4-27-11 - Trump, Glee, Dog Breeds and Callers

In case you missed it....

Rosie started today's program discussing today's statement by President Obama where he put to rest the rumors about his birth certificate.  Rosie and Bobby hope this will finally put the issue to rest.  Rosie said it's as if Sarah Palin issued in a whole new level of ignorance in American politics and now is seems that Americans sees it as acceptable.  Bobby said today it seems like rumors pass as facts and as long as someone says something the media covers it and that makes it a true statement.  Rosie said if it were true that Obama wasn't a citizen, the Democrats who ran against Obama in the Primaries would have surely outed him.  And Rosie said it's comical to her that people are actually thinking about Donald Trump as a viable candidate! She said he's now feuding with Robert DeNiro Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld.  Bobby (who Rosie said kind of knows Trump) said Donald Trump exaggerates all the time.  Bobby mentioned a recent article about Trump where he admitted in a deposition that he's exaggerated his wealth by 4 or 5 BILLION dollars.  Janette is sure that Trump knows he is outright lying when he exaggerates.  Deirdre is mostly bothered that the news stations are giving Trump a platform to speak on!  Pete misses the early 1990's when Trump fell out of the media spotlight.  Rosie read from Trump's Wiki about his personal debt problems.  Bobby gave Trump some credit by saying he does have one talent and that's getting people to talk about him!  Janette said Trump is getting such joy over the attention that he's going to continue to stay in the press as long as he possibly can.  They read Trump's stance on some political issues and Trump is ProLife, against same sex marriage, against gun control, against foreign aid, and thinks China should be viewed as more of a competitor rather than an ally.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who originally met her at one of her first comedy gigs in Worcester, Massachusetts!  She was the first female comedian he'd ever seen and he loved her.  Rosie said she was a college student at the time in order to get to perform she lied and told the owners of the club she was a headliner at the Catch A Rising Star.  They asked her to do 20 minutes  for $60 and she agreed! Rosie said she didn't have an act but the caller said she was so terrific he came up to her and told her after the show.  The caller wanted to tell Rosie that Trump is proving he's the buffoon that he always was by siding with the birthers.  

Rosie took another call from a listener who has a friend that lives and works in Brooklyn.  She said her friend told her Trump is notorious for hiring smaller "mom and pop shops" to do work on his buildings and then not paying them for the work.  Rosie, unfortunately, had heard that before. 

Rosie took another call from a listener who thinks we shouldn't let Trump back into the country the next time he leaves until he pays back all the people he owes.

Rosie took a call from a listener (named Ro) who listens to the show 3 times a day!  She was a dog groomer by trade so Rosie started to ask her about the tiny Chihuahuas she's been researching on the Internet.  Rosie wanted to know if there's something wrong with the health of a dog if they're bred to be that small.  The caller said there definitely is.  She said breeders who breed dogs that small don't care for the health of the dog, they only care about the size but they keep breeding them because they're such a hot commodity.  The caller told Rosie she should just adopt a dog!  Rosie said she needs a tiny dog to be friends with her dog Missy because she'll be traveling to and from Chicago a lot.  The caller hopes Trump runs for President because all the wackos in American can throw away their votes by voting for him.  Rosie just feels like people need to remember the horrible things he says and how he says them.  She played the audio of the things that Trump has said about her.  I can't play the audio for you but here are the quotes:

"Rosie is a loser. Rosie's been a loser for a long time."
Rosie is "a horrible human being, a terrible woman. She looks bad and she sounds bad and believe me, as bad as she looks, she's worse inside."
"and she ought to be careful because I'll send one of my friends to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be very easy."
"Does everybody know that pig named Rosie O'Donnell?"
"Rosie is a failure. Ultimately she will be a loser."
"She's a disgusting pig, right?"
"She's both unattractive inside and out."
"Rosie O'Donnell's disgusting, I mean both inside and out. You take a look at her, she's a slob, she talks like a truck driver."
"She'll say anything that comes to her unattractive mouth."
"I'd like to take some money out of her fat-ass pockets."
"She's not smart, she's crude, she's ignorant."
"Rosie's a loser."
"And I mean she's basically a disaster."

