Hi Rosie.com Bloggers!

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the bloggers who are visiting from rosie.com!

My update today will be late because I live in the D.C. area and it's a BLIZZARD here
and well,
my kids are home
and I'm not a good multi-tasker. 

Thanks to whomever mentioned it to Rosie!! 
Please come again!



  1. it's a chicken soup kind of day! have fun and watch your back! lol xo

  2. Kelly I didn't listen to the show today because I thought Friday's was Best of...I'll wait to hear your recap..No rush..Becareful and stay safe! xoxo

    I saw that comment on ask Ro and I smiled :)

  3. cute pic! have fun shoveling. :)

  4. Nice pic of you and your kids Kelly!
    Hope the blizzard isn't too bad

    It's so cool that a blogger gave you a big ole shout out on ask ro complete with the website link!

    I'm thinking the number of hits will increase even more now.
    The word is out!
    And the fan was so appreciative.

    Your blog really does enable people who can't listen to Rosieradio be a part of it.

  5. Thanks Kelly, I read your blog updates everyday...appreciate it since I can't here Ro on radio. A fan of hers for many years..
    Sorry about the blizzard, we are on west coast now but grew up east coast so "been there and can feel your "cold cold pain"!!
    Keep up your blog it's so appreciated.
    I agree, nice pic of you and your family...lovely!

  6. So, today is the best of? I caught like a bit in the middle this morning but it was about adoption and I guess I either missed it or something because it did not sound familiar. I know Ro is gone on Friday. But usually she tapes something earlier in the week for Friday. Maybe I will check the show out at 8 tonight.

  7. Yay! she finally knows it exists...Now if she could only READ it and see how amazing it is! :-p one step at a time, I guess. lol ;)

  8. Hi Kelly, it's Raia. I posted your website on Rosie's blog. I couldn't believe no one had mentioned it before. I love what you're doing! Keep on keeping on!

  9. I'm so glad Raia posted about you over at Rosie's. I don't really like listening to radio, but your synopses are great, Kelly. (I suppose if I listened to any radio it would be Rosie.) Your writing is refreshing and entertaining, plus I don't feel like I'm missing out.

  10. Kelly! I just found this (from a link on rosie.com) and I am so glad I did! I only have serius in my car, and I just cannot spend 2 solid hours in there every day. You fill in the blanks for me!!!!

    Oh, my sister lives in the DC area as well (alexandria) and she is snowed in with a 19 month old who does not enjoy the snow! Hope tonight is okay and you keep your power.