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Bobby sang the introduction to today’s program and got most of the words correct. Last night, Bobby and Janette watched America's Got Talent. Rosie tried to watch it afterward but didn’t like that she had to watch the commercials online so she didn’t see it. They discussed last night’s performance of the two sisters with Cystic Fibrosis who sang The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Rosie has some experience with the disease because she fundraised for it in the 80s and her nephew has CF. Rosie explained that if both parents have the gene for CF there is a one in four chance that their child will be afflicted. The life expectancy of someone with CF is only 30 years old. The crew played the audio from last night’s performance by the sisters. Rosie and the crew talked about how much they enjoy the show and this group of judges. Rosie adores Nick Cannon too who is married to Mariah Carey.

Rosie took a call from a listener who is in her 40s and has CF. She has a 10 year old son who is perfectly healthy and she talked with Rosie about how she loves to sing! The caller does not have the digestive issues that some people with CF have. Her biggest problem are her lungs but she still loves to sing although she can't hold out notes as well as she used to. She believes that singing is almost like therapy for her disease.

Rosie knew 2 kids growing up that had cystic fibrosis and died in elementary school.

Rosie told the story of her nephew who has Cystic Fibrosis and how he was diagnosed. When her nephew was born, he wasn't able to keep down food and Rosie asked her brother Eddie if he’s ever gotten the baby tested for CF. The baby showed no other symptoms but Rosie just had a feeling. Unfortunately, Rosie was right and her nephew did have it. Eddie called Rosie Dionne Warwick for a while for her psychic abilities. Rosie then joked about how her brother Eddie sucked at sports all his life but now he coaches his son’s soccer team.

Rosie and the staff discussed how the USA Soccer team plays Ghana on Saturday. They discussed why this year’s World Cup is getting so much for coverage than previous World Cups and Brendan suggested that it was because ESPN has the contract for the broadcast. They then discussed the longest tennis match in the history of the world that is going on today. Pete said that the longest game ever played before this was a game of 5 sets that lasted almost 7 hours. Just the final set of this game has been 7 hours.

Vivi made an appearance in the studio and Rosie talked with her a little bit about how she is going to the doctor today for an appointment for her eczema. Vivi and Rosie went on the True Colors Tour the last 2 summers and she talked with Vivi about it. They really had a good time but they aren’t going to do it this year. Rosie said that maybe next year they can go on tour again.

Rosie went to the dentist yesterday and her dentist assured her that she only has two more visits after her vacation at the Jersey Shore and then she's done!

Some callers to the Rosie Radio show will get the first season of the HBO series Hung on DVD and Deirdre and Rosie talked briefly about how much they like the show.

Rosie then asked Bobby why there are thousands of people lining up for the iPhone? Bobby’s simple response was because it’s “fierce!” Rosie didn’t buy it. Deirdre and Bobby described the lines they saw in New York City. Bobby said the new phone has a camera on both sides (so you can call someone and do video conferencing), it has a flash, and there’s a HD video camera. The new phone is $299. What gets Rosie really annoyed is she thinks that Mac has had all this technology from the beginning and they just parcel it out. Janette said that’s why we keep polluting the planet because we keep buying new cellphones. Janette said she would not pay $299 for a stupid phone. Rosie loves the video photo feature of the iPhone because she has a record of her life with it. And last night she was at a charity event for the Maravel Arts Center for Rosie’s Broadway Kids and she got to show people her chickens with her iPhone! Sirius gave Janette a Blackberry but she has a flip camera and doesn’t see the need. Bobby likes that everything syncs to his phone like his calendar. Bobby buys all the newest Mac gadgets that come out! Rosie took a caller who said that other phones have had these features for a while and said that you can video conference with other phones using Skype but Apple blocks Skype so that you have to have all iPhones to utilize the video conferencing. This caller is switching to the EVO phone which Pete said was bulky. Pete enjoys the Droid because it doesn’t drop calls. Bobby never has had a problem with iPhone dropping his calls. Pete said that’s because Bobby never leaves his 3 block radius and that’s why his calls are never dropped.

Then Pete said how much he would love to live in Bobby’s neighborhood. Rosie asked how much a 3 bedroom apartment in Bobby’s neighborhood would cost. They estimated between $4000 and $5000 a month. Barry, Janette’s boyfriend, has been apartment hunting because even though her current rent is very cheap, her building is in foreclosure. I think she said a 1 bedroom is about $2900 a month. Janette lives across the street from public housing and where the NY Post recently did an article about police brutality. She said it’s time to MOVE! Rosie was stunned that Barry is looking for a one bedroom for both of them (right now they each have their own bedrooms in their apartment)! Janette said that they get along very well and she’s not worried about having to share a room with him. She refuses to pay a fortune for rent.

