In case you missed it...

• Rosie opened the show talking about her 9 year old son, Blake, and how much he loves the outdoors especially fishing. Rosie talked about their special trips they've had with Mark the Shark and interviewed Blake about their trips and then played the interview on today's show. Blake has Auditory Processing Disorder and Rosie and Blake's speech therapist have a book coming out in the spring dealing with APD called The Sound of Hope. Rosie and Blake absolutely love the Discovery Channel show The Deadliest Catch. See a picture of the replica of the shark that Rosie and her kids caught with Mark the Shark at Rosie.com!

• Rosie then interviewed Animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick who hosts the Sirius radio show Animal Intuition - a weekly call-in show talking both to and about pets. Sonya "helps pet lovers understand and connect with their pets—both living and passed on—and teaches people how to see things from the pet's point of view." Rosie interviewed Sonya about the strong connection humans have to animals and mentioned her own strong connection she feels to dolphins. Animal Intuition airs on Sirius on Tuesdays from 6pm - 8pm EST.

• Rosie then interviewed Normam Ollestad who wrote Crazy For the Storm: A Memoir of Survival. Norman says the book tells the story about the day their plane crashed into a mountain but really it is a story about how his father taught him rise above even the most frightening situations. Rosie says the book will "move your heart and touch your soul." She then took some callers to discuss the novel.

• Rosie recommended the book Motherless daughters: The Legacy of Loss by Hope Edelman. She encouraged her listeners to read the book and said that they will be doing an entire show on the topic. Rosie talked about losing her mom as a young girl and Janette shared her own personal story about how her mother left her when she was a year and a half old and how she never saw her mother again.

• Rosie recommends the Kindle, a wireless reading device from Amazon.com. Rosie loves it and gave one to a caller. She also said she needs "amazon anonymous" for her Amazon.com shopping addiction.

• Lastly Rosie interviewed fellow friend and comedian John Mulrouney who stopped by the studio. Rosie and John have known each other since the 1980s and when they used to be in an improv group together. They shared stories about the comedy clubs they used to perform in and talked about old times. John still does standup and is also on a radio show "Mulrooney in the Morning" 104.9 WZMR The New Edge based out of Albany, New York.

• Rosie closed the show.

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