4-22-11 - Janette's Cats, Stealing from Hotels and Would You Rather

In case you missed it...

Rosie and the staff started today's broadcast discussing plans for the weekend.  Janette is hoping her new floors will be installed in her home this weekend.  Pete has family coming over and will be having an egg hunt in his backyard.  Rosie's little kids are going to Kelli's house this weekend but she and Parker are going to stay at her brother's house in Long Island for the weekend.  Rosie, Parker, her brother Eddie and his son are all going to see comedian Kevin Hart perform tonight!  Bobby reminded everyone that it's also Barbra Streisand's birthday this weekend!  Rosie noted that it's both Barbra's AND Shirley MacLaine's birthdays on Sunday.  The staff recalled Shirley's interview with Oprah and Janette expressed how much she wishes she had her own labyrinth, like Shirley has.  After Bobby LOL'ed, Pete offered to build Janette her very own labyrinth.  Rosie said she would actually like to have one too!

Rosie said Parker is now pressuring her to allow him to get his driver's license.  She told him until he's able to voluntarily give up his cell phone to her every night at 10pm without argument (like he is supposed to) he's not going to be able to get his license.  Bobby recommended Parker take driver's ed. classes because he still remembers the photos of the horrible accidents they showed in the class. 

Rosie said she recently saw a web-series called The Specials about a group home in England where five special needs 20 year olds live together.  Bobby and Rosie think it's a really fascinating show.  Rosie said she would love if they could replicate that in the United States.  Rosie said Tracy's son Wyatt, who has Down Syndrome, is doing well since he had open-heart surgery but it's a little scary because he can't express how he's feeling and he's still healing.  Rosie thinks he's been getting a little dizzy but he can't express it exactly and he's frustrated because he's not allowed to go on the trampoline yet.  Rosie talked about how differently life has turned out for her than she thought it would.  She said if you would have told her this was what her reality would be in her future, she never would have believed it.  Janette said if she could live her life over again, she would keep everything exactly as it has been and change nothing.  She's loved her life, every moment of it and would do it all again if she could. 

Shoshana recently met a man who went blind from Diabetes two years ago and has dealt with it amazingly well!  Shoshana, Janette and Bobby said they couldn't imagine going blind and said it's one of their greatest fears. Janette said she wouldn't want to give up the ability to read.  Shoshana would be afraid of the constant darkness and feeling of being cut off from the world.  Bobby would be sad to lose the ability to design or create his art.  Rosie recalled the documentary Going Blind where the man featured in the film tells his story of what it's like to go blind.  Shoshana and Bobby talked about the Pitch Black Restaurant where you eat in the dark because it's supposed to heighten your sense of taste when your sense of sight is removed.  Rosie didn't sound very enthused at the thought. 

Rosie asked the staff if they've read the article that says that sitting is really bad for your health!  Pete read from the article that stated that the more sedentary you are the higher risk you have of becoming obese and developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Rosie said it's her dream to be able to sit and not move!  (everyone laughed)  They discussed fidgeting and who fidgets and who doesn't.  Pete and Rosie said they even keep dollars in their pockets to bribe their kids to go get them stuff so they don't have to get up when they're watching TV.  Pete said it's the best part about having kids.

Rosie said she had an issue with her kids at the fair over the weekend.  She told them they could each get one toy but they wanted to buy pretend machine guns.  Rosie told them it was okay but Tracy didn't want her kids to have guns.  Rosie said her kids will make a gun out of anything - legos, toast, anything!   Pete said his girls recently made guns out of the empty paper towel roll.

Also this weekend Rosie and Parker had a fight because he critiqued her singing and told her she started a song too high!  She wanted to kill him!  She has been in three musicals on Broadway and she said she didn't need her 15 year-old critiquing her singing technique!  Bobby laughed hysterically.  Rosie said Parker needs to be an expert in everything and it annoys her to no end.  Shoshana said she has friends who act like they're experts in everything too and it annoys her.   She advised Rosie to reign in that behavior now so he doesn't grow up to be that way! 

