8-16-10 "The show about weight and how we think we look"

In case you missed it...

Janette said her biopsy went fine and it wasn't painful at all.  She said she had some local anesthetic and the nurses kept asking her if she was okay.  She said she held the nurses hand not because it hurt but because she thought it would be churlish not to.  She said it wasn't anymore painful than novocaine at the dentist.  Janette will get the results today and is anticipating a good result because she knows that 4 of 5 biopsy results are not cancerous.  She also has some exciting news!  Janette is going to China on a medical mission!  She sees it as very timely because she had just finished reading Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage.  She had been wanting to go and now she gets to and she gets to go on a mission and work it from the ground up.  Janette commented how sweet people were to her on her Facebook page and Rosie said that many people wrote in to her on her blog and expressed their concern for her.  Janette promised to give the results tomorrow and that she would email Rosie as soon as she knows anything.   

Jeannie went to a card stamping party with Judy, a Rosie Radio listener!  She became friends with a listener online who invited her to a card stamping party at her house and Jeannie went along where she made three homemade cards.  Jeannie talked briefly about going to a listener's home and how they're all learning how to judge character through text/email/computer interaction.  She said she had a wonderful time and that Judy didn't even tell anyone how they met, she was just the new girl at the stamp party.  The stamping party takes place every month and Jeannie's going again next month! 

Deirdre announced she got a haircut this weekend.  She said she now has bangs and her hair is darker!  We want to see pictures!!!  Pete said she she looks like Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt!  Rosie said she looks like Oksana Grigorieva.  She gave an update on her knee too.  Deirdre had a bad fall last week and blew out her knee.  She's still on crutches but she said it's good.   

Pete went to a Star Wars convention this weekend in Florida which he said was awesome!  He said he was with his people!  Rosie said that listeners have written in and asked if Rosie could get Pete to stop screaming on the air.  He said no!  He came back from the convention with gifts for Rosie.  He brought her a 12-inch Han Solo doll (dressed from the end of the New Hope movie) and Lando Calrissian doll.  He paid a whopping $15 for the both of them which Pete said was a steal!  He said the convention was filled with lots of collectors selling stuff and even a Star Wars tattoo parlor.  Pete's favorite moment was when he won third place in a Bounty Hunt game against 100 other teams.  He and his team members had to decode clues about Star Wars and then run around and find the characters wherever they were and then come back.  He said he had a great team and accredited them for the win although he said he helped out with google searches on his phone for some of the answers.

Jeannie commented on how animated Pete was when telling the stories of the Star Wars convention.  She said he was acting like an 8 year old kid.  Pete then acted out a scene for the staff with the dolls he purchased for Rosie.  Rosie was touched by the dolls but thought that Pete could "hold" them for her since he got such enjoyment out of them.  Pete also bought his kids, who are just beginning to learn of Star Wars, Yoda dolls.  Overall Pete had a great weekend and he said it was a once in a lifetime experience for him. 

Rosie went to Marshalls with her kids in an attempt to not go to Target.  Rosie didn't really like it there and she said it reminded her of going to Modell's as a child.  She didn't like the overall feel of the store or the lighting.  She wanted to leave and they all went to Target.  While they were at Marshalls a woman came up to her and this was their conversation: 

Woman: Are you her
Rosie: Yeah, I think.
Woman: Yeah, let me just ask you something.  Are you mean?
Rosie: Excuse me?  What do you mean?
Woman: Are you mean?  Because a lot of people tell me you're mean. 
Rosie: No, I'm not mean. 
Woman: Terrell, come over here, she ain't mean!
Terrell: Donald Trump says you're mean. 
Rosie: Well, Donald Trump is an asshole. 
Terrell:  Yeah but people say it.
Rosie: Ugh. 

That night Rosie and Tracy went out to a small restaurant in town where there were only tables in the middle of the room.  They moved seats twice in order to accommodate larger parties and then ended up in the corner of the restaurant.  An elderly gentleman who was possibly hard of hearing loudly asked the waitress (who didn't speak English very well) "EXCUSE ME, THERE WAS A VERY LARGE WOMAN WHO WAS MOVING TABLES WITH A BLACK SHIRT ON AND ORANGE PANTS.  WHERE DID SHE GO?  SHE'S SOME SORT OF CELEBRITY."  Rosie could hear the man asking the waitress about her.  She admitted that she could hear every conversation at every table.  Rosie said she has a unique ability to have a conversation and be totally listening to another conversation that she's not even involved in.  Rosie went up to the man and introduced herself.  He thanked her for coming up to him because he couldn't recall who she was.

