In case you missed it...

• Its Thursday so Bobby Pearce was in the studio to discuss weight loss and Broadway. Rosie fears that perhaps her staff is cracking under the pressure of the radio gig since Janette Barber got "ripped" last night, google Pete is now smoking again (don't tell his parents!) and Bobby didn't lose weight last week.

• Rosie talked about her book The Sound of Hope which she wrote with Lois Kam Heymann. Rosie sat down with Lois and her 9 year old son Blake yesterday to do homework and had such a panic attack over trying to do the map he was assigned to do for homework she had to leave the room.

• Callers to today's show were going to receive a copy of the DVD Aliens In The Attic courtesy of FYE - For Your Entertainment.

Susie Essman, the actress from Curb Your Enthusiasm was in the studio yesterday but because of the seriousness of the issues they were dealing with on yesterday's show (Veterans Day) she kindly offered to come back on Monday, November 16th, to be interviewed. Susie recently wrote a book What Would Susie Say? Bullshit Wisdom About Love, Life and Comedy.

• Fellow comedienne Kathy Griffin called in to the studio from Los Angeles on her way to a gig to discuss the Carrie Prejean "non-sex-tape." Carrie Prejean was a 2009 Ms. USA pageant contestant who's claim to fame was her controversial and not-so smart answer to a question asked by entertainment gossip blogger Perez Hilton about same-sex marriage. Carrie stated that she did not believe in same-sex marriage that she only believed in "opposite marriage." Prejean is making the talk circuit rounds promoting her new book Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate and Political Attacks as this "non-sex-tape" has been leaked to some media outlets. Rosie and Kathy were emailing back and forth last night about Carrie's appearance on Larry King Live. Watch the interview that Kathy and Rosie were discussing HERE. Rosie then took callers to give their opinions on the former Ms. USA pageant contestant.

• Listeners can get a discount by using the promo code "rosie" with a purchase at Photofiddle.com where you can turn your photographs into art.

• Rosie spoke to a caller and recommended his brother's book The Day the World Came To Town 9/11 in Gander Newfoundland. Rosie called it "fantastic."

• Rosie wanted to hear her listener's opinions on the Oprah interview yesterday with the Charla Nash, the woman who was savagely attacked by a chimp. Janette called the interview exploitative and while Rosie truly admires Oprah yet questions whether Oprah requested that interview or if the woman requested she be interviewed.

• Rosie gave one caller a Rosie O'Donnell Barbie doll and offered to go to lunch with another caller at Chilis at the Palisades Mall sometime next week! Have fun ladies!

• Producer Deirdre Dod's physician Dr. Anthony Azar was in the studio to answer questions regarding the Swine Flu vaccine. Rosie admitted that the swine flu vaccine and the government's insistence that pregnant women and young children get the vaccine "scares the hell out of her." Dr. Azar recommended 4 things people can do to prevent getting the flu - 1. Get more Vitamin D, 2. Take probiotics, 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables and 4. Don't be so aggressive fighting fevers. Dr. Azar then discussed the differences between the H1N1 flu and the seasonal flu and the facts and myths regarding the flu. Rosie also discussed the concerns many parents have regarding the links between vaccines and Autism.

• Rosie closed the show playing a "bumper" her kids recorded in the studio yesterday.

Happy Birthday Rosie's Dad!


  1. awesome recap! I only caught part of the show today.... I need to get The Sound of Hope, thanks for the link. and the Larry King clip had me laughing out loud. seriously he needs to retire!

  2. I didn't know Bobby had a website..I'm loving all these links your providing.