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• Today's broadcast opened with a discussion about the spray-painting of Shady-the-squirrel's tail that occurred last week. They replayed the clip of the broadcast when Google Pete sprayed Shady's tail green and was laughing hysterically in the background. Jeannie said she was sorry she missed it. The ShadyCam was live again on the blog today. Everyone was wondering if he would come back after being spray-painted. Rosie said if he doesn't come back today she will feel bad. I wonder if Shady knows when Rosie is in Miami or not? Hmmmmmm. SNN aka the "Shady News Network" reported Shady news which was essentially a tape of Rosie doing a bit where she speaks in a squirrel voice which sounded awfully like Jay Leno!

• Rosie talked about her weekend going down to Miami on JetBlue. She went with her girlfriend and 14 kids! Holy Shit that's a lot of kids and luggage! Janette flies JetBlue to Vegas frequently and loves it. Rosie said she loved JetBlue and loved the personal TVs but said it was hard that some of the kids were separated from the parents on the trip. Some people on the flight didn't want to move so that the families could all sit together. Janette said even she will move to allow children to sit next to their parents when she's on a flight and she's usually not nice to people. God, I love Janette.

• Rosie told a story about an injured manatee that floated over in front of their dock this weekend. Apparently it had a huge gash from a propeller in it's side and a rescue boat was trying to save it. Rosie said that their 14 children, between the ages of 6 and 18, were sitting and watching the rescuers attempt to save the poor animal. Unfortunately the injured animal didn't make it. Deirdre and Janette said they have more trouble with animals suffering than humans.

• Bobby told a story about one 4th of July when he went swimming in his grandmother's lake and he swam out to the middle of the water. His sister was telling him to swim in and he wasn't listening. And then his sister told him there was an alligator behind him! Bobby said he calmly swam to the shore and then RAN across the rocks and there was a 6 foot alligator in the lake! Janette mentioned a show and it was either Top 10 Freakiest Animal Attacks on Animal Planet or I Survived on Biography about a man who fought off an alligator that took his arm and lived to tell his story. They discussed in detail how crocodiles and alligators kill their prey! YUCK! Janette and Bobby told many alligator stories.

• Rosie talked about how she saw many dolphins in Miami this weekend and how she gets them to swim in the boat-wake. Rosie says she calls out to them "Come here boy boy!" They talked for a while about dolphins and how dolphins attack sharks which led to a mention of Rosie's favorite shark hunter Mark the Shark. Rosie and her kids have gone fishing with Mark the Shark and have caught 3 or 4 HUGE sharks not far off the shore. Deirdre said she is afraid of sharks ME TOO DEIRDRE!!! You can see pictures of Rosie's catches on Marks website HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE.

Rosie, Mark the Shark and her son Blake
(photo belongs to marktheshark.com)

Rosie and her kids with Chelsea's Hammerhead shark she caught!
(photo belongs to marktheshark.com)

• Jeannie, Deirdre and Bobby talked about how they don't like to be in extremely hot weather. Rosie doesn't think Miami is ever too hot as long as you're near water and said she could live there year round. Bobby loved growing up in Florida. It was cute. It was like Rosie got defensive a little about her love of Miami when she heard the others saying they didn't like hot weather.

• Just then Shady came BACK, green butt and all! Jeannie said she feels bad that she wasn't right and it is indeed the same squirrel coming back! And he's got the green to prove it!

• Rosie said she had a kissing dream about Howard Stern! She said she had a dream that she was at Howard Stern's house and they were talking about their childhoods and Howard KISSED her! Then they went inside his house and he had a 55 year old blond-feminist wife with a ton of kids. They were hanging out as buddies in her dream. FUNNY!

