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Rosie started today's show saying that Pete seemed like he hasn't been smiling a lot lately and asking him if he's stressed or depressed. Pete said he is tired and that his issues should be resolved "in about 18-20 years!" (as in, when his kids are grown) Rosie suggested he go to therapy. Rosie talked about her own depression and how Pete seems like he may be a little depressed or overwhelmed lately. Deirdre thinks it could either be depression or stress with Pete. Pete explained that he has experience with depression and had panic attacks in high school that were disabling. Rosie said her last panic attack was at Cyndi Berger's son's bah mitzvah. Deirdre had a panic attack last week! Rosie asked if her panic attack last week was in relation to her boyfriend leaving for Paris on Monday. Deirdre said that it was. Deirdre's boyfriend is moving to Paris to pursue his dream in music. He has already moved his things out of her apartment but he's left some of his most special guitars with her. Deirdre is struggling with the fact that they have to break up because he's moving so far away, but not because they don't still love each other. Everyone keeps telling Deirdre to see Goodbye Girl because the character in that movie leaves his guitar with the woman as a sign that he was going to come back.

For Deirdre, a scene from Goodbye Girl.

Deirdre explained that her boyfriend is leaving for something he's wanted to do for 30 years and it's finally come true for him. She's very supportive of his dreams but sad he's leaving too. Wasn't there talk that Rosie was going to give Deirdre a Sybian when her boyfriend left town??! Maybe the fans should chip in and get her one. Rosie told her to take him to the airport on Monday and then come to the staff BBQ at her house! She also invited her to sleep over with her, Tracy and the 10 kids at the house. Janette said she needs to make sure she gives herself time to mourn his leaving or it will come out in other ways.

This then led to a discussion about ice cream which finally made Pete smile. :) This made Rosie happy! They discussed their favorite ice creams including Chubby Hubby and Chocolate Ripple. Pete said he prefers Peanut Butter Crunch, Heath Bar Crunch or Coffee Chip. Rosie doesn't like anything with coffee in it. See, ice cream makes everything better.

Rosie said she's been getting her nails done with Chelsea a lot and also visiting Starbucks often! Deirdre seemed surprised that Rosie likes to get her nails done because she hates doing it. Rosie said she always makes small talk with the manicurists. The manicurists, who are all mostly Korean, then proceed to tell Chelsea how lucky she is to have such a wonderful mom like Rosie (insert eye roll here). Chelsea doesn't get why everyone knows her and why everyone thinks she so fantastic. Pete, who lived in Korea for a time growing up, then taught Rosie some Korean so she could talk to her manicurists.

Rosie asked everyone if they shave their legs everyday and if her legs felt shaved. Tracy made a comment to her about her legs not being shaved. Deirdre's rule is if you're regularly having sex you should shave your legs everyday. She added that she just got waxed yesterday. Bobby then said he thinks he "needs his cookies" because he figured the conversation was soon going to turn to vagina talk. Rosie spoke so sweetly of Tracy and how much she likes her - even though she tells her she doesn't shave enough, she shouldn't drink soda, and makes her walk more.

Rosie discussed her new favorite commercial (see below) with the song from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Rosie said that she and her youngest daughter Vivi were watching it and Vivi yelled out "This commercial is such a lie because when I was 5, I wanted to fly and it wasn't possible!" Good point Vivi. From the mouths of babes, right?

AT&T Rethink Possible Commercial

AN INTERVIEW WITH CHITA RIVERA!! Rosie then introduced the legendary Chita Rivera who was in the studio to have a chat with Rosie! Rosie and Chita began the interview discussing that they both shop at the same Target and mall!

Rosie asked Chita how she still gets the energy to put on such amazing and energy-filled performances. Chita said she uses the energy of the audience and it fuels her. Her knees and her hips don't want to do it but they go along with it anyway. Chita still loves to dance and Rosie mentioned her Tony Nominated performance in the show A Dancer's Life and how Rosie thought it was so fantastic!

