In case you missed it...

•  Rosie talked about her evening out last night with friend Georgette Mosbacher, the CEO and founder of Borghese Cosmetics.  Rosie adores her and she talked about what a great friend Georgette has been to her.  Rosie met Georgette, the former top fundraiser for the RNC, at a party at Barbara Walters house one evening when they became fast friends.   Georgette loves to send her friends great gifts from the Exposure's catalogue.

•  Rosie also talked about her favorite show Glee that was on last night. 

•  Rosie mentioned that she spent 3 hours with John Mayer yesterday and what a cutie-patootie he is.  Hmmmmm.  Could there be possible interview with him in the future?  Stay tuned!

•  Rosie and the studio talked about how the entertainment "news" program Entertainment Tonight.  Rosie called the show "shit on her shoe" and a "piece of crap" and recommended that listeners don't watch it.  The entire studio was roaring with laughter!  Rosie again mentioned her friendship with Natasha Lyonne and reiterated that she is not a "lesbian cougar" and that they are just friends.

•  Rosie and crew went into a long discussion about the musician Eminem discussing his upbringing, his family, his movie 8 Mile, and the genius of his lyrics and music.  Rosie recommended him as well as artist Joni Mitchell to her listeners.  Rosie half-jokingly admitted she has a hard time being friends with people who do not love Joni like she does. 

•  The group in the studio including Deirdre Dod, Bobby Pearce, Janette Barber and Google Pete then talked about tattoos.  Rosie explained her own tattoo on her foot and ankle and all about her tattoo artist Anil Gupta.  Rosie compared getting her tattoos to therapy.  See a picture of Rosie's tattoo on her foot and ankle HERE!  Bobby has a tattoo of an anchor on his behind and Google Pete admitted he has thought about either getting a Mets tattoo or a Star Trek tattoo if his wife wouldn't stop him.  Rosie then took a caller who told her husband's tattoo story and how it was created in honor of 9/11.  They also talked about Rosie's last day on the View and Rosie said she was sending the caller "everything they have in the studio" because the caller got "shitty" gifts on the View after Rosie left.
•  During the second half of the show Rosie interviewed Tony Award winning actress Alice Ripley from the musical Next to Normal.  Rosie has loved Alice since she saw her in the Broadway musical Side Show.  They discussed many topics including Alice's Tony award speech, acting on Broadway, the musical Next to Normal, Kevin Mchale and Glee, and Paul Simon.  Alice then played her guitar and performed the song I am a Rock live in the studio!  Lastly, they took some callers who were big fans of Alice.

•  Rosie closed the show playing the song "Who Will Love Me As I Am" from the Broadway musical Side Show.  Watch a performance from 1997 of Alice singing this song on The Rosie O'Donnell Show HERE!


  1. I was laughing too when she was talking about ET. Alice has a beautiful voice! I missed the part about John Mayer, wow! 3 hours... that must have been enjoyable :)

  2. Just want to thank you Kelly for setting up this blog! I have not subscribed to Sirius radio (except for the seven day free trial which ended last week), and this is a great way to at least get a sense of what happened on the show. Great job!


  3. oh no! Now we know why she doesn't like me... I used to work for ET. EEEKS!

    I can honestly say though that while I was there whenever a piece was run on Rosie, everyone was pro-Rosie. Also, comments on how good she looked around when AMERICA came out!

  4. Eric. Rosie will love you when she hires you for her radio show. Not to worry! Its good to know they love her there at ET!