5-24-11 - Dancing, Plus Sized Clothes and and Interview with Joe Cross

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Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing Kirstie Alley on Dancing With the Stars!  Rosie said she was hysterically crying watching Kirstie dance her freestyle routine.  Bobby said he cried too. See below...

Kirstie dances the freestyle dance last night.

Rosie said she doesn't know Kirstie in real life but said she has come to know her through this show and she's fallen in love with her!  She was frustrated the judges didn't give her all 10s because she loved her performance last night so much.  Rosie's youngest daughter Vivi wanted to vote for Chelsea so Rosie pretended to use half her votes for Chelsea and half on Kirstie but she really voted only for Kirstie!  lol  Rosie took some calls from listeners who also loved Kirstie last night.  The listeners thought Kirstie was courageous, inspiring, and talented.  One caller spoke about her love of Google Pete and said she's never seen a picture of him but from the sound of his voice she thinks he looks like Tom Cruise!  Another caller said Pete looks like Mark Ruffalo.  Pete said Mark Ruffalo is thin and he is not thin so Rosie said he looks like Mark Ruffalo plus the freshman 15.  Rosie took a call from a listener who doesn't watch DWTS but said he loves Kirstie Alley so much he waits for her to Twitter it's time to vote and he votes for her anyway.   Rosie said she really hopes Kirstie wins but wasn't sure how popular she is with the younger generation.  Pete said the Look Who's Talking movies were very popular with his generation so there's a chance she has some young fans out there!  Rosie talked with a caller about the flirting between Kirstie and her dance partner.  She said there are many women in their 40s and 50s living vicariously through Kirstie.  

Rosie asked the staff if they watched Oprah's Farewell Spectacular yesterday!  Pete couldn't believe the huge crowd and the huge room!  Rosie said the set looked better than the Oscars and Bobby said he came away inspired to do more in the world.  They discussed the significance of Oprah leaving and Janette said it's not as if she's going away completely because she will still be on OWN.    

Jeannie asked everyone if they watched The Bachelorette premiere last night.  Lou said he just can't watch it anymore but Bobby watched it!  Jeannie admitted that the premise of the show is ridiculous but she said it's a mindless distraction from real life and that's what she loves about it.  Rosie thinks the entire premise is too stupid to even give a moment's notice to.  Jeannie described last night's episode for Rosie and the other staff members that missed it and they laughed over the man who got drunk while he was courting the bachelorette.  Jeannie said to Rosie, "Come on Roseann, you don't find any of this entertaining?!"   Rosie said she thinks it's "the most ridiculous television show ever on the air." Well Jeannie said she's thoroughly entertained watching it.  Janette said she feels dirty after she watches it and said it makes her cringe.  Jeannie said the show sometimes makes her cringe too but that's why she loves it.     

Rosie said the images coming out of Joplin, Missouri are so horrific she has a hard time believing that they are even real.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy was in a hurricane in Galveston and said the images look very similar to the destruction her town suffered following the hurricane.  Rosie wanted to know what those of us who haven't been directly affected can do besides giving to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.  Pete said CNN recommends giving to the RedCross, AmeriCares (Janette loves AmeriCares because they work at a 98% efficiency!), and Convoy of Hope.

Rosie talked about the shock and sadness she felt from looking at the photographic images and said it looks like you're looking at pictures of a war zone.  She said when the movie Twister was released she remembered watching it and thinking how absurd it was to think that a cow could be lifted up in a tornado.  Now she thinks that movie looks minor to the amount of destruction they can really cause.    

Rosie took some calls on the topic.  One caller lives in Virginia and went to help a town that was recently devastated in an April tornado.  She said they went carrying supplies and she was shocked at what she saw.  The caller recommended people call local churches and send gift cards to different stores.  Rosie wondered if there's a shelter set up and the caller said in her case the college set up the gymnasium as a local shelter for those who lost their homes.  She said the community will have several different places depending what buildings were affected.  Rosie said she went down to Louisiana after Katrina and said it looked like a movie set and unlike anything she had ever seen before.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who was affected by the tornado that hit Alabama on April 27th.  She said it killed hundreds of people and crossed the entire state.  Rosie also took a call from a listener with family in Joplin who said they need prayers and for people to give money to the Red Cross and other charitable organizations because some people have lost everything.  Janette is hugely passionate about giving to charity but wanted people to look into what charities they give their money to to make sure their valuable donations get to the people who really need it.  Rosie said the photos are so unbelievable and devastating and said she's really thinking and praying for those that have been affected.    

Rosie also told Jeannie that she got hundreds of messages from listeners concerned with what Jeannie and her husband are going through.  Rosie told her everyone is so impressed with how strong she's being about this.  Jeannie said she got many beautiful messages from people and said she appreciates them all.  She knows most of the time they're benign, and she wants to believe that it is but until she knows for sure that it is she will worry.  

