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Bobby sang the introduction again this morning like the Tony Nominee that he is! Rosie talked about Macy Gray and how she is going to be on the show today. She LOVES Macy Gray and was so excited to have her on the program. Pete thought the lyrics to one of her songs were “I blow bubbles when you are not here” instead of “my world crumbles when you are not here.” They all laughed hysterically over this. They love Macy’s originality and her authenticity. Rosie sang along to a few Macy Gray songs that Lou played for them and she literally knew every word! Macy’s performing at the Borgata hotel in Atlantic City tonight!

They also have Larry Miller on today’s show. Janette said her career really got started thanks to Larry Miller who they all agreed was a fantastic actor and funny guy! Pete described his episodes in detail from when he was a guest star on Law and Order.

Janette is extremely distressed about the news of toxic strawberries. She said that she read an article recently that California produces 90% of the strawberries we consume and the FDA has approved a new pesticide for them. More than 50 chemists and physicians have asked the FDA NOT to approve this chemical because it is one of the most toxic chemicals on Earth. Janette was beside herself over this news. Janette said she had stopped eating any berries that are not organically grown years ago and she was truly disturbed and surprised that Rosie wasn’t more up in arms over the news. Not only is Janette fuming about the toxic strawberries she’s upset that there’s counterfeit New Jersey vegetables for sale! Bobby said that he saw a store advertising New Jersey corn in June and it couldn’t have been grown in New Jersey because they don’t harvest corn until July! Janette was horrified by this!! She also said she will never eat fish ever again since the oil spill and she won’t even feed fish or cat food containing fish to her cats. Pete suggested Janette give the cat that bites who is named Beastly the fish product cat food. Janette then described how her cat Beastly attacks her and her other cats. Rosie said she thinks Beastly should be put down and Janette said those are fighting words! Bobby said Janette is two inches from crazy and she thanked him for all that room. Janette said that Beastly has attacked her boyfriend Barry for tickling her and one time Barry gave Janette a wedgie and the cat attacked him. He loves her she says and even protects her! They have a sound clip of Janette saying “get away from me you shithead” from the day she told the story of her cat Beastly attacking her. They played it a few times and all laughed.

Rosie’s eldest daughter Chelsea’s dog Zoe is an Australian Shepherd and is very protective of Ellis. Ellis is Rosie’s nanny/friend’s little boy. Rosie said if you look like you’re going to tickle or go after Ellis the dog will nip at you. When Tracy’s dog’s head got smushed in the gate they saw brand new baby kittens at the Vet and almost got one. Pete offered his cat to Rosie who he is always trying to get rid of. Rosie said that her Chihuahua Missy is bereft when Chelsea takes Zoe to Kelli’s house for the weekend. Each of Rosie’s children get to choose a pet when they are 8 years old and Vivi and Rosie have talked about her getting a Chihuahua for herself and for Missy.

Rosie then introduced Macy Gray who was live in the New York Sirius studios! Macy began the interview by signing her latest single Beauty In the World live! It sounded perfect and just like the record!

After the song Macy and Rosie sat down for a chat. Rosie mentioned that she just read the blog Macy wrote about what happens to women in the music industry. You can read that HERE. Macy explained that this is her 5th album and Rosie loves it. Rosie also commented that she loved the video to Beauty in the World. Macy said that Tom Petty’s daughter filmed the video and she was very happy with the finished product. She said the whole idea premise of the video was to find the simple things in life that are beautiful. Rosie heard the song on the radio for the first time on a day she was in a really bad mood and she said the song totally cheered her up. Macy said the song was inspired by her daughter’s beautiful laughter. Rosie and Macy then talked about their children and how kids make you happy. They also commiserated over the struggles of having teens and how teens have no interest in hanging out with you as they get older. Macy has 3 kids and they talked about friending your kids on Facebook, Macy’s home in LA, and how Macy did "Dancing with the Stars" that her mom encouraged her to do. Macy is about to do Tyler Perry’s new film For Colored Girls. She will be doing the film with Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson and several others! Rosie told a story that after she once filmed a movie Parker was 6 months old at the time and he didn’t come to her one day when she came home from filming. Rosie said it was that moment that made her decide she wanted to do The Rosie O’Donnell Show so she could be around for her kids more.

Rosie told Macy about how now Parker is now dating and they discussed teen dating and your teen’s friends. Rosie said her first boyfriend used her for her baseball cards!

Macy then sang the song “Kissed It” off her new CD and the song “Relating to a Psychopath” to which Rosie sang backup! Rosie explained that she always wanted to be a “pip” growing up and she joked with Macy that the song was really about her. Lastly, Macy sang “I’m So Glad You’re Here.” Macy's latest CD is entitled The Sellout.

