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• Rosie began today's broadcast telling the listeners how they were on a 2-hour-delay today for her children's' schools due to snow. (We were cancelled completely which is why my post is so late because my kids have been here ALL DAY) Rosie said that her oldest daughter Chelsea is home sick again today with what could be mono and her youngest daughter Vivi was home with a cough. Rosie said that Vivi was going to come down to the studio and hang out with them (although she didn't make an appearance). Rosie talked about how she's not good at making her kids go to school when they ask to stay home and she herself used to skip school to catch up on a soap opera and Don Ho Show.

• They talked about nose jobs for a while and apparently Janette and Deirdre have both had one. Deirdre's was because she was in a horrible car accident and Janette's was for cosmetic purposes because she "used to look like Lucy Arnaz." Janette talked about how she was awake during the nose job and remembers it! Deirdre talked about how she would never have cosmetic surgery because she's had too many necessary and painful surgeries. Rosie talked about a "chin suck thing" she had in 1995 (which Bobby was so surprised that she revealed!) and how she didn't want to wear the "head band thing" she was supposed to wear post-surgery. Bobby talked about his own anxiety over even the simplest medical procedures and and how he has to be put out for even a teeth cleaning. Janette talked about her own anxiety over getting a colonoscopy. And Rosie told a story about once running into the woman who put her under for her colonoscopy at the View!

• Rosie talked about her love of brushing and flossing her teeth and how she used her kids Oral B toothbrush with a rotating head and loved it! She called it "the best cleaning ever!" Bobby recommended the Sonicare toothbrush and Rosie said she was going to try it. Bobby LOVES the sonicare. Rosie told a story about how she was shopping on an online pharmacy getting dove shampoo and conditioner and she noticed that they sold a whole bunch of "life-like adult equipment" on their site which she found surprising. Talked about how the sonicare is too much to do. Crest comes through Rosie wants to take the latest sonicare and try it. Bobby loves the sonicare.

• Rosie talked about her insane ability to hear even the littlest noises or quietest conversations. Rosie talked about how her brother hates Isaac Mizrahi because she got the dreaded "lesbian haircut" on his show. Rosie said it wasn't Isaac's fault that she was going for that look at the time. They talked some about Stanley, Rosie's driver and how he says "okay" a lot and how his wife Stephanie gets the most amazing gifts for her kids. (the conversation was ALL over the place, as you can tell!)

• Rosie invited listeners to call in and share their thoughts on her interview with Gayle Haggard yesterday. Rosie said that after the interview that Gayle told Rosie that she "made her think of things she hadn't thought of in a long time." (COOL!) Rosie told Gayle the story about how she felt bad for Gayle and her husband after the documentary and how she told Kelli they should come live with them because she wanted to give them a safe haven. Rosie said she has also wanted to take in - Robert Downey Junior and Britney Spears. (What a funny image of the Haggards, Robert Downey Junior and Britney Spears all hanging out! LOL) Rosie also talked about her need to help people after 9/11 on her boat.

• There was a brief conversation about Rosemary Clooney who is Deirdre's godmother (but not her actual godmother) but I got a little lost when they were talking about this. Rosie and Deirdre did talk about how extremely loving Rosemary was.

• Deirdre talked about when she once got married and how she "feels no need to ever do that again unless she has kids" because she has seen too many friends separate after getting married. Janette also doesn't see any point in marriage if there aren't kids involved. And said she has no need to lose half of her property. Rosie said "Janette, no offense, but it's not like you have that much to lose! (LOL) Janette said her father always told her "no one will ever want you for anything but your money" and how it stayed with her. Janette said she knows she and Barry will be together until they die, but she won't ever marry him. Rosie said she would do it again (meaning marriage) if it was legalized. Rosie and the group talked about the legal issues and benefits of marriage.

• Rosie began the Gayle Haggard discussion playing the clip where Gayle talked about whether or not she felt other religions were less valid. Rosie talked about her compassion she felt for Gayle and how it must be hard sometimes for people who have such certainty about their religion because they feel so attacked. Janette talked about the exclusion of some religions. They took a caller who was a gay man who was kicked out of a Christian school. He had listened to the interview 3 times and talked about how his feelings about it ranged from love and compassion to anger because it pulled at all his memories of not being accepted. It also annoyed him that Gayle was "kind of like a politician and she wouldn't give a straight answer." (me too. Every response by her felt so carefully crafted.) Rosie said that when she talked to Gayle about how it must have felt to be shunned by the church she loved, Gayle's eyes welled up. (See, now that is something that you can't see over the radio. It must have been different to be in the room with her.)

• They took a caller who had a "visceral reaction" to every time Gayle called homosexuality a human condition. Rosie said she felt the same thing but it was not her job to try to convince her otherwise. Rosie said Gayle's belief is innately discriminatory and she gave her many opportunities to be more inclusive about her beliefs. Rosie talked about when she saw Gayle have an "aha moment" when she suggested she and her husband create a church that accepted everyone. Rosie further explained how her religion is innately unfair and Unchristian and they are missing the big message of Jesus. (ahhhh, okay, I feel better now :) I needed to hear that. I think I audibly let out a big sigh of relief at this point.)

