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Rosie started today's show singing along with a Pepe Le Pew imitation. Rosie said there was an old Ford Bronco "Jeep" parked near her driveway this weekend and ever since she couldn't stop thinking about how much she liked that car. She described it as beat up (but in a cool way) and blue in color. She tried to go get her camera and take a picture of it but by the time she got back it was gone. Since then she's been looking on websites for that car. She really wants one! Shoshana told Rosie that OJ Simpson's car was a Bronco but Rosie said that wasn't the kind she was talking about. Janette has a 1963 Chevy pickup!

A 1970 Bronco owner who was listening called in to tell Rosie how much she loves her Bronco - but don't ever call it a Jeep. She said they're very popular and Rosie should look for an "uncut Bronco" that nothing has ever been done to. She recommended Rosie look on ebay and classicbroncos.com for a Bronco that was made between 1966 and 1971. Rosie said she's a "classic kind of lady" so she needs a "classic Bronco."

Jeannie told a story about how her car's battery had died in the parking lot of the pediatrician's office the other day. She said ever since then, her radio, DVD player and CD player hasn't worked. She told Pete about it this morning and in 5 minutes Pete fixed her radio. Pete explained that if your battery dies on your car, as a anti-theft measure, you have to enter a pin code to get the radio to work again. Jeannie was amazed and asked Pete how he knew it and Pete admitted that his wife Barbara told him. LOL

A listener called in and said that that was her husband's Bronco parked outside her house the other day! She said he has a tree service and was working on one of her neighbor's properties. The caller said he owns a 1969 Ford Bronco that they bought on ebay. They just got it about a month ago for about $15,000. Rosie raved about the car and asked her if they might consider selling it. Rosie explained that she's never seen a car and thought "Oh my God, I want that!" Rosie told him to buzz her gate the next time he's in the area.

(not the actual car, just an example I found)

Janette told Rosie to call into Car Talk Radio on NPR! They talked about the show and how the hosts can diagnose a car's issues simply by the caller imitating the noise the car is making.

In the past, Rosie has had a Miata, a Volkswagen Bug, the Honda Element, a Minicooper and a PT Cruiser. Rosie likes to give her old cars away and once gave Jeannie her old Cadillac Catera but Jeannie had to sell it because they couldn't afford to have it serviced. Pete sort of implied that people like Pete and Rosie are too big to ride in a car like a minicooper. Rosie agreed and said that she once she saw John Goodman in a Miata and she thought it was funny to see such a large man in such a tiny car. She said that Steven Spielberg gave everyone on the cast of the 1989 film Always a brand new Miata. Jeannie said that image of big people in little cars makes her think of dancing bears on mopeds.

Pete, knower-of-all random-facts, let us all know that Dalton Trumbo (one of a group of film professionals who testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947 during the committee's investigation of Communist influences in the motion picture industry) wrote the screenplay for Always. He also wrote Johnny Got His Gun and Pete described the whole story (but I spaced out during this part). This then led to a discussion about checking out books from the library and Janette said it's too expensive for her to go to the library because she always forgets to return the books. Jackie (who was out laying by Rosie's pool) used to brag to Rosie because she would always have books on hold at the library. Rosie said she never understood why she didn't just go buy the book! Shoshana loves the library because she only ever wants to read a book once and then she doesn't have any room for all the books once she's done reading them. Plus, Shoshana said it costs too much to buy every book you want to read. Pete feels the same way except for the books he really loves. Rosie asked Pete what books are worthy of being purchased by Pete. Pete said he as bought Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, American Gods and Good Omens. He said he has 3 copies of Good Omens and he told Rosie it's a hilarious book about the apocalypse. Neil also wrote Coraline.

Pete told Rosie he already texted his brother-in-law who is just about to be a certified Ford technician, to keep an eye out for a Ford Bronco for Rosie. Rosie was so impressed. She knows that Pete and his wife are looking for a new place and she suggested they too just move in on the compound. She implied that soon the radio studio would be empty. She said that Sirius doesn't care about Rosie Radio. Jeannie's in denial that it's ever going to end and Janette is too. Rosie just wished that Sirius would tell them they want them to stay and extend their contract. Janette thinks Sirius is really good at what they do and they just move in slow and mysterious ways. Rosie said it's too late baby and then began singing "Its too late by Carole King."

Rosie said that she's going to the Carole King James Taylor concert next Tuesday with Tracy. She said she invited Jackie and Jeannie and their husbands but they turned her down because they thought it was tonight. Tracy said to Rosie "You don't have any other friends you could invite???" Then Rosie and Jeannie started signing James Taylor's You've Got A Friend and doing the sign-language along with it that they remembered from when they were kids. Pete turned the ShadyCam around on them so that the ShadyCam viewers could see! Jeannie got insecure because she felt like the studio was laughing at her! She "broke up" with Pete because he was laughing too hard. Rosie and Jeannie sang along to several James Taylor songs. Rosie said that Tracy doesn't know the words to a lot of music and Rosie and Jeannie talked about how they love to get the CD with the jacket when they buy music so they can read all the lyrics. Then they talked about things you can do with your old records like making bowls out of them.