Rosie said her daughter Vivi loves to play card games and she's been playing Sleeping Queens and Rat-A-Tat-Cat so much she's sick of them!  She said the cards are all bent and she really wants to know some other card games for kids that the listeners recommend.  Pete asked her if she's considered Dominoes.  Rosie said she hasn't but that she would consider it.  She said Vivi really likes card games though.  Rosie took several calls from listeners who recommended Play Nine - The Card Game of Golf!SKIP BO Card Game, and Phase 10 Card Game.  And I recommend Apples to Apples Junior - The Game of Crazy Comparisons!.  

Rosie and Bobby talked about what Lisa Lampanelli recently did in defiance of a Westboro protest outside one of her venues.  Instead of trying to get rid of the Westboro Baptist Church protesters, she counted the people that were there and pledged to give $1000 for every protester to the Gay Men's Health Crisis!  She ended up "rounding up" and gave $50,000 to the GMHC!  Rosie and Bobby thought it was a great way to combat their message -  to give money to such a great cause!

The staff discussed how Queen Latifah is coming out with a new clothing line for Home Shopping Network but doesn't like her clothes being called "plus-sized." In fact, she would like to get rid of the word altogether.  Janette thinks that's just semantics and appreciates when she can find her size in a store.  Rosie said there is something weird about having to shop in a different area of a store.  They discussed how plus-sized women do not all get heavy proportionately and how that can be a challenge for plus-sized designers.  Jeannie said she finds it to be a relief when she walks into a plus-sized store where she can find clothes that fit her and appreciates that there's a lot more variety in plus-sized clothes today.  But one of Jeannie's goals is to be able to shop in any store she wants.  Rosie agreed and said one of her goals is to be able to fit in the "XL" in the Gap.  Janette pointed out that that concept isn't about changing the stores; what they're saying is that they want to change themselves.  Rosie discussed her love for Eileen Fisher's plus sized line which she said were "quality clothes that don't look like you're in fat people clothes." Bobby was in favor of doing away with plus-sized department and remembered the humiliation he felt having to shop for "husky" clothes as a child.  Jeannie said she will go into Victoria's Secret for her daughter and she's convinced the sales women are wondering why she's in there because nothing in their store would ever fit her.  She wished Victoria's Secret sold regular sized lingerie.  Janette recommended Hips and Curves lingerie for plus-sized lingerie!  

Rosie took a call from a listener who gained a lot of weight rather quickly and said it was a rude awakening for her when she couldn't shop in the regular stores.  When she was sent to the plus-sized department by the saleswoman it was in the corner of the store and she felt rather ashamed.   And she said the more she struggled with her weight the less she wanted to shop for clothes.  Rosie and Jeannie discussed The Avenue (formerly Lane Bryant) and how their quality, fit, and material used to be horrible though it's somewhat improved over the years.   Rosie took a call from a listener who said it makes her want to cry shopping in the plus-sized section of department stores because of the shame. She recommended (or was it Janette?) the store Torrid.  

Rosie then introduced Joe Cross from the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  "100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a 310lb man whose gut was bigger than a beach ball and a path laid out before him that wouldn't end well- with one foot already in the grave, the other wasn't far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joe's personal mission to regain his health. With doctors and conventional medicines unable to help long-term, Joe turns to the only option left, the body's ability to heal itself. He trades in the junk food and hits the road with a juicer and generator in tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days."  [source: http://www.imdb.com]

Joe said the idea for the film came about because he hadn't done a lot for the world.  He wanted to help and inspire others and he had been focusing on just obtaining more stuff for years.  He was on many medications and had been sick for over 9 years with an autoimmune deficiency.  He wanted to get off the medication and didn't realize that it was his improper nutrition that was making him sick.  Joe said, "We spend the first 40 years of our lives trying to kill ourselves and last 40 trying to save ourselves."   He wondered if he was causing his disease himself but wasn't sure and he became fed up with taking pills every day.

Joe said he, like many others, had turned his back on mother nature.  He wondered what would happen if he embraced mother nature instead by only eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds.  Prior to this journey Joe said he was a binge drinker, ate fast food and sweets.  He said he was so used to feeling crappy all the time he didn't know any better.  He also started asking why humans get fat.  He knew the mathematics behind weight gain but wondered what it is about the human race that makes us gain weight.  He went back in time and realized that the Earth used to have periods of both feast and famine.  He thought maybe we were supposed to go through periods of famine.  He didn't want to just drink water but he knew he only wanted to consume mother nature.  And he saw anyone as overweight as someone who is simply storing energy.

When Joe was 310 pounds, he hated the way he looked but he didn't even realize how heavy he was. Rosie said she's the same way and can't accurately perceive her own size until others tell her she looks different.  Joe believes this disconnect stems from our emotions.  He said if we're feeling good we think we look good and if we're feeling bad about ourselves we see ourselves as looking bad.  

