8-17-10 "The day the Star Wars game ruined it all"

In case you missed it...

Janette had great news to report!  Her biopsy came back negative (which was positive!).  They didn't find any cancer.  Janette was relieved and happy that she didn't allow herself to stress about it all weekend since it turned out to be nothing.  She was also happy that she talked about it on air because it reaffirmed the decision that she made about not wanting anyone to come with her to the procedure and also allowed her to hear the statistics that Shoshana read which said that 4 out of 5 needle biopsies turn out to be non-cancerous. She said those statistics talked her out of panicking if stress over the results ever crossed her mind over the weekend.  The doctor had also told her that the worst case scenario, because of the size, was a stage zero so she knew if the news was cancer it was very early.  

Last week, in preparation for a future game, everyone in the studio had revealed a secret about themselves for a game.  The game was going to be that they were going to have to guess whose secret belonged to whom.   Jeannie's secret was that she always wanted to take professional voice lessons.  When Seth Rudetsky was on the show yesterday, Bobby and Rosie suggested that Jeannie have a singing lesson with Seth!  After yesterday's show they continued taping and recorded Jeannie's singing lesson (against her approval!).  Jeannie was crazy mad at Rosie and said there was a reason that her secret wish was a SECRET!  Jeannie said she considered walking out out the studio yesterday she was that mad.  She was so stressed and angry about having to do her singing lesson live and on the air she later had a "post traumatic migraine" and had to take a nap.  Also she said they chose the song "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" for her which is not a cool song.  Apparently it was utter torture for Jeannie and she was flicking Rosie off the whole time but she didn't want to be rude to Seth so she did it anyway.  Rosie laughed while Jeannie told the story and thought the whole thing was hilarious. Bobby said that Jeannie sounded great when she wasn't cursing at everyone. 

Last night Rosie went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World and she really liked it.  It was Rosie's daughter Chelsea's choice of movie and Rosie really enjoyed it. She tried to explain to Jeannie how in the film they combine reality with a surreal comic book reality to come up with a new genre of movie.   Jeannie asked if it was like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and everyone started laughing at her!  Jeannie said that everyone was making fun of her lately on the show and wanted to leave.  Rosie told everyone to leave her alone. 

Rosie said while she was at the movie there were some teens sitting near them making out and grinding each other the entire time.  Rosie's daughter Chelsea pleaded with her to not intervene but when Chelsea got up to go to the bathroom Rosie went over to them.  Rosie was irate and asked the teens if they thought their behavior was appropriate and asked them how old they were.  They were only 13 and 14 years old.  She said they didn't even care that an adult was reprimanding them.  She told the teens that she saw the girl giving the boy a hand-job and she told them she did NOT want to see it again!  The teens just told her "whatever" and to "chill out."  She said the teens shenanigans didn't stop.  Janette was shocked by the teens disrespect towards an adult!  Rosie didn't think she would now ever let her kids go to the movies alone.  Later Chelsea and Rosie talked about it and Chelsea asked Rosie how she is sure that Parker isn't like this with his girlfriend at the movies?  Rosie hoped at least that Parker wouldn't be that disrespectful to adults.   

Rosie took several callers on the topic.  One caller had the same experience at a movie theater and was equally horrified.  One caller was a teacher and said that this behavior goes on in her high school all the time.  Jeannie remembered kids making out like this in high school all the time!  Jeannie even made out in the janitor's closet once with a boy.  One caller had an issue with rude teens at a Broadway show.  Rosie said she would have gotten an usher for sure if that were to happen at a Broadway show because the tickets are so expensive!  They discussed the time that Harvey Fierstein asked someone with a cell phone to leave during the Broadway production of Hairspray and the time that Rosie saw a fist fight in the audience of Grease when she was on stage! Rosie was playing Rizzo on stage and some young men were being extremely rude to an elderly couple in the audience.  Rosie was telling them to cut it out from the stage but while trying to stay in character!  She said at times like those she wished she was a police officer.

Rosie briefly mentioned the news that Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are adopting twins!  Rosie was very happy for them and had read about it online.  She had expected to read mostly negative comments about the news but was pleased to read that most commenters were excited for them. 

