which launched an entire conversation about Go-Bags. The mayor of NY said citizens should be prepared with a go bag filling it with things like batteries, water, money, duct tape, etc. They then discussed whether you should or should not have a go bag, what should be in it, took callers who have one and some who don't and whether they are necessary or just about living in fear. Rosie pondered whether this was boring radio and they could get cancelled on this basis. (Sorry Ro, it was, I spaced a little during this part. I love when you guys shoot the shit but this was BORING.) They also talked about the NorthEast Blackout of 2003 that greatly effected the NY area and how the city came together almost in relief over the fact that it was not a terrorist attack. Pete shared his own story about living through the blackout and walking from Queens to Harlem.

• Rosie talked about being on TROS during 9/11 and how the fear and overwhelming anxiety and sadness made her completely shut down. Rosie told the story about how Geraldine, her nanny, was in the city during the blackout and another story about how they once had an anthrax scare in their building where they taped TROS. Rosie recalled calling up the Warner Brothers people after 9/11 and telling them how she was never going back into the city. A listener who was blocks away from the Murrah Federal Building during the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 called in. She shared her story and also talked about her Go-Bag and Go-Zone. Rosie asked the woman on the phone about the 9/11 conspiracy theories (regarding the specifically the Pentagon) and the woman discounted the theory completely. Rosie asked her to seriously look into it. Deirdre mentioned how she did (produced?) a show after the 9/11 Pentagon attack and even walked through it. Deirdre said there was a courthouse in the middle of the Pentagon and the plane didn't even penetrate through the courthouse. Pete listed the many facts that don't pan out regarding the Pentagon plane hit. A caller, who knew a person who was walking to his car at the Pentagon the moment of the attack, said there was no way a plane hit the building because of the sound that was made. The caller recommended the site 911.org for more information on the topic. Rosie mentioned listeners look into the 9/11 Architect/Engineer Petition in which a thousand architects and engineers are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center. The studio crew discussed the definition of true patriotism and how it is hard for some people to question their government. Rosie said she got the WORST hate mail ever after just bringing the topic up about the unanswered questions of 9/11 when she was on The View.

• Rosie then interviewed the hilarious Wanda Sykes! Rosie mentioned how funny she was the other night on Bill Maher. Its hilarious. If you haven't seen it you can watch it HERE.

Wanda Sykes

• Rosie asked Wanda about the comedians she admired growing up. Wanda mentioned many comedians most of whom I didn't recognize except Richard Pryor. :) Wanda talked about her parents, her siblings and how she started in stand up. Wanda went to Hampton University in VA for marketing, grew up in Maryland and began working there. Rosie loves Wanda on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

A scene from The New Adventures of Old Christine starring Wanda as "Barb"

• Rosie also talked with Wanda about her HBO comedy special I'ma Be Me. Rosie called it "the funniest fricking thing she has ever seen." Lou played a clip from the comedy special. Wanda talked about how she was together with her wife for 2 years before they had babies and how much it changed their lives. Rosie and Wanda talked about the pressure to come out that they felt from the gay community and the process of coming out. Wanda talked about how it is harder coming out in the African American community and the difficulties she had telling her mom that she was gay. Rosie told a story about a previous girlfriend she once had who came out to her mom and her mom said to her, "I wish you had told me you had cancer." OUCH. Wanda talked about how she knew she was gay in 3rd or 4th grade because she had a big crush on one of her brother's girlfriends. Rosie asked Wanda how she likes doing her own talk show The Wanda Sykes Show on Fox. Wanda said she loves doing the bits with the writers and loves doing the show itself but hates all the crap that comes with it (the numbers, the budget, dealing with the restrictions and the promotion). But overall it's fun. Wanda talked some about how she and her wife met on Fire Island and then my puppy took off running towards the front door taking my laptop with him and I didn't hear the rest of the interview! Yikes! Sorry. You can catch Wanda on The Wanda Sykes Show on Fox on Saturday nights at 11pm EST.
Me and my bad puppy Luke who almost broke my computer

• Rosie then talked with Lou who's taking ballroom dancing lessons. Deirdre called Lou a pussy for taking ballroom dancing and said swing is better. Then Deirdre was dancing in the studio! Rosie played some of the song Tik Tok by Kei$ha and mentioned how Nora Ephron's son is the guitarist in the Ke$ha band who will be performing with her at the Dinah Shore weekend March 31st-April 4th 2010 in Palm Springs. Rosie said Deirdre is a little "butchy" and talked about how Janette and Deirdre are having a platonic love affair. Deirdre said she and Janette would make a great couple because they are both nuts but they get each other. Deirdre talked a little about her boyfriend Ted and how he playfully bit her when she was talking on the phone to Janette last night. Deirdre mentioned how few men will take her crap and how she needs a strong man.

• Then it was Weigh-In time! Rosie is down 6 pounds and attributes her weight loss to not having as much of an appetite. Bobby is down 128 pounds! Weenie has lost 10 pounds. And Janette is almost down 10 pounds! Pete stayed the same and Deirdre quit. Deirdre feels like it's disjointed because they're not all doing the same diet. And Rosie talked about her brother Timmy who lost weight really quickly because of his Diabetes diagnosis. Timmy was in the studio and talked about how he was peeing 70 times a day and losing weight quickly because his body was using fat reserves for energy. Timmy said he no longer has anything containing sugar and his whole diet has changed. He recommended MGD 64 and Budweiser Select as his new beverages of choice because of their low caloric content. Do I sense another drink tasting show in the near future????!!

• Deirdre danced in the studio today and Pete turned the ShadyCam on her for one second and we saw her dancing on the ShadyCam! Classic! It was so fun to see the inside of the studio even if it was just for a second!

Don't miss Thursday's show when all of the studio members bring their beloved pets and Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator stops by!


  1. Kelly, Thanks so much for filling us in every day. I have been enjoying reading your blog about Rosie's show for a while, and I thought it was high time to send you some praise. I really appreciate you doing this for all of us who don't have Sirius Radio. Much love to you, Jessica

  2. I wasn't able to listen today ..Thankyou Kelly!

  3. oops...I meant yesterday! ( I didn't have my coffee yet)..lol

  4. SO glad Rosie mentioned your blog today! I am an RRA (Rosie Radio Addict) and loving every minute of it. Fun to be able to come here and expand the discussion.

  5. wtg Kelly!
    i'm guessing you heard it by now?
    musta made your day!

    i like the RRA acronym cookbookapprentice......very good......i'm one too!
    and today they talked about addiction lol
    i rearrange what I do around the show
    especially when I want to hear it live and see the shady cam in action
    but good to know there is a 24/7 channel as well

  6. Thanks for doing this, it looks like a lot of hard work, but it's very appreciated. I enjoy reading your blog very much, you do an awesome job of it.