Rosie asked the staff if they're excited at all over the royal wedding.  Bobby and Amanda are kind of excited about it but no one else is.  Bobby said he loves the "pomp and circumstance," history and tradition of it all.  Rosie feels a little badly for Kate Middleton and thinks she doesn't really know what she's getting into.  They discussed a little about the history of royalty in England and who will be King or Queen.  The estimates are saying the wedding will cost about 50 million dollars.  Rosie said she's not interested in it at all.  She remembers getting up early to watch Princess Diana get married but doesn't feel the same way about this wedding.  They all discussed where they were when Princess Diana died.  Bobby said it makes him sad as Americans that we don't have the same level of respect for our history that England has.
Janette talked about her cat Bismark, that Rosie got for her as a present.  Janette LOVES the cat and remembered the day Rosie gave him to her.  Rosie knew Janette always wanted a Sphinx cat so she got her one even though they seemed really ugly to her!  Janette thinks they're aesthetically beautiful.  Deirdre said she always worries they're too cold.  Janette said Sphinxes always find a way to keep warm and naturally maintain a higher temperature than a typical cat.  Now Janette loves the breed so much she said she will never be without a Sphinx in her life.  Janette also has a cat named Beastly who bites her!  She said he was her one and only experience of love at first sight.  It was Barry's daughter's cat and she kept telling Barry the cat wanted to live with them.  Janette described the moment she first saw him and the moment she fell in love with him!  Rosie asked her when he started attacking her!  Janette said it wasn't right away and she's covered in scars but she loves him.  Her cat Whitey Brown pees wherever and whenever he wants!  CLICK HERE to learn more about Janette's cats!

Rosie asked Bobby what it's like having an "only dog" and wondered if he ever wanted to get his Chihuahua, Abby, a friend.  He's thought about it but said Abby doesn't get along well with other dogs, in general.  Deirdre has a cat and a dog who love to play together!  Rosie said she's been considering getting her dog Missy a friend to play with.  Janette said it can take time for animals to learn to love each other because she had to keep her cats separate for TWO YEARS before they could coexist in the same space!   Rosie said their Australian Shepherd Zoe goes to Kelli when the kids go there and when Missy is alone (without Zoe around) she's completely neurotic.  Since Rosie will be going to Chicago for half the time in the Fall, she's thought she could get a friend for Missy.  She said she would bring both Missy and the other dog to Chicago with her and hoped they could play together instead of Missy always wanting to be in Rosie's lap all the time. 

Rosie asked the staff if they've ever stolen anything from a hotel.  Pete said never towels because he doesn't like white towels but he likes to help himself to the shampoo, conditioner and the soaps.  Deirdre will do that too!  Janette, Deirdre and Pete will take handfuls of shampoo off the maids cart if they see it.  Pete read a story that hotels are going to start tracking their products so it will sound an alarm if you try to leave the hotel with them!   Bobby said he's never stolen from a hotel EVER.  Deirdre stole an ashtray once.  Janette said when she worked as a chambermaid she would eat the leftovers off the room-service trays - like a roll or an unopened serving of cheese.   Pete said he's thought about doing that at hotels before!  Deirdre and Rosie thought that idea was completely repulsive.  Deirdre said when you see an empty bottle of Champagne outside a hotel room you know someone got lucky last night!  Rosie recently had a glass of Champagne at a party.  She's not much of a wine drinker and she's not drinking beer these days so she decided to have Champagne.  It wasn't really "Champagne" though, it was "sparkling wine" because it was made in the United States. 

