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Rosie began today's show saying she was really grumpy, in a bad mood and didn't get any sleep last night. Deirdre said she looks like a sexy Long Island housewife because she had her makeup done and curlers in her hair (see right). Rosie was all "done up" this morning for a show she's doing with her friend Kathy Eldon. Deirdre said all Rosie was missing was a martini and a cigarette to complete her ensemb. Rosie said she didn't drink martinis or smoke cigarettes but she was in such a bad mood she might start today!

Then, Rosie announced that Deirdre stopped smoking! Deirdre told everyone in the studio that she decided to quit so that if she mentions she's thinking of cheating or seems like she's losing her resolve, they can encourage her to stop. Pete and Lou are still smoking every day, according to Rosie. Janette on the other hand, hasn't smoked marijuana in 7 weeks and says she finally feels free from it! Janette called the accomplishment "a living, breathing miracle." Janette said she feels free and encouraged Deirdre that she too can be free! Deirdre said the new commercials (especially the bubble wrap one) have really made her decide to quit.

Not sure if this is the commercial Deirdre was referring to or not...

Rosie asked Deirdre how she felt about quitting and Deirdre said it feels like she's breaking up with someone. She said she finally quit because she was noticing that she wasn't feeling well (physically) anymore. Deirdre said she can "feel it in her lungs" and gets winded when she walks up the stairs. Janette said she was on her way to getting COPD. Janette's mother, whom she did not know, died of emphysema. Rosie asked Deirdre if she looked as if she was going to smoke, if the staff should yell at her and Deirdre said YES! Deirdre said she will wear a nicotine patch to help her when the cravings get really bad.

Rosie stated clearly, and for the record, that she is not a communist or a socialist. She said she is getting major flack from the right-wing television and radio personalities (and from bloggers on Rosie.com) for the comments she made about how the U.S. should seize BP's assets. Rosie does think that the U.S. should seize their assets and make them pay back everyone who is losing their lives and their livelihood but she is not a communist. She said what BP has done is a criminal act. Rosie asked the listening audience if we could imagine letting the terrorists clean up after 9/11? She said that finally she believes people are starting to catch on at how serious this crisis has become. She told the conservative bloggers and radio and television personalities to "EAT ME!" and called them annoying.

And! Rosie was also in a bad mood because she went to the dentist yesterday and the dentist had to cut her gums with cuticle cutters and then put a "playdough" substance on the upper left back quadrant of her gums. She's also annoyed that she's now addicted to Chai Lattes and that she has teenagers which are very very annoying. She said she was going to get rid of a few of them including Tracy's and send them to boarding school if they're not careful. Rosie said she's having a shitty day and that last night was a shitty night.

Janette, in an attempt to undoubtedly change the subject to a happier one, asked Rosie if any of her kids are going to camp this summer. Rosie said that her eldest son Parker is going to a 5-week Academic sleep-away camp and that Tracy's 14-year old son is going to Outward Bound.

Rosie was asked why she didn't get any sleep and she said it was because Tracy's daughter had a complete flip-out over being caught cutting school. She said teachers were all calling the house saying that her daughter wasn't in class and her daughter continued to maintain the story that she was - even in the face of all the proof that she was not. Rosie said that Tracy was furious and there was nothing Rosie could do to help. Rosie was annoyed that teenagers lie to your face even when there is direct evidence laid out in front of them that they are lying! Tracy's daughter was complaining about all the bad things in her life including the fact that everyone at school comes up to her and says "Rosie O'Donnell" to her. So, of course, it's all Rosie's fault. Rosie said she's now realized that she doesn't really like kids and that her love of children has been an act all these years. And, she's giving away some of them so if any of the listeners would like one give them a call at 877-94-ROSIE and you get your pick! (Deirdre quickly called Chelsea like she was calling shotgun for the front seat of the car) Kelli, Rosie's Ex, used to warn her that the little kids were all going to be teenagers some day but Rosie never understood what she meant. Now she knows why! Rosie said she never did anything wrong like them and she never broke the rules. Bobby and Janette reminded Rosie that she used to cut class and steal money from her Dad for Broadway shows. Rosie then fired them for pointing that out.

Then Rosie addressed the fact that she stood up for Helen Thomas who was forced into retirement for the remarks about the Middle East conflict despite her long and distinguished career. Rosie explained that she's always felt like a Jew and fully embraced the religion, her son had a Briss performed by a Moyle but that's apparently not enough because she supported Helen Thomas so that means she's now anti semitic. She asked if Helen Thomas should get nothing for her 50 years of service. She asked if she is not worthy of forgiveness. Janette agreed. She also said that there are not a lot of 89 year olds working and her age should have been considered. Janette, who again seemed like she was trying to change the direction of the conversation, agreed about the age issue and said her mammogram doctor is in his 90s and still very sharp! Rosie sounded like this might be a case for an exception and said that Janette could have a tumor the "size of Nebraska in her tit" and her doctor wouldn't be able to see it. She suggested Janette get a second opinion in that case.

