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Janette Barber (the Executive Producer) and Helene Macaulay (celebrity make-up artist) were in the studio for a session of JaHeRo. JaHeRo (JAnette, HElene and ROsie) was created during the 9 months the women spent together on the View. JaHeRo will become a regular feature on the show where people can call or write in and have their questions answered by the threesome.

Bobby Pearce, the Tony nominated costume designer, was also in the studio however he did not have much of an appearance on today's show. He will be joining the group to discuss weight loss issues.

Rosie.com was taking LIVE FEEDBACK for the first time during today's show!

• Les McGuiness (the hammerer from yesterday's show that Rosie yelled out the window to) was in the studio today. Les shared stories of his life and the Vietnam war. Les and Rosie discussed their views against the war. Both Les and Rosie agreed that PBS was the best news outlet available today for truthful media because it is not corporate owned. Rosie hired Les to build a treehouse for her 9 year old son Blake as long as Les didn't start hammering until after 12pm every day. They asked Les if he would like a gift and he asked in lieu of a gift if Rosie would donate to his 3 favorite charities: Doctors Without Borders, St. Jude's and Sierra Club.

• They discussed what just happened in yesterday's election in the state of Maine. In May of 2009, a law was passed that allowed same sex couples to marry as long as churches and clergy weren't required to perform any marriage they weren't comfortable with. In yesterday's vote, Maine voters overturned this law so that it is now, once again, illegal for same sex couples to marry in the state of Maine. Rosie then went to commercial and played "If you were gay" from the Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q.

• Rosie played a game "name that sound" in which callers had to identify the construction oriented sound they heard. Each winner received a $100 gift card to Home Depot which Rosie decided on the spot. In true Rosie fashion, she assisted each caller that couldn't get the correct answer and even gave one caller two $100 gift cards just for getting her answer without any help. Rosie then told her staff to call Home Depot and ask them to donate some gift cards.

Howard Stern sent Rosie a Sybian for her studio which Rosie now uses as a footrest during the radio show.

• Rosie mentioned and supports the group Iraq Veterans Against the War that does a lot of work for veterans of today. She wants to interview some veterans of today's wars.

• Rosie recommended the documentary Body of War.

• Janette talked briefly about her Medical Missions for Children that she is a huge supporter of.

• Rosie talked to "Debbie the trucker" who she hopes will become a regular caller. Rosie is sending her a snuggie.

• Rosie talked with Roufa, a former OB/GYN now turned photographer, who she met at the Halloween parade in Nyack. Roufa told a touching story about how he lost his first wife to breast cancer, then battled breast cancer himself and how its possible to find love again.

• Rosie closed the show.

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