• After commercial break they talked about how they can't believe that the Tiger Woods apology is breaking news. Janette said she "doesn't give a crap" who he slept with and thinks this is much ado about nothing. They discussed whether there was such a thing as sex addiction? Rosie read the definition of a sex addiction and they discussed the possibilities of it. They also played some of Tiger's apology. The studio crew also discussed the errors with how Tiger's camp handled the car accident by not coming out with a statement sooner and how the women who Tiger had affairs with are becoming celebrities themselves now. Rosie took many callers to hear their thoughts on the topic. Rosie mentioned the drug of celebrity and her book Celebrity Detox and the need to go to a "new land to see what its like to be normal again." Jeannie really felt for Tiger's mother and her undying support of her son. Deirdre on the other hand was a bit more cynical about the mother being at the press conference and felt that perhaps that part was all for show. Janette reiterated that no crime was committed and didn't see what all the fuss was about.

• Rosie tried Coconut M&M's live on the air! Jeannie and Rosie loved them! They then discussed every different candy bar under the sun including Almond Joy, Payday, Crispy M&Ms, vs. Mint M&Ms, Zagnut Marathon Bars, Charleston Chews, etc. etc. etc.

• Rosie briefly discussed the "new" Tonight Show and what the lead in will be. Janette is very interested in hearing what the ratings are but will not watch it. There is also a rumor that Conan is going to do a live stage show.

• Rosie then interviewed the incredibly talented writer and playwright Delia Ephron! Delia and Rosie used to live in the same apartment building with her sister Nora. And Cyndi Lauper still lives there!

Delia Ephron

• Rosie acted in Nora and Delia's play Love, Loss and What I Wore with Tyne Daly, Katie Finneran, Natasha Lyonne and Samantha Bee this past fall of 2009. Love Loss has the largest advance in Off Broadway history! Delia talked with Rosie about many things including growing up in Hollywood and growing up in a successful family of writers. Delia talked about her book Frannie In Pieces and how she wrote the book out of her own experience of being a middle child and dealing with the death of her father. Delia said she doesn't have any biological children but explained that writing for kids isn't about having kids but about remembering your own childhood. Delia shared some about her childhood growing up with alcoholic parents and always trying to gauge what mood everyone was in. She said she wrote her book How to Eat Like a Child: And Other Lessons In Not Being Grown Up because she was a child of an alcoholic who did doing nothing but watch others. In her latest young adult novel, The Girl With The Mermaid Hair, Delia touches on how some women are obsessed with their appearances and the effect that having plastic surgery to our faces effects our connection to our daughters. Delia said she thinks that we as women now have two adolescents: one as a teenager and one again in our 40s when we become re-obsessed with our looks. Rosie and Delia talked about friends they have who have completely changed their faces because of plastic surgery. You can see Delia's latest play Love, Loss and What I Wore running through May of 2010! And Delia reminded listeners that Fran Drescher joins the cast in March!

• Bobby went to see Shutter Island this weekend and thought it was really well done. Bobby and Jeannie like scary movies. Rosie said she saw the film Burnt Offerings in 1976 and hasn't seen a scary movie since. Janette won't watch The Omen or anything with a Ouija board in it. Janette told a very complicated story about a seance she was once involved in where some wacky things happened and the demon Baal was summonded. The story was incredibly detailed and after Janette finished the radio crew got a good laugh out of it. Rosie then did a Janette impression of how Janette tells a story. Rosie told her manatee story from this weekend in "janettespeak" which made everyone laugh hysterically. Rosie mentioned how she wanted a Janette button like a silent alarm that they have at a bank that plays soft calming music when Janette goes off on one of her incredibly detailed stories. It was so funny to hear Rosie "do" Janette. Its so apparent that there's such familiarity and love there.

• Rosie closed the show reminding listeners that comedian Wanda Sykes will be calling in tomorrow! Don't miss it THAT is going to be funny!!

Some clips from Wanda's HBO comedy special I'ma Be Me!


  1. Great recap once again..Thankyou Kelly!

  2. It feels like actually being in Rosie's studio, thanks!!! I wonder if Howard has heard about Rosie's dream yet...

  3. I swear, I'm just going to read your blog. It's better. And save me a lot of time in the morning. And that shady cam is too crazy moving for me. I just can't keep up with it. Is this your longest recap. Its a good one.