8-20-10 "The Show When Weenie Almost Kicked Rosie's Ass"

In case you missed it...

Rosie introduced today's show as "It's Friday all day, as my Nana would say."  Then she talked briefly about her Nana who would sit at the kitchen table and chain smoke Chesterfields.  Her Nana loved Jeannie but  she didn't like Mary Rose because she thought she was stealing their tuna fish. 

Jeannie and Rosie chatted about how back to school shopping had begun.  They discussed how schools are now asking students to bring in paper products like paper towels, wipes, Kleenex, garbage bags, etc. because the school budgets do not have enough to cover these costs.  Janette never remembered having to bring in school supplies because in Janette's day, you just had to bring a rock and a chisel to school! (the on going joke about Janette's age continues...) Rosie said she remembers her dad having panic attacks about getting all the school supplies for Rosie and her siblings.  Bobby and Rosie enjoy the store Staples and the smell and feel of new school supplies.  Rosie's kids have to have plain lunch boxes at their school but if Vivi had her wish, she would have a Littlest Pet Shop lunch box.  Rosie said that Littlest Pet Shop has become an obsession for Vivi.  Rosie recently discovered that there are collectors editions of Littlest Pet Shop animals that can cost up to $60 each!  Janette thought that was absolutely obscene and Rosie agreed and said that those are just not an option for Vivi.  Pete proudly announced that in HIGH SCHOOL he had a Batman lunch box and it was awesome.  He was also tormented for it.  Noooooo, really?  Janette feels as if the tormenting from our youths make us stronger people.  Pete must be very strong then.

Rosie said that this is their last day of new shows until they are back from their 2 week vacation on September 7th, the Tuesday after Labor Day.  She said that they recently discovered that they had to get in their vacations before their year anniversary hit or they would lose it!  Jeannie asked if she could have that first Tuesday back off because it's her son's first day of Kindergarten.  Rosie insisted she take it off.  Rosie asked Jeannie if she things she's going to be emotional about her baby going to Kindergarten and following the bus to school and Jeannie said she thinks she will be okay since this is her third child off to school.  Rosie never allowed her kids to ride the bus but Jeannie said that if you're a working mom, you rely on the bus out of necessity.  Rosie said that her eldest son Parker will have to be at his bus stop at 7:09 am SHARP!  She said that he's late often and if he misses the bus he's going to have to walk (which Rosie admitted probably won't happen. She knew she'd cave and drive him.).  Unlike Tracy whose son got kicked off the bus twice and then Tracy made him walk miles to school!  Parker told Rosie that she is a pushover a few weeks ago so she's been actively trying to not be one.  She's trying to get all the kids in the routine for school to start by not allowing them to sleep in her bed, get all riled up just before bed and getting them to bed at the appropriate times.  She talked about how her kids are all on each other's nerves by this time in the summer and how everyone is bickering and how school will be good for that.

Jeannie is looking forward to the Fall but admitted that back to school gives her stress about the holidays.  Rosie enjoys the Fall because she looks forward to Halloween, one of her favorite holidays!  Rosie said she doesn't stress over the Christmas season and Jeannie said she would love it too if money and time were no object!  Jeannie said she wants to decorate the studio for the holidays and have an employee holiday party at the studio!

Janette encouraged the faithful Rosie Radio listeners to keep listening while the Rosie Radio staff is on vacation for the next two weeks because they will be having fantastic shows highlighting their best of Rosie Radio moments!

For this game, Brendan showed the player the title of a song and the player had to sing the song but couldn't use any of the words in the song's title.  If they needed to sing the song's title the player would need to hum that part.  If someone in the room guesses the song, the guesser and the person singing get a point. 
First they did a sample song:
Pete - he hummed "Sweet Caroline" and Rosie guessed it.  Both Rosie and Pete hey both got a point.

Jeannie - hummed "Summer Lovin'"  Bobby guessed it.
Bobby - hummed "Don't Stop Believin'"  Rosie guessed it.
Rosie - hummed "Like a Prayer" Bobby guessed it.
Pete - hummed "I Got You Babe"  No one guessed it and Rosie laughed so hard she peed herself.  He didn't get a point.
Janette - kinda hummed "American Pie"  The song was unrecognizable to everyone in the studio audience and at home.  No one guessed it. 

Jeannie - hummed "Billie Jean" Rosie guessed it.
Bobby - attempted to hum "Brown Eyed Girl" except he didn't even know the song so he didn't sing it.  He asked if the song has ever been Broadway?  No, it has not.  So that's why he didn't know it.
Rosie - hummed "Love Shack"  Pete guessed it.
Pete - hummed "Mrs.  Robinson" Rosie guessed it.
Janette - attempted to hum "I Will Survive"  She barely sang it and sang the words "I Will" so it didn't count.  Then Rosie made Janette hum Happy Birthday to prove she could actually hum anything!  This game was not Janette's forte.

