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•  The Shady Cam was up and live on today's blog during the broadcast!  Rosie talked about how she went to a town meeting for the restoration of Nyack yesterday at her favorite Mexican restaurant Casa Del Sol.   (Its soooooo yummy.  My friends and I have been there!) Apparently, when the Palisades mall opened (which Rosie admitted was a great mall) it had a devastating effect on downtown Nyack.  Rosie didn't realize that there would be camera crews there and she ended up doing some interviews with no bra and no makeup.  Rosie joked that people may see her interview and think "Perhaps ROSIE needs a revitalization." 

I took some screenshots of Shady on the ShadyCam
for those of you who missed it!
It was so FUN!  Like being right there.  I loved it. 

•  A lot of people write her and ask if Janette's stories are exaggerations.  Rosie asked Janette if perhaps she has been told the stories of her childhood that happened to her at a very young age and whether or not that's what she remembers rather than the actual incident.  Janette said emphatically NO that she actually remembers things from a very young age.

•  Bobby talked about once buying Rosie 30 bras!  Apparently she found one she liked so he went out and bought ALL he could find for her.  Cyndi Berger, Rosie's publicist and good friend, told her they're not good bras because they make a line on her shirt.  Then they had a fascinating smooth cup vs. lacey bra debate.

•  Janette told a story about a squirrel she had as a little kid that she fed to death.  Rosie thought that the squirrel's death had more to do with living in her house with her crazy father than the food. 

•  Rosie posed the question "What do you do if you found out you hurt someones feelings and you didn't know you did and didn't mean to."    At Tracy's going away party, with all her friends and family, there was a dish that Rosie had never heard of (cream cheese with peppercorn jelly on top) and apparently this person told Tracy that Rosie hurt her feelings.  Rosie asked the studio what she should do.  Rosie thought that perhaps Southerners aren't used to the way New Yorkers talk.  I'm not sure anyone actually answered the question though...

•  Apparently yesterday Stanley (Rosie's friend and driver) was in the control room talking to Brendan yesterday and normally Deirdre has to pull Bobby, Janette and Brendan to the car.  They all carpool to the studio together.  Deirdre told Stanley to get out of the studio so that Brendan could finish up so they could leave and later Stanley called Shoshana and told her.  Rosie said that Stanley "survived Vietnam and needs to toughen up."  (I have met Stanley before and he is the SWEETEST man.  Just sayin

•  Rosie talked about how she (not Sirius) is personally paying 4 people's salaries in the studio and there are 5 people on the air and how two of them want a raise!  Rosie talked about how she also buys all the s.w.a.g. (stuff we all get), the dunkin donuts, the tivos and anything else she gives away.  Rosie knows they are all lucky to have a job but after meeting with "the money man" yesterday he said "after all the expenses and salaries she's paying out for this radio job she would make more money if she worked at Target!"  And she doesn't get the target discount!  Rosie said she got another call about television!!!  Deirdre said that when she thinks of going back to tv  - Deirdre "craps her pants."  They all really enjoy their job at Sirius.  Rosie said if she does go back to T.V. it would be an hour at a time on topics or issues that people really do care about. 

•  Rosie said that if Howard goes to terrestrial radio, they should follow him.  (here's a link to an article about Howard going back to terrestrial radio)  Brendan said "ROSIE YOU WOULD HATE IT."  Brendan continued that there is no freedom to do a 40 minute segment like she likes to and you're at the mercy of the advertisers.  Rosie talked about how she doesn't like it that you have to be kind of rich to listen to her show.  (Ummmm, I'm not rich)  Janette talked about the Howard channel and the amount of hours and programming he offers.  Rosie said she would gladly program her own channel!  She said this would be her schedule: 
 9-10 Fun Music
10-12 Rosie Radio
12-1 All listener phone-calls
1-2 Linda Dano would host a show
2-3 parenting topics
And then drivetime hosted by Jim Breuer. 
At night she would have a Broadway and Movie show.

•  Rosie talked to a caller who has Multiple Sclerosis who has Sirius as her only luxury.  Rosie recommended the book 29 Gifts: How a Month of Living Can Change Your Life about a woman who was diagnosed with MS and a friend told her to give a gift to someone else for 29 days and how it changed her life.  Rosie gave the caller a free LIFETIME subscription to Sirius and she followed that up with saying "giving away free shit makes her happy" and how "she's not making any money anyway!" 

•  The studio talked about how the other day a prank caller called in and said something derogatory about Steve Langford's mother.  Rosie hypothesized about Steve's penis size and stated that she doesn't know the penis size of any man in the studio.  Janette explained that they sometimes take "it" out on the Howard show. (Apparently they aren't that familiar with Howard.  I know they have measured everyone's penises.)  The staff then talked about famous men with allegedly big penises such as Milton BerleWillem Dafoe and Liam Neeson.  They then had a short debate whether bigger was better.  (not Rosie, the other women did

•  A listener called in who had worked for terrestrial radio for almost 10 years on a morning show.  She stated that the real difference between terrestrial radio and satellite radio is the audience.  People actively tune in just to listen to you and they're passionate about it.  (so true!  I'm a great example of that, no?) Rosie asked the woman many questions about her life which revealed that she was a teenage mom.  Rosie recommended the show 16 and Pregnant on MTV and said she thinks every teenager should be forced to watch that show.  Shoshana recommended the show The Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime

•  Rosie talked to a caller who hasn't worn a bra for over 35 years which gave Rosie much enjoyment to hear. (hello random)

•  A woman from Tampa called in to agree with Rosie about her disdain for the store Gilly Hicks.  Rosie said its like "living inside a Renuzit Air Freshener" and she got the worst headache while she was there.  They ended the call discussing the old show That Girl and Rosie sang the theme song:

•  Rosie invited one of the many moms who are writing into HBO because they are offended by her documentary A Family Is A Family Is A Family to call because Rosie would LIKE TO TALK TO YOU she followed that up with "in a nice 'Gayle Haggard' sort of way".

