In case you missed it...

• Rosie sang along to the theme song this morning. She does a very funny Temple Grandin-ish voice during the song most mornings. Rosie said it was snowing in Nyack today and there were 4 animals in the studio. Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator was in the studio today to do a psychic reading of everyone's pets so Deirdre brought along her French Bulldog puppy named Ruby (who Rosie said looks scary) who was snorting and snoring into her mike. Deirdre said Ruby was just a puppy (10 months old) and just excited to be there. I would have been that excited too Ruby! I hear ya. I would have tried to refrain from snorting in anyone's mike though. Bobby brought along his 5 year old long-haired Chihuahua named Abby, who Rosie said was more of Bobby's baby rather than his dog. Rosie had her 2.5 year old long-haired Chihuahua, Missy, with her. And Janette had her beautiful 9 year old sphinx cat named, Bizmark with her. As Janette was introducing him to the listening audience it hissed! Janette said he was unbelievably gentle, sweet and stunning but Rosie said he looked more like a hairless pig and said it was an ugly, ugly animal. Janette demanded that a picture of her beautiful cat be put up on Rosie.com for the listening audience to see. Rosie said she would do it. Janette told the story how Rosie bought Bizmark for Janette for Christmas the last year of TROS.
Janette and her Sphynix cat Bizmark!

• Deirdre said she already had a conversation with Sonya over the telephone and said that Sonya knew something that no one else could know! Sonya said that her dog Ruby loves to watch Deirdre blow dry her hair and that Ruby didn't know what Deirdre was doing but loved to watch. Deirdre said that Ruby DOES love to watch Deirdre blow her hair dry and that this was correct. Deirdre also commented how the facebookers in the Rosie Radio Group were very excited for today's program! There are almost 1,000 members in the facebook group so join now if you can! And don't forget to become a fan of the Rosie Radio Recap blog so you can be notified when the blog updates! :) Deirdre mentioned how she loves facebook and Rosie said if she used facebook she would go there. Come on Rosie! Do it!

• Rosie and the staff talked a little about American Idol. Bobby said it seems like there aren't very good singers this year and no one has really blown him away yet. I AGREE BOBBY. I couldn't wait for the show to end actually. There was one contestant that the Idol judge Cara is becoming overly friendly with and Rosie said it was borderline sexual harassment. Cara asked if the contestant would take off his shirt during auditions and last night Rosie said she was "practically dry-humping him." They played the audio of the clip from the show where Cara is sexually molesting this contestant. Rosie proposed what would happen if Simon or Randy did that to one of the female contestants?! Bobby loves Ellen as a comedian but doesn't like Ellen on the show as the new judge. Rosie talked some about how it must be hard to enter an already formed ensemble cast and said if anyone can pull it off - Ellen can. Rosie took callers who discussed a variety of American Idol topics including their love for Ellen as a judge, Cara's inappropriate comments to the contestant and comments that overall, the season is bad. Rosie talked about how in 1984 she was on Star Search and how it was the scariest thing she ever did in her entire life. Rosie said she thought her whole world was going to change after doing the show and it did totally change her entire career around.

• The studio then talked about The Octomom's appearance on The View yesterday. Rosie asked WHY...Why even book her? Rosie said it was a case study in "severe mental incapacity" and was shocked how everyone on the panel was pretending it was not happening and just kept pressing forward. They played a clip from the interview and Rosie stopped it frequently to comment or to just laugh. They must have been watching a tape because Rosie had them rewind it so everyone in the studio could see Whoopi's appalled face. Rosie said, "You gotta love the Whoop!" Janette said she has never seen anything like that on network television and Deirdre said it made her angry. I AGREE Deirdre. It's too much focus on crazy people. Janette and Deirdre discussed the problems from a producer's standpoint and wondered why they would let her go on TV like that. Bobby suggested that maybe someone should have tried to calm her down and only had one person interview her. Pete suggested that they did it for ratings and cited the Jimmy Kimmel dating game bit he did on his show and how it got big press. He suggested that The View may have seen how much play that Jimmy Kimmel segment got and decided to book her for ratings. And Bobby said Jimmy really goes after Octomom on his show and couldn't believe she would agree to do his show at all. Here's the evidence of THAT. Rosie thinks Octomom would go on any show at this point and she took several callers on the topic.

Octomom on The View.

