8-19-10 "The day the International listeners called in"

In case you missed it...

Rosie said she is a little sad that it's already late August and that summer is almost over.  She then discussed that they've been on the air for almost a year now!  Janette and Brendan have technically already reached their year anniversary because they started in August 2009.

Rosie then told a story about taking Parker for his physical for school.  He still goes to the same Pediatrician as his did when he was a baby.  She doesn't get to go in the room with Parker anymore so she sat in the waiting area with other parents with their babies and young toddlers.  Then Parker came out to the waiting room with the doctor and Rosie couldn't believe that he's a grown boy now!  She said that everyone told her "It'll go by in a blink" and she never believed them.  She would think "Shut up you old person."  She said it's scary to her how fast time flies by.  Pete began singing his "Old People Complaining" song that he composed during yesterday's show.

Pete is only 29 years old and Shoshana is only 25 years old.  Rosie said that hanging out with staff members in her 20s keeps her feeling young.  Rosie remembered thinking Elisabeth Hasselbeck was very young too.  She said she recently read an article about the misperceptions that people have about Elisabeth and Rosie said she thought it was a good interview.  Rosie admitted she actually liked Elisabeth during her stay on The View.   Rosie said she's been doing her Byron Katie work where she asks herself the 4 questions about a specific thought and that it's been very helpful for her.  Rosie said that some people think it's completely crazy for her to follow Byron Katie.  Rosie explained that Byron is not her "guru" but the things she has learned from practicing Byron's exercises have helped her question certain thoughts she has.  She wishes she could successfully apply "the work" to her food intake.  Janette does well with rules and found that when she made a "no sugar rule" for herself it helped her be successful.  She said she responds well to rules and actually finds freedom in them. 

Janette said Rosie should try the 4 questions on her thoughts about rules.  Rosie said that she has always had a problem with rules and felt as if they never applied to her.  She said she never would have dropped out of college and become a comedian if she had followed the rules.  Janette loves having rules and said they give her comfort.  For example, Rosie recently had a family portrait taken and had to sign a release for the artist.  She signed one for herself and then the artist asked if she could sign one for each of her kids.  Rosie had already signed the one for herself and didn't want to sign the other ones.  She said the minutia of life gets to her sometimes.     

Janette went to The Actors Institute for acting classes and followed a strict program of rules that she succeeded with.  She was always a rule breaker before she participated in the program when it occurred to her that there was freedom in rules.  For example, the "guy" at The View told Janette that she had a full-time job and that she had to stay the entire day at the office even though there was nothing for her to do there after 12:30pm.  So, Janette stayed the entire day and actually found a lot of things she could do in that office, not necessarily all work related however.  Rosie said that "his" rule was an absurd rule and she would have questioned as to why she needed to follow it.  Janette said someone only has to tell her a rule one time and she will follow it for no other reason than it's the rule.  Rosie said that during The Rosie O'Donnell Show days she was told that the staff has to work all summer long.  Rosie knew there was nothing for them to do all summer at the office so she gave everyone their summers OFF!  Janette said that attitudes about rules can be different when you run the show then when you're an employee.

Rosie, Bobby and Janette said they never would have done well in the military because of all the rules.  Rosie said that her son Parker thrived in the environment of rules that he had at camp this summer.  She said since he was a little boy he has wanted to go to Military school.  She said when your mom has tattoos, is a peace activist and a "left loon," there aren't a lot of options for things you can do to go against your mother.  For a while she thought Parker was just saying he wanted to go to military school as an act of defiance.  She said that he has the ability to excel in a regimented situation.  They were looking at camps for next summer and they found that the Citadel and West Point have summer camps for teens which might be a possibility for him.  Then the conversation turned to Rosie hating her belly and she called it a hideous blob of hate.  Pete didn't like Rosie putting herself down this way and told her to rename it her "slab of awesome."  I do much better with rules and have already started my One Year Plan and I've lost 3 pounds!  The rest I will start when my kids go back to school.  Please Lord, make my kids go back to school.

Blake asked Rosie last night if he was on the Internet and if he had fans.  She told him he didn't have "fans" because he was just a kid but they googled his name and found that he is on the Internet.  He loved it!  As they were looking through the images there were some paparazzi pictures of Rosie and her family.  Rosie saw one picture where she was walking with a strategically placed towel to cover her belly.  Rosie knows that somewhere outside of her Miami home is the place photographers sit to take pictures of her so she does this on purpose.  Then there were also pictures of her from when she was in Exit to Eden and Blake and Chelsea couldn't believe that was her!  She said she noticed Chelsea checking out the picture and then looking at her for any sign of similarity.