Later that night Rosie started obsessing with how big she is and how she appears to others.  She started to have a conversation with her girlfriend Tracy that she says in hindsight, she should have predicted would end badly.  Rosie said that Tracy doesn't have an issue with Rosie's weight and is even perhaps a "chubby chaser" when you look at her past girlfriends.  But they were in bed watching a news program Rosie pointed to a woman who Rosie thought was a very large woman and asked Tracy if she was the same size as that woman.  Tracy said yes and it brought Rosie to tears!  Then Tracy started crying and asked if she would rather that she lie to her.

Rosie mentioned the Carson Kressley show called How To Look Good Naked that has women lined up in their underwear from heaviest to lightest and the women are to put themselves where they think they belong weight-wise.  She said there is always a distortion of some sort.  Most times the women think they are heavier than they actually are.  Rosie thinks her distortion is that she always sees herself as thinner than she actually is.  Jeannie said she always thinks she is thinner than she is too and it isn't until she sees pictures of herself that she realizes what she actually looks like.   

Jeannie said one time she was with her two-year-old daughter on the beach and a very large blond woman in a black bathing suit walked by and her daughter pointed at the woman and said "Mama!  Mama!"   It made Jeannie cry that that was what her daughter thought she looked like.  Rosie said that Tracy is helpful, loving and non-judgmental, about her weight and that she too has gained weight since she came to live at Rosie's.  Tracy also thinks that Deirdre is tiny and not fat at all.  Deirdre said that when she gained weight she didn't realize it until she saw a picture of herself.  Tracy went online and found that according to the BMI index Rosie is technically obese.  Rosie asked the rhetorical question of whether or not you can face your weight lovingly without shame.

Janette said a lot of the issues we have about our weight are all in our minds and the thoughts we tell ourselves.  She said that she had a listener write in to her that is 5'6 and 155 pounds and she thinks she's fat.  Rosie talked about Byron Katie's interview and how they discussed believing negative thoughts that only cause us to suffer.  Rosie said that a lot of her bloggers/listeners had extreme reactions to the Byron Katie interview.   Rosie loved meeting Byron and said that it has helped her in the way she thinks.  She's come to realize that she can can change her level of suffering with her own thoughts.  She talked about not thinking in the future or the past and about concentrating on staying in the present.  Byron said that when she was able to stay in the present her body changed itself and she lost weight.  Janette liked that theory because she said there's an awful lot of eating done by people with weight issues that isn't based on hunger.

On Rosie's day of shopping with the kids they went through the McDonald's drive-thru.  (Can you imagine waiting on Rosie and her family at McDonald's!  I would be star struck!  lol)  She said she ordered fries for herself and said the smell of McDonald's is intoxicating to her and that it's almost impossible for her to not order anything.  But as she was eating the fries she was wondering why she was continuing to eat them because she said they didn't taste that great and the texture of fries is weird to her.  She ended up giving them to Blake, her son.  Tracy didn't even order anything which Rosie couldn't believe.  Rosie did say that Tracy isn't perfect, that she found a whole bag of Reeses Pieces on her bed.  Busted! 

Rosie took several calls from listeners.  One caller had body dysmorphic disorder.  She recommended honoring your body and tracking your food.  Rosie said she has an easier time understanding body dysmorphia for an anorexic person than she does for a heavy person.  Rosie remembered when she was almost 200 pounds 14 years ago and remembered thinking how the concept of being over 200 seemed overwhelmingly far-fetched.  Now Rosie's would be thankful to be anywhere in the 1's. 

Janette said that sometimes just changing the way you eat that makes you feel better and it's not even about the number on the scale.  Rosie said it also helps her to remember that she's someone else's goal weight.

Rosie discussed her issues with picking her skin and the dermatologist who flat out told her that the problems she was having with her face weren't due to Rosacea, it was due to skin picking and she needed to cut it out!  Janette said that Rosie has empowered herself by stopping picking and that created an openness to  Byron Katie and what she had to say.  Rosie admitted that people have been telling her for years to stop picking but it wasn't until she was ready to listen did she hear it.