Deirdre read about a study recently that proves that cursing actually helps ease pain.    When Janette had a stress illness in her ankle her doctor told her she should yell at it so she did!  Janette also likes to groan and moan when she doesn't feel good because she swears it makes her feel better.  Rosie thought that was so absurd and said it sounds like she's having sex.  Deirdre said it sounds like she's pooping!  Pete said he makes moaning sounds when he poops!  LOL

This morning Bobby embarrassed Janette horribly.  She doesn't like to speak to the people in her building and Bobby knows this, so this morning when she walked out of her building with a couple people who also live there Bobby screamed at the top of his lungs, "Janette!  WE'RE OVER HERE!!!!"  She pretended like she didn't hear him which caused her neighbors to stop and point him out to her.  She was so embarrassed,  she ran to the car to disappear.

Janette started a series of "Would You Rathers" for the staff to answer. 
She began, would you rather be perceived as intelligent or street smart?  Rosie, Janette, Bobby and Deirdre said intelligent.  Pete said street smart.
- Would you rather be able to teleport one person at a time or have telekinetic powers with one object at a time?  Everyone said they'd rather teleport a person.
- Would you rather be too naive or too cynical?  No one could really answer it.  Rosie said if you're too cynical she thinks you're going to get sick and die and if you're too naive and she thinks you'll be killed.  She said neither one is good.  Deirdre said she'd rather be too cynical.  Rosie said there have been areas in her life where she's been too naive that have come back to bite her in the ass.  She listed what happened with her magazine as an example of when she was naive and how she thought with being a  celebrity she'd be able to save people and the ills of the world.  She said naivete has never really worked well for her.  She said that's how it is when people ask her if she can save the soap operas.  She said people believe celebrities have powers that they simply don't have.  Rosie said she loved Lawrence O'Donnell's piece on how people mis-perceive the magical powers of the "people in the box."
- Would you rather lose your memory or lose your vision?  Deirdre said memory because she doesn't want to ever lose her eyesight.  She listed 50 First Dates as the example of how you can survive without a memory and still survive.   Rosie said she'd rather lose her vision because she wouldn't want to lose her memory of when her kids were little.  She said going to the mall now almost depresses her because she sees parents with their little kids and she longs for that time.  Bobby, Janette and Pete said they would also rather lose their vision.
 Bobby had prepared a few "would you rathers" too!  First he asked, would you rather go on a vacation in Spain or go to prison for 12 years.  LOL  Then he asked would you rather win a million dollars or vote Republican?  Rosie asked if you'd rather have cotton candy or a root canal. 
Janette -  Would you rather be able to communicate fluently with all animals or be able to speak every language?  Rosie and Deirdre said animals immediately.  Rosie said if she could communicate with the dolphins off her boat it would make her happier than anything.  Bobby then had Rosie imitate how she calls her dolphins.  He said she sounds like a crazy lady!  Rosie saw a video on Youtube with a kayaker surrounded by Killer Whales.  Rosie said SHE wants to be that guy.  (I found a couple videos, see below...)  Janette said she doesn't feel like she needs language with animals because she already communicates with them so well so she chose the ability to speak all other languages. 

Rosie asked the questions and the staff had to answer. 

Pete: Rosie's first job was working at what department store?  My Sirius CUT OUT for a few minutes!  I think it was Sears? I'm not sure.  The next question was effected too so I'm doing my best here...  
Janette: Rosie's first television appearance ever was on what show?  Janette said something but it was incorrect and the correct answer was Star Search.
Jeannie: Her favorite MISSED THIS ONE but Jeannie got it.
Bobby: On her talk show Rosie used to throw these out to the audience?  Bobby said koosh balls and he was correct!

Pete: How many kids in the O'Donnell family and what number is Rosie?  Pete said 5 kids in the family and Rosie is number three.  He was correct. 
Janette: Rosie was given a "special thanks credit" in this 2001 film?  The answer was Hedwig and the Angry Inch (New Line Platinum Series) and she got it!
Jeannie: Her first acting role on TV was during the last season of this sitcom?  The answer was Gimme a Break and Jeannie got it!

Bobby: She performed in High School imitating this popular SNL character.  He said Roseanne Roseannadanna and that was correct!