Jeannie - hummed "You're So Vain" Rosie guessed it.
Bobby - hummed "Baby One More Time"  Pete guessed it.
Rosie - hummed "Falling In Love With You"  Jeannie guessed it.
Pete - hummed "Livin on a Prayer"  Jeannie guessed it.
Janette - attempted to hum "Piano Man" but couldn't even think how the song went.   

After Round 1 and 2, Bobby and Pete had 4 points, Janette had 0, Jeannie had 5 and Rosie had 7. 

Rosie got to pick what set of 10 songs she would like to guess from. She got to try to get as many as she could and then Jeannie had to try to beat her number in the same amount of time.  She could choose to guess from the Rolling Stone's Top 10 Songs of All Time or Billboard's Top 10 Songs of the 1970s. 

Rosie chose the Rolling Stone's Top 10 Songs of All Time.
She heard:
"Like a Rolling Stone"  She didn't get that one.
"No Satisfaction"  Got it.
"Imagine" Got it.
"Respect" Got it.
"Good Vibrations" Got it.
"Johnny Be Good" Got it.
"Hey Jude" Got it.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"  She didn't get it.
"What I'd Say" Got it.
I missed one!  Ooops. 
She got 6 songs total. 

Jeannie had to get 6 songs correct in 2:18 to WIN!

The Top 10 Songs of the 1970s.
She heard:
"Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" Got it.
"I'll be There" Got it.
"I Think I Love You" Got it.
"Bridge Over Troubled Waters" Got it.
"Close To You" Got it.
"I Want You Back"  She didn't get it.
"Let It Be"  She got it with 8 seconds to spare and beat Rosie!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie really enjoyed this game!  Me too.  One of the best ever.  Even though I know it doesn't translate well in the blog it was really fun to listen to.

In this game, each of the studio members shared a secret about themselves.  All the players had to guess whose secret belonged to whom.  Brendan said they created this game because of Bobby's profile piece when they all learned things about Bobby that no one ever knew!
Secret 1: "I've seen very episode of Good Times multiple times."  Rosie and Jeannie guessed that was James' secret.  Pete guessed Brendan.  Janette guessed Pete. 
Secret 2: "I've never seen Gone With the Wind."  Rosie guessed James.  Janette said Lou.  Jeannie and Pete Janette.
Secret 3: "Taking professional signing lessons is on my bucket list."  Janette and Rosie said James.  James said Lou.  Lou said James. 
Secret 4: "I love the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap."  EVERYONE said Bobby. 
Secret 5: "I was one of 3 actors up for the lead actor for a Hollywood film.  The film was closed before it was cast."  Janette said Pete.  James said Rosie in Exit to Eden part II.  Rosie said Brendan.
Secret 6: "I like to play hearts"  Pete and Rosie said Jeannie. 
Secret 7: "I lost my first tooth biting into a piece of concrete to impress a stranger."  EVERYONE yelled Rosie!  Jeannie even did an imitation of Rosie doing it and saying it.   
Secret 8: "I once lost 50 pounds on a diet of just tuna and weed."  EVERYONE said Janette.

Secret 1: James, Secret 2: Bobby, Secret 3: Jeannie, Secret 4: Rosie, Secret 5: Brendan, Secret 6: Janette, Secret 7: Pete,  Secret 8: Lou

Seth Rudetsky was in the studio and after playing the "I've Got A Secret" game everyone pressured Jeannie into having an impromptu professional singing lesson.  And man was she PISSED about it but still trying to be respectful to Seth and his talents.  She did not want to sing live on the air!  She was sooooooooo pissed at Rosie she was giving her the finger the entire time.  Seth calmly explained to Jeannie that her singing voice is also her speaking voice and he walked her through the lyrics of a song.  Jeannie kept giving the studio members the finger which was making them laugh hysterically and then Jeannie accused them of laughing at her!  Seth told Jeannie to sit up straight, feel her ribcage expanding, and work on her breathing while she was singing. It was a real singing lesson and man was Jeannie PISSED OFF!  Rosie had no inhibitions whatsoever and sang happily along to the singing lessons with Jeannie.  Seth told Jeannie that her singing voice (pitch and tone) was great but she needed to work on her acting and feel the lyrics.  He told her to imagine she was signing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow to her 5 year old son.