Rosie said that remembering Byron Katie's advice also helped her with her daughter Chelsea this weekend.  Rosie had to leave Marshall's early because she didn't like the store or the lighting and her daughter Chelsea didn't have time to try on the clothes that she wanted to.  Then they went to Target and Chelsea couldn't find anything.  Chelsea was angry at Rosie when they got home she said that Rosie didn't care about her.  Rosie asked Chels the 4 questions that Byron Katie asks about whether or not it's true that Rosie doesn't care about her and they ended up having a great conversation about it.

Rosie took a call from a canine behaviorist who had wanted to get in touch with her about her dog issues.  The caller said that dog training isn't about winning control with the dog, it's about figuring the animal out and finding the path of least resistance.  Rosie asked her to come to her house because her dogs bark a lot and it's upsetting to Tracy's two children with sensory issues. 

Rosie said that working on the OWN Network will provide her the opportunity and the desire to work towards her higher self.  She said she didn't have that when she worked for a traditional network and that the accolades and the discussion became all about her.  She feels like at this point in her life, this show on Oprah's network is the perfect fit.  

Rosie took a call from a listener who loved her interview with Byron Katie.  She said she was riveted and really enjoyed the part when they discussed Rosie's feelings when her mother died.  Rosie's girlfriend Tracy also listened to the interview and found it was interesting that noises most greatly effect Archie and Rosie and yet they're the loudest two in the household.  Rosie said she asked Archie what he would do if she were as loud as he was and he said he would just ignore it.  As if to ask her if she could too.  Rosie told Archie that she really likes him and he thanked her and told her he was going to finish playing Wii.

Rosie took a call from a listener who will now be using Byron Katie's practices with her weight loss support group.  Rosie took another call from a listener who said Rosie made her laugh for the first time since her husband passed.  She was not a fan of the Byron Katie interview, however. The caller thought Byron was "too out there" for her.  Rosie spoke to the caller about her husband's death and encouraged her to remember him and let him live within her.  She encouraged her to remember the positive for him, live for him, and reminded her that living in the past and worrying about the future robs her of the now.  Rosie recommended that the caller look further into Byron Katie's theories or even Eckhart Tolle

Rosie said she thought the Season Finale of The Real L Word last night was fantastic.  She hopes that the show continues and they have a whole new batch of women in another city next season.  Rosie hopes the show will be done like MTV's The Real World where they bring in new sets of people every time.  She said that now the women are famous and it changes its essence.  She said the goal of the show was to show lesbians as full, whole, people and not just caricatures.  She thought although it missed the boat on some things, it did a good job of it.  Rosie talked about the last episode and how it wrapped up and said she cried when one of the woman's mothers came for a surprise visit!  Rosie loves the women on the show but feels as if they're all celebrities now so another season wouldn't have the same real feeling.

Rosie filmed her final scene for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Friday.  She had to pretend she was dating a woman and make out with her on the red carpet.  She said it was strange to be playing herself and making out with someone else!  She said it felt totally weird. 

Rosie introduced Seth Rudetsky who was in the studio to sing and chat with Rosie!   Rosie and Seth first met at the theater and Rosie thought he was annoying!  But he somehow got through to her and she ended up hiring him for things!  Seth has written several books including Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theater, and  a new book that is set to be released!  leased!   Q Guide to Broadway

Rosie mentioned how Seth had a hard time in high school and asked him if he attends his high school reunions.  Seth said he goes in triumph but that there was never anyone interesting who showed up.  Seth's high school experience was really tough and he was bullied and discriminated against.  He was always made fun of for being gay.  However, he was really good on the piano and was conceited about it. 

Seth asked how Rosie had such a great high school experience and Rosie said that she's "overtly friendly."   Seth said only when she wants to be!  Rosie said she was popular because she wanted everyone to like her especially the teachers.  Seth said his teachers hated him. 

Seth and his partner have been together for 3.5 years and his partner has an adopted daughter.  Seth said he didn't know how it would be to date a man with a child and said it's an adjustment for him.    He's never had to think of anyone else but himself so it's been a process.  His step-daughter calls them both Daddy.  Rosie said that that was how Rosie's children created "more-mama."  She said Blake would call for mama and they would both answer so when he wanted Rosie he would call her "more-mama" to differentiate.  Seth jokingly suggested his daughter call him Jew Daddy. 

Seth was on the season finale of "Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D List!"  Rosie and Seth discussed their favorite Broadway stars including Kristin Chenoweth, Sean Hayes, and Christine Ebersole.  Rosie also mentioned how she would love to come back to Broadway to do the revival of Annie!

