In case you missed it...

Today's show was a compilation of all NEW pre-recorded radio that Rosie did during test shows and during her first week on air.

Janette Barber, Rosie's Executive Producer, began the show discussing the stressful morning she had on the subway and how she and Rosie have been friends with each other for over 22 years. Janette can remember exactly what she was wearing on every significant day of her life. She discussed her difficult childhood she had growing up without a mom. Janette also mentioned how Barbara Walters had a problem with Janette's wardrobe during their time on the View which only inspired Janette to dress even crazier.

• Rosie loves the artist Eminem and thinks he's a musical genius.

• Rosie and Lou the Board Op seemed to have settled their troubles they were having earlier in the week and during the test shows. Lou thinks he's actually more on his game since the issues he's had with Rosie. Rosie apologized if she was making his life very stressful.

• Rosie recommended the award winning documentary The Horse Boy, a story about a couple "that go to the end of the Earth to find a way into their autistic son's life." Rosie will have a clip of the documentary available to watch on Rosie.com and the father in the documentary will be on Monday's show (11-9).

• Chris Azzari from Popthatzit.com was in the studio to discuss his website. Rosie and Chris discussed their fascination with popping zits and the joy they get from watching the videos that people send in. Chris recently had a baby and Rosie ended the interview by giving him a truckload of baby stuff for his newest addition, Maxwell, who was born one month premature.

• Rosie interviewed William Rodriguez who told his gripping and terrifying story of September 11th, 2001 during which he is credited with saving hundreds of people from the buildings. Willie was in charge of maintenance of the World Trade Center Towers and was one of only 5 who had a master key to the buildings. He was one of the survivors that demanded the government establish the 9-11 Commission and then testified in front of the commission about his experience that day. However, his testimony is nowhere to be found in the 9-11 report. Rosie thanked Willie for his heroism that day and his bravery to speak out and tell his story. Rosie mentioned how she was definitely going to have some first responders on the radio show to tell their stories.

• Rosie closed the show.

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  1. I absolutely loved the Willie Rodriguez interview. I was captivated the whole time. Thank you Rosie for letting him share his story with so many.