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Janette had a great time in North Carolina this weekend at her boyfriend Barry's family reunion. She said it was a long drive but she said there was no fighting and she even spent time with an 11 year old and liked it! (She also said she enjoyed the 8 year old too! That's progress Janette! :)) Jeannie spent the weekend running around doing errands and Rosie went to a Little League playoff game for her youngest son Blake. Rosie said his team ended up winning but it was quite a process to get there. She said at the bottom of the 6th (with 2 strikes and 2 outs) the other team had to bring in another pitcher. The League has rules that a pitcher can only pitch 50 pitches at this age. She said a "normal" pitcher came in, as opposed to the ringer that was playing the majority of the game, and Blake's team made a miraculous comeback.

She said she felt as though the coach may not survive the final game should they lose next week! Rosie said the coach's excitement level was like nothing she has ever seen before. He was loudly "encouraging" the team to get them excited before the game to the point where she feared he may have scared them half to death for the first 3 innings! One of the other mothers eventually told the coach he needed to calm down. Then, when they won, the coach cried tears of happiness. She said her son Blakey seemed confused at all the emotion. The coach told the kids it takes big BALLS to make a comeback like they did. Rosie was unsure that she wanted her son's genitalia being all wrapped up in the reason they won.

In the coach's defense she said she doesn't think he understands how he comes across. Jeannie said it's frightening how some male coaches come off and it has happened on her daughter's teams before. Dave understands it and said he can cry over baseball. He was in tears the last game at Yankee stadium. He said that when you coach you have to take your emotional level and apply it to the age of the kids. WHO IS DAVE?! We need to know this information! Rosie said she agreed that it's good for kids to see adults have emotions but she wasn't sure how proportionate it was to the situation. She said that the coach has coached this team for years and she knows they are very good and she doesn't know who she is to come in and criticize but it still bothered her. Jeannie's son is playing soccer and she thinks there is a gender difference how male parents react to things on the field as opposed to the female parents. Rosie agreed. Janette worries that this is how we're raising our men -to win at all costs. Deirdre thinks the coach's behavior was disgusting because they're just kids. In defense of the coach, Rosie said he doesn't understand how he comes off. She wanted to teach him how to meditate because he must be under a lot of stress. Rosie even suggested bringing him a Xanax for the next game. Blake's next game is this Saturday -the same day as Parker's 8th grade graduation party.

Rosie said it turned out that one of their chickens is a rooster but luckily it's the 14 year old's. She said they will be trading him back in for a girl chicken.

Rosie said she was busy this weekend doing all sorts of things to try to keep her mind off the oil spill. She said she's also trying to learn how to not let it in. Jackie told Rosie this weekend that she sees her post-Columbine/911/Katrina spiral coming in her. Rosie said the oil spill and other worldly disasters cause her a disproportionate amount of anxiety. Jeannie said she keeps busy with day to day tasks and life doesn't allow her to think about it as much, which is a good thing. Rosie then quoted Rachel Maddow and what she has said recently about the oil spill. I'm still looking for the quote and if I find it I will post it.

Janette said the oil spill upsets her more than anything. Rosie expressed her concerns as to what it's doing to the people and the animals. Janette said she listened to CNN for 10 hours in the car on the way to North Carolina and didn't hear one word about the health effects of the workers called to do the cleanup. Rosie then read the side effects of being exposed to crude oil including damage to DNA which can cause "cancer and multi-generational birth defects."

Rosie then said she was going to be interviewing Kindra Arnesen whose husband is a fisherman in the Gulf and has been working for BP to assist in the cleanup. Many of the fisherman are working for BP now because they now cannot fish and have no other way to make a living. Some of their job consists of collecting the birds that are covered in oil and taking them to be rescued. Kindra told Rosie that BP won't give the men masks. BP tells them that they are required to have training before they have masks and then they say that the workers don't need the training or the masks.

Kindra's husband was one of the men on a boat that had to come back to shore because all the men were getting sick. Six of the eight boats had to come back because all the men were that ill. BP said it was probably food poisoning. Not only that but only 1% of birds that are getting saved survive. 99% of them suffer until they die. Rosie mentioned an interview with Matt Lauer where he asks the head of BP if they were still collecting oil and making money off any of the oil they were recovering. She liked the interview and how Matt got Tony to admit that BP is still collecting and making money off the oil that is spewing into the gulf.

Rosie again mentioned her ex's Kelli's best friend Susan who went to assist in the cleanup after the Exxon Valdez oil spill who is now dead from 3 different kinds of cancer.

Rosie then introduced Kindra Arneson (see above video). Rosie told Kindra how very proud she is of her for speaking out. Kindra said that her husband is still not well and had a deep hacking cough. She said he's been sick for the past 5-6 weeks. Kindra's husband has been a fisherman since 1994 out of Louisiana and was a fisherman in Florida before that. He's never been sick like this before except for the occasional flu. Kindra said her husband is a "go getter" and a "hardcore fisherman" and this is unlike him to be this sick.

