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My sirius wasn't loading and I missed the first few seconds of the show but at some point she made an obscure reference and Lou pulled it up really quick and Rosie was AMAZED.

Then Rosie said Tracy will stub her toe and completely overreact. Rosie said she has an overreaction to the stimuli. Janette said she has that. Rosie said Tracy has such a low pain threshold and she couldn't even handle Rosie popping one of her pimples for her. Then she followed that up with how she's not allowed to talk about popping pimples anymore because listeners say they will immediately change the channel. Rosie wondered how Tracy ever got her tattoos. Janette said having a low pain threshold is one of the markers of TMS. To which Rosie replied that she has AAPT (Absurdly High Pain Threshold). Janette isn't in pain anymore and is not only happy with herself that she's not smoking pot anymore, she's at the point where she may never want to go back to it! Janette said she was using marijuana to medicate her anxiety but she realized from a Rosie Radio show and from her doctor that the pot use was actually causing her anxiety!

Rosie asked about when Macy Gray is going to be on (though they did not say what date) and what songs she was going to perform. Deirdre said she is going to perform Beauty In The World and I Try. Rosie, who is a huge Macy Gray fan, said she wants her to do You Are Relating To A Psychopath. Rosie made Lou bright red because he wasn't coming up with the cues for the songs fast enough. After an argument with Lou about not finding the song she wanted quickly enough (You Are Relating To A Psychopath) Rosie settled for "Beauty in the World" and sang along. But she pouted because the moment of song was lost for her. lol

Rosie and the staff then discussed last night's American Idol. Rosie predicted that Crystal Bowersox will win the entire thing. Rosie said she "killed" last night. Deirdre reminded Rosie not to forget it's a popularity contest and thinks that Lee DeWyze will win because of all of the teenage girls that vote. They played his cover of U2's Beautiful Day. When Rosie asked for Lee's song to be played someone mistakenly started to play Crystal's song and Rosie went off about how nothing on the show is working today! lol Janette reminded Rosie that Adam Lambert didn't win his season and Rosie said she likes Adam Lambert but he's just like every single chorus boy she's ever known. Janette is worried Crystal is going to lose like Adam did. Rosie said she can't watch tonight, that it's too much for her. They played Crystal's single Up To The Mountain. Rosie said she really liked Simon last night, except for his weird hair. Janette has a thing about Crystal's style choices. She said she loves her but not her look.

Rosie and the staff then talked about Glee which Rosie called "fanfrickingtastic." This Saturday Rosie is going to the concert with her brother, his kids, a few of her kids, and Tracy and her kids. They talked about last night's episode and the scene between Kurt and Finn and Kurt's dad. Rosie said she was about to call Bobby because she thought that scene would make him cry and he said he was crying! That's what every gay kid in the country wishes their kid would stand up for them like that. Ryan Murphy is a genius and he is saving lives with that show. To watch last night's Glee you can click HERE to see the full episode.

Janette was thinking about Rosie during the adoption storyline in the show. She said she was thinking about Chelsea during that part. Janette thought it was good that in the episode they didn't make the birth mother and the daughter immediately fit together that easily. Rosie loved the rendition Funny Girl even though she thought no one could ever do it like Streisand. She loved it though. Rosie said, "Can you imagine Barbara Streisand on Glee? It would be a National Holiday!" Rosie said she was "in ecstasy" watching that show. Rosie said when she is depressed or having a bad day she will randomly watch an episode of Glee on her tivo and it brightens her day. They also love the actor Kevin McHale but Rosie said she doesn't like his "Justin Bieber" hair that he has in real life. Then Pete mentioned that there is a website called "Lesbians who look like Justin Beiber.com"! LOL You know you have to click on that!

Rosie took a caller to talk about Glee and how it's a lesson in life for her kids. Rosie talked with the caller about the episode last night and said she will let everyone know every detail about the concert on Monday!

Rosie said she feels the oil spill in the Gulf is so depressing, it's hard for her to even talk about. She knows that we shouldn't ignore it, but is so frustrated that it seems like we can't do anything to stop it. Janette talked about the efforts to stop the oil spill and Rosie said it's infuriating that they can't do more. They then played a clip of James Carville talking about the oil spill. Watch and listen below:

James Carville on GMA

They then discussed all the fishermen that are getting sick from the oil spill and how all of the symptoms they are experiencing are what you would expect from being exposed to the toxins of oil. Janette said that there is not enough media attention and people don't know enough about the harmful chemicals they are using to clean up the oil, the toxicity in the oil, and that the moratorium against drilling isn't happening.

Rosie said she really wants Janette to see the documentary Crossing Arizona. She also loved the documentary Tapped a documentary on bottled water.

