In case you missed it...

• Jeannie (weenie) Kopetic, Rosie's longtime friend and speech pathologist sat in on today's show and shared with the audience a funny story about cracking her toilet seat and being too embarrassed to tell her cutie-patootie husband.

• Parker (Rosie's 14 year old son) was "sick" from school today and also sat in on today's show. Rosie and Parker had a debate over the use of Facebook and whether social media sites were allowed at the Waldorf school he goes to. Rosie had Parker run up to the house during a commercial break to get the school rule book so Rosie could read aloud from it.

• Rosie read from a New York Times article about Eileen Fisher and how she does, in fact, want to take her fashion line in a new direction.

• Rosie spontaneously made a unknown caller sing on command.

• Rosie continued to rag on Lou the disorganized Board Op.

• Rosie yelled outside at the man hammering and asked him if it was at all possible if he could refrain from hammering between 10-12pm EST Monday through Thursday because they were doing a live radio broadcast. The man happily agreed since he agrees with Rosie's stance on the war.

• A friend and fellow actress Sarah Berry from Taboo had adorable twins. Rosie loves twins. She played a song that Sarah sang from the musical.

Pedro Capo who is a new Sony Latin recording artist and Rosie's former waiter at Casa Del Sol (one of Rosie's family's favorite restaurants) stopped by the studio to talk about his music. Rosie played one of his songs.

• Rosie took callers and discussed with other parents the pros and (mostly) cons of Facebook. One caller from Missouri discussed a cyber bullying case that eventually (allegedly) lead to the teen committing suicide.

• Rosie spoke with blogger Jan who designed the logo for Rosie Radio. She gave her a one year Sirius subscription and sirius boombox and a piece of Rosie's art. Jan also told Rosie about a fan site she has and a chatroom. Rosie offered to put the links on her blog and come chat with fans tonight! Triple love the logo Jan!

• Rosie and Natasha Lyonne her gal pal (but not "gal pal") went to go see Carrie Fisher's new play Wishful Drinking. She highly recommends it.

• Vivi (Rosie's 6 year old daughter) and JJ (a family neighbor friend) will be the kid reviewers for the radio show. They will review movies and music from a kid's perspective. That's going to be cute!

• And Janette Barber closed with the news.

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