The Rosie's Broadway Kids Gala

Hello Rosie Radio Recap readers!

I'm back from the Rosie's Broadway Kids Gala that took place on September 20th at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  It was a magical evening and I couldn't wait to come back and share my experience with all my readers and fellow Rosie fans.   

I arrived in NYC on Sunday and took my proofreaders, Liz and Michele, to Wicked as a thank you for all the work that they do for me and the blog!  They loved it as I knew they would, right?  They've been officially Wickified. 

Then we met more friends and went to dinner at the famous Joe Allen's in the Theater District.  What would a trip to a NYC Rosie event be without a visit to one of her favorite restaurants?!  We ate and laughed and drank (putting the One Year Plan on hold for two days) and had a blast.  We quizzed the server about where Rosie likes to sit when she's there and what she's like and the server had nothing but wonderful things to say about her of course!  We also saw Chita Rivera and the lead singer of Green Day!  So, if you're ever in the city, I highly recommend you go there.  The food and service are wonderful and you just never know who might stop by!

Then I woke up early Monday morning to drive into the city with the Candy Queen Brenda Murphy!  You may know Brenda if you were a frequent viewer of The Rosie O'Donnell Show.  She was a guest on the show many, many times and also made the cake for Barbara Walters' birthday the year that Rosie was on The View!  I peppered her with questions on our drive into the city and she was gracious enough to answer them all.  :)

Then I met more friends (and NEW friends) at the Marriott and we put in some volunteer hours for our favorite charity.  We stuffed gift bags and assisted in putting together the centerpieces for the event.  Then we had lunch and hung out and chatted until it was time to get ready for the evening festivities. 

And what a magical night it was!  The Rosie's Broadway Kids put on a spectacular performance and we got to watch Rosie beaming with pride as she spoke of the first senior class that will graduate this year from the school.  Rosie wept as she told the seniors how much she loved and cared for them and how proud she was of them.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house after her speech.   You can tell this is where Rosie is most happy and that these children have made a huge impact on her.  Rosie then auctioned off several dream experiences and we watched in awe as the celebrities and big charitable donors gave generously while supporting the kids and their program at the same time.   

I managed to introduce myself to Google Pete although I do think I scared him with my enthusiasm!  lol And I saw Shoshana and Bobby again and got to say hello.  I even got a minute to give Rosie a hug and tell her what a wonderful speech she gave and how great the kids were. 

Then it was time for dinner and a fantastic performance by the one and only Cyndi Lauper!  She rocked the house and closed the show with an amazing performance and her fabulous singing voice. It was a spectacular night not to be missed!   

Here is a picture of Rosie making Cyndi laugh!

Special thanks to Lindsay Erb, Lori Klinger, and Thecla Harris for allowing us the opportunity to get involved and help out.  We were honored to be there and it feels great to give our time to such a fantastic cause.



  1. Thank you for sharing your memories with us, Kelly! Together with your wonderful photos, it is almost like I was there!

    : ) P

  2. Thanks for the lovely re-cap of the event--from the volunteering to the show and all the details of a wonderful Rosie NYC experience.

  3. Thanks Kelly for sharing your gala evening memories with us here.
    It sounds like it really was a magical experience.

  4. This looks wonderful and as always you look beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful trip and what a great cause!!

  6. Oh, I didn't see this. Sounds like you had a blast. ;p