When Rosie did the film Beautiful Girls she did it with an ensemble cast but she was not in all the scenes with every member of the cast.  When the poster for the movie was released Rosie called her agent because she didn't make the poster.  She then said she didn't know that Courtney Cox was in the movie.  She looked again and realized that she DID appear in the poster and that she didn't even recognize herself because they had airbrushed her so much!  Her agent called the producer Harvey Weinstein and put her on mute so she could listen.  Her agent asked Harvey about the poster and commented that it looked nothing like Rosie.  Harvey told her agent that Rosie should be THANKFUL because she looks so much better.  Yikes.

My favorite scene from Beautiful Girls.  And Yes, I once memorized this entire speech.
Rosie went to see a movie last night but could barely enjoy it because of Bobby's obsession over bed bugs that he has shared with everyone in the studio.  Bobby read from an article that stated that they have found bed bugs in movie theaters in New York and have had to shut some down!  He said that bed bugs are hard to kill since we've stopped using DDT.   Bobby said that bed bugs have been found in his building and he's become obsessed.  Rosie said that about 5 months ago Tracy asked her if she is ever worried about getting lice from theater seats.  Rosie said she had been going to the theater for 35 years and she's never once gotten lice from the seats.  So, now she has that thought in her head as well as the paranoia about bed bugs in movie theaters!

Then there was a discussion over bed bugs and how they appear and what they like to eat.  YUCK!  Janette asked if anyone had ever gotten crabs in your "hoo ha."  Janette got crabs from a bathroom or a hotel room once.  Deirdre said you can get crabs from sitting on a couch.  Janette said that nothing makes you feel more repulsive and that you have to go to a doctor to really get rid of them.  Bobby suggested setting fire to yourself to get rid of them. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who said that the bed bug issue had been going on for years and it's just now coming out in the media.  He said they have bed bug insurance in California and now every hotel room has to be treated for them.  Bobby asked if it was safer to leave your luggage in the bathroom when you're staying at a hotel and the caller said it was.  Rosie adored the caller and gave him $100 in Visa giftcards and a giftcard for Birkenstocks.

The movie Rosie went to go see last night (while she was obsessing over bed bugs) was Eat Pray Love which she and Tracy really enjoyed.  Her girlfriend Tracy has never been out of the country and Rosie told her she would go to Italy with her if she didn't make her do all the "touristy" stuff.   But when they got to the India portion of the film Rosie said a panic came over her.  She said just watching the scene of Julia Roberts in the taxi weaving in and out of traffic, with starving children on the street gave her panic.  She said NEVER IN HER LIFE will she go to India.  Deirdre will be in India in January with Made By Survivors!  Rosie told her to enjoy it and that she has no desire to ever go there.  She couldn't even watch it on a movie screen and if a film offered her a lot of money to go be in a movie that was to be filmed at that location, she still wouldn't do it. 

Janette said she has always wanted to be able to go on a trip as Julia does in the film and rediscover herself. Rosie said that when her ex Kelli finished reading Eat Pray Love she totally related to the story and the desire to rediscover herself somewhere else.  Rosie didn't have the desire to do it after she read the book but did think it was an interesting way to deal with a mid-life crisis.  Rosie encouraged Kelli to do it but Kelli couldn't because leaving the kids would have been too hard for her.   

Rosie then took a call from a listener in South Korea who had done a similar thing to what the woman does in Eat Pray Love.  She left everything and went to Korea to teach English.  She'd always enjoyed travelling but had never been away for more than 2-3 weeks at a time.  She was not married, she wasn't in a relationship and didn't have kids.  She's now been in Korea for 10 months and said that the experience has been scary but amazing.  She loves kids and wanted to experience teaching in another country.  It was just something she needed to do so she did it!  She has learned that people are people and it's put her faith back into humanity as a whole.  She hasn't fallen in love with anyone (as the character does in the book/film) but she said she has fallen in love with herself and she has met people from all over the world.    Rosie told her that she would have never had the guts to do what the caller had done.  Pete said goodbye to the caller in Korean because he used to live there!

Rosie couldn't believe that there were international listeners and wanted people "from other lands" to call in!  Just then her dentist office called to confirm her appointment and Rosie answered it during the show.