Rosie went to commercial saying after the break they would be discussing Glee!  Bobby and Rosie believe last night's episode might be the second best episode ever - the best being the episode when Kurt's dad talks to him about being gay which Bobby called transformational. 

They went to commercial playing this from last night...

I Feel Pretty / Unpretty by Rachel and Quinn from Glee

Rosie took many, many callers who expressed their love for Glee.  One caller was a teacher of special needs "tweens" who cried talking about last night's episode.  She wanted every kid to know that no one is perfect and we all have our own issues.  Rosie recommended the web series The-Specials.com to the caller.  Rosie called it a beautiful reality show about special needs kids and highly recommended it. 

Janette loved the part in last night's episode where the cast wore their flaws on their t-shirts.   Janette said her t-shirt would have said fat, angry or low self-esteem.  She said she might need a paragraph.  Bobby and Rosie said their t-shirts would have read "fat," Pete said his would have read "slobby" and Deirdre said hers would have said "anxiety."  Janette said she does motivational speaking and accepting ones flaws is a topic she covers in her talks.  Also if Janette had never had a mother who abandoned her she might not have ever bonded with Rosie the way they had.  And she's so thankful she's been friends with Rosie all these years because of the wonderful places their friendship has taken her!  Also, had Janette not been fat she wouldn't have ever written a book or had her own cooking show.  Rosie also believes that everything that happens in your life is supposed to happen.  Rosie said she believes you come into this world to learn what you need to learn.  Bobby said after he watched last night's episode he almost started to feel sorry for himself.  He wondered how his life would have been different if he had grown up in a society that accepted him and with a show like Glee to watch and know there are others out there like him.  Then he remembered he wouldn't be the person he is today if he hadn't been through all that he's been through in his life. 

Rosie loves Kurt but said she is sick of The Warblers and she thinks Brittany is GENIUS.  Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, told Rosie she was originally hired for the show as a dancer and was written in to the storyline by creator Ryan Murphy!

Rosie took a call from a listener who said Rosie changed his mind on gay marriage.  He's gay but didn't see the need for gay marriage until he called into the show and talked with Rosie about what happened to Kelli during Rosie's magazine lawsuit.  Rosie said Kelli was called in to testify when she was sued by the magazine.  Normally they cannot call spouses in to testify against you but because Rosie and Kelli weren't legally married they could grill Kelli for three days because they could, hoping Rosie would settle because of the stress it put on both of them.  The caller talked with Rosie about being gay and living in the black community.  Rosie wondered why it's harder for people to come out as gay in the black community and thought maybe it had something to do with religion.  The caller thinks it has more to do with machismo, fear and stigma.  Rosie said she knows a bunch of gay black people in the entertainment industry who aren't out.   Janette said she's learned not to judge anyone until you've actually stood in their shoes and lived their lives.  

Rosie prefaced this conversation by saying she's rescued many dogs in her lifetime.  She got her first adult dog after she walked into a pet store following a performance in Grease on Broadway. It was during the time she lived in the Dakota before kids.  She saw a tiny long-haired Chihuahua and she thought it was so beautiful.  She wasn't sure she wanted a dog however and she asked the owner of the store to hold it for her.  Afterward, she went to see a psychic and this was before she was very famous, mind you.  The woman told Rosie there was a woman in the room telling her that she's her mother and she wanted her to buy the dog!  She told her the dog was "Happy" and asked Rosie if that made any sense to her.  It did!  A few months after Rosie's mother died their dog Happy had puppies.  Rosie remembered that she couldn't wait to tell her mother (when she came back, in her mind Rosie's mom was coming back) that their dog Happy had the puppies.  Rosie immediately went and purchased the Chihuahua.  She fell in love with him and got another one.  Unfortunately, she eventually had to give those dogs to her Aunt because she later had kids and they didn't get along well with kids.