The Trailer for Tapped

Rosie said the documentary Tapped is actually about being more conscious and becoming more fully aware of what we're doing and the effect that we have on the world. Rosie said it's a lofty undertaking to ingest all the information that is out there and to make a change. She said her girlfriend Tracy is both inspiring and tiring at the same time, when it comes to the environmental efforts that she makes. Rosie said she doesn't know how Tracy has the energy that she has and she's constantly recycling her things and taking trips to Goodwill.

Rosie also recommended the documentary Gasland somewhere in this conversation.

Rosie said that a friend watched Tracy's kids this weekend so they could have some time together and Rosie didn't have enough time in therapy to talk about all the things she did this weekend! Rosie explained that Tracy is not merely a mouthpiece for making changes for our environment, she actually does it. Janette is also so inspired by Tracy and has found she's even making changes in her own life because of her. Rosie said that Tracy is also not really a consumer and that she doesn't have the need for a lot of things. Rosie quoted one of her favorite shows of all time Passing Strange - "It all makes perfect sense once your life is evidence." Rosie remembers hearing that lyric in the musical and crying in the theater.

Rosie said that last night her eldest son Parker listed off his complaints about her. When he got home from his girlfriend's last night, Rosie said she made him feel bad about not spending his birthday with her. He asked her why she was in such a bad mood. When she explained why he clipped back that there was a long time a while back when she spent a lot of time on her blog! And Tracy's daughter (or son?) was telling him that Tracy spends a lot of time on Facebook! Rosie thought if those were his biggest complaints, that it isn't that bad.

Then because it was Tuesday, they all watch Glee together and all the kids get to bed late. After it's over Parker always tries to come back in and stay up late and watch T.V. with her. This sidetracked Rosie for a second and she started to rave about Nurse Jackie and the latest episode of and how Jackie's true essence is about to be revealed! Rosie said the next episode looks great! If you people don't watch Nurse Jackie you should! It is my favorite show.

Parker asked Rosie if he could stay up late and watch The Pacific. She told him no and then he walked in and knowing she loves documentaries suggested one to her that they should try and watch together. When Rosie couldn't find it he said that they should just watch The Pacific and they ended up watching it together. He totally convinced her. The entire staff loves The Pacific and Pete said that his grandfather got HBO just to watch that show and will go on the HBO.com forums to comment and talk with others about the accuracy of the show. Pete said his grandfather, who was a soldier and fought in The Pacific, loves the show and thinks it does a very good job portraying the reality of that war.

Rosie said her shrink asked her what brings her joy and she said the typical things she always says - sun, her kids, etc. Rosie asked Pete what brings him joy and he said sleeping which she said is a sign of depression. Janette said helping in the Third World brings her joy. Bobby said his dog brings him joy. Deirdre said the rain, cuddling with her dog and sex brings her joy.

Pete said he's worried because he yells at his kids too much. I typed this just after I yelled at my 6 year old to stop asking me if we're going to Gamestop today. Pete said having kids can sometimes feel like a constant bombardment of questions and then he ends up yelling 'GIVE ME 5 MINUTES!' after the simplest question being asked by one of his kids. He said he worries all the yelling is going to mess with his kids' heads. Deirdre said he shouldn't worry that his kids will have a different view of their childhood than he does. She said her mom remembers Deirdre's childhood as being very sad (because her parents were splitting up at the time) but Deirdre only remembers ever having a happy childhood. Pete said he had a very stressful childhood because they moved every 4 years to a different foreign country. He was really effected by the stress of it all and that was something he really wanted to do differently for his own kids. Rosie said her father would get overwhelmed having 5 kids and no help from a mother and he would sometimes slam his fists on the table and all the silverware would jump. Once, her brother Danny dated a black girl in High School and her father threw him into a door. She said that when he got to that point it was scary and she remembers hoping she would never get him to that point. She told Pete that every parent feels what he's feeling. Pete said the yelling feels to be happening too much and on a daily basis. Rosie said that when Pete said that his greatest joy is sleep that that was a big sign of depression for her. She said when she wants to sleep a lot that is how she always knows when she's slipping into a depressive funk. Pete said he never has time to be depressed, or to sleep for that matter. Pete and his family are moving soon and they discussed where and when he is moving. He's primarily looking in Queens and Deirdre recommended that he look at Long Island City.