Joe stressed that this diet is not just about using a Vita-Mix.  He said it's not simply liquefying fruits and vegetables and drinking them. He said you must extract the fiber from the plant and this makes the brain switch off hunger.  After two or three days you're not hungry anymore.  Joe said he's not a scientist or a doctor but if we travel back in time 100,000 years mother nature made it so we could survive hungry times.  When we did that we heightened our senses and became calmer, more relaxed. 

Joe said this program is not a diet; it's about rebuilding your body so that it thinks you're in a famine. He discussed with Rosie some yummy recipes she could make using vegetables including kale, cucumber, apple spinach, lemon and ginger and celery.  

Joe said he had a period at the beginning of the diet when he got the shakes from detoxing off of the sugar, fat salt and caffeine that are in our diets and hugely addictive.  And in 60 days he lost 82 pounds!  He said the program resets your taste buds and food tastes amazing when you start eating again.  Joe said his message isn't about never eating food again it's about eating more fruits and vegetables.  

Rosie asked Joe how this process has changed his world.  He said his world is much better now.  He can go into regular stores and buy clothes now and that feels great. Joe said the body is an amazing organism and if we give it an chance, it can do this.  Rosie asked Joe what he says when people say this way of eating is too expensive. Joe said eating this way is expensive but in a country that spends 234 billion dollars on pharmaceuticals for illnesses where 70% of our illnesses are from lifestyle choices, the cost is worth it. He said the change can actually made you more productive and enable you to go further in life.  And he said we cannot blame McDonald's because they supply what America is buying.  Joe said if we can get 30 million Americans asking for a fresh juice to order they'd supply it. Joe said we have the distribution system in place and now we have to get the demand going.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who wondered how we reintroduce food into our lives after the program and wondered what happens to our metabolism during the diet.  Joe said if you go back to eating exactly like you did before the reboot, you will gain all that weight back.  He said when you've finished a reboot, it's very important to keep eating plant food afterward.  And it's also important to exercise to keep our metabolisms up.  Joe said he's found most people who've done this have so much more energy afterward!  

Rosie took a call from a woman whose husband has a mental illness and has a big belly.  She said he has mood swings and he also eat garbage.  Joe said if her husband went on a plant-based diet for even just a month he would see improvement in mood and in his weight.

Rosie and Joe recommended listeners interested in learning more visit his website http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/ and http://jointhereboot.com for more information.  Rosie said she might do the program for 30 days in July when she's in Chicago!  Joe offered to come out to Chicago and help her with it if she would like!    

Rosie told listeners to watch the documentary and buy Joe's book Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead extended trailer

Rosie closed the show.

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  1. Ok. So the Oprah Spectacular was "nice". Until they got to the Morehouse College part. Pass the Kleenex please...

  2. I cried my eyes out watching Oprah's shows this week. I'm such a sucker for her and will miss her show even if I didn't watch it everyday or for that matter, every week.

    And I can't listen to Rosie anymore. I'm too depressed knowing that her show ends next week. Sniff. Please, pass the kleenex. I'll miss the pink ink too Kelly.

    Lisa in Indy

  3. I hate good-byes. Oprah and Rosie Radio both ending within a week of each other is just too much. Feel the need to use all 7 of George Carlin's words that you can't say on tv.

    Kirsty = awesome

    I hope that Rosie doesn't do that "remove-the-pulp" juice fast. I drink a similar shake every morning (kale, cucumber, carrots, apple, frozen mango, blueberries and either oj or spring water), but I make it in a blender and keep all the pulp. The rest of my food is about 80% vegan now. This juice fast that they are thinking of doesn't make sense. Love your body. Don't try to trick it.

    Love and prayers for Jeanne and her hubby.

    Alison (aka Alderella)

  4. Kirstie has had some low points in her career. Especially around the time she did Jenney Craig and gained back the weight. I saw the late night
    comics making jokes about her endlessly. I hope now everyone sees what a quality person she is and gives her some respect. I agree with the above post, going to miss Oprah and Rosie radio.

  5. Kelly,
    Oh No! Would you know where Oprah's streaming video would be for Today's show? We have tornado watches out and our local NBC affiliate will show weather reports instead of the show. Just like the other day...3hrs of weather repeating even though the storms broke apart as they entered the viewing area. argh!
    Lisa in Indy

  6. I don't Lisa. But I would ask The Oprah Show on Twitter (www.twitter.com/theoprahshow) or on Facebook. I think they would know. It aired in Chicago already so it must be somewhere! I'll keep checking and if I find anything I'll post it! KellyW

  7. Thanks Kelly,
    Even Oprah.com doesn't have it available yet. Argh.

    Lisa in Indy

  8. Phew, the storms held off and the local NBC station decided they didn't want to piss off the Oprah fans and aired the show in its entirety. Dr. Phil the hour before was pre-emptied. Phew, dodged a bullet.

    But now, it's non-stop radar and talking heads. Don't they know repeating this over and over is really unnecessary.

    Thanks Kelly.
    Lisa in Indy