The radio staff discussed a recent article that stated that South Carolina will cover obesity surgery next year.  They said they will cover it for the first 100 people that apply at $24,000 a piece.  The thought is that this would be cheaper than the ballooning cost of health care related to obesity.  Jeannie said she never considered the surgery personally because she said for her it would be like putting a band-aid on the problem.  She said for her it's not a cure and she thinks the risks are not worth it.  Rosie never seriously considered it because she doesn't enjoy the thought of throwing up and diaherra that can be side effects associated with the surgery.  Jeannie also loves her passion for cooking and for food and feels that if she ever lost that, she would get very depressed.  She said she did wish she could learn to cook healthier and eat better though.  Bobby never considered weight loss surgery either and doesn't think it solves the problem of why a person overeats.  Janette read from the article that stated that two out of three people in South Carolina are overweight or obese.  This new decision to pay for weight loss surgery is partially because of universal health-care and they believe that this will be cheaper for the state than dealing with the medical related problems due to obesity.  Rosie said that most of the people she has known who have had weight loss surgery have gained it back. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who had the surgery in 2002 when she was 305 pounds at 5'5" tall.  She lost a large amount of weight and within three years she was down to 170 pounds.  It gave her the opportunity to do some things she never thought she could do.  Three years after the surgery she had a breast reduction and abdominoplasty.  Then she found that her son was HIV positive and it devastated her.  That along with some devastating news about her husband and she decided to F-it and she ate away.   Rosie talked with the caller about HIV and about advancements in treatments and about how people with HIV are living longer.  She eventually got back up to 238 pounds.  She had thought that she had stretched her stomach but it turned out that the food was coming out of her stoma and now she has to have another surgery that insurance won't pay for.  Jeannie's thoughts were that weight loss surgery will never change what is going on in your head.  Rosie wondered what a good treatment it actually is for weight loss when everyone she has ever known who has had it gained it back.

Rosie took another call from a listener who was 5'2" and weighed 324 pounds in 2001.  She too had the stomach surgery for weight loss.  She's put on 24 pounds in the last few years but says it has saved her life emotionally.  She throws up if she eats too much but she thanks God for that because she has two friends who also had it and one has put back on all her weight and one is on her way.

Rosie said that her one friend who never put back all the weight was Star Jones.  Rosie said that Star not only hated to be fat but she really wanted to be thin and pretty.  She said she really wanted to look thin and wear certain clothes.  The other people Rosie knows that have had the surgery just didn't want to be fat anymore it wasn't necessarily that they wanted to be thin and get all that attention.  Rosie talked about the time she got down to 170 pounds and some gas station guys flirted with her.  She said she immediately went to Baskin Robbins and she found herself eating because of all the attention.  Rosie said she wasn't even aware of the connection at the time.

Rosie took a call from a man who was addicted to food, got the surgery and then became addicted to alcohol.  He said it was the worst thing he ever did in his life.  He went to rehab and recommended a program called Smart Recovery for those that aren't particularly religious.  He's been clean and sober for 3 years but he now weighs 310 pounds again.

Pete tried to find a study of the success rate of lap band surgery and gastric bypass but wasn't able to find one that wasn't sponsored by the lap-band/gastric bypass websites.   

During all the phone calls James was getting many of the names of the callers incorrect.  Rosie said that James had to put in a dollar in a jar every time he got a name wrong and this week, the staff would be going to dinner on James!   

Janette read from a Huffington Post article that stated that the flooding in Pakistan is the worst natural disaster of our lifetimes.  They are predicting that it will take billions to rebuild the area.  The article states that not only have the crops been washed away, but they don't even have the seeds to plant for next year.  It is estimated that 20 million people are in need.  So far they've only been able to raise 148 million dollars globally for relief efforts.  Pete read some google stats that said that in the first 15 days the U.S. raised 528 million for Haiti.  When Hurricane Katrina happened the U.S. raised 580 million dollars in only 8 days.  So far it has been 19 days since the Pakistani floods and the U.S. has only contributed 76 million dollars.  Rosie wondered if this was because it's barely even being spoken about on the news.  She said the first she heard about the flooding was yesterday!  Janette compared it to the Haiti coverage and said that you couldn't even turn on the T.V. and not hear about the Haiti Earthquake at the time.  Rosie wondered if we've  dehumanized an entire region as unworthy and whether this was effecting our willingness to give. 

Janette thought it could be the perfect storm and proposed that the lack of response had to do with a multitude of reasons.  She said it could be the poor media coverage, donor fatigue, and the thinking that Pakistani's are terrorists.  Bobby thought the lack of giving has to do mostly with race and prejudice because he overheard a conversation about the flooding and some people were saying that this was God's punishment to the region.  Jeannie thought that pay-cuts, high home foreclosures, and high  unemployment were the reasons American's aren't giving as much right now.  Janette and Pete said that if we're not giving, the Taliban will step in and give.  Janette talked about the dangers in letting this happen.   Rosie talked with a caller who was disillusioned with giving because of how things weren't improving in New Orleans. Rosie's said she's sick of seeing celebrity telethons and seeing millionaires asking people with much less for money.  Rosie thinks celebrities should have to give a 6 figure donation in order to participate in those telethons.

Rosie said she is trying to work on her ethnocentric outlook on natural disasters.  She said she has trouble taking on the challenges that happen in other countries.  Janette said for Rosie to remember the starfish story, and that making a difference can sometimes be one person at a time.  Janette feels the opposite as Rosie when it comes to worldly disasters.  She feels that if it happens in the U.S. she is sure that someone will come to the aid of the people and help so she turns her charitable giving internationally. 