Kindra told Rosie that there were 8 boats, 2 men for each boat, and all the men got sick and most of them wrapped up their equipment and left the area because they were so sick. She also said that sometimes the air is so strong and heavy where she lives that it looks like smog over the city. She can't believe that the EPA is saying that the air can't effect their health. Kindra has been contacted by wives of fisherman, supply boat owners, wives of coast guard members - all of them telling her that their husbands are getting sick but they're too scared to talk. She said the wives are pleading with her to try and get something done on their behalf.

Kindra said the EPA isn't doing enough to test the air and they're not testing for all of the contaminants that they need to be looking for - like petroleum carbon for example. She said they are only testing for certain things. Rosie asked Kindra if she's been contacted at all by BP and she says she has not. She said whenever they call BP they say they'll get back to you and really that means "they'll turn their back on you."

Kindra has been invited to meeting to talk about what's going on in Houma at their main base operation and invited to fly over the area to get a correct assessment of the situation.

Kindra said that they are told they are not allowed to have respirators because of OSHA regulations. In order to have a respirator they are told to fill out a questionnaire first and then be evaluated by a physician. BP has told them that respirators are the last resort and that before they are allowed to have respirators they are supposed to evacuate the area. But the cleanup needs to be done so they can't leave the area because they live there! They can't wear a respirator voluntarily because if they do, they will not have a job. She stressed that someone other than BP needs to be in charge of the cleanup and reporting the dangers to the public. She hopes that the country will demand it! She said if someone can't do a job, that person gets replaced. She said clearly BP can't do their job so they need to be replaced.

Kindra cried with Rosie talking about how her children are complaining of having headaches and tummy aches. She said people are calling her and afraid to go against BP. She said they've gone to BP and asked them to buy them out so they can leave the area but BP won't do it. She was pleading for help from this country on behalf of the people in the area that are being poisoned. Rosie called it "willful homicide and mass murder." And she stressed that it effects thousands of people not just the fisherman! Kindra said that she will not stop speaking out and Rosie said she will do anything she can to help her. Although, she's not sure how much good she can do for her. Rosie asked if anyone has contacted Erin Brockovich. Kindra said that they need people to start calling their Congressman and their Senators and demand that everyone get on the same page to protect their local citizens. HERE is a link to the audio of the interview.

Janette mentioned the Mineral Management Service's dual role of both fostering and policing the oil industry. They discussed how many barrels they are catching vs. how many barrels are still leaking. They claim that they are capturing a fair amount but Janette doesn't buy it.

Rosie's friend Christine Ebersole stopped by her house for a pool party this weekend and said that the week before the oil spill Goldman Sachs sold all of their investments in BP. Pete read from an article in the New York Sunday Times from June 6th, 2010. I believe THIS was the article. In June of 2009, Haliburton expressed concerns about certain casings for the well to BP. Haliburton is involved in laying the cement and responsible for corking. Haliburton told BP that use of cement was against their best practices. They warned BP again on April 18th. BP company officials were told that the casing they were using had a greater risk of collapsing but they did nothing about that.

Rosie then took several callers. One caller was from Canada and worked for many different companies in the housing industry. She has had those headaches and has been sick before and has a lot of guilt for the industry that she works for. She said that young people take those jobs because they make a lot of money (Rosie said because it's so toxic and dangerous!). Rosie said we're all culpable because we use the oil and fill up our SUVs with the gas. She said we've screwed with Mother Earth and we've split her open and she's hemorrhaging because of it.

A listener called from west Texas whose father has been in the oil industry for over 35 years. She said he and the men he has worked with have a decent idea of how to stop the oil and have called BP about 100 times over the past 25 days and BP doesn't want to listen to them. Rosie sounded so frustrated and mentioned the link she posted on her blog about the help for the oil spill.

