The One Year Plan!

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  1. Kelly! You are so darn cute!! THANK YOU for inspiring me to finally get The Mambo Project up and running. I can feel change coming and I like it!

  2. Off topic, please forgive me, but I am reeling... I just read on Facebook that Jeanne and Janette are not moving over to the TV show with Rosie. I feel like I got kicked in the stomach. I am really looking forward to the TV show, but I feel like I am losing friends in a year. You know?

    : ( P

  3. i just visited all the blogs you listed, kw...and found them so inspiring. i am so torn bc as much as i know i need to get my ass in gear and be healthy, i feel that i am not ready. and that saddens me. argh.

    lots to think about. xo