In case you missed it...

• Rosie Radio started out in true fashion with a very funny theme song written by the one and only John McDaniel of The Rosie O'Donnell Show days.

• Rosie began the show by discussing her fantastic Halloween with the kids, how she buys all her decorations at Target, her favorite store, and how her family goes trick-or-treating from house to house on a Halloween decorated golfcart as to avoid too much walking. Rosie told some sweet personal stories about her kids and stealing all their Almond Joys and Mounds bars from their bags.

• Rosie discussed how she and Lou (the board operator) have been having "issues" not clicking. She created a funny bit on her mac about the previous problems they've been having during test shows.

• Rosie saw and LOVED Where the Wild Things Are. She said it was her favorite movie from the past 10 years! She highly recommends it to all her listeners. She then took callers to discuss the movie.

• She discussed and recommended the book "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers.

• Rosie talked with a friend Lenny who works at a local bar in the area who was drinking the night before running the NYC Marathon. She offered to sponsor him in the marathon next year if he'd train and run on behalf of Rosie Radio.

• Rosie told a very funny story about meeting Eileen Fisher and how it was not the meeting she had hoped it would be. Rosie saw Eileen Fisher as a spokesperson and advocate for plus-sized women and the day they met, Eileen made it clear that that wasn't her intention at all. That, in fact, Eileen Fisher the brand was going in a new direction to attract a different demographic (aka thin people). Rosie decided she would never wear Eileen Fisher again and asked for callers to call in with similar body types as hers as Rosie was going to give away all her Eileen Fisher clothes. Rosie is DONE with "the fish."

• They played a game where callers were to guess the commercial jingle they heard. Any caller who got it correct would win $100 cash from Robitussin. In true Rosie fashion, she didn't allow for any losers and helped each caller along until they guessed the correct answer.

• Then Janette Barber did the news and they opened up the discussion of topics to all the people in the studio.

FANTASTIC first show!!

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