• Rosie said she went to a wonderful event at a friend's house last night to raise money for her charity RBK. Rosie's Broadway Kids is an arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children through the arts. Using professional teaching artists, Rosie's Broadway Kids provides instruction in dance and music and a professional theater experience for children who might otherwise not have the opportunity. [source: http://www.rosiesbroadwaykids.org/] Actually, if you live in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area RBK has a great raffle going on. You can win a 19 seat Luxury Suite at Nationals stadium for a spring training game in April! Food, beverages and parking is included for you and 18 of your friends! SWEET! You can enjoy baseball and support the arts at the same time. Click HERE for more information!

• Rosie then played a clip of Keith Olbermann talking about his father's health struggles. Keith talked about his father in terms of the healthcare debate and Rosie called it one of the most moving and profound things she's ever seen. Rosie said she has such respect for Keith and his access to his emotions and the ability to express himself so articulately. Keith told a story about his father who had his colon removed followed by a series of infections, pneumonia, kidney failure, dialysis, swelling, etc. One night in the hospital after a long battle, the x-ray tech came in and hurt Keith's father and it was too much for him. Keith's father pleaded for help. Keith asked his Dad if he wanted to stop all the treatment and his dad said "yes." He essentially asked Keith to kill him, to end it all. Keith's father begged him for relief from the torture of the procedures they were giving him. Keith talked about the need to separate politics and from the needs of the people of the country. Listen to Keith in his own words...

Part 1

Part 2

• When they were done playing the interview Janette was in tears. This past Tuesday was the anniversary of her father's death. Keith's speech was hard for her to hear because it brought back all the memories of her father and the struggles they faced deciding what to do at he end of his life. (((((((HUGS JB))))))))

• Rosie then brought up the news-story about a Sea World trainer who died in a killer whale attack. Pete read an article about the incident to the staff. A Marine Biologist called in and said that to "put killer whales in these containers to perform is inhumane." Rosie wondered why it doesn't it happen more frequently. The caller said she didn't know why but knew it was not enough room for them and they're lonely depressed and agitated. Another caller who worked with killer whales called in who witnessed a killer whale kill a trainer who was wearing an orange flotation jacket and fell in to the whale tank.

• Rosie then introduced Sonya Fitzpatrick the Animal Communicator to the listeners at home. Rosie talked to Sonya about her relationships with dolphins. Sonya said that in past lives, Rosie was a dolphin. And she said that Rosie's been in the water in past lives. She said the dolphins are aware of that and they feel safe with her. Rosie asked Sonya about the killer whale incident and Sonya said she was never allowed to work with the animals at Sea World but worked with the dolphins with Siegfried and Roy. She commented how bad it is for the animals in captivity.

Rosie and her dog Missy

• Chelsea, Rosie's eldest daughter, was in the studio and Rosie said she loves animals almost more than she loves people. Rosie said Chelsea's dog Zoe is so in love with Chels. Sonya said that Zoe and Chelsea take care of each other. She also said that Chelsea can communicate with her dog even when she's not with her because of the magnetic field. ????Okay, she lost me there. Sonya asked who has a snake in the house. Sonya said that the snake is sad because someone in the house doesn't like it. Rosie's youngest son Blake is the snake owner and an animal lover too and he was also in the studio. Blake told the story about the snake escaping from his cage down a heating vent and how they found it. He was so adorable. It was the talkiest I have ever heard Rosie's kids! Blake also talked about the shark he caught with Mark the Shark. Funny, I don't remember Sonya telling us how the shark felt as he was gutted and hanging by a hook. lol okay, sorry... Rosie asked Sonya what would be a good dog for Vivi. Sonya said a dog like Chelsea's dog (which is a Mini Australian Shepherd) rather than a Chihuahua (like Vivi wanted).

Vivi, Chelsea and Zoe

• Sonya then read Janette's hairless cat. She told Janette that her cat Beastly needs to be disciplined for biting her in the middle of the night and Janette should give him eye-to-eye attention. Then it was Bobby's dog's turn and Sonya said that she wishes she could come with him all the time and the dog could feel his lower back pain. Sonya also said that the dog loves the lady who wears comfortable shoes who visits and talks to her. Bobby said that this was one of his very good friends. Sounds like Ro. Sonya took several calls from listeners who had questions about their pets. She also recommended a vet friend of hers named Dr. Marty who does homeopathic medicine for animals. You can see Sonya at a seminar on Saturday Feb 27th at the Gramercy Theater!

