96 hours and counting....

Well folks, we've got 96 hours (as of Thursday at 10am) until the show is back live on Monday, July 12th.  And since Rosie has been M.I.A. enjoying her vacation and not blogging updates for her fans (GASP! :) ) I thought I'd at least update so we could try to be less bored for 3 minutes while we anxiously await her return. 

Here's what I've been up to for my two weeks off.  I went to the beach in North Carolina but could only stay for a few days because my husband and I had to leave early to attend his 20 year high school reunion in Cleveland.  I have two statements regarding this: 1. it should be illegal to ever leave the ocean early to go to Cleveland.  Even though I have family there and I love my family, the time at the beach for me is irreplaceable and 2. my 20 year reunion isn't for 3 years and I feel the need to tell this to everyone I see  whenever I discuss what I did this summer.  Issues with growing older?  Who's to say.

Some pics of my boys and my nephew wearing their rash guard swimsuits that they wore under their bathing suits.  Yes, I made them line up for this photo.  In the second photo my little niece made an appearance :).  On a sad note, these are some of the last photos I took before my camera BROKE.  I still can't talk about it and have yet to take it out of my camera case.  A summer with no pictures seems like a crime to me.  I'm just heartbroken over it.

Then for the fourth of July I went to a friend's ski house in Pennsylvania with my kids.  My littlest son really really wanted to do the paddle boats and absolutely couldn't wait for the four-seater to return to the dock so I volunteered to go out with him on the two-seater.  BIG MISTAKE.  Basically, he helped me paddle until we got to the center of the pond and then he decided he was "too tired" to paddle anymore.  So here we sit in the middle of the pond having a chat while mommy rests and contemplates how she's going to make it back to shore before her legs completely cramp up and someone has to send a rescue boat out to save us. 

And now I'm home organizing closets, picking up the "disaster room" better known as the toy room in the basement and reminding myself everyday not to wish my summer away and begin counting down the days until my kids go back to school.  For example, as I was sweating my butt off cleaning out the closet in my youngest's room yesterday I broke up a WWF wrestling match occurring in my bed.  All I heard were the screams of my 10-year-old yelling "TAP OUT!" as he was pinning my 6-year-old down on the bed.  After screaming until my throat hurt, I kept repeating my silent mantra "you love time with the kids, don't kill them."  It is a constant reminder with 3 boys in the house and 100 degree temperatures outside. 

I've been getting lots of emails with questions regarding the new gig with Rosie Radio.  I'm an official part-time employee of KidRo but beyond that you know as much as I know.  I still can't believe it and I certainly don't feel any different.  I am still as much of a fan as you all are and I promise to keep you updated on the scoop!  As far as what the future holds, I have no idea but it's been an amazing ride so far and I'm ready to get back to work.  

Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday for the full update if you miss the show.  If you'd like, let me and maybe even the Rosie Radio staff know what you've been up to for the past 2 weeks in the comments section.  

just remembering....

Annnnnnd, Bobby Pearce updated his website so go check it out!  He's had a pretty amazing career and there are some fantastic new photos up that I think you all would love. 

See you on Monday.  xo kw


  1. Dawn/Richmond/BCJuly 8, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    Kelly- I so miss your update's daily and I'm on Rosie withdrawal. I keep saying to myself she's having fun with family etc. I sure can't wait to hear all what happened at Jersey Shores compared to going to Miami!!! Love all your updates and you deserve whatever comes your way. ♥

  2. I really appreciate this blog Kelly. Working during the day and not having Sirius Radio, I look forward to checking here at the end of my day to see what I've missed. You so deserve to be hired as a part-time employee. You provide a great service to all the fans similarly situated.

    I wish I could transport myself to that North Carolina beach. It looks like a dream vacation location.



  3. We miss Rosie so much, but glad she is having fun. You do an awesome job summing up her shows, and for those of us who can't possibly add one more thing (like s. radio) to our budgets, it is the only real way we stay in touch with Rosie. So thank you so much!