One listener called in who claimed that she has worked at a refinery for years and she is not getting sick and doesn't know anyone who is getting sick who works there. Rosie and Pete said this was because she hasn't been directly exposed to crude oil as the fisherman and the residents of Louisiana have been. She said that Rosie needed to relax about the health effects and asked her if she thought BP would really put people's lives at risk for corporate greed. Rosie, Janette and Pete let out a resounding YES! Rosie told the caller to go look up how many people who died after cleaning up after the Exxon Valdez. The caller told Rosie that BP is doing everything they can to stop it. She also said that this mistake is going to change things for the better in the end. She warned Rosie that we could be paying $9.00 a gallon for gas if we don't allow offshore drilling. She said that this was nothing more than an accident. Rosie said it was not just an accident that it was gross malfeasance. She said they didn't build it with the possibility that it could fail and they didn't build it correctly because it cost more money. Pete told the caller that the gas companies won't allow Americans to drive electric cars. He told the caller that her company wants to make money on gas. The caller said that we as Americans are totally dependent on fossil fuels. Pete said that anytime we get close to losing our dependencies on fossil fuels the oil companies do everything that they can to fight it. The caller said that she just researched all of BP's investments in alternative energy and said we need to take notice of that. Rosie and Janette screamed out how ABSURD that notion is!!!!!!!! Janette said that it's ALL about money! BP has had 821 OF THE 851 VIOLATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Janette said "LET'S PAY $20 A GALLON FOR GAS RATHER THAN KILL ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE GULF!" AMEN, SISTER.

Pete read the financial "losses" of BP that stated that although they've spent millions of dollars a day trying to stop the oil spill they MADE 93 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY in the first quarter. Pete and the staff were all sure this is just a drop in the bucket for BP. Janette said that this should be the beginning of the end of corporate ownership of our government. She said we need to stop corporations ability to buy our politicians with trips and gifts in exchange for our lives and our livelihoods. Rosie said that the discussion over the BP oil spill has nothing to do with politics! BP has contaminated the Earth FOREVER! Janette said this has to be a turning point for our nation and it's time we stand up and say enough is enough. She said we need to demand a government that works for us instead of corporate money.

After the commercial break Rosie said she would have been really bad as a pundit on MSNBC because she takes these national disasters to heart too much. She thanked God that Rachel Maddow got the job instead of her. Rosie admits she has trouble separating these national incidents from her life. She became dysfunctional after Columbine and Jeannie attested to that. Rosie said it was because she felt inept that she couldn't help more than she could. Rosie wished she was able to compartmentalize a little more like Jeannie. Jeannie said she's not any less shocked or worried but she's able to move on past the disaster and get stuff done. Rosie said her therapist calls them "intrusive thoughts" and said it's a side effect of PTSD. Rosie said the anxiety and worry stems from her inability to control what's happening.

Rosie created a SWAT team after 9/11 and when Katrina happened, she sent her team right down to a refugee camp to help. She said even doing that doesn't assuage any of her angst or guilt though because she doesn't feel like it's enough. Janette told Rosie that she cannot say she didn't help because she did. Rosie said that listening to Kindra talk, made her cry, almost as if it is happening to her personally. Jeannie said she really personalized it when Kindra started talking about her 8 and 5 year olds getting sick because Jeannie has kids the exact same age. Janette said it bothers her too but it's all about maintaining a balance between what you allow in and what you do not. Rosie compared herself to an open window with no glass or screen as a protectant allowing everything to come in.

After the commercial break Rosie said it was time to switch the tone of the show and tried to lighten things up a bit. Rosie and Tracy celebrated Tracy's birthday this weekend! Tracy said the only thing she wanted for her birthday was for Rosie to be her girlfriend and not a big famous movie star. AWWWWW!!! She wanted to take Tracy out for her birthday and thought about taking her to Nobu but she thought that was too "movie starish." So Rosie decided to take Tracy to Henrietta Hudson's lesbian bar. Rosie hadn't been there for 20 years and when she walked in the bartender said she served her the last time she was there in 1991! Rosie said that Henrietta's is one of the oldest lesbian bars in New York and the website made Rosie think it was like a club in the L Word. Although Rosie said it didn't seem like a bar on the L Word when she was there. Pete said that that is Barbara's favorite bar ever because of the great dancing. She said that they had a great time, walked around the Village and had sushi for dinner. She even let Stanley have the night off and they got a cab instead of having their own car service! Tracy had never been in a NYC cab before and was holding on for dear life as Rosie was casually checking her email on her iPhone. Tracy beat Rosie in pool again! Tracy beats Rosie at every sport. Rosie compared Tracy to Sheryl Crow meets Lindsay Wagner. Rosie said that Tracy is really good at every sport and it's very surprising and annoying! LOL She said they had a wonderful time and on the way home they stopped and got cement for her crown that fell out.

In the theme of happiness Janette added that she kept a kite in the air for almost 2 hours on her vacation in North Carolina! She said she tried a sport kite and it was going all over the place and came down. She then took out the cheap kite in the shape of a cat and she let it go all the way up. She then took a walk along Pea Island for about 45 minutes out and about 45 minutes back flying her kite the entire time. She said Pea Island, on the coast of Cape Hatteras, is the most beautiful place in the world to her. Janette admitted her story was not all that gripping, but it was fun! Pete quoted the movie Rainman and he yells out Judge Wapner? I love Pete but I so don't get his references sometimes! LOL

Lastly Rosie said that she's excited about the new Karate Kid movie! She said it's PG and she thinks that Pete's eldest daughter who is 5 is old enough to go see it. She then had Pete google the name of the glue that she used to reinsert her crown with. She goes back to the dentist on Wednesday.