Today is the day that Janette has gone 2 months without “smoking the hooch” and the entire staff gave her a card! They don’t make a card that celebrates this particular achievement so James gave her a “Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah” card, Shoshana gave her a “Congratulations on your First Communion” card, etc. They also threw her a party with yummy food. Janette said that she has no desire to ever start smoking again. It was something she thought she would never be able to kick and now that she has, she never wants to go back. Rosie was very proud of Janette and did not believe she would be able to do it because she has never known her not to use pot. Janette was even at a gathering recently and people in the room were smoking pot. Not only did she not do it, she did not even want to! The biggest change in her life since not smoking pot anymore is in her self-esteem because she felt like the marijuana owned her. She knew she was smoking too much. Now she is incredibly proud of herself and this time she was able to finally do it at Rosie’s suggestion! She also thinks the anti-anxiety supplements have helped her a lot with stopping. And Rosie’s doctor told her that smoking pot doesn’t help with anxiety at all, that it actually increases anxiety. Bobby wanted to know how much money she’s saving and she figured she’s probably saving a couple hundred bucks a week!

Rosie said they would have had the same celebration for Lou had he quit smoking cigarettes as he had promised for the Pearl Jam tickets! (The deal was Rosie would get him sweet Pearl Jam tickets if he promised to quit smoking. He tried. Unsuccessfully.)

Rosie said the first thing that Tracy says to her every morning is “What did you dream about?” Pete said that dreaming is just a random firing of synapses and Deirdre and Rosie did not agree. They believe that dreaming is your subconscious working things out in your head.

Rosie took a call from a counselor who said that she asks clients what they feel like they will be missing if they quit what they are addicted to. Rosie asked Janette the same question. Janette said she worried that she would miss the escape from herself and her feelings. When she wants to now, she tries to identify why she wants to. She also thought she needed it to open up her mind so she could write. She wrote her whole comedy act, her books, and a pilot when she was on The View while high. She has realized she doesn’t actually need it to write.

Tracy was having a hard kid night and Rosie asked her if she wanted a Xanax and she replied “No, I do not want to numb my feelings with pharmaceuticals!”

Rosie asked Janette if quitting has affected her sex life at all and she said that things in the bedroom have improved since she has stopped! There are other added benefits!!

Janette recommended her supplements to a caller who is having trouble sleeping when she isn’t smoking pot. The caller was also a trainer and offered to come in and help everyone lose weight. Rosie said they may take her up on the offer because Tracy feels the same way.

Pete said that Ricky Gervais sells podcasts. Rosie likes him but Pete doesn’t find his podcasts that interesting. Rosie did a Ricky Gervais impression. Pete said his HBO Out Of England is “killer.”

Jackie told Rosie at the pool that she lifts weights because she doesn’t like that flabby part on her arm and Rosie just realized that she has it and never noticed it! Jackie is in great shape and has great arms. Janette hopes that she will soon start lifting her weights over vacation, she’s gotten them out but she hasn’t used them yet. Pete told a very funny story about how his wife Barbara once packed two 20 pound weights on vacation and he had to lug them around in the suitcases. And they had a GYM at the hotel where they were staying! Then they talked about lifting weights and the importance of bone health.

They were in the city yesterday for some alone time and Rosie was at the dentist and Tracy got a $30 haircut and then was horrified by the bill. It was the first time that she had her hair blown out at a hair salon. Janette just kept saying how wonderful Tracy is and how she brings a feeling of calmness into a room when she enters it. Janette is so happy that Rosie met her. Rosie is too. Rosie said that Tracy has brought a lot of life to the house. Janette appreciates Tracy and where her priorities are when it comes to money and getting the most out of every dollar. Tracy is not in favor of Rosie going back to television because she survived on a lot less money to get by and doesn’t feel like Rosie needs to go back to TV when she can work from home for less.

Tracy went to Holey Cream donuts and was not impressed with it because it cost $6.00 for a donut, ice cream and M&Ms. Pete told her to “back off” and explained that some of them NEED the Holey Cream donuts. Janette didn't like them that much either because it was too sweet. Pete almost cried because he found something he really liked and wanted to share it with everyone.