Rosie said that today, June 10th, is the anniversary of the first day they aired The Rosie O'Donnell Show! Deirdre said she remembered thinking if the show would work or not. Janette said she knew it would work. Rosie said she also knew the show was going to be a hit so that must make her an egotistical communist who hates Israel. Okay, totally laughing.

A listener called in who also hates how teenagers lie right to your face. This caller's son stayed out all night and came in with bagels in the morning saying he got up early to get her breakfast. The only problem was he was wearing the same outfit he went out in the night before. Rosie said that she didn't have a teenage rebellion experience against her mother to relate to because her mom was DEAD and she frequently points this out to her teens when they misbehave.

Rosie said that she was googling fixes during the beginning of the oil crisis and she contacted Mobius Technologies after seeing their video on YouTube.

A Mobius Technologies Video

But Rosie is now disappointed because she heard it doesn't work well with dispersants in the water and they don't have enough of it produced. So, this has her annoyed and she's not sure she wants to talk to them now. She's disappointed because she thought it was a solution and now they don't. Deirdre explained that it's about baby steps and the company can make a difference but it's not magic. Deirdre said that no one has a big fix. They talked about and then played Kevin Costner's speech about his solution for cleaning up the oil spill. Rosie reiterated what a bad mood she's in and said she's going to be Glenn Beck today so if you want to call in and argue, she's ready!

After the commercial Rosie introduced Brian and Michael from Mobius Technologies. Rosie said that Brian and the other guy who was in the video looked like "good old boys from down home" that could solve this crisis. (It was difficult to tell who was speaking whether it was Brian or Michael so I will do my best at this part) Brian said that the American public needs to understand that BP has probably gotten over 500,000 calls. Mobius has called them at least 5 times. He said that out of those 500,000 calls they've probably gotten 40,000 of the world's best solutions thrown at them. Rosie agreed but said that if their solution has already been approved and is green and non-toxic, why not try it out in one area? Brian said that with the help of this radio show and all the press they are doing, the hope is that BP is going to find out more about them and their solution for the spill. They explained that they don't want to antagonize BP because they want them to hear what they have to say. They also explained that BP needs approval from the EPA to be able to use their product because it's a sorbent material. Rosie asked why they can't just take a million pounds in a truck and go down there, and start cleaning up the oil. He (I believe it was Michael) referenced the scene in the movie Jaws where everyone starts running into the ocean trying to catch the shark and everyone is running into one another and killing each other. He said they can't let that happen with this problem. He stressed the need for responsibility and said that if everyone with a solution started heaving stuff into the Gulf it could make the situation much worse.

The Mobius guys felt so fortunate to be on the show to start and spread the word about their product and increase their likelihood to be seen by BP. He said the best way to get their message to the people in charge is to contact Lisa P. Jackson is the administrator of the EPA.

Rosie asked the Mobius guys how much it would cost for all their product to be taken down to the Gulf and utilized. After much explanation about quantities and safety and getting rid of the product that is generated from its use he said it is a lot less expensive than the dispersants that are currently being used. Rosie said she is willing to write them a check to go and try it! Don't tell Timmy!

If you want to support Mobius Technologies and what they are trying to do here is what you can do:
Contact the following people and ask them (nicely) to get the EPA to allow the use of loose oil-sorbent material. Please remember that it will not be helpful to make angry calls to the contact people. Instead, express how terribly sad and deeply concerned you are for the people and wildlife in the Gulf. Be polite and seek to enlist these officials to be on our side. It is the volume of calls and emails that will be the most effective way to get their attention not the anger in your tone.
Contact Information :
Lisa P. Jackson
Administrator Environmental Protection Agency

Governor Charlie Crist (State of Florida)
Press Office: 850-488-5394
Citizen Services Hotline: 850-488-4441
Executive Office of the Governor Switchboard: 850-488-7146

Governor Haley Barbour (State of Mississippi)
Chief of Staff - Paul Hurst: 601-576-2038
Press Secretary - Dan Turner: 601-576-2009

Executive Office Contact Phone Numbers

Governor Bobby Jindal (State of Louisiana)
Chief of Staff - Timmy Teepell 225-342-7015
Press Office: 225-342-8006
Governor’s Office: 866-366-1121

Commissioner of Conservation - James H. Welsh: 225-342-5500
After the commercial break Rosie mentioned an article about the 71 people who have already gotten sick down at the Gulf.

