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• Rosie's longtime friend Jeannie (weenie) was in the studio today and will also be back on Tuesday's show. Google Pete was reading from the LIVE FEEDBACK bloggers were leaving at rosie.com on many of today's topics.

• Rosie talked about how she wanted to be on the Howard Stern channel on Sirius XM and how she couldn't believe she was on the same station as Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Rosie described Dr. Laura to Jeannie (who had never heard of her) and called her "harsh," "anti-gay," self-righteous," and "judgmental." Google Pete filled in listeners on some of the scandals that Dr. Laura has been involved in including nude photos of her that were released to the media in 1998.

• Rosie shared with her listeners her own "sex tape" story from 1996 when someone tried to extort money from her saying they had a sex tape in which Rosie was the star!  It turned out the woman in the tape looked A LOT like Rosie but, due to the fact that Rosie never recorded a sex tape, she was sure it wasn't her.

• Rosie recommended the documentary Anvil about a heavy metal group that never really hit it big in music though all their counterparts did.  She especially recommeded it to Janette, her executive producer, since Janette is a HUGE heavy metal fan.  Rosie also enjoyed the documentary When We Were Beautiful about the band Bon Jovi which premiered on Showtime last month.

• Janette talked about her weekend going to see Mandy Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto fight on Friday night in Las Vegas and how she became interested in boxing.  Rosie prefers Urijah Faber and Ultimate Cage Fighting to typical boxing which she became interested in while filming her Lifetime movie America.  

• Jeannie saw the film Precious this weekend which she truly loved and shared her thoughts on the movie. Rosie thinks Mo'Nique will win an Oscar for her performance.  Rosie said she will be interviewing Sapphire, the author of the book Push, of which the film was based off of. She is also going to interview actress Gabourey Sidibe, who played the role of Clareece Jones in the film. Be sure to listen for those interviews!!

• Rosie told a fascinating story from her childhood about how she used to sing the song "They Call the Wind Mariah" from the musical Paint Your Wagon to a beautiful little girl named Mariah at a bus stop near her neighborhood.  One day, Rosie realized that the little girl named Mariah was the one and only Mariah Carey.  When Rosie interviewed Mariah Carey on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Rosie asked Mariah if she remembered the neighborhood and the bus stop and she did!  Watch the interview HERE!

• Author James Meek from the New York Daily News called into the studio to talk about the recent article  he wrote about meeting the President on Veteran's Day. James was at Arlington National Cemetery in Section 60, where the veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are buried, visiting his friend's son's grave when President Obama's limousine pulled up. James told the story of how the President walked through the rows of headstones to meet with the families and friends of the fallen. He said it was a historic moment that he felt extremely lucky to witness. Rosie recommended the HBO documentary Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery to her listeners and called it "required viewing."

• Google Pete did "Today In History" where he highlighted important events that happened in history on this day.

• Rosie then talked about her fantastic weekend in Miami she had fishing with Mark the Shark and the 100 pound sailfish she caught. She also admitted she's been receiving a lot of negative feedback from her bloggers regarding catching the fish. Rosie is understanding that some of her bloggers have issues with it, but she really enjoys fishing with her family.

• Rosie closed the show.

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