Jeannie has a crush on Lou and on Pete. But Rosie said she has a little crush on Pete but she'd get naked and to the nasty with Lou. If Lou was born 20 years ago things might have been different! Everyone adores Pete as does Jackie and Janette’s sister Lanette.

Rosie asked if Pete had decided on a baby's name yet. Pete said that he’s not deciding on the name beforehand. Rosie and Bobby recommended that they don't tell the baby name beforehand because people will insist on coming up to them and tell them all the horrible things about the name they have chosen before the baby is born.

Rosie then did an “Archie impression” and said that Archie has been telling her lots of stories, most of which she couldn’t follow. Archie is one of Tracy’s sons who has Autism and Rosie adores him. Archie told Rosie they were going to the Farmer’s Market and Rosie asked him to get her a cookie and he told her that they only have FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AT THE FARMER’S MARKET! Rosie said that Archie left the gate open and all the chickens got out so she, Blake, Chelsea and Vivi had to run around and round up all the chickens and put them back in the coop. Rosie still doesn’t know if they have a rooster yet and if they do they will have to send it back and get a girl chicken as a replacement. Rosie added that Tracy has stopped eating certain foods (like corn on the cob) because she wants to save some for the chickens.

Rosie then introduced her buddy Cyndi Lauper to the radio audience! Cyndi loved the surroundings and the studio. Rosie said that she loves the billboard of Cyndi and Lady Gaga in Times Square. Cyndi and Gaga are selling lipsticks and 100% of the proceeds go to fight AIDS – the leading cause of death of African American women in the United States. Cyndi is 57 years old and Rosie said she looks so great! Rosie said that Cyndi has always been beautiful and Cyndi said she always felt like the ugly one, that Madonna was the beautiful one. Cyndi said she used to have to go to the thrift stores to put her look together but now it’s all the popular way to dress so she can shop in the stores!

Rosie said BRAVO! to Cyndi in regards to her new record. Her reviews are saying she was born to sing this. Cyndi doesn’t read the reviews because if you start reading what other people think of you, you get that third eye. She said she needs to focus on what she’s doing and the Blues is the basis of everything she has ever sang. After finishing the True Colors tour, when everyone was telling Cyndi that her tour wasn’t big enough or good enough and she was still always being compared to Madonna, Cyndi had a dream. She said at the time radio was changing and getting more corporate which she could never fit into. It was 1986 and Cyndi had a dream that Oscar Peterson came to her and was playing piano and said, “I loved your version of What’s Going On.” He kept playing his piano and told her she should redo the old songs. She was frustrated because no one really played piano everyone played keyboard. Her piano player Steve told Rosie about the differences between piano and keyboard. She was so frustrated that when she woke up she didn’t sing with him in her dream! LOL.

Cyndi shared with Rosie that she’s taking speech lessons to remind her to keep breathing when she’s speaking because she forgets to breathe and that’s bad for her voice.

Rosie and Cyndi talked about doing this season’s Celebrity Apprentice and Cyndi said she really liked doing it but it was a lot of work. At one point Rosie imitated Cyndi’s voice with a very think NY accent and Cyndi said “I don’t talk that bad!” lol Rosie admitted that she watched her on the program even though she said she wasn’t going to. Cyndi told Trump that if Rosie went to his wedding that meant someone must have invited her. They said that Trump probably just told his assistant to invite a lot of celebrities and that’s how Rosie got invited. Rosie told the story of Trump going down the aisle shaking everyone’s hand as he was getting married. Cyndi said that Trump is not so bad because he has really good kids so he can’t be that horrible of a person. Rosie said that she never said that Trump was a bad parent. All she did was make fun of his hair and he went all over every television program and called her a fat, ugly lesbian. They talked about the last episode when Cyndi sang to Donald about Rosie! Rosie loved that Cyndi was so HER during the show.

Cyndi was signed to Mark Burnett for a reality show! Cyndi said her main reason for doing the show was that she wanted to put the True Colors Fund on the map and promote the Give a Damn campaign.

Cyndi said her 12 year old son couldn’t come to the studio today because he was doing a creative writing class. He’s a talented writer, dancer, and singer! Rosie said she’s never met a kid like Cyndi’s son and called him “magical.” Rosie predicted that he is going to grow up to be a performer.

Cyndi sang “Shattered Dreams” from her album and it was fabulous! Cyndi said she's going to sing the whole record when she’s on tour. Rosie said she can't wait to see the tour and thanked Cyndi for coming in.

Visit Cyndi’s charities to learn more! You can visit the True Colors Fund and wegiveadamn.org to find out more. Her new album Memphis Blues is out today!
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