Rosie, who was still not over the fact that she has been called a communist, asked Brendan to inform the listeners about the other time that the government has seized control of an industry because it failed to do a good enough job, and that was after 9/11. Brendan said that after 9/11 the government felt like the private security companies weren't doing a good enough job at airport and airline security so they created the TSA. The TSA was created by the stabilization act which went through the House then the Senate and was signed by the President in the same day! Rosie asked again why we are asking the criminals to be responsible for the effect of the crime. She said that BP has acted criminally and ruined the entire ecosystem of the world. Janette added that BP not only acted criminally, but they are now dragging their feet to allow the oil to disperse further so that it is harder to document how much oil is actually spilling into the Gulf. Rosie then talked about how reporters and citizens are giving their lives to let people know what is going on down there!

Rosie then clearly stated for the listening audience that the Rosie Radio show is NOT being cancelled. She said that they still have a year and another 4 months on their contract and that was always the original deal. Rosie just wanted to stay on the radio longer than that but explained that it's hard because they're not paid very much (because it's radio). They talked about how much Howard Stern makes for his 48 hours of programming per day. Rosie thinks that Howard deserves every penny he makes and said that he made this entire medium. She said they're not being cancelled. She said Sirius loves them but just isn't willing to pay them anymore for their work and it's not worth keeping doing it. In fact, Sirius doesn't pay everyone's salaries on the show! Rosie pays most of their salaries! Her money guy has told Rosie that she almost loses money doing this show. Sirius originally wanted it to just be Janette, Brendan and Rosie on the show. Brendan said they would have "rocked the house" but Rosie said she would have jumped off the Tappan Zee Bridge because there wouldn't have been a show. Rosie said she can't even get Sirius to pay for MY BLOG! LOL She said that this really nice friend/girl writes a very detailed blog about the topics heard on the show and although she (I mean me) loves doing it for everyone she (I mean me) can't really afford to do this for the rest of her (I mean mine) life. :) So....... Rosie went to Sirius and asked if they would pay for this blog and they wouldn't even say YES to that! (Those are Rosie's words, not mine. I love Sirius. And Rosie.)

So, instead of giving her more money for the show they sent her Dave so she could actually see if this is a good show and some hats and an M&M poster. Meanwhile, Janette continually tried to get Rosie to change topics off bashing Sirius and how they don't pay anything but Rosie continued on her rant anyway.

Then she went back to the whole being accused of being anti-semitic because she supported Helen Thomas. Rosie said when she was being sued by her magazine one of the things they were going to use against her was that she was anti-semitic. Rosie thought that was funny because she has a rabbi and a moyle who cut off the tip of her son's penis and buried it in the backyard! She's NOT ANTI-SEMITIC! She thinks there's going to be a musical one day because it's all on tape: ROSIE'S DEPOSITION THE MUSICAL. Janette said that if the listeners are missing any of this, they can read all about it on rosieradio.blogspot.com! Then Rosie asked her brother Timmy, the money guy, if he can just write a check out to the girl that writes the blog right now. Rosie said they should hire that girl (meaning me) because she's one of the people who would work for no money and not complain about it like the rest of the staff members in the studio. (Great, my new co-workers hate me before my first staff meeting.) I'm dying.

Rosie said that Janette better have saved some of the money from The Rosie O'Donnell Show and Janette assured her that she did (unlike some of the other staff members that spent all their Rosie O'Donnell Show money and are now broke). Rosie said she clearly told her TROS staff that she was only going to do 6 years of that show and then on the last day of the show the staff couldn't believe she actually went through with it and ended the show! Janette said she knew Rosie well enough to save her money and go by her word. Deirdre lost her money in the Vancouver move when she tried to be a lesbian briefly which didn't work (?). LOL

Then Pete randomly asked if Rosie has seen the Huggies commercial with the jean diapers. Okay, random segue. Pete thinks those commercials are "freaky." Rosie wondered why this is even a topic of conversation.
The Huggies Jean Diapers Commercial

Rosie and Deirdre thought it was a cute alternative to clothing when your kid is just running around in a diaper in the summer. Bobby and Pete explained that the commercial is slightly sexual and that is the odd part, not the diaper itself. Rosie understood why that is not cool. Pete said it does have the best tag line he's ever seen in a commercial "The coolest you'll ever look pooping your pants." Rosie watched it on air and thought it was funny and cute actually. In the end she didn't really care and thought it was pretty cute.

Rosie reiterated that her listeners do not need a petition on Facebook to keep Rosie Radio on air. Sirius is very happy for them to work there for nothing, Rosie added. Janette thinks that the end of radio is not here yet.