Rosie said that everyone in the studio had made a plan to watch NBC's Last Comic Standing so they could all talk about it every week like they did with American Idol. She said it turned out to be a horrific failure and Janette was the only one who took notes. First of all, Rosie didn't even know who the judges were and they all agreed that "the giggling judge" (Natasha Leggero) needs to go away. Shoshana explained that the "giggling judge" was the "up and coming" judge. Janette said she couldn't believe it when she saw Cathy Ladman on the show because she is one of the funniest female comics out there. Then, she couldn't believe she didn't get picked?! Janette said that Cathy is a fantastic writer and that she has the best material in the business. Janette said the judges only picked the talent-free people and she lost it on the show as soon as they booted Cathy. Shoshana doesn't think it's a well done or well edited show and that means a lot coming from her because the producers(?) are the same as the ones that produced her favorite show - Saved By The Bell! Rosie asked Shoshana if her Boyfriend is threatened now that her celebrity crush Mark Paul Gosselaar is single?! Shoshana didn't know how her boyfriend feels but said she's going to be on the next plane to L.A! Jeannie said watching the show "felt like homework." Rosie said her daughters Cheslea and Vivi were whining about having to watch it last night too. Jeannie thinks that she's spent so much time in comedy clubs (supporting Rosie) and bar hopping she has completely lost the desire.

Rosie said that a few weeks ago and she did 10 minutes at a comedy club and she felt guilty she didn't have new material. She said she had a flashback of what it was like when she used to be waiting to go on. Janette and Rosie reminisced about the old stand-up days and how they once knew everyone in the business. Janette said comedy had a fantastic subculture and it was a great life. The whole staff thought that the show was badly edited and a poor show. A listener called in who used to work with Janette at comedy clubs who said that the judges are casting for a show, not looking for the most talented. She said they are looking for the most interesting story or most outspoken character to create an interesting show, not looking for the best comedian. This caller once wrote a joke for Rosie about Bob Dole and Rosie used it on air! The caller was so excited when Rosie used her joke and told Rosie and the staff the story.

Rosie couldn't believe that Janette had remembered this caller! Janette said she remembers her and where they worked together but she doesn't remember what she was wearing. Janette said she still keeps in touch with many of her comic friends on Facebook.

Rosie then wanted to talk about how journalist Helen Thomas was forced to retire after controversial remarks about Israel and Palestine. Janette thinks that although it may be an unpopular opinion, that it is scary that you can't give your opinion these days. Rosie referenced the time that Vanessa Redgrave supported the right of Palestine to be a state. In her acceptance speech, Vanessa announced that neither she nor the Academy would be intimidated by "a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums — whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world, and to their great and heroic record of struggle against fascism and oppression." Janette feels like freedom of speech is at risk when we lose our jobs for expressing our opinions. They played the audio of Helen Thomas's statements. Janette said that the statements were her opinion and she has the right to express them and we have the right to disagree. They discussed whether the repercussions were fair because of what she said. They also discussed what is the definition of hate speech. Shoshana compared it to almost saying that black people should go back to Africa. Rosie said it was not the same at all.

They all agreed that Helen Thomas probably apologized because it was the politically correct thing to do. Jeannie said she can't stand political correctness because it just teaches people to play the game and hide their real feelings and opinions. Pete and Rosie discussed how political correctness became legally sanctioned after 9/11 when they started to clamp down on free speech.

A listener called in who believes in peace on both sides but who didn't like it when Helen said that Jews should go back home. She said that most Jews have no home to go back to. Rosie said that not all criticism is anti-semitism and we need to acknowledge each other's humanity. The caller and Rosie didn't believe that Helen should have been forced to resign.

They asked lots of questions including should Don Imus had been fired for what he said. Rosie sees a difference because one is a journalist and the other was an entertainer. Rosie also asked about the Westboro Baptist church and whether freedom of speech should apply to them. Janette thinks that's different because that's considered hate speech and they're trying to force themselves into other people's lives. Then they talked about Mel Gibson. Janette thought no one should be fired because they show an ugly side of your personality. She said "haven't we all had repulsive thoughts that made us think, oh my God, what was wrong with me?" Shoshana said that those people are in the public eye and they're on a different level than a typical citizen and they have to be held accountable.

Janette said she once had a boyfriend who said some horrible racial things so she broke up with him. And Shoshana said that that's what Helen's book agent did. They broke up with her. Janette said we live in a society where we have to be very careful about what we say. They recalled the time that Rosie said Ching Chong when referencing how Chinese reporters speak. The statement was an accident on Rosie's part but the implication was that she was anti-Asian. Rosie said she got letters about it and how saying Ching Chong is equivalent to the "N" word. Janette said Rosie's mistake was accidental and you can't go through life never offending people.