Right now Rosie has Nicky, a 17 year-old dog that lives in Florida full time, Zoe, an Australian Shepherd that is Chelsea's dog and goes to Kelli's when they visit her and Missy, her Chihuahua.  Missy is the dog Rosie purchased when Kelli moved out.  She's a 4 pound long-haired Chihuahua.  Bobby has a 9 pound Chihuahua.  Now that Rosie's going to be traveling to Chicago she wanted to get Missy a play friend and has been specifically looking at a tea-cup sized Chihuahua.  Rosie's girlfriend, Tracy, has told Rosie she shouldn't buy from a breeder because it only perpetuates the breeding of these miniature Chihuahuas.  But Rosie feels since they've already been born, why shouldn't she take one and love it anyway.  Tracy feels it only perpetuates the breeding of the very tiny dogs when people purchase them.  Janette agreed with Tracy on this matter and said the only reason people continue to breed the tiny dogs is because people continue to buy them! 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said breeders get these tiny dogs from puppy mills.  She said they breed to runts with the runts and sometimes inbreed them with their siblings and parents!  The caller said they will sometimes starve the bigger puppies to keep them small.  Janette started crying at the mere thought of torturing animals. Janette said she feels like anyone who tortures an animal should be killed, well that's the emotion it creates inside her.

Rosie took a call from a listener who recommended another small dog instead of another Chihuahua.  She recommended Rosie get a Cavalier King Charles SpanielOMG, I always wanted one of those dogs!  But they are so expensive.  The caller said the Cavalier will get along great with her Chihuahua because they have a great attitude and they're easier than a Chihuahua to potty train.  
One caller asked Rosie if she had seen the show Oprah did on Puppy Mills.  Rosie had seen it and was equally horrified by it.  Rosie then mentioned yesterday's Oprah with Michael Douglas.  Rosie thought Douglas was vulnerable, real and raw in the interview.  She said she had so much compassion and respect for him in the interview and for being so honest.  They also briefly discussed Oprah's interview with Phil Knight.  Pete read about Nike's "sweat shop" and child labor abuses.  Learn more about that here.  

Rosie said she "kind of" watched The Voice last night and all she saw was people in roller-coaster seats turning around and trying to not look surprised at what the singers looked like.  Rosie wanted to know what the purpose of the show was.  Janette said the show's purpose is to capitalize on the great ratings of shows like American Idol! Rosie wasn't sure she likes the show or not but said she might give it another chance.   

Rosie took a call from a listener who thought The Voice had promise but didn't like the show last night either.  One of the callers loved last night's show.  She said she liked the banter between the judges and she liked the idea of listening only to the voice to judge the singing.  Rosie thought the show would be better if they didn't show the singer to the audience at home or the judges until the end of the show.    Shoshana thought the purpose of the show was to take someone with raw talent and make them into a star.  Rosie thinks that is an impossible thing to do.  Rosie said you can't say who has or doesn't have the qualities that can make them a star, she said the "it" factor is not quantifiable.   

Rosie then played this song for the listening audience at home! 

Kurt sings As If We Never Said Goodbye

She said she thinks "watching Glee could replace the need for antidepressants in America."

Rosie closed the show letting listeners know she's going to see House of Blue Leaves on Broadway tonight and will tell us all about it tomorrow!

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Damn, those quotes from the Dump Truck make me cringe, but hand it to Rosie for being ahead of the curve once again. She had to deal with his boorish, hate-filled speech long before Cosby, Seinfeld, et al did.

    Alison (Alderella)

  2. The whole puppy mill thing is totally a "chicken or the egg" type thing. If you buy one they will breed more. If you don't then you have a homeless dog.

    Personally I don't believe in pure breed animals. It's not natures way. Genetic structure is improved by variety and weakened by selective breeding. Plus it reminds me of people who don't think people of other races should be married etc.