• Rosie spoke with a gay Christian woman who works for a church who loved the interview and praised Rosie in her ability to not to be insightful but also respectful. Rosie asked the caller to explain how she rectifies being a Christian and being unaccepted by many Christians.

• A listener who called in loves Rosie even more because of the extreme patience she showed with Gayle. (another good point!) The caller didn't appreciate Gayle explaining away Ted's homosexual tendencies with his molestation as the cause. Rosie admitted that there were parts of Gayle's book where Rosie was "rolling her eyes." Rosie also said in the book Gayle says that Ted told her everything about his affairs and Rosie said she didn't believe that. Off air Gayle told Rosie a story about how a therapist has her imagine her husband with a man and Gayle said in the exercise she screams at the faceless man and he melts into the floor. Rosie said she asked her "Why didn't you scream at Ted because the man behind him did nothing to you." Gayle talked about how she felt a force that was stealing her husband away. Rosie told Gayle it was her husband who deserved her wrath not the person he was having sex with. (yup!)

• A listener called in who admired Rosie and how she admits to struggling with her faith. The caller said she wanted to do a bible study with her. Rosie said she would love that. The caller said she knows many pastors who would gladly welcome gays and that they don't get the press like the countries loudmouths like Pat Robertson. Rosie asked the caller if at her church they want to minister in the hope of wanting to change gay people or if they minister to them as equals because gay people do not want to be seen as second class citizens. Rosie said she felt the only church that truly accepts gay people is the Unitarian Universalist church. The caller said that there are a lot of ministers who are working for inclusivity of all people. Rosie said she hates when the Christian community says they will accept gays only because they hope to change them. The caller said that "You know it's not from God if it's hate."

• One listener called in and said that Rosie exuded what Jesus was all about - compassion and forgiveness. Rosie said part of the reason she felt compassion for Gayle was because she has been so inundated with religion and all the rules that man has made in regards to religion. Rosie talked about when she first met Kelli and how she had never experienced that kind of religion and Christianity and the need to get beneath all the rhetoric. Rosie also said that she learned through her own life that when you seek compassion you have to give compassion. (GOOD POINT Rosie.)

• Rosie asked the listeners to imagine how it felt for her for to be shunned by all the people in the church and to be left so alone in their suffering. In the book Gayle talks about how the majority of people were not brave enough to not participate in their shunning. Rosie said she was happy that they did not lose faith completely because she thought she might have. (It was a very good conversation and I really understood where Rosie was coming from even though I, like Rosie, still deeply disagree with Gayle's point of view)

• Rosie then interviewed Elizabeth Regen from the Lifetime show Sherri. Sherri centers around a newly single mom, paralegal and part-time comedian/actress who tries to get back into the dating scene and move on with her life after divorcing her cheating husband. Sherri finds solace and support among her girlfriends at the office while juggling her hectic life. (from lifetime) Rosie loves Elizabeth on the show and her role she plays as the funny sidekick. Elizabeth told the story about how much she fell in love with the role and the complicated audition process. Elizabeth said she originally didn't get a callback and she asked Whoopi (who was an old friend) if she could pull any strings on her behalf. Whoopi made some phone-calls and Elizabeth got the callback! Rosie told Eizabeth that she "brings a lot of joy (to the show) and has such a great sense of timing." Elizabeth and Rosie hope they get picked up for a second season. Elizabeth said that if the listeners like the show to be sure and let Lifetime know! I looked it up and you can let Lifetime know if you like the show and would like it to come back for a second season by going to Sherri Shepherd website.

• Rosie then talked about how Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on the Joy Behar Show last night. Rosie called it a study in pretense. Rosie called Joy "full of it" at the notion that she and Elisabeth are friends and that they like each other. Rosie called it crap. (there's the Rosie I know and love!!!) Here's a LINK to the interview Rosie was talking about. Janette said she watched it and she couldn't stomach it. (Janette and Rosie worked together during Rosie's time on the View) Rosie quoted the clip of them saying "People think they hate each other" and Rosie replied "They DO hate each other!" Rosie said the concept that they get along is a lie. Rosie talked about the whole split screen moment on the View and how that morning Joy had told her that when they come from break and she was going to take it and how Joy had never ever done that. Rosie said she felt like EVERYONE was in on it (the setup for the big fight between her and Elisabeth). Rosie talked about the betrayal she felt that her own team was in on it and how they couldn't pay her enough money to stay. Rosie also said that the Executive Producer Bill Geddie goes into Elisabeth's dressing room everyday for at least 30 minutes to give her talking points and how frustrated she is that Joy won't call Elisabeth out on it. Rosie said she and Joy were friends until that day and has since called and asked Rosie to do her show on HLN but Rosie has declined. Rosie said she likes Joy but she's not going to be doing her program.

• A listener called in who watched the Rosie's HBO documentary A Family Is A Family Is A Family and said how much she appreciated the dialogue she's had with her children about the different kinds of families. Rosie said there is a mother's group who's writing into HBO complaining about it and said if you love it to send a letter to HBO and tell them you love it. (Awww, I loved it!) And Rosie closed the show.

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