Whenever Rosie talks about her teeth I think she needs this as her theme song...

Rosie gave us an update on the progress to fix up Bobby Pearce with a blogger who has been emailing her that he's interested in dating the award winning costume designer! Pete said that he's now concerned that Bobby was right, that the blogger is not actually interested in Bobby, he just wants to be friends with Rosie. Bobby said he read the blogger's responses to Pete's email and he agreed that the blogger was more interested in Rosie than him. Rosie asked Bobby if he would be interested in going on Match.com. Bobby said he's just not interested. He said that the minute he is he will go on match.com. Rosie said she just wants to find him somebody to love and Bobby said that he's not asexual, he's just selfish and not interested in sharing his life with anyone right now. Bobby said he has no desire to find someone right now and is not looking.

James was out today because he had a DJ event so Shoshana was today's call screener! Rosie didn't notice at first and someone said, "Didn't you notice because none of the callers names were wrong!" AW SLAM. lol Brendan said, "If one person can't be out for a day then we haven't done our job right."

Rosie asked Bobby how he felt about Elton John performing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. Bobby said it bothers him that Elton would do that just for money. Rosie said that Elton costs a million dollars to perform at an event. Pete quoted a recent article that said that the acceptance of homosexuality is on the rise, especially in men. Rosie, Bobby, and Janette hoped that maybe Elton John was just trying to change Rush's opinions. Bobby and Rosie said that they still love Elton unconditionally but it still bothers them a little.

Janette talked about her love for doing radio and for Sirius. Rosie agreed but wished that they would keep them and pay them more money so they could stay. She said she keeps hoping that Mel Karmazin will call her to ask her to stay. She said they received 5 million votes for the cupcake contest compared to last year when there were only 160,000 votes. Janette still holds out hope that they don't have to go back to TV saying that the fat lady hasn't sang yet. Rosie said she's the official fat lady and she's signing and going to be back on TV next fall.

Rosie asked Bobby if he saw Sarah Ferguson on Oprah in her first interview since the scandal broke when she was videotaped exchanging access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, for money. Bobby, the avid Oprah watcher that he is, said he felt sorry for her. Rosie said that she looks as if she's been drinking again. Bobby did think that doing the interview was very brave and it would have been a lot easier for Sarah to go into hiding. They briefly mentioned the rumors in English tabloids that say that Sarah allegedly likes to get paid for sex.

Rosie said she had to request to have her email removed from the popthatzit alerts. She said the owner of the site, whom she adores, was worried that he offended her in some way. She said that she loves the guy that runs the site but she doesn't want to let it control her anymore.

They played a game until the end of the show where each contestant had to finish the Disney lyrics. Brendan chose a caller to play along too!
Bobby was first up. He got "under the sea, under the sea..."
The answer was "Darling it's better down where it's wetter, Take it from me"
He didn't get it so he was out.

Rosie got 'Feed the Birds"
and the answer was "toppins a bag" and the she proceeded to sing the ENTIRE song!

Jeannie got "Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil"
and the answer was "If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will."
She didn't get it so she was out.

The caller got "be our guest, be our guest"
the answer was "put our service to the test." The caller didn't get it so she was out too.
Pete and Rosie knew the ENTIRE SONG though! And in true Rosie fashion she still got the prize, of course! Rosie gave her a $50 giftcard for Starbucks.

Brendan took another caller and before she even played the game they gave her a $50 giftcard to Applebees. "It means no worries" and the answer was "for the rest of your days." The caller lost but Rosie got it!

Janette got "have you ever heard the wolf cry"
and the answer was "to the blue corn moon?" I do not believe Janette got it. .

Rosie got the last one which was "Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo"
and the answer was "Put 'em together and what have you got bippity-boppity-boo."

Rosie closed the show telling her listeners hat she's going to try to not let this oil disaster pull her into a depression and encouraging everyone to request that the U.S. Government seize BP's assets and write their Congressman to demand that more be done.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. thanks, kw! i was able to listen today while i stained my deck... my heart was breaking for kindra. it puts things into perspective- what we spend time worrying about is meaningless compared to REAL problems. it's time people focus on what is most important and stop thinking about themselves!

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    Teeth would also be appropriate.
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  3. whoops it was teeth! bte rosie just posted the kindra story

  4. Well worth the wait, Kelly. Wow. Thank you!

    FWIW, the line after "feed the birds" is "Tuppence a bag" for the two pennies it cost to buy a bag of bird seed. Yes, I am mildly obsessed with Mary Poppins!

    : ) P

  5. Wonderful Job. I sincerely thank you for this!