    I am a HUGE supporter of adopting animals from shelters. I've had 4 wonderful companions myself from shelters and it is such a shame so many are put down because they are not adopted. On the human side I'm also pro-adoption and anti-fertility tampering.

    Thanks for the wrap-up Kelly!

    Dennis - Fort Lauderdale.

  3. hmmmmm....dennis...what do mean by 'anti-fertility tampering'???

  4. I don't know if Rosie is aware of this, but you have to take the pet out of their carrier to pass through security. Air travel is very
    stressful for them. Its not as easy peasy as one might think. Sedating an animal isn't recommended and can cause them to have accidents. Doing it on a frequent basis will cause the animal to become very nervous. Just
    hoping she really thinks this through.

  5. We have had our fair share of rescued dogs in the past but 8 yrs ago I fell in love with a tiny Chihuahua. I've been hooked ever since, we now breed and show them.
    The key to finding a wonderful breeder is finding one that shows. Most of them have terrible websites and you have to call to find out what they have. They do lots of genetic testing, which a puppymill would never spend the money to do.

    Rosie- look up Ada Neives in NYC (dog clothing designer) and ask where her dogs come from. I know she uses a local breeder who shows also and is very reputable. Ada is very involved in the Chihuahua community!

    Nothing wrong with a purebred dog, as long as you are more focused on the health and personality match rather than getting hung up on size & color!

    Chihuahuas are excellent traveling companions on the plane. My brother lives in NYC and comes home to Texas on a regular basis with his Chi. His dog Luke sleeps the whole time (he is a really lazy though!) Flying with you (under your seat) is not stressful for them, they trust you!

  6. To Liz above - let me clarify. Often when people learn that they have problems conceiving a child they go through great lengths and expense to try fertility drugs, artificial insemination, even hiring a surrogate in an attempt to have "their own" child. Meanwhile many children spend their entire lives in orphanages never knowing a happy home. I feel it is somewhat selfish of these people to not consider adoption first. I think God created childless couples - gay and straight - to take care of the children other people cannot raise for whatever reason.

  7. dennis- i am one of 'those people'. while i respect your opinion, i am not a fan of your judgment.

  8. Rosie I am a new listener and I am sorry to say I will miss you. You are so clever, funny and spot on. Trump, sweetie, you are right to rise above his provocations. It's so easy to take the bait, isn't it. I admire you for being who you are with pride and love. Be the eagle.
    Glee is the bestest! I love love love Kurt and have written advice to a parent whose gay daughter flirted with a straight popular gal only to be rejected and hurt, just like Kurt was in the past season of Glee. It's a show with great messages about loving and accepting yourself no matter what other say or think. The musical number are sensational. FYI I am a Rockland County gal and psychotherapist who has met you a long time ago when you so generously donated 10,000 to Planned Parenthood while at Arlene Dahl's home on the Palisades. I look forward to your OWN show. Also I am thrilled to share that my new book, What Do You Expect? She's A Teenager! A Hope and Happiness Guide for Moms with Daughters Sourcebooks, can be pre-ordered through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and more. It's officially out August 2nd 2011!! Yay. Hope you check it out and wow would I love to come on your new show. All the best to a gal who is loved by many.
    Arden Greenspan Goldberg
    Family Psychotherapist/Teen and Parenting and Eating Disorder Specialist www.askarden.com

  9. Rosie, I hope you find a dog you can find joy with. As a dog show handler and breeder for 20 to 30 years in the toy breeds I know it is a slippery slope. If you do decide to go the purebred way, I hope you will keep in mind that the unscrupulous are the ones driven by the almighty dollar. That applies to dog show people who are out to make a quick buck too. They are the ones cutting corners and more worried about what is in it for them. Find a hobbiest, who is devoted to their breed, who is knowledgeable about genetics, raises the puppies in their home - not kennel, (which should smell clean when you walk in) and has the mother, if not the father there so you can see what they will mature to be size and personality wise. I have helped countless people find dogs and these are the guidelines I follow and have not been disappointed yet.