Rosie, Bobby and Abby

• Deirdre said she didn't need a reading in the studio today with Sonya because they had already had one on one time. Sonya said that Ruby gets annoyed with her boyfriend and wants a dog that would play with her! Could another dog be in Deirdre's future? Only time will tell!

Deirdre and her pup Ruby

• Rosie said that she absolutely loves Sonya said she has a great energy and closed the show. Be sure and tune in tomorrow to hear Rosie interview Katie Spotz who is rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean and Liz Tigelaar the Executive Producer of Life Unexpected!


  1. Haha Kelly, the shark obviously suffered immensely. This is one thing I absolutely do not agree with Rosie on. How can she justify yanking these animals on a hook, by the mouth, up out of the water just for the pleasure of her children?? Sure, the fisherman is trying to make a living (albeit a cruel one,) but that doesn't justify the cruelty.

    I found the animal psychic kind of ridiculous, btw. But I still love Rosie.

  2. I don't really have an opinion on the whole shark hunting thing. I am not a vegetarian so I know that burgers don't come from the burger factory. I just can't understand how Sonya could have such compassion for the confined dolphins but not for the shark. It seemed inconsistent. Since I was already skeptical of her and her psychic abilities that probably didn't help the matter. I'm sure she's a sweet person though.

    And of course we love Rosie! That's why we listen so intently every day!

    Thanks for reading and for commenting Andrew! Come again!

  3. Thanks for doing this. Found you through the Rosie Blog. She just updated and mentioned this site. Thanks again.

  4. Great show today...Was not expecting the Keith O tape..That hit me hard..And when Janette started to cry ..I lost it..I kept thinking about my Father who passed on.

    I love when Rosie's kids come on! ..I just think it's the cutest thing when out of the blue Vivi just starts talking..So fricken adorable..All her kids are!

    Thanx Kel

  5. thanks, kelly- i know you had a busy day...always appreciate the time it takes you to do this! xo

  6. just listened to keith!!!!!! omg. that man rocks my socks. amazing!!

  7. Liz, I'm listening again. Rosie is right. It's Keith's access to his raw emotions and his amazing ability to articulate it that makes him such a powerful speaker.

    Heidi! Thanks for writing in to Ro about the blog! WOW, I don't know how to thank you! It was so sweet of you. xoxoxoxo

    Welcome Rosie bloggers!

  8. WTG Heidi for asking Ro to send people over here!
    This recap blog and Edward's fb page keep getting bigger and bigger
    It is so exciting to be a part of it!
    And it so great to see new people discover it.

    I loved the way Sonia was able to get Rosie's kids to talk about their dogs...it was so cute to hear them....she has a way of connecting with kids and animals....

    thanks for posting the pic of Janette with her dog and the Oberman link Kelly

    you really add so much to what is already a fantastic show!

  9. It was a great show as always. The Keith Olbermann segment really got me. I hadn't heard it before Rosie's show and have listened to it two additional times since. Adored the time with the kids (definition of adorable), pets and Sonya. Couldn't agree more on the Idol chat. Cara was over the top and it was completely played out. Definite double standard and unfair to the contestant. Octomom = scary. The poor kids.

  10. WOW! Now i have somewhere to go to when rblog just isn't enough!! Thank you so much!! Keep up the great work!! :)

  11. I too have stood in a hospital room watching my parent, my mother, in the most horrific pain imaginable while she begged me to find someone to kill her. There are no words to describe it. You can't know how you're going to feel until you're in that situation. Thank goodness not once while she was dying of cancer did my parents have to worry how they were going to pay her medical bills. HOW DARE anyone say that we Americans don't have the right to die in dignity, to live with health, and to not worry about going into debt to try to save our lives or the lives of someone we love. HOW DARE people let their politics become more important than the 45 million people who die each year in this country because they don't have insurance. HOW DARE the politicians line their pockets with money from insurance companies while real people, the ones who do the living and dying and working in this country, suffer. HOW DARE. How dare...

  12. I love this recap. Kelly, so glad you are getting the recognition you deserve! You are the best. You make us san Sirius people very HAPPY! I get my Rosie fix everyday here.

  13. WOW! I thought I was a super Rosie fan!! Thanks for this and I will be a frequent reader. Have a good day.