4-29-11 - A Broadway Game, a Wine Game and An Interview with The Judds!

In case you missed it...

Rosie started today's broadcast talking about how she read in the newspaper that they're trying to pass a law that will fine you $1000 if you buy a knock-off designer bag.  Rosie doesn't really get the lure of the designer bags and said she once went into Armani on Madison Avenue and saw a purse that was $2400.  She couldn't believe anyone would pay that much for a pocketbook!  Shoshana said she used to carry a "Prego" (instead of Prada) purse and would get made fun for it by her friends.  Pete suggested that it wasn't because it was a knock-off but was because it was actually the name of a spaghetti sauce.  But Shoshana also didn't understand why anyone would pay that much for a purse.  Rosie said her girlfriend Tracy buys generic everything and truly feels the generic product is as good/exactly the same as the name brand.  Today on the program, they're going to have a taste test to see if they can tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. 

Janette won't buy a "designer" purse but said she loves Coach bags especially because Coach will repair their purses if anything ever happens to them.  Rosie once gave Janette a gorgeous leather Coach bag years ago and Janette is having it repaired!  Rosie said she always gets her friend Jackie Coach because it's her favorite designer brand and Jackie won't splurge on Coach herself. Janette actually blames Jackie for causing her obsession with the designer because she turned her on to them.  Rosie said she doesn't mind buying designer for someone else as a gift but said she would never buy designer brands for herself.  Bobby understands the need for the copyright law.  This sparked a discussion on copying CDs, Napster, free downloads, pirated music, pirated movies, etc.  Pete said anytime he's ever been in a laundromat, someone has approached him offering a pirated DVD to him for him to purchase. 

Rosie told a funny story about Vivi who she said is obsessed with Janet and Michael Jackson.  When they were watching Glee Vivi asked Rosie about Barbra Streisand.  She said, "Mom, you think Barbra Streisand is the number 1 best singer and Adele is the number 2 best singer? I think Janet Jackson is number 1 and Michael Jackson is number 2."  Vivi wants Rosie to buy her the Michael Jackson dance game for Kinect on Xbox so she can learn his songs and to dance like him.  Vivi saw Janet Jackson's Nasty Girls on Youtube and loves it!  Rosie said it's her favorite song right now. 

For Vivi.  :)

Rosie then introduced Naomi and Wynonna Judd who were on the telephone to discuss their new OWN reality series The Judds!  Naomi said she would do the interview with Rosie and Wynonna only if they first agreed to some ground rules.  She said there could be no talk of guns, politics and sex... and no cursing!  Then she followed that up with no talk of musicals which Rosie couldn't understand!  Naomi really doesn't like musicals and she doesn't understand why Rosie likes them so much.  Rosie couldn't understand why Naomi doesn't like them and joked with her about it.  She said she wants Naomi to come to New York and go see one with her on Broadway.   

Rosie and Wynonna talked about the show and what it's like touring with her mother again.  Wynonna said she is liking doing the reality series but said it's also been hard for her because, at times, she forgets there are cameras following her around.  She's also not happy with all the edits they've done that make it look like she rolls her eyes all the time at her mother.  But overall, she's happy with it.  Rosie said the show really says a lot about mother-daughter relationships and that loving and forgiving your mother for doing the best they could do, is the true message that it sends.  Wynonna said she and her mother have worked hard on their relationship to get it where it is today.  And she said she will get stopped all the time now when she goes out because people want to come up to her and share their own mother stories with her.  Naomi said that's because people feel like they see themselves in them and they feel like they can trust them.  Rosie said to see Naomi and Wynonna come to a place of healing and acceptance is overwhelmingly powerful to witness.  Wynonna said so much has been written about their squabbles and she wanted people to see the truth of their relationship for themselves.  And Rosie said that the show is so relatable because viewers do see themselves in them!   

The Judds addressed the rumors that there were issues in the family when Ashley Judd's book All That Is Bitter & Sweet was released.  Naomi said everyone in a family has their own perceptions and takes on their own reality and she said Ashley wrote about her own reality.  And just because they lived together doesn't mean they saw every situation the same way.  She continued and said they agree to disagree on certain things but she said everyone has the right to their own story.  Rosie said many families don't allow everyone to have their own version of the story and she complimented Naomi for allowing her that.  When the rumors came out that there was a disagreement amongst the Judds Rosie said she knew even if they were disagreeing, love was the foundation in their family and it would be okay.

Rosie asked the Judds if they watch the show when it airs or if they screen it beforehand.  Wynonna said they screen it before because she typically gets at least 50 texts to her phone while it's on.  They actually went out to eat the night it premiered because the thought that so  many people would be watching their most intimate moments freaked them out. 

Rosie told Wynonna and Naomi that both the "lore and the reality" of their relationship is what's appealing about the show.  She said the reality doesn't take away from majesty of it all but just adds to it.  Rosie told them they were both brave and courageous to do the series.