Pete: Rosie's favorite Broadway show of all time is?  He guessed Funny Girl but the correct answer was Les Miserables!
Janette: What was the name of the character she played on Nip/Tuck?  Janette knew it was Dawn Budge.
Jeannie: Rosie provided the voice for an animated Disney film for what movie?  Jeannie knew it was Tarzan.
Bobby: This is Rosie's favorite sitcom of all time.  He knew it was Mary Tyler Moore which was correct!

Pete: Jackie and Rosie grew up on this street in Commack.  Pete said Rhonda Lane which was correct!
Janette: Rosie has only admitted to liposuction once, where was it?  It was under her chin but Janette didn't know it. 
Jeannie:  Rosie wanted to take over this popular game show but did not get asked to do the job.  The answer was the Price Is Right and Jeannie got it. 
Bobby:  Rosie's Tom Cruise fantasy involved him doing two thing.  What were they?  He said "serving her lemonade" and "mowing her lawn" which were correct!

Pete: This famous Sesame Street toy's premiered on Rosie's show.  He knew it was Tickle Me Elmo!  
Janette:  Rosie was once named "The Most UnKissable Celebrity" by this product.  She knew it was Scope which was correct. 
Jeannie: Name all 3 Broadway shows Rosie has starred in.  Jeannie knew she's starred in Suessical, Grease and Fiddler on the Roof.
Bobby: Rosie starred on Queer As Folk as a character who was in love with this actress.  The answer was Sharon Gless and he knew it. 

Pete: Rosie was once a TV spokesperson along with this funny woman.  The answer was Penny Marshall and he got it correct!
Janette:  Rosie once starred in a short lived sitcom Stand By Your Man along with______.  The answer was Melissa Gilbert and she got it. 
Jeannie: In High School, which one of the following was Rosie not named.  Homecoming Queen, Class Clown, Most Likely To Succeed and Senior Class President.  Rosie was not named "Most Likely to Succeed" and Jeannie got it. 
Bobby:  The term "Queen of Nice" was given to Rosie by what magazine?  The answer was Newsweek and he knew it. 

Pete: On Halloween Rosie gives these out to the neighborhood kids.  He guessed full sized candy bars which was correct!
Janette: Rosie grew up in this small town in Long Island.  Janette knew it was Commack which was correct.
Jeannie: Rosie's character Doris Murphy in League of Their Own played what position?  She guessed short stop but it was actually third base!  Rosie played short stop in real life. 
Bobby:  What was Rosie last year for Halloween?  It was a Jester but he didn't know it. 

TIEBREAKER for Jeannie and Bobby....
Jeannie: What size shoe does Rosie wear?  She said 9 which was correct.
Bobby: Name a teacher besides Pat Maravel that taught her in school.  He couldn't guess one so.....


Rosie's daughter Vivi has been telling her how much she wants to meet Justin Bieber and Shakira!  Rosie and Vivi love the song Waka Waka by Shakira and they played it on the air. 

Jeannie and Rosie discussed how much they are enjoying this season of American Idol with Jennifer Lopez as a judge.  Jeannie likes this season more than any previous season.    Janette isn't sure how she's going to handle it if James Durbin doesn't win. 

The staff talked about aging and the fear of Alzheimer's.  Janette's father died of dementia and she doesn't want to die that way.  Rosie mentioned and recommended a 5 part series on HBO about Alzheimer's.  Then Jeannie and Rosie chatted for a little while about taking care of parents as they get older.  Jeannie's father expressed to her how he never wanted to be a burden for her or her brother but her mother never discusses it with her.  Jeannie said her mom's recent accident where she broke her ankle, was a huge eye opener for her mom though.
Rosie closed the show. 

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. What a fun show! (Blog?!)

    Just WOW on the whale videos!

    Loved the Rosie Trivia game.

    Mom never let us play with ANY toy guns. She said guns are not toys. I always thought that was very smart!

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly - have a great weekend!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  2. Wow, Kelly,
    Those videos of the whales are awesome. My heart skipped a few beats!
    Thanks so much for posting those.
    Lisa in Indy