Rosie's kids and Seth's daughter are good friends and hang out together when they're at her Ex's house.   Seth discussed his daughter's struggles with dyslexia and in getting a diagnosis.  She also has Auditory Processing Disorder and A.D.D.  Rosie said she has A.D.D.  and Seth said he has it too!  Rosie and Seth agreed that their A.D.D. has helped them in their careers but Seth said it's not fun for people around you though. 

Rosie and Seth sang several songs from the musical They're Playing Our Song and Seth described his one night concert for The Actor's Fund.  Seth told a hilarious story about a time when he was playing piano in Seussical and there was a 4 foot water bug over the piano when he was playing.  He said it was on the ceiling of the pit which is the floor of the stage. And he couldn't quit playing!  He also told the story about the time he was playing piano for A Chorus Line and he was playing a game with other actors backstage and he didn't realize his mic was on and the show was starting!

Rosie and Seth talked about every Broadway musical under the sun and Rosie said that she hopes they film her new show for the Oprah Network on Broadway at New World Stages!

For more information on where to see Seth perform, visit his website or visit http://www.actorsfund.org/ for tickets.  They closed the show singing "When You're in My Arms" from They're Playing Our Song! And don't forget to listen to Seth on the Broadway Channel on Sirius/XM from 3pm-9pm every weeknight!

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  1. I am a stamper and go to those stamping "parties" monthly, too. We welcome "strangers" all the time, it is how those things work. I am so happy that Jeanne decided to try it!

    Another great recap, Kelly!

    : ) P

  2. Reading about Rosie's weight issues today, I have to say I just don't understand it. Why would someone with Rosie's money and access to good food choices go to McDonalds and bring her kids there - is she trying to make everyone fat and unhealthy. Tracey is right - there is nothing on the menu that is meant for human consumption. Before I got sick and fat I ate there as well as other fast food joints because I could not believe the government and the dept of health would allow something that was bad for you to exiszt. Now I am slim and healthy and have done mega research on what is in our food and would not eat bad food even if I was starving to death.

    I have a friend like Rosie who is always going on about weight and thinks that the next Byron Katie type or the next diet or diet pill will magically solve her problem. NOT TRUE. Getting slim is about being conscious about what you eat and realizing that you are what you eat. Eat junk food - be fat. Eat too much - be fat. Eat bad food full of sugar, yeast and fat - be fat. These are the facts of life and as you get older it is much harder to lose weight so like I tell my friend, I am telling Rosie: Eat for your Blood Type, do a yeast cleanse and a liver cleanse, find out if you're glutin sensitive as this will blow you up like a whale if you eat certain things, stop eating dairy products until you reach your weight goal and stop thinking there is a guru out there who has the answers for you. Like my friend I believe Rosie is emotionally attached to her fat and I will never understand that as fat is not only unattractive but probably the worst thing in the world for your health. Stop talking Rosie and start doing something about it and I don't mean exercise.

  3. *biting my tongue*

    *biting my tongue*

    *biting my tongue*

    thanks, kw!!

    ps- i am a former stamper-- just don't have the time for it anymore! i have drawers full of stamps that have never even been used.

  4. Rosie and Seth Rudetsky.....aMAHzing! So much fun to hear them singing and sharing their love of broadway......it would be awesome if Rosie's new show could be done on Broadway....
    thanks for another great recap Kelly!

  5. I did not mean to imply in my previous post that there is anything wrong with Rosie getting back to pilates and yoga again. Exercise makes loosing the weight go faster and you get your curves back. I have degenerative disc disease and a problem neck due to an accident so when I was fat I couldn't exercise but by doing the yeast cleanse and becomming a label reader and adopting the wisdom that if you can't spell it or pronounce it; don't eat it, I began to feel better and starting losing the pounds The only exercise I did was walking and lugging groceries from the store to the bus and from the bus to the apartment. Walking is not only good for the body but does wonders for the mind. So I am all in favour of exercise - if I had.the bucks I'd be at a yoga class in a New York minute.

    . The yeast cleanse is excellent if you are suffering from brain fog, tiredness, bad sleep and sweating excessively. The next thing I did was eliminate canned, frozen and processed food from my life. Fresh is the best, it costs about the same (junk food is not that cheap, takes a little more work but I feel and look so much better it is more than worth it. The liver cleanse is optional - I did it because I had gall stones and was terrified of surgery and was trying everything else first. It worked stones are gone. If I could give Rosie one piece of advice it would be to let Tracy make the food decisions. I am rooting for you Rosie, it is not as hard as we make it.