Shoshana said that Helen didn't say what she said in a nice way and there has to be a nicer way to say what she said. Rosie said that Helen is 90 years old. Pete said that being 90 can't be an excuse for ignorance. Rosie asked Pete and Shoshana if they actually think Helen is anti semitic. She said it was 2 sentences and now she's thrown under the bus for it.

Then a listener called in to say that if Helen had said something in support of Israel this wouldn't have been an issue because it's in agreement with how the White House stands politically. Rosie said that being in Israel is very interesting and eye-opening when you see who's allowed to walk down one block and who is not. And who gets to go out at night and who does not. She said there are all kinds of documentaries on the subject out there. Rosie said that she once read The Middle East for Dummies to understand the history in the area better.

Jackie was laying out at Rosie's pool during the show and texted Jeannie a picture of a duck in their pool. Tracy and Rosie were tanning poolside yesterday and a duck flew in to her pool and had diarrhea. Janette said that's exactly why she will not be going in the pool anytime soon. They talked about little kids with swim diapers and how poop in the pool can sometimes happen and Brendan said that he used to work at a water park and pick out the poo all the time.

Rosie said that they have an electric Jeep/golf cart that they got as a gift from a very rich friend. She said typically they only really use it for Halloween but Tracy found out that it's an electric car and uses it for all her errands! Tracy is getting sick of hearing the radio staff complain about how fat they are so she made them a yummy salad from the garden! Shoshana took one bite of the salad and then had to spit it out because there was cilantro in it. Pete said there is an actual genetic condition that makes cilantro taste like dirt when you eat it. He put up the link IHateCilantro.com on Rosie.com today in support of those that have this genetic repulsion to cilantro. Jeannie and Rosie talked about their love of gardening. Rosie said that gardening is more fun than she ever thought it would be. It has been 8 days since Rosie had a soda and Tracy's friend said that Rosie was drinking a soda but she was not! She has been eating a lot of chocolate covered pretzels though! Pete read from and discussed a Lesbian Parenting Study that found that kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems. Pete said that he ordered his big Star Wars Lego toy off ebay and the woman tried to scam him out of the money and never shipped the item! He was refunded his money and ordered one from Lego.com. He said if the listener who they promised the other Lego Star Wars toy too, it is ordered but hasn't shipped yet.

Then it was time for a Game! The game was to name the fictional character by his or her fictional email address.
For example: thecapedcrusander@gotham.gov would be Batman!

Jeannie was first. She got sectorseven@springfieldnuclear.com. She didn't get it but the answer was Homer Simpson.
Shoshana got double007@m16.uk. The answer was James Bond. Shoshana got it right.
Rosie got coffeepot@stallag13.de (??) The answer was Hogan's Heroes Col. Hogan. She got it right.
Pete got potionsguru@hogwarts.uk The answer was Snape from Harry Potter but Pete didn't get it.
Janette got loismustdie@yahoo.com The answer was Stewey Griffin from Family Guy but Janette didn't get it.
The caller got iamready@bikinibottom.com The answer was Spongebob and the caller got it!

Shoshana got wonderboy@nyknights.com The answer was Roy Hobbs from The Natural but Shoshana didn't get it so she was out.
Rosie got yippikiyay@nypd.gov The answer was John McClain but Rosie guessed Bruce Willis so she really only got it half right because the game was to name the fictional character.
The caller got rightfulking@priderock.com The answer was Simba from the Lion King but the caller didn't get it at first until Rosie sang the introduction to the Circle of Life from the Lion King. Rosie let the caller win and gave her a Rosie Radio swag bag, a $100 giftcard to Steppinbirkenstock.com, a $50 American Express giftcard, a $25 Starbucks giftcard and silly bandz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie closed the show singing along to the Circle of Life from The Lion King.

I heard an advertisement for a Tony special hosted by Rosie this Sunday so I will post it here as soon as I hear more about it!
and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I missed the beginning about the Library talk but I just have to say I love my neighborhood library. It saves me a ton of money on buying best sellers ( which are double the price in Canada) except I have to return best sellers that are in high demand in 3 weeks and I hate being rushed..ugh

    Pete reminds me of the maitenace guy in my building..He fixes and repairs everything for me..It can cost me a fortune tipping him all the time.

    Thanx Kelly!

  2. Another great recap, Kelly!

    Heidi, there is a great program called PaperBackSwap dot com. Not sure if you can do it in Canada, but maybe there is a Canadian version. Check it out!

    : ) P

  3. Great recap, Kelly! Did Rosie ever explain who "Dave" is?

    Alison (Alderella)

  4. Isn't Dave Jeanne's husband?

    : ) P

  5. i think dan is jeanne's husband. :)