Rosie and Chita discussed growing older and how it's hard for Chita to admit her age - to herself. They were cracking jokes and talked about family. Rosie recommended the Broadway show "American Idiot" to Chita and said she would love it and all the dancing. Rosie told Chita when the American Idiot boys were at the radio studio she let the three chorus boys swim in her pool - naked! LOL Chita said she would never go naked being Catholic but talked about the times that the chorus boys she knew back in the day would come and swim in Jack Cole's swimming pool naked.

Rosie asked Chita briefly about her relationship with Sammy Davis, Jr.! Chita said she loved Sammy's act and thought he was so cute.

Chita said she was always in school and her mom put her in dance classes because she was sick of her ruining the furniture by jumping on it. She was a big tomboy as a child. They talked about Chita's mother, her siblings and their beautiful names (which were long and in Spanish, so I didn't catch them). Chita's mom lived to see her become a success but she passed away just before Chita got her first Tony award for The Rink. Chita had been nominated 5 times before she ever won a Tony and it was a complete surprise to her that she won the night that she did.

Rosie asked Chita about the terrible car accident she was in in the 1980s. Chita was doing the show Jerry's Girls at the time and was driving some friends when a cab made a U-turn and banged right into her. She remembers her leg being caught in the crash and her leg ended up being broken in 18 places. She was back at work only 11 months later.

Chita was the first Hispanic Woman to receive a Kennedy Center Honor in 2002 for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts. Chita was ever so humble and said she couldn't believe she was the one chosen to be honored and couldn't believe the company she was sitting next to. She was also shocked the day she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She talked about what an honor it was for her to receive that award and how she felt so honored to be sitting and talking to Rosie. She told Rosie that she took her necklace off so it didn't clash when she received the medal. :) She wanted to be an example for children to encourage them to work hard and be persistent even when life gets hard.

Rosie told Chita that she has had a huge effect on people's lives, especially those in the theater. They discussed her latest album And Now I Swing and some of the songs on the album. Rosie loves the CD and said it's great! Rosie thanked Chita for coming in and for the interview.

Wow.....watch her dance.

Rosie, Janette, Deirdre and Bobby all talked about the amazing Chita Rivera and what a legend she is. Janette said being in the room with her was thrilling for her. Rosie said it still surprises her that Chita does not fully understand her place in the world. Deirdre said that Rosie doesn't see her place either! Janette said the first time she saw Chita was when she was in Chicago when Janette was in her 20's. Janette went to see Liza Minelli, because she was a huge Liza fan and said she couldn't take her eyes off Chita! Rosie said that Chita has had an amazing career and life and said she's a lovely person. Rosie said that anytime she has had a major event, either good or bad, Chita always calls her and is there for her.

Rosie continued that Broadway is the most fun you'll ever have in show business. And once you've experienced it you can never find that kind of camaraderie or community anywhere else. Janette said it's a different kind of talent and person that can perform on Broadway and Bobby said you need to be an athlete because of the physical demands.

Rosie said that she and Dick Scanlan and Michael Mayer are starting rehearsals for her one woman show Find Me in August or September! She said they've been working on it for 3 years. She explained that they're going to get it on its feet and the concept will be to have a short run. Rosie said they're hoping it will have the music of Joni Mitchell because that is the music that has had the most profound effect on Rosie's life. She said Joni Mitchell's music was the fuel that made her creative engine run.

Rosie watched and recommended the documentary Smash His Camera - a film centering on the life and work of Ron Galella that examines the nature and effect of paparazzi. Rosie said that in the documentary all the people he looked up to and admired are gone. She also said she'd love to interview him. Rosie said her kids have no concept of the iconic people in her life. Rosie said people like Chita Rivera, Streisand, and Joni Mitchell had a huge effect on her life and shaped her. She compared it to the way they were talking about