In case you missed it...

•  Its Wednesday so JaHeRo was in the studio!  Janette, Helene and Rosie spent the beginning of the show discussing Rosie's squirrels that she spent 2 years trying to get to trust her enough to eat right out of her hand.  Rosie named her squirrel Shady after Eminem who she was listening to a lot at the time.  Helene and Rosie debated whether squirrels were dangerous or not.  They then took callers to tell their squirrel stories. 

•  Janette Barber, Rosie's executive producer, then shared her inspiring stories about a recent trip to Rwanda with Medical Missions For ChildrenMMFC is the only group in the world doing surgeries on cleft lip and cleft palates in Rwanda and in March they accomplished 48 surgeries in 10 days.  However, the organization didn't have funding to go back this November.  Rosie compared some of the work her organization does to Operation Smile and the wonderful charity work that they do.  Janette couldn't really even explain why she was so drawn to help children in other countries, all she knew was that she was simply drawn to this organization and to these children and it has changed her completely.

• Google Pete did "Today In History" (in his normal voice) where he highlighted important events that happened in history on this day.

•  Rosie then played a game with callers called "More or Less" where the caller is given a celebrity and a numerical fact and they have to guess whether the correct answer is more or less of the number given.  In true Rosie fashion, she led each caller to the correct answer and they each won $200 from Advil Cold and Sinus

•  Rosie talked about how much she loves the Fox show Glee and called it "the greatest show on TV." She once watched an entire season of Nip/Tuck one weekend and then called her agent to tell him to tell the producer of the show how much she LOVED it.  The producer Ryan Murphy then wrote a part for Rosie on Nip/Tuck.  Watch a clip of Rosie as "Dawn Budge" on Nip/Tuck HERE!  Rosie adores the actors Lea Michele who she knows from her performances in Fiddler on the Roof and Spring Awakening and Kevin Mchale from the show.  They went to commercial playing Kevin's version of "Dancing with Myself."  Listen to the song HERE

•  The comedienne Judy Gold was in the studio talking to Rosie.  They discussed many topics including  Joy Behar, old times they spent together at the comedy clubs, the Carrie Prejean interview on the Larry King Live, the absurdity of the new mammogram recommendations, and about being gay and coming out.  Go see Judy at Joe's Pub in New York from November 27th-29th and at Theater J in Washington D.C. from December 16th-January 3rd. 

Some callers to today's program received the newest title by James Patterson- I, Alex Cross.

•  Rosie closed the show.

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