Rosie asked Wynonna who Cactus is.  Wynonna said he's an artist that used to open for them in the 1980s.  She said he's going through a divorce and they've reconnected recently.

Rosie and Wynonna talked for a while about raising teens and the challenges they face as mothers.  Rosie asked for advice for when Parker disobeys her and Wynonna said she has to act get bigger, a little louder and even more demanding in order to get him to comply.  Naomi listened as Rosie and Wynonna gave each other advice on parenting.  Naomi said she used to be "a rager and a screamer" and one time Wynonna said to her, "Mommy, it really scares us when you scream."  Naomi said it scares kids when they look at their parents and see they don't have all the answers, or they see them out of control. 

They talked for a bit more about raising teens and then Rosie thanked them for calling in to the show.  She wished them luck on the series and said she'd be in touch!

During this game, James played a clip of a song from a Broadway musical and the player had to name what musical it was from.  They could get two extra points if they could sing the big ending of the song.

Rosie: James played a song from Dream Girls, she got it and she sang the big finish for 2 extra points!
Pete: James played a song from West Side Story, but he didn't get it.
Janette: James played a song from Evita, but she didn't get it.
Bobby: James played a song from Wicked, he got it and sang the big finish for 2 extra points!
Shoshana: James played a song from Les Miserables, she got the song but not the big finish.

Rosie: James played a song from Oliver, she got the musical but not the big finish.
Pete: James played a song from Fiddler on the Roof, he guessed the musical and sang the big finish!
Janette: James played a song from South Pacific, she guessed the musical but couldn't sing the big finish. 
Bobby:James played a song from The Little Mermaid, he got it and sang the big finish (with dance moves!)
Shoshana: James played a song from The Chorus Line, she guessed the musical but couldn't sing the big ending. 

Rosie: James played a song from Funny Girl, she guessed it (duh) and sang the big finish!
Rosie then ranted at the other staff members who have never seen Funny Girl. She told James she might not have ever hired him if she had known he hadn't seen Funny Girl and, in fact, she generally doesn't trust people who have never seen Funny Girl.  Bobby and Rosie then sang an entire song from the musical!  lol
Pete: James played a song from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, but he didn't know what musical it was from.
Janette: James played a song from The Sound of Music, she guessed it and sang the big finish at the end!!!  (she first called the musical Happy People on a Mountainside however but ended up saving herself)
Bobby: James played a song from Sideshow, he guessed it and sang the big finish!
Shoshana: James played a song from Cabaret, she got it (with a lot of help) and sang the big finish (with a lot of help!).


During this game, Pete asked the staff members to taste 4 different wines and guess which one was most expensive.  Rosie didn't think she'd be able to tell the difference.  Janette thought she would be able to tell.

WINE 1:  They all sipped the first wine and Janette immediately said she didn't like it and said it seemed like the cheapest.  Rosie said it seemed cheap too. Jeannie gave it a 5 out of 10, Rosie rated it a 4 and Janette gave it a 5.

WINE 2: Rosie said it had "better legs" in her glass and had a better smell.  They all thought it was a bit sour tasting though and no one really liked it.  Rosie, Jeannie and Janette gave it a 2.

WINE 3: Rosie said this wine also had "better legs" and she gave it a 4 (but she liked the first one best).  Jeanine gave it a 5 and Janette gave it a 7. 

WINE 4: Rosie gave it a 3 and still thought wine number 1 was the best of all the wines they tasted.  Jeannie gave this wine a 4 and Janette gave it a 5.  

When asked which wine was the most expensive Rosie and Jeannie said number 1 and Janette said number 3.

Turns out, wine number 2 was $120 a bottle!!!!  Janette called it nasty and said it was sour.  Deirdre called it a "wine drinker's wine."  Wine number 4 was the second lowest rated and it was a $80 bottle!  And the big reveal was that the number 1 and number 3 wines were from the same bottle of wine!  That only cost $13! 

Pete said they've done many studies and this always happens.  He said if you tell people the cost of wines they will always say the most expensive one is better.  He said if they don't tell you the cost of the wine, the cheaper wines are always rated higher.  Rosie said someone once gave her a $500 bottle of wine and she was so afraid to open it, so she never did.  She said Caymus Reserve is her favorite wine ever and when it comes to beer, Rosie said she likes brown amber-colored beer not the light yellow-colored beer.  And she's not really a fan of Guinness. 