Rosie then took a call from a listener in Ireland!  She had a fantastic Irish accent too.  Rosie told her that she's coming to Ireland in November for the show Who Do You Think You Are.  Rosie told her all about how she's going to be on OWN and how Oprah came to her house.  They chatted about the Angry Birds app on their iPhones and the various levels.  Am I the only one that thought this phone call sounded phoney? Hmmmmm. 

Rosie and Bobby have always wanted to go to Russia.  Rosie's been to Israel before!  Rosie loves Julia Roberts and her laugh and said she's one of the few who's got the ability to be herself.  Bobby loves her too and also loves Sandra Bullock. 

A caller said she will be watching Rosie on OWN since she's been listening to Rosie on her radio show.  She wasn't sure she really liked Rosie after the whole "View thing" went down.  But since she's been listening to Rosie on the radio she's realized how genuine and kind-hearted a person Rosie is.  She had read Eat Pray Love and didn't realize it until she saw the film that the woman in the film is really self-absorbed! She felt like the woman could have achieved her self-discovery without hurting people and that perhaps she was looking down on people who've chose to have children. Rosie and the caller commiserated about having teens and teenage rebellion. 

Rosie finds it interesting when people say to her that they didn't really like her until listening to her on the radio.  She said that when she was on T.V. everyday during The Rosie O'Donnell Show people really enjoyed her.  And then the last taste people got of her was that bad ending of The View and the spin of how it all went down. 

Janette wanted to discuss the new Facebook Check-In feature which she called "The Facebook Stalker App."  There's a new feature on Facebook that allows people to identify where they are in the world down to the exact location.  Janette thinks it's crazy insane!  Janette's boyfriend Barry was talking to her about celebrities on Twitter and how it allows stalkers to see where celebrities are at any moment.    Rosie said her therapist has told her that very few celebrities have ever been killed by stalkers and you are much more likely to be killed by a stalker if you're a teacher than a celebrity. 

Rosie saw an amazing documentary called Catfish about a Facebook relationship between a handsome NY photographer and an 8 year old girl in Michigan.  He and the girl became friends and then he cyber-dated her older sister and it all unravelled.  Rosie went online to try to contact the man on Facebook to tell him she enjoyed the film.  Janette stopped the conversation to discuss the fact that Rosie has said she had deleted her Facebook account.  Rosie said she did delete her Facebook because she doesn't enjoy it but she asked Pete to create her one just to play her friends in Scrabble.    The name that Pete came up with for her fake account was so absurd Rosie said she couldn't even remember it!  Janette said no matter how many times Rosie quits Facebook she keeps coming back!  Bobby and Janette really enjoy their Facebook pages and don't understand why she doesn't enjoy it.  Pete jokingly said he changed her name to "Sandy Vagina."  Rosie suggested he change it to "Sandy Crackhole."  Rosie then wondered about the value of their radio program.    Here's a thought!  Create a Facebook page under the name ROSIE O'DONNELL.  Use it for promotional purposes, have an assistant "maintain it," turn off all email alerts, turn off the facebook mail capabilities, accept all friends, play games with fans and visit it when you want to! 

Let us be your Facebook friends Rosie! 

I'm better now. 

Rosie introduced the beautiful Linda Dano who was on the phone to talk with Rosie!  Rosie calls her bedroom "The Linda Dano Suite" because Linda decorated it for her!  Rosie said that all her kids love the room and the big bed she created for her. 

Linda will be introducing a candle and fragrance line next year that she is very excited about.  She said she's working with a high end company that specializes in candles and fragrances. 

Rosie said that Linda has the inherent capability to design the way that she does.  Linda agreed but said that there are fundamental rules and tricks to designing that everyone can learn.  Rosie asked her to give examples and Linda said to not make too many areas in a room "busy" with decorations, stick to a few colors in a room (2 or 3) and display picture frames in groupings.   

Tomorrow Linda will go live at 9am EST on QVC with her Home Collection selling her own designs!  Click HERE for more information and to order online!! 

Rosie and Linda both wished they could chat more with the viewers that call in while they do the home shopping programs.  Linda said that they don't really want you to spend too much time chatting with callers when you are on the shopping programs. Rosie joked that she will be on Linda's Home Collection Christmas special and come dressed as an elf and promise not to talk!  Linda invited Rosie to come to her home during the holidays and Rosie said she would.

Rosie asked Linda if she would be her "Nate Berkus" when she goes to OWN.  Linda said that Rosie doesn't need to make promises to all her friends, that she should just enjoy the moment.  Rosie said that Linda would be perfect to help people decorate their homes because she's so loving and she really cares about the people's hearts.  Linda told Rosie that she too has a huge heart and is the most generous creature and is sure that Rosie's new show will be a smash hit, all over again.