Rosie then tried to change the topic to So You Think You Can Dance. Bobby and Rosie love the show and love the human interest stories behind the contestants. Then she interrupted herself and said that Timmy just wrote her back and said that Timmy approved the blog expense! Bobby congratulated her (I mean me!) :) LOL And Janette said she'd call Kelly (I mean me!) later. I feel as if I am writing history here. And then I think Rosie hired me over the air, which completely cracks me up! I don't need a card or hats or sillybandz, I'm good.

Janette continued her positivity and the hopes that they would be staying on radio. Rosie said that Jackie tells her that sometimes she finds that Deirdre is a Debbie-Downer. Deirdre said she is not a Debbie Downer she is just bitchy. Today Rosie said she's the Debbie Downer!

Rosie suggested they do ROSIE RADIO THE MUSICAL! The she said maybe the show really sucks and no one is telling her and they hire Dave (the Sirius Radio expert) to come in and tell them that the show is really good.

Pete said his mom was out walking her dog and met a woman on the street. They started talking and then the woman said she had to go because she wanted to catch a Sirius radio program. This woman asked Pete's mom if she liked Rosie O'Donnell and recommended the radio show to her! Pete's mom told the woman that Google Pete was her son and the woman was excited but had to go so she could catch the show. Rosie said maybe she should call Scott Greenstein or Mel Karmazin for them on and ask Sirius to pay them more money. Janette likes this company and likes these people and loves this job! Rosie asked her if she likes making no money! Rosie said she's at least making money here. Rosie is losing money working here because she has to pay everyone's salaries because Sirius refuses to! Janette said that ABC won't let her walk into the building anymore because she drew a mustache on Elisabeth Hasselbeck's face on a magazine tear sheet thumb-tacked to an employee bulletin board. Rosie said that ABC needed both of them out of there and they would have done anything or said anything to get them out. Janette said she's always a bitch, wherever they work, until now. She really likes this company.

Deirdre interrupted to say that everyone she knows is emailing her that today's show is the best show they have ever heard! Rosie explained that it's not that she doesn't want to go back to TV but she really likes the lifestyle that radio allows her to have. She warned Janette that she's about to sign her TV deal. She said that they suck at radio. Janette said that they do NOT suck at radio and it's not over yet!

Rosie said that Sirius won't even pay for the cars for the guests. SHE has to pay for the cars to come to Nyack.

Then Bobby tried to change the subject back to So You Think You Can Dance. Rosie said she liked it but she didn't like the parts where they tricked the contestants into thinking they didn't make it and then surprised them that they did. Rosie also didn't like how they even drove to the contestants houses who didn't make it to tell them they were not going to be on the show.

Janette said she is very attached to Price Poppycock from America's Got Talent! The studio basically laughed at her.

A driver takes a crew of the Rosie Radio staff from New York to Nyack every morning. Janette said that she curses like a sailor on the ride in and then on the way home the driver has on so much cologne she sometimes has to hang her head out the window. And every time Janette curses the driver begins to pray. Rosie told her to ask for a different driver. Janette said she doesn't want him to lose his job just because he has to pray that he hates her so much she just doesn't want him to wear so much cologne. Deirdre and Bobby said that the driver doesn't speak English and he might not be understanding her requests!

And Janette warned Rosie that she's going to be on the Morning Jolt on Sirius tomorrow. Rosie said that she was a little offended that Janette moonlights on Sirius for FREE on her day off! Janette said that she's promoting her charity Medical Missions for Children on the show so Rosie shouldn't be mad. Rosie said the worst thing she ever did was encourage Janette to care about the world (after she told Janette she loved her and Janette almost suffered from coronary arrest).

Pete was sad that Rosie seemed upset. Deirdre said that Pete was sucking up! Pete said that he was truly sad for Rosie because she wasn't making any money and feared the easiest solution would be to fire him! He referred to himself as "the ugly one." Rosie said that Pete is not the ugly one! She asked him to listen to some of the horrible blog comments she gets. She then read from the blog and they consisted of people calling Rosie an "ugly, horrible, disgusting, anti-semitic, fat, communist idiot." Deirdre said it was stupid and childish of people to do that to her.

Deirdre said that Timmy was probably having a heart attack right now. Rosie asked why. Because he's worried she might get fired? She said that Timmy wouldn't care if she got fired because she'd make more money if she got off of radio and went back to Broadway!


Chris Cleave who wrote Little Bee was then interviewed.

I will be back with a recap of that interview later tonight so check back!

Rosie closed the show.
and that's what you missed - kw
ps. i love timmy o'donnell. i've never met him but i love him.


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