In case you missed it...

• Rosie opened the show discussing how the NY Yankees won the World Series last night and how Blake, her 9 year old, could've cared less and Parker fell asleep and missed the end of the game.

Bobby Pearce, Tony award winning costume designer, was in the studio and mentioned his work he's been doing for the Rosie's Broadway Extravaganza Gala honoring Queen Latifa that is to take place on November 23rd at the Palace Theater. Bobby was also in the studio to discuss his recent weight loss which he likes to call a "new way of eating" rather than a diet. Bobby has lost 114 lbs. over the past year due to his "new way of eating!" Great job Bobby!

• Rosie mentioned how her 12 year old daughter Chelsea is addicted to Chai tea latte from Dunkin Donuts. She had Google Pete identify its caffeine content for her. Rosie hates the smell of coffee.

• Rosie interviewed her friends Nat (a Holocaust survivor) & Leila yesterday for a show that will be airing next week.

Bobby Pearce and Janette Barber highly recommend the new musical Memphis. Bobby "LOVED" it! Janette loved it too and said the music was "incredible" and the show "amazing." Rosie is going to see it this weekend. Rosie then talked on the phone with Memphis actress Montego Glover who's first role this is on Broadway. Rosie then took callers and gave out 4 pairs of tickets to the show!

• Rosie recommended Carrie Fisher's new play Wishful Drinking and played a clip from the show.

• Rosie dispelled the rumors that Penny Marshall has cancer and that she is, in fact, in the hospital sick with the flu. Penny discovered Rosie during her VH1 VJ days and then cast her in A League of Their Own.

Francesco Clark, a former fashion assistant at Harper's Bazaar, was in the studio and told his heartfelt story about how he became paralyzed from mistakenly diving into the shallow end of an above ground swimming pool. Francesco and Rosie first met at New York's Fashion Night Out. Francesco is an ambassador for The Christoper Reeve Foundation.

• Rosie closed the show. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks so much for all these updates!!!! I dont get to catch the show yet- so it helps me feel connected!

  2. Thank you for the info. I had to work today and missed the show, so I am excited to listen to the rebroadcast tonight!

  3. i can always count on this site for an excellent recap! thank you!!! - liz

  4. this is great! i love the updates.... :)