Seth threatened to make Rosie leave the room because Rosie was causing a ruckus by laughing so hard at Jeannie's suffering.  Janette encouraged Jeannie who was having trouble with the acting portion of the singing and told her that just because she never acted before doesn't mean she can't!  Then Janette sang Bali Hai like a professional opera singer!  Which was shocking after the Hum that Tune/Karaoke debacle that proceeded this segment.  Seth actually taught Janette that song on The Rosie O'Donnell Show!  Then Bobby sang There Are Worse Things I Could Do and I totally got chills!   Man, he's a great singer.  Rosie finally told Jeannie that if she sang her song and really gave it 100% she would let her stop. They sang the song together and Jeannie got to stop.   

Brendan said the summer game totals have been tallied and Rosie is clearly the winner.  However, Bobby and Janette were tied and have to have a face-off to determine second and third place.  Rosie rubbed it in to Pete as best she could since he wasn't in the running for the top 3.

Brendan announced that they would be playing Brain Quest Grade 7.  Janette and Bobby would be asked 10 questions and whoever got the most right would determine the winner.  Janette felt like she should get a break because it's been longer than Bobby since she was in 7th grade and he has an advantage.  Rosie added that Janette should be allowed to park closer to the studio so she can use her walker.  In other words, no special concessions for Janette.

1. Add a conjunction to correct the run on  sentence: "The rock star took a bow we cheered." She said The rock star took a bow and  we cheered.  She got it right. 
2. Who wrote Hatchet and the River? She didn't know the answer which was Gary Paulson.
3. What famous words are attributed to Nathan Hale before he was hanged. The answer was "I only regret but I have one life to give for my country." 
4. What sugary liquid do bees get from flowers?  She guessed pollen but it was nectar.
5. If 2 is a whole number, what is 2.5?  She guessed a fraction.  Brendan gave it to her. It was a mixed number.
6. The simple predicate in a sentence is always a verb.  True or False.  She said False but it is true. 
7. Which scandal is associated with the Nixon presidency?  She guessed Watergate before he could even list them.
8. Name the scale that tells you whether a substance is an acid or a base.  The answer was the pH scale but she didn't know it.
9. Why is Canada's climate colder than the U.S.?  She said it was because it's closer to the North Pole which Brendan accepted.  His answer on his card was because it has a higher latitude.
10. Where can you visit the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.  She guessed Washington D.C. which is correct. 

Janette got 5/10 correct.

1. Which word is listed first in dictionary - loud, loudmouth, or (another loud word I didn't catch).  The answer was loud and Bobby got it.
2. Is Hindi the official language of India or Pakistan?  The answer was India and he got it.
3. Which Russian ruler came first?  Ivan the Great or Ivan the Terrible?  He guessed Ivan the great which was correct.
4. Which has the most gravity a supernova, a black hole or a white dwarf?  The answer was a black hole and he got it.
5. We left NY at 9pm and got to Madrid at 4:30.  How long was our flight?  He guessed 7 hours but the answer was 7.5.
6. I was given a lot of presents.  How would you describe the verb?  Bobby said passive and he was correct!
7. Did the Iroquois live in caves, adobes or long houses?  The answer is long houses but he got it wrong.
8. Order from West to East: Finland, Russia, Iceland.   He guessed Finland, Iceland, then Russia and got it wrong.   
9. Which moves faster? Large molecules or small molecules?  He guessed small molecules and was correct! 

Bobby came in second and received the less crappier prize than Janette. 

Janette won the soundtrack to the Empire Strikes Back on vinyl.  Bobby won the soundtrack to How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Rosie won Meet The Monkees on vinyl because it proves that the Monkees weren't really a band on the jacket of the record.  Pete is obsessed that he lost the band game over a Monkees related question.

Rosie and the staff chatted it up until the end of the show.  She talked with Parker about starting his new school and whether or not he was nervous.  Parker said he's a little nervous about keeping up with the work-load but he's not nervous about making new friends.  Rosie reassured him that there's extra help at the school if he needs it.  Rosie said she used to have anxiety the day before school.  Rosie, Parker, Janette and Pete all talked about the languages they've learned in school.  Parker has chosen to take Latin which Rosie thinks is pretty useless unless the Pope gets on a bus and needs change.  Pete thinks Latin is awesome.  Janette said she once took Latin because a truly educated person would take Latin to learn more about all the romance languages.  Rosie knows a little Latin because her father was an altar boy and taught her some.  Parker spoke a little German and Janette spoke a little Russian.

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw 

I'm taking the weekend off but I will be updating the blog with links to all the awesome One Year Plans I am receiving from Rosie Radio Recap Readers!  If you are thinking of doing a One Year Plan and would like support of other Rosie Radio listeners, create a blog and email me your link!  It's just a way to connect to other Rosie Radio fans and to help stay on track.  It doesn't have to be weight related either, maybe you want to run a 5K or stop drinking soda or quit smoking.  It could be fun!  See you all next week peeps with more on this.  My fingers are tired from typing.  :)  xo

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