Rosie said Tracy isn't a big drinker and after Wyatt's surgery she went out with a few of her friends and only had one margarita and threw up!  She hadn't had much to eat and was still dealing with the stress of the week.  Wyatt imitated Tracy puking in the bathroom when he was telling Rosie about it.  lol    

Last Friday, Rosie was driving and listening to Sirius OutQ and was shocked to hear Janette moonlighting on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick!  Then she said Janette proceeded to tell a story about her days on The Rosie O'Donnell Show when she went to Kosovo on a charitable mission and "they" wanted her to come back with a "happy bunny" story to air on the program.  Janette told Larry that wasn't an easy task in a war zone!  Rosie heard Janette tell the story and thought to herself "what a fricking bitch!"  LOL Rosie said she tried to call in but got a busy signal!  Rosie said it was HER that encouraged Janette to go on the trip! 

Here's how it actually happened.  Americares did a segment on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and had such great success from it they asked if Rosie would ever go on a mission.  Janette knew Rosie would never go but she presented the offer to Rosie anyway.  Rosie suggested Janette go because she  thought it would be a great way for Janette to become more charitable, uplift herself spiritually while getting paid for producing a segment for the show.  She encouraged Janette to take advantage of the opportunity! But when Warner Brothers wouldn't pay Janette for it, Rosie encouraged Janette to take a leave of absence, take along a camera and produce her own piece for the show.  Janette knew the only way she would get a segment from the mission aired on daytime television would be to find something uplifting to report on.  Janette was simply explaining this story to Larry during the interview but Rosie felt betrayed!  (kinda, in the joking way that Rosie acts betrayed)

Rosie said, "FINE!" after Janette explained herself but said she felt like Janette was cheating on her with Larry Flick!  Janette is leaving tomorrow for Ukraine with Medical Missions for Children  where they'll be repairing cleft lips and burns and will be calling in to both Larry Flick's show and Rosie Radio.  Rosie said SHE is giving Janette the time off so she can go on this trip and Janette is going to call into Larry Flick's show daily??!!!  Janette said she'll call in to whatever shows are willing to air her interview so she can help spread the word about the organization.  Rosie said she felt cheated on and Jeannie said Rosie becomes child-like when things like this happen and her friends make new friends.  lol

Rosie asked Janette for an update on the latest news with Sirius regarding what will happen with the staff once Rosie Radio ends on June 1st.  Janette said they're "working" on another show for them possibly.  She said they (meaning Sirius) don't tell her what they're working on, or where it will be, she just knows there have been discussions and meetings regarding placement for the entire staff.  Rosie said people have been writing in to her through her blog and saying they've noticed tension between Janette and Rosie.  But Rosie and Janette said there's no tension, just the show is ending and they haven't really talked about it.  Janette sees this as change and she said she loves change.  She said soon the world will be different for all of them.  Even me.  :(

Rosie asked Jeannie how she's liked being on the radio.  Jeannie said it's been two of the best years of her life!  She said she never thought she would land in radio, she loves the people she's met and the experiences she's had.  She said it's been a great experience working on Rosie Radio, she's made lifelong friends and she's had fun meeting all the celebrities she's met.  

Rosie said she'll be commuting to Chicago soon and while the thought is a little bit scary, she doesn't just want to not do it because it's a huge change for her.  Rosie said the opportunity came along and she thought she'd give it all her attention and gusto and just try it.  Rosie said she's not good with the cold and wonders how she'll deal with that part.  Rosie said when she was first asked about Chicago and commuting every other week, they suggested she live in Trump's condo.  He doesn't really own the building but he licenses out his name to it.  And apparently, it's the best condo in Chicago and supposedly gorgeous inside.  But then Rosie thought about it more and thought it might be awkward living there.  She was also worried he might use her living there for publicity.  But Rosie didn't want to say anything to Oprah/Harpo/OWN about it.  Tracy was the one who actually got Rosie to change her mind about it.  Tracy told Rosie she was surprised Rosie would consider living in a building Trump had his name on.  Tracy suggested to Rosie that she simply ask and see if there's somewhere else she can live.  Rosie said the people she spoke to about it (at Harpo? or OWN?) were very nice when she broached the subject even though she felt embarrassed asking.   Rosie said she will move to Chicago in July and stay there until school starts in September.  After September, she will go to and from Chicago every other week and the kids will stay at Kelli's for half the time.  She said they will start shooting in August!!!  Rosie said it's really weird for her to imagine being that far away from her kids but said life for all of them is changing. 

I'm not going to lie.  I kind of wanted to cry a little writing this part.  I am so sad my job with KidRo Productions is ending.  It's been a dream come true for me.  I know something ends and something else begins but the thought of saying goodbye to all this hurts my heart.  It's going to be a tough month for me next month. 

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. I will miss this blog as well and hope Kelly can find something else to blog about. This is easy for me to say as I have no idea how much work blogging on a daily/weekly basis is, but I enjoy reading Kelly's stuff, especially when it touches her personal life [the video of her son--fabulous!].

    Things continue to change but I know Kelly will find something else that's right up her alley.

