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•  Rosie introduced the crew in the studio today (Janette, Deirdre, Jeannie, Google Pete, Lou) and verified that she is indeed on Facebook and she WAS the Rosie commenting on the Rosie Radio Facebook page.  Here's a direct link to where she commented and where you can comment back!  Click HERE to join the group! 

•  Rosie mentioned that they are going to be highlighting a member of the studio every once in a while so you can get to know the people on the Rosie Radio team.  The first highlighted Rosie Radio will be Lou.  Can't wait to hear more about ya Louie Louie.

•  Rosie mentioned the documentary The Rainman Twins about the world's only female Autistic savant twins. In Flo and Kays case, the twins featured in the documentary, they each have extraordinary memories for facts and dates especially surrounding Dick Clark.  Watch The Rainman Twins documentary on youtube HERE.  Look for a "Twin Game" coming up on Rosie Radio in which twins will play a game against other twins to see who knows their twin the best.  Sounds FUN!

•  Rosie then interviewed the star of Precious, Gabourey Sidibe, who was on the phone.  Rosie and Gabourey talked about making the film and her film acting debut.  Gabourey told Rosie about how she never really acted before in her life except for some musical theater and how her major in college wasn't even theater, it was psychology.  Rosie said Gabourey and MoNique's performances in the film were probably the best performance she's ever seen on film and she's sure they both will be nominated for Oscars.  Rosie also told Gabourey about the first time she ever met Mariah Carey.  If you didn't catch it, Rosie talked about it on a previous episode HERE.

Gabourey Sidibe in Precious

•  Rosie and Jeannie (weenie) then interviewed Margrét Dagmar Ericsdóttir who produced and starred in the documentary The Sunshine Boy.  The Sunshine Boy is a documentary that tells the story of Margrét, who will stop at nothing to help her severly autistic son, Keli, and the families she meets along the way.  Rosie said she was "incredibly moved" by the documentary and highly recommends it.  Margrét talked to Rosie about how she had to mourn the loss of having a typical developing child, about the shame and the guilt parents of Autistic children feel and about stopping at nothing to try to help her son.  It was finally Soma Mukhopadhyay, based out of of Austin Texas, through her Rapid Prompting Method for improving academic success and communication for persons with autism and similar disorders, that was successful for her son.  Jeannie thanked Margrét for her documentary and told her that it has "changed her" in her work with students. 

•  Lastly each member of the studio told what their plans were for the holiday and what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Rosie wished the listeners a wonderful holiday with their families.  Rosie also mentioned how she will be going to the movies on Thanksgiving, one of her favorite traditions!
•  Rosie closed the show and asked Lou to take them to commercial with a song.  Lou then played an obscure Broadway tune that no one in the studio recognized and they erupted with laughter!

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