Rosie then introduced Dan DaVivo the co-director and co-producer of the documentary film Crossing Arizona. Rosie said that Crossing Arizona is a very touching and accurate portrayal of what happens to immigrants as they try to come into the United States from Mexico. Dan said the film premiered at Sundance in 2006 and has been still been getting a lot of press because of what's going on in the U.S. today when it comes to immigration. Rosie agreed how relevant the film is today and how it gives a human face to immigration. Dan and his co-director and co-producer Joseph Matthew started their film project in 2004 and took 2 years to make it. Dan said it was right about this time that national politician realized that they could make a big stink about illegal immigration and local politicians started posing legislation that was really hateful and forcing undocumented immigrants to leave the state. Dan said that the Senate Bill 1070 is making it a criminal jailable offense to be an illegal immigrant. And that it now allows local law enforcement to act as federal immigration enforcement. He also added that if you're found to be transporting an illegal immigrant you can be brought up on criminal charges as well. This could be as simple as driving your undocumented mother to the store and then getting pulled over. Dan stated that Arizona and this country is full of illegal immigrants and the law is causing a huge family separation issue.

Dan and Rosie talked about the film and personal stories that they highlight in the documentary. Dan said that 350-500 people a year are dying in the desert trying to cross the border but it's hard to know the exact numbers. He said there are plenty of bodies that are never found or accounted for. Rosie said she was moved by the people leaving water out for the immigrants so they won't die in the desert. She found that part of the film uplifting. Dan said he and his partner wanted to really show the human impact of the failed immigration policy in the film and Rosie said that they did a great job of that. Rosie said that the immigration issue is a tough subject for people to wrap their heads around and the film shows it very well.

Rosie brought up the idea that some people think we're importing a slave class. Dan said to ask any American and they would do the same thing to support their own family - even cross a border to another country. He said that the economy depends on those workers. And to come in legally it would take 10-15 years. Rosie and Dan talked about the documented rise of this country's anti-immigrant sentiment and the birth of the Minuteman Border Fence.

Dan talked with Rosie about how it's dangerous for local law enforcement to have the powers of federal immigration enforcement because it interferes with catching criminals. He said that there is a large segment of the population who won't ever call the police for crimes and who won't be a witness because of the fear that they will be deported. Dan is working on a new documentary entitled 90 Days to Phoenix about the time between the time that the governor signed the law and when it goes into effect.

Rosie mentioned some of the personal stories in the film - the 8 year old girl that died crossing the desert and the woman who was 8 months pregnant and died crossing the border. Dan said that we sometimes care more about dogs crossing the street who are going to get hit by a car then we do about humans and their civil liberties. Rosie thanked him for the documentary and for calling in.

There was a transition song used during the show that Rosie said sounded just like the Price Is Right theme song that is now hosted by Drew Carey. Rosie wanted to be the host of Price is Right so badly and talked about how he isn't excited enough when the contestants win. She really felt like that hosting job was her calling in life.

Janette said that the interview with the filmmaker of Crossing Arizona did give her added perspective to the immigration issue but she still thinks that it's the government policies that need to be changed. She said that in Arizona, they're paying 3 billion dollars supporting the immigrants. A listener called in and said that a lot of illegal immigrants are paying into social security and never collecting. Because although they are hired with Social Security numbers that may not be their own, but they still pay taxes. Rosie wanted to know how "they" are they coming up with the supposed 3 billion dollar expense. Rosie then recited some lyrics from Joni Mitchell's song Borderline in reference to the border/immigration debate. Go read them!

Deirdre reminded everyone that Joan Rivers will be on tomorrow (5/27)! Joan has a brand new documentary A Piece of Work coming out on June 11th!

A Piece of Work: The Joan Rivers Documentary

Rosie will be at a speaking event tonight about documentaries with HBO's Sheila Nevins! CLICK HERE for more information!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


  1. Yanno, I had this huge ass comment written out about the illegal immigration issue and the documentary...but then I realized it was possibly longer than the blog. ;p

    So, I'll just say this... The documentary sounds sad. But, you know, documentaries are generally sad. They’re usually made by people who are passionate about whatever subject and often don’t really provide an encompassing view of the topic. Look at Michael Moore…half of Bowling for Columbine was false and only used ethos to get his point across. It was effective…but only for people who already shared his view or didn’t know anything about it and accepted all of it purely at face value. For a person wanting an objective view of something in order to make an informed decisions, documentaries are not really the best place to go.

    And, as a Southerner it’s just frustrating to hear so many Northerners opinions on an issue in which they can't relate on any real level, to hear them portray Southerner’s as these unfeeling, racist bastards while they sit economically pretty and point out our problems without offering feasible solutions. It’s like..Reconstruction. The federal government comes in and provides a plan for what shouldn’t be done, but checks out when it’s time to provide a plan for how to actually achieve what should be done...which is an imposition of morality, self righteous and causes more harm than good because the mess they leave is what breeds resentment, racism, fear of big government, strong state rights sentiments, and extreme conservatism in general. Put simply, all they do is add problems on top of the ones already in place.

  2. holy crap! those lesbians DO look like justin bieber!

    thanks, kw! xo

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  4. They sure do look like Justin Bieber! LOL

  5. From 1 "Katherine" to another (except mine's spelled 'Cathrynn'), I agree w/ you 100%!