Janette thinks it's unfortunate that the news of the Pakistani flooding isn't more at the forefront of the news because what happens in Pakistan effects the U.S. even more than what happens in Haiti.  She and Pete said that Pakistan is a strategic ally for the U.S. because of what is going on in the neighboring countries and their nuclear capabilities. 

Rosie took a call from a listener who was discouraged because she has seen the good that has happened from the donations that Americans have given to the regions most effected by Katrina.  She felt as if Rosie's conversation was encouraging people to not give.  Janette encouraged donors to do their research when they give to an organization and see how much of the donation goes towards helping the people and how much of it goes towards administrative costs.  In the end, Rosie agreed with the caller and took back her statement about feeling that nothing was being done post-Katrina.  

The current tally of wins for the summer months are:
Rosie: 5
Janette: 2
Jeannie: 1
Bobby: 3
Pete only 1!!!!!

Brendan described today's game and was unusually vague about it's description.  All he said was that he was going to play a quote by a famous character of fiction and the player would have to identify the character.

Rosie - heard a clip "I am your father."  It was Darth Vader and she guessed it.
Pete - heard a clip of Chewbacca growling and guessed Chewbacca.  Shocker.

Rosie stopped the game upon the realization that all the clips were Star Wars related and said it was unfair and accused Pete of rigging it!  Rosie said she didn't want to play and that no one in the studio likes Star Wars except Pete!  But they continued anyway...

Janette - heard a clip of R2D2 squeaking.  She guessed it.
Jeannie - heard a clip "Match for a new blaster. (???)"  It was Han Solo but she didn't get it. 
Caller - heard a clip "I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father."  He guessed Luke Skywalker and got it right.
Bobby - heard a slip "he's too short for a storm trooper."  He guessed it - Princess Leia. 

Rosie - (who was "beyond bored" at this point) heard "I'm lost, where have you been."  It was C3PO and she guessed it.
Pete - heard a clip "The force will be with you, always." The answer was OB1Kenobi and he got it.
Janette - heard "Yegads, what'cha me'sa sayin?" The answer was Jar Jar Binks and she got it.
caller - Rosie gave him presents before he even answered because she said the game was so dumb.  He heard "Yeah, Ja Wakechibaca."  The answer was Jabba The Hut but he didn't get it so he was out.
Bobby - heard "Hello, what have we here?"  The answer was Lando Calrisssian but he didn't guess it so he was out.

Rosie - heard "Now you will experience the full power of the dark side."  The answer was Emperor Palpatine but she guessed Darth Maul.  Rosie was out and not happy about it!
Pete - heard "Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold."  He guessed TK188 and got it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!  The correct answer was Bobo Fett!  Rosie became truly happy all the sudden and told Janette that if she got the next one correct she would beat Pete.  No pressure!  
Janette - heard a character saying "It's a trap!"  She guessed Admiral Ackbar and got it correct! 

Janette beat Pete at the Star Wars game!  He groaned and yelled as if he was in pain and Janette got the point for the summer game tally. 

Rosie said that Pete is a loser, cheating never pays and Brendan should be searching the web for want ads this afternoon.  

Rosie and Tracy and all of their kids got their photo taken for an artist that does portraits of families.  She said they've been having a problem with skunks around the chicken coop and last night they caught a possum.  She said that Tracy made her stop spraying chemicals for insects and now they found seven spiders in Vivi's bedroom last night.  Janette has a woodchuck that she is trying to catch and talked about how they can devastate a garden.  Janette's father used to shoot the woodchucks but Janette said she would never kill an animal for just being an animal.

Rosie closed today's show saying that basically today's show was ruined and it was all Pete and Brendan's fault. 

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Thanks so much for the updates. I do so enjoy reading your blog. I have not been able to listen to Rosie for a couple of days so this is definately the next best thing. Keep up the good work, I'm sure rosie is very happy that you are doing this.

  2. Thank you as well! Busy working this week and find it great that I can "read" Rosie!

  3. Hi Rosie and everybody at Rosie Radio,
    I am so glad that you mentioned the flood disaster that has occurred in Pakistan. I am a Pakistani-American and to see what has happened to this already poor unstable country is just heart breaking.
    I do think that we have not seen a ton of coverage in the media about Pakistan - could it be because it is on the other side of the world where Haiti was more in our backyard ? Or could it be because it is a Muslim country?
    I also know for many people donating to Pakistan where corruption is so deep makes people weary to donate . But I wanted people to know that there are solid organizations out there to donate to.
    Please check out this link: http://www.tonic.com/article/how-to-help-pakistan-flood-victims/

    I hope you continue to mention the flood disaster in Pakistan.
    Thank you ,
    Raabia Khan