  4. a great week to be at the Jersey shore, hopefully the water was warm. Wonder if Rosie saw any dolphins? and of course I'm dying to know what beach they were at only because I've been vacationing at the jersey shore since I was a kid and I've been to many of the beaches. We're going at the end of July, I can't wait!
    my summer so far.... we saw Toy Story which was awesome! have to admit I cried at the end.
    We've been going to the lake - I have a savage tan! although I'm sure Rosie is darker lol
    and my youngest (8) made the all star traveling baseball team which is WAY intense!! Rosie would have a lot to say to his coach. and I'm playing softball and a few of our players got hurt so we're off to a bad start.
    and Kel just wait until you're in your forties then you'll really have issues with growing older ;) oh and I've been doing a little closet cleaning myself, it feels good to get rid of stuff!
    can't wait to hear Monday's show I'm sure the crew will have lots to talk about.

  5. thanks for the update...glad to hear you are a kidro employee...will you be censored? hope not.

  6. Can't wait to hear what Rosie and the whole crew did on their vacation.

    I've been watching the World Cup and cheering for Spain. Most of my friends and family are cheering for the Netherlands so it should be a fun time watching the final! LOL

    I met and got an autographed copy of Cyndi Lauper's new CD.
    It is fantastic!

    Cyndi gave a free outdoor concert the same day! She rocked. She can really sing the blues and she sounds awesome live.

    Other than that I've been swimming at the local beach and at a friend's cottage on the lake.

    Thanks for sharing your summer highlights Kelly. Hope you can get your camera fixed.

    Looking forward to listening to the show on Monday and reading your recap blog Kelly.

  7. ok... so i just commented, but wasn't signed in, so i think i lost everything.
    thanks for your update, kel!! :) i cannot wait for rosie and crew to return so we can hear all about their vacations!!
    this summer so far has been enjoyable- pretty much beach every day- the kids LOVE it!! (and it gives me time to work on my "savage tan"!!!
    we saw toy story 3- and loved it!! michele... i cried, too!!!
    summer school started this week... only 3 weeks left... woo hoo!!:)
    looking forward to monday!!

  8. you do a great job Kelly and I'm glad you did this little update...you are a very entertaining writer!!

  9. Yay for updates of any kind!! lol :)

    You met Cyndi Lauper, AG??? Sweet!! That was probably awesome.

    I had a savage tan for about a day or so, lol.

    I've been writing for a new TV show in Taipei. If any of you would like to check it out, here is a link: http://tinyurl.com/389fyl3

    If any of you are on Facebook, you could click the 'Like,' button... That would be cool :) Networking is always good.

    Thanks again, Kelly, look forward to Monday!! :]


  10. i've been running here, there and everywhere lately! today was the first day we did NOTHING and i loved every second!

    i'm sorry about your camera. :( i know how much you love that thing. i hope it can be fixed.

    looking forward to the show on monday- and your posts, of course! xo

  11. Yeah, that link isn't working for whatever reason, so here's another one. :)

  12. Moving from NY to L.A. in September for acting work! Spent the last 2 weeks there, looking for a place to live, and found an adorable house in Mar Vista. New life, here I come! Daughter graduated college, son graduated high school... we're all leaving the nest! Shipping my Prius out there with satellite radio, so I'll still be listening to Rosie! Of course! So thrilled you are an official KidRo member, Kelly! Well deserved!

  13. Kelly, you are just as cute as can be. Thanks so much for the update. I have missed you and Ro so much. I'm glad everything returns to normal on Monday, whew.


  14. Kelly, you appear to be having a very busy summer! Love the pics!

    So sorry to hear about your camera...Thanks for all the updates and I had NO CLUE about you being a KidRo employee!! WOW, congrats!:)

    @ag: so cool you met Cyndi!! She did brush by my shoulder at Radio City Music Hall the first time I met Rosie in 2007(I was talking to Rosie when Cyndi walked by and I was too scared to speak lol)

    Oh, and Kelly, I have that same fear of getting older..Only 7 days left before I turn the big 4-0(YIKES! lol)

    Can't wait for your update later today;)

  15. Rosie withdrawal!
    Thanks for the updates even if I don't comment! cheers.

    p.s. sorry about the camera.