They discussed how not being wealthy as children has effected the way they shop as adults.  They both refuse to spend an exorbitant amount on things and both Linda and Rosie are bargain hunters!

Linda will also be showing her Home Collection at Rockefeller Center during fashion week in New York City.   Go on her Facebook or her Twitter to stay up to date on Linda's Home Collection showings! And don't forget  to tune in to QVC for Linda Dano Home Collection Friday, August 20, 2010 from 9 – 10 a.m. EST  I absolultely loved the interview with Linda Dano.  The connection between Linda and Rosie is so great.  You can totally tell that they are bonded.  It was like listening in on a private conversation between friends.

Brendan played a clip of the song and the player had to guess the name of the song.

Bobby - he heard a clip of "Don't Rain on My Parade" but said "Don't Cry on My Parade" and Rosie said called him out and told him he had to turn in his gay card for getting that wrong.
Rosie - she heard a clip of "Enough Is Enough" and then figured out these were all Barbra Streisand songs (in a last ditch effort for Brendan to save his job.  btw, I think it worked) She got it and loved it.
Pete - he heard a clip of "People" He guessed it right.
Janette - she heard a clip of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"  But she said "You Don't Send Me Flowers."  Rosie allowed it because she isn't Bobby Pearce and she's not gay.

Rosie - she heard a clip of "I'm the Greatest Star." She guessed it.
Pete - he heard a clip of "The Main Event" but guessed "Lucky Star." He was out.     
Janette - she heard a clip of "What Kind of Fool" but she didn't guess it.

Rosie - heard a clip of "Marty The Martian" and sang it out until the end of the show.   

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. I can't believe Rosie attempted FB again! ..And deleted it Again! Too funny!

    There are already 2 Rosie O's on FB..If she uses her name noone will believe it's actually her..lol

    ..Totally off topic now but I sent in a comment to ask -ro for Pete..I don't know if and when she will see it so I'l take my chance and let Pete know..( Pete are you reading)?

    There are Pan Cake molds to Star Wars!! YOu have to buy these! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/star-wars-pancake-mold/

  2. I just realized something...I hope it's Star Wars and not Star-Trek that he's obsessed with..oops!

  3. Kelly..Congrats on the weightloss!..We need to discuss! I think for me mentioning that I am going on a diet etc is too much pressure..Then that will lead me to eat..ugh.

    ( I feel like a pest with all my comments.)

  4. So glad I'm not the only one who can't wait for my kids to go back to school! 19 sleeps and counting! Thanks for the recaps Kelly, with the kids out I haven't been able to listen. You are my saviour.


  5. Kelly ~ I don't have Sirius radio, and I SO APPRECIATE that you do the re-cap of Rosie's show every day! THANK YOU!!
    Mary in California

  6. Lucky for me, I had the car doing chores yesterday and was embarrassed when I laughed out loud in the car listening to the show! Janette's hoo-ha comment was hysterical! I don't look sideways in the car while I'm listening. I don't want others to make faces at me laughing while I'm alone in the car!

    I've said it before, but Kelly, thanks so much for the recap and good luck with the diet. I've stepped up my workouts because I have 30 more pounds to go before I reach my goal weight! I want to get back into size 10s again.

    Love the Facebook idea and by the way, you could do that yourself you know; set up the Facebook page. I know my brother set one up for his class reunion so that everyone could post photos of the weekend. Just a thought.

    Have a great weekend.
    Lisa in Indy

  7. Oh, one more thing...the international caller did in fact sound very Irish. (My husband is British). It's quite possible with Sirius internet connections to listen to the show which is something I'm considering since we don't have a landline satellite radio (only in the car). That might be one of my xmas present requests this year.

    Lisa in Indy

  8. Thanks for doing the recap Kelly, you are dedicated. I stopped listening to her show a while back because she is so weight obsessed and hearing her knock her weight all the time and being negative/fixated on it just made me feel lousy about mine and who needs that. I like to check in now and then and read your recaps.

  9. Hey Kel -

    If ya listen closely... Ro did not get the corrent answer to "What Kind of Fool." I think she called it "Who's sorry now." I listened to it twice, and the first time I was sitting in my office (thankfully alone) and was screaming at my computer screen.

    Once of my favorite segments. You know how I love my Babs and that is one of the things that bind me to Ro... and I was really surprised.

    Love ya Keland the RR... would like to see you again soon!