  2. Kelly,

    I will miss reading your blog. Every day I look forward to reading what happened on the show. The pink is always the part I look forward to most.


  3. Kelly, can't you continue writing your blog about Rosie's new TV show??? I don't get OWN so, like the Sirius gig, I won't have access to it. And I'll miss my daily dose of Rosie on your blog!!!!!
    All the best-

  4. I was thinking the same thing. Continue with the show since not as many people will be able to see it since its on cable. its not like having a network show that everyone has access too.

  5. It was awesome the day we heard that Rosie Radio gave "the girl who writes the blog" an official job and pay check. Watching your dream come true was very inspiring.

    I know good things are in store for you when the radio show ends.

  6. Dam you Kelly - you just made me cry!
    You are so right - something new will begin for you. You have done a fantastic job on this blog and it became a must read for me everyday. I am grateful to you for it because I couldn't listen to the show myself and of course I just love Rosie and am a huge fan of hers.
    thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Just noticed one of the comments asking you to blog the tv show. Great idea - I probably won't get OWN either.
    Good luck Kelly - hope to keep reading you in the future...

  7. Love you, Kelly. I enjoy this blog so much and I've never even heard the radio show!
    Lovin the Pink!

  8. I just had a panic! But I discovered I do get OWN on DirecTV. Whew!

    I hate change. But it is inevitable I guess. I remember when Rosie announced the new show it seemed far off in the future - now the radio show has only 1 month left! I have no doubt that everyone on the Rosie Radio staff (including our new friend Kelly W!) will find new and better things. Still this will all be missed.

    On a happier note - WEEKEND!

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale

  9. Kelly
    Thanks for keeping Rosie available to all of us that don't have Sirius. I look forward to the blog every afternoon. I hope I can get tickets to the show when Rosie comes to chicago.


  10. change is hard. FOR ALL OF US. xxxooo

  11. Thank you, Kelly for this blog. Otherwise I would never know how wonderful Rosie is on the radio. Keep us posted about your next endeavour.

  12. Kelly, I am among those hoping you will continue with this blog because I don't have cable and will need my Rosie fix! My heart hurts for you, sweetheart, because I know this is tough on many levels. Cyberhugs to you.

    : ) P

  13. Kelly,
    We will all miss you dearly. I know you'll be teaching next fall and maybe that's your calling. A time for every thing.
    You've done a brilliant job here and thankfully, we were kept up to date because of your hard work. I will really miss your blog once the show ends. How many friends have you made?

    Lisa in Indy

  14. I asked a question on Rosie's site that Kelly Wiest should summarize the TV show like she did the radio show. I hope you will be able to do that because its not possible to watch every show and I find your summaries save me a lot of time.

  15. last night in ask ro:

    my new own show will be broadcast on sirius as well

    does that mean you can just continue on the way you are now?

    please say yes, miss kelly.

  16. Kelly, you are lovely. I am so glad you did this. Your blog is the only reason I know what's going on with Rosie radio. A big thank you to you.


  17. you do a great job with the recap! i listen to the show and realize i'd fill 5 freakin' pages if i were doing it. but, you manage to keep the meat of the show intact, while removing the bone. concise, accurate, easy to read.

    good luck to you, whatever comes next.

  18. Wow, everyone. Thank u all so much for your kind words.
    I'm going to write you all back but I have to run out.

    I just wanted to say thank you!!!

    I'll be back to write more.


  19. Thank you so much for writing this fantastic recap blog Kelly.

    You are a talented writer and now have a body of published written work.
    One day I googled something to do with Rosie and your recap blog came up first!

    I think it would be great if you could continue to write for Rosie's new show.

  20. Kelly,this all made me want to cry too! I'll miss your blog so much! YOU are what has made it so enjoyable! Many thanks and love to you! xoxo, Cheryl (CEAinCA)

  21. I teared up too, reading this and thinking about the show ending. I know Rosie has often said this isn't goodbye, you'll see me on OWN but it won't be the same. I love her stories about her kids. The hilarious squabbles with Parker. The sweet things Vivi says. We've been hearing all about Parker's school difficulties and I'd love to see what happens and what school he chooses next year.
    I also love the banter between all of the staff. They are such a great group. I'll miss Pete's stories about his girls as well. And Janette's sarcastic humor.
    The ideal situation (since we can't have Rosie) would be if the entire staff stayed on and had their own show and Rosie could call in weekly for an hour and give an update on her family/career lol
    This is going to be tough!!


  22. Thanks for the re-cap. I was so delighted to find that you were doing this when I knew that I could not afford the radio.
    Now the OWN channel is in the larger cable package that costs more-so I hope you will continue to re-cap the cable show.
    I have been a fan of Rosie since her talk show-she really can lift one's spirit and she has so much of value to say in each show-I am sure that will continue on OWN and I hope you continue as well-your efforts have been much appreciated.