•  Yesterday Rosie was talking about how much she enjoyed her kids OralB toothbrush so she decided to try the Sonicare (a Rosie Radio sponsor) on air!  So Rosie brushed her teeth while on the air.  Janette said it sounded like the Sybian.  Rosie told a story about a time when she had to get her crowns redone and she was told to use this floss thing every day on the temporary crowns.  When she went back to the dentist to get the permanent ones put in the dentist scolded her for flossing too much and said he doubted he would be able to install the new crowns.  Rosie asked to step out of the room for a phone-call and walked out on the dentist!  She admitted she has teeth issues.  She said she went to Kelli's father afterwards and she will be going to Shoshana's mother's friend who is a dentist now. 

•  Rosie talked about how she was supposed to do Love Loss and What I Wore in March and has had to cancel because she thought she was going to be able to do it but now realizes with the kids and her schedule she is unable to.  She recommended if listeners already bought a ticket to see her to call the box office and perhaps they can work something out because she IS going to do the play again.  (I saw it and its FANTASTIC

•  One listener called in and said she can understand why the right wing people are so up in arms about the documentary because of the dancing sperm in the top hat.  (????? whatever.)   She also said the documentary would bring her to a conversation she's not ready for with her daughters.  The caller continued that Southerners only talk about what is pretty and appropriate. 

•  She then interview 3 Broadway Boys from the musical West Side Story!  Rosie called the musical and the performances "brilliant."  They talked about Broadway, watching Glee, and growing up as a male and a dancer/singer.  Rosie asked the men about their first night on Broadway and what it felt like on Opening Night.  Apparently the legendary Arthur Lawrence still works on the show!  The men talked about what a privilege is it to be able to work with him.  Rosie told the men a story about how she used to be able to see any Broadway Show for $10 in standing room (I've done that!  I saw Cats this way.  It was great.).    She also mastered a technique she called "second act it."  In order to do a "second act it" you hang around the lobby until the intermission and while the theater goers are mingling about you pick up a program and look as if you're supposed to be there.  When they let the audience back into the theater you hustle it to the bathroom and come out just as the first song is beginning and quick look for an empty seat!  Then you get to see the second act!  I love this!!  All the men talked about how they have found what they love to do and are going to do Broadway for life.  Rosie offered one of the men to get him an extra in a war movie because he said it was a dream to do that.  Rosie ended the interview trying to figure out what she could buy them and finally settled on getting them all cameras to be delivered to the theater today.  The men all remembered seeing the many Broadway performances that Rosie used to have on her old show and Rosie said that they want to release a DVD of all the Broadway performances from the Rosie O'Donnell Show. 


makin em laugh
These are 2 pics I took of some of the cast from West Side Story
at the RBK Gala in November 2009
Not sure if these were any of the men interviewed today
But aren't they cuties??

•  One of the Broadway West Side Story boys thanked Rosie for her performance on Will and Grace when she played the gay birthmother to Jack's son and talked about how that was so meaningful and important for him.  Rosie talked about her appearance on the show and how she wrote the line when Jack says "Say something Lesbionic" and Rosie replies "Home Depot."  Rosie said she wasn't really out at the time but assumed everyone knew.  The boys sang along to When you're a Jet and Rosie thanked them for coming.  I searched EVERYWHERE for the episode when Rosie performs on Will And Grace but couldn't find it.  If anyone has the link, let me know!!! 

Here's the cast of Will and Grace on The Rosie O'Donnell Show! 

Part 2

Part 3

•  Rosie watched Modern Family last night and she's going to catch up on it.  She talked about how one of the stars of Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, was on The Rosie O'Donnell Show once.  Rosie talked about the time she sent thousands of Rosie.com mouse-pads out to bloggers and how she wants a sponsor to give stuff to give stuff away. 

•  And I added this one because you CAN'T watch it and not laugh!

•  Rosie closed the show.


  1. LOVED IT!! Thanks for all the videos.. the last one did make me laugh out loud...

  2. great job with all the clips kelly
    will and grace dancing to britney spears
    too funny

  3. loved the shady cam!! i wish they'd turn the cameras on themselves. :)

    as always, thanks for this- xo

  4. The shady cam was great! although I was busy painting as I was listening so I wasn't staring at the computer. I missed Shady take the nuts! thanks for the pics, Kel! :)
    and Liz I thought the same thing about them turning the cameras on themselves! that would be cool!!

  5. Just to let followers know they are not giving refunds or exchanges for tickets already purchased in March for Love Loss, Also I have one if anyone is going to be in that area and wants the ticket I purchased I am no longer in need if Rosie is not in the show!

  6. Kelly, I too could not find the Rosie/Will and Grace episode, but I did find the exact episode title and I found the transcript lol

    I'll keep looking...I remember the episode and it was funny!! I do have it recorded on VHS somewhere in my storage bldg haha