In case you missed it...

•  Chelsea was home sick today from school and in the studio (but not very talkative though :)).  Rosie thinks she's home sick because of her Starbucks addiction.  Rosie asked about what everyone in the studio thought about her interview with Gayle Haggard.  Jeannie called it "fascinating" because they have such opposite opinions and yet seemed to find some common ground.  The group talked some about going on awards shows and whether they like them or not.  Janette hates award shows and hates to lose.  By the way bloggers, Janette Barber has won six Emmy Awards, including five that she shares with the writers and producers of The Rosie O'Donnell Show!  

•  They then talked about dating younger men.  Rosie didn't have much input on this (duh) but Chelsea's done it.  Jeannie married a man 10 years younger.  They talked about the differences in their ages and how they notice them when they talk about old TV stars or music.  Rosie mostly dated younger women but has dated a women older than her once.  Janette is the same age as her current boyfriend Barry but dated a man (known as That Asshole Todd) who was much younger in age and seemed younger for his age.  Rosie thinks Elisabeth Hasselbeck seems young for her age.  Google Pete and his wife are the same age but everyone thinks Pete's wife is way younger. 

•  Chelsea recently got texting taken away and Rosie thinks it's a good thing (spoken like a mother, no?) and Chelsea thinks its a bad thing (spoken like the 12 year old that she is).  Rosie asked Chelsea if she could only have either Facebook or texting - which would she choose and Chelsea immediately said texting.  Jeannie and Rosie talked about they hate talking on the phone (I LOVE THE PHONE!!!)  Pete told Rosie that you can set texting limits if Rosie wanted to do that for Chels.  Rosie explained how the kids have a 1 hour time limit on the computer each day that after you sign in, the computer gives you 1 hour and then it shuts off.  Rosie said she thinks she needs that. 

•  Janette talked about remembering things at a very young age - even before she knew language.  Pete's earliest memory was 3 and a half when he lived in Indonesia.  Rosie remembers all the way back to getting toilet trained from her mom.  Rosie then told a story about Chelsea and why they call her Poopcaso.  When Chelsea was a little baby she was in her crib she did a huge poop masterpiece painting on the wall.  Janette told a story about how she remembers her father taking her to see an orphanage at the age of 2 and a half.  Rosie commented on how fast Janette talks and she agreed but said she should meet her best friend Fran Capo who's the world's fastest talking female!   

Janette and Fran do a talky!

They weighed in and....
Jeannie is down 6.6 pounds
Janette is down 6.5 pounds
Pete thinks he lost.  He's currently at 234 pounds.
Rosie DIDN'T weigh in.  :)  I don't blame you Rosie. 

•  Rosie then interviewed the Tony award winning actress Christine Ebersole .  Christine talked about how she's a little under the weather because she opened at the Carlyle last night.  She's been called the "Meryl Streep" of Cabaret.   Christine talked about what a deeply personal show it is for her to do.  Rosie asked her if she reads the reviews and she said Theatermania gave it a rave review and added how it's hard not to read the reviews.  Rosie called Christine "the most prominent leading lady on Broadway right now."  Christine and Rosie talked about many, many things including how its hard to do a Broadway show and be a mom.  Christine has three adopted children from China.  Christine and Rosie talked about how much they love their kids and the different parenting styles they have.  They also talked about how they once did a failed sitcom pilot together.  Christine told a beautiful story about how she dreamed of all her children before she adopted them and the story about how she adopted 2 of her children in the same day! 

Christine Ebersole from Grey Gardens on The View!

•  Christine shared with the listening audience her love of YouTube.  Christine recommended the documentary Kymatica, a documentary about spirituality and self empowerment by Ben Steward.  Christine said that spirituality is a gift and you an either choose faith or fear.  Rosie and Christine both talked about how the media and the government paralyze us with fear and how true patriotism is really about questioning our government.

•  Christine told the story about the time her husband had a tumor in his ear pressing against his brain that effected his hearing and his balance.  Rosie went to visit him at the hospital and he hadn't woken up from surgery yet and Christine walked out of the room and he awoke and thought he had died and Rosie was God!  (LOL  no, that would be my heaven...)  Rosie loved having Christine in the studio and hoped she would come back again soon!

•  The fantastic Mia Farrow called on the phone to talk to Rosie.  Rosie asked Mia about her son Ronan Farrow who is currently a lawyer and works as a Special Advisor on Humanitarian and NGO Affairs  focusing on Afghanistan and Pakistan for the Obama Administration.  (Impressive!!)  Mia talked about how she knew Ronan was a genius from a very young age and was speaking at 7 months old!  Mia has 14 kids in total - many adopted and with special needs.  Mia and Rosie talked about the difficulties of going to search for the birth parents of their adopted children and the complications that come along.  Mia talked about how she was moved by the crisis in Rwanda and how she as always taught her children "with knowledge, comes responsibility" and how she feels the need to help.  Today Mia is a Unicef ambassador and goes to Darfur frequently.  Mia works with the people of Darfur trying to help them create an archive of their culture so they don't lose all their heritage and traditions.  Rosie complimented Mia on what a fabulous writer she is.  Rosie called Mia's writings "moving, poignant, resonant and so well written."  They briefly mentioned Woody Allen and their mutual dislike for him but Mia said you know "the opposite of love isn't hate, its indifference."   Mia and Rosie talked about how they both love Howard Stern and how Mia knew way back when Rosie and Howard weren't speaking that if they only knew each other they would love each other.  Rosie thanked Mia for calling in and said that she was going to call Howard and make plans so that they could all go to dinner together at Nobu

•  After the commercial break Janette and Rosie talked about the fear we are all fed by the media and how there is a recent report out saying that the United States is going to be attacked in the next 3-6 months.  Janette said she started to have a panic attack and immediately tried to figure out how to avoid planes and the subway.  Then she remembered that it's not necessarily true and she forgot about it.  They talked about how they can't believe that they still need another year to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell (I agree, I mean seriously, what is going to change in a year! Let our men and women serve our country who want to!)  Rosie closed the show reminding listeners that Ronan's picture will be on the blog and Lou (or Brendan?) closed the show playing Joni Mitchell's Amelia. 

Enjoy the weekend Rosie peeps! 
Sorry for the late post.
Thanks for reading and come again, okay? 



  1. Someone mentioned you on Ro's blog (Ask Ro section) today, Kelly!

    Raia Writes:

    I too, can't afford the statelite radio but try this website: http://rosieradio.blogspot.com/ She gives a nice summary of the show every day. Not the same as listening but at least I feel in the loop

    Ro replies: cool

    Congrats on that!

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! I don't get syrius radio (nor would I have the free time to listen to it everday) but from now on I will read these summaries each day at work.


  3. Seriously this was great! I didn't listen , I thought it was repeat show on Friday's..Thankyou Kelly!

    PS...The photo of Mia Farrow's son..OMG is he a cutie!

  4. Thanks so much Kelly. My internet went out just before Mia's phone call. Your blog is entirely like being there. You put in things I totally missed during the show. Probably because "someone" keeps interrupting my show!

  5. Thank You ! I don't get a chance to listen and these are great updates : )


  6. i do listen (i thought intently!) but reading your blog-recap fills in the day-dreaming-holes!! and , kelly thankyou for linking in extra goodies! you are dedicated and thorough...of course you are, your a mom!! thanx, kelly!! ☺ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx♥ wendy