Rosie then introduced actor and comedian Larry Miller! Larry said he was celebrating a perfect kid morning and joked about how much fathers enjoy their schedules. Larry has 2 boys ages 11 and 14 and Rosie and Larry are going through a lot of the same things with their children. Larry said his son is transitioning from Legos to girls. Rosie and Larry talked about teens and Larry said the one piece of advice he remembers about parenting is if they’re good kids, they’ll figure it out. Larry told a very funny story about trying to purchase a Playboy for his eldest son to try and keep him from the nasty Internet porn but he kept getting recognized so he had to go to 4 different stores. Both Rosie and Larry do not believe in letting your teens have computers in their bedrooms.

They had a very funny discussion about Little League too. Rosie told Larry that this year was her first year as a Little League mom and she still has not recovered. Larry said that anyone who thinks there’s a chance for peace in the Middle East has never been involved in Little League. Rosie said she was so stunned at the level of intensity of Little League at such a very young age. They briefly discussed football since one of Larry’s kids plays but Rosie said she won’t let Parker play football because she’s too afraid he’ll get hurt.

They discussed the World Cup and Larry said he tried to get interested in it and then watched 20 minutes of it and remembered “Oh yeah, I don’t care about soccer.” He said that in another week if the USA is still in it, he will promise to get more interested.

Rosie said that Larry was one of the few guys who was nice to the new people when it came to stand-up comedians. Janette was there and said Larry was the reason she stayed in the business long enough for her to have a career and subsequently meet Rosie and she’ll never forget what he did for her. Larry said that Janette kept herself in the business and she’s in showbiz because she belongs in showbiz and she would have done the same for him.

Rosie and Larry talked about the worst stand-up gigs they ever did and how they just used those times for more material for their act. Larry said comics always agree to do a gig no matter how bad it is. Larry told a funny story about one of those bad gigs that happened to him 25 years ago at an Iowa State Police Association Convention. He had to perform on stage right after they did a memorial service for a trooper who was killed in the line of duty. He said you just learn to go out there and do your job and do what you were hired to do.

They joked about being hired to do a wedding and they both agreed it’s the worst gig in the world because everyone in the audience likes to get their two cents in and everyone is shitfaced.

Rosie told Larry that Pete is his biggest fan and how he knew his "Law and Order" performances down to the smallest detail! Larry thanked him for being a fan and really appreciates when fans come up to him and have something nice to say. Larry said it’s an honor and a gift to do what he does and to make people laugh. Rosie also feels like it is an honor when fans come up to her.

Larry has a new show coming out on the Game Show Network called Late Night Liars! He said it is inspired by the old game shows and he was honored when they came to him and asked him to be a part of it. Rosie thanked him for calling in and told him to take care and enjoy Little League. Look for Larry Miller’s show Late Night Liars which airs on The Game Show Network on Thursdays at 10pm!

Pete hosted a game modeled after Jeopardy and the competing contestants were Rosie, Janette and Bobby. The game was the same format of Jeopardy and all of the questions had to do with Rosie Radio or the staff at Rosie Radio. Some of the questions were: name one of the Earwax removal brothers, where does Brendan sit in the car to and from Nyack, how much did Lou’s car cost, the guest that was in the studio when Shady was sprayed green, where is former guest Nikki Yanofsky from, James’ mother’s name, one item that Cat Cora made on the show, Janette’s mean cat’s name, etc. None of them were really that good at it! BUT I WOULD HAVE BEEN! At the end of the first round Rosie had 400, Bobby had 300 and Janette had (negative) 600.

After Double Ro-pardy Rosie was (negative) 600, Janette was (negative) 1800 and Bobby was (negative) 800.

During Final Ro-pardy the category was: Media. Each contestant made a wager.
The final ro-pardy question was: This is the year that Howard Stern started broadcasting on Sirius.
The answer was 2006!
Bobby guessed 2006 and he ended with negative 100.
Janette guessed 2006 and she ended with 200 points.
And Rosie guessed 2006 and ended with 1900 points and won! Rosie then gave an acceptance speech for winning.

All 3 contestants won booby prizes donated from “shit Pete didn't want in his house anymore.” Bobby won a “Welcome to Loserville” beer cozy. Janette won something from Lord of the Rings (a wooden ring rake?) and Rosie won a signed copy of Criminal Minds!

Janette thought it was fascinating that they don’t know a god damned thing about each other.

Rosie closed the show hoping that everyone has a nice 2 weeks because they are on vacation until July 12th!

Have a great vacation everyone and I will update here if I have any breaking Rosie news!!!
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