In case you missed it...

•  Rosie's longtime friend Jeannie (weenie) was in the studio today.  Jeannie talked about her night at an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) team meeting.  Jeannie explained how speech pathologists use this behavioral approach to help speech delayed kids learn and speak.  Also yesterday Jeannie and Rosie got to speak with Margrét from the documentary The Sunshine BoyThe Sunshine Boy, narrated by Kate Winslet, tells the story of Margrét and her 11-year-old severely autistic son Keli.  Rosie was so moved by this documentary that she arranged a meeting with Margrét and her friend Sheila NevinsSheila and Rosie have done 3 documentaries together -  Kids Are Punny, All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise, and "A Family Is A Family Is A Family"- coming out this spring on HBO.  Sheila watched the documentary and is going to have it released on HBO

•  Lou the Board Op's muffler is so loud he got pulled over yesterday in the town of Nyack.  Rosie recommended they take the car to Midas.  Just as they were speaking about it, they then got a call from George who works at the Midas in Nyack and he said for less than $150 he could fix Lou's car before the end of the radio show.  Chad took the car over and, sure enough, Chad called into the studio and they got it fixed in less than an hour.  See a picture of Lou's broken car HERE on flickr! 

•  Last night, Rosie and her friend Natasha Lyonne went to see the off-Broadway show The Starry Messenger showing at The Acorn Theater starring Matthew Broderick.  Rosie called the play "really beautiful."  Click HERE for show times and details.  

•  Jeannie and Rosie again discussed the interview of Oprah and Charla Nash, the woman who was savagely attacked by a chimp.  Rosie called the interview "disturbing and tabloid-esque" and Jeannie called it "side-show-ish and "not tactfully done."  They then played a clip from the Gayle King show from Oprah Radio on Sirius where Oprah called into Gayle's show to discuss the viewers thoughts on the interview. 

•   Janette, Rosie and Jeannie talked about weight issues and how they've effected their lives.  Bobby also joined the discussion about his own weight issues and admitted he was once over 400 pounds and couldn't walk around the block.  He has since lost over 100 pounds and offered to help a caller with his own weight loss plan.  Every Thursday Bobby will be in the studio to talk about weight loss and weight issues.  Rosie recommended the documentary Super Size Me about the unhealthy effects of fast food has on our bodies and in our nation as a whole.  Janette, Weenie, Rosie and Bobby are going to do the "Bobby diet" and weigh themselves in and announce their progress on the show every Thursday! 

Hope Edelman was in the studio to talk about her book Motherless Daughters, the Legacy of Loss where she shares her own painful story and the stories of many other women who, as children or adults, lost their mothers.  Rosie called the book "required reading" and "absolutely essential" for anyone who has lost their mother or who grew up without a mother. Rosie said the book "changed her entire life."  Rosie and Hope also discussed her newest title The Possibility of Everything which is a memoir about her daughter, her daughter's imaginary friend and the healing hope of things unseen.  They then took callers to discuss the book.

• Google Pete did "Today In History" where he highlighted important events that happened in history on this day.

•  Rosie closed the show.

Happy Birthday to Rosie's brother Danny!


  1. I Missed the first half hour..Thank u xo

  2. yes, but did google pete do that segment using his normal voice?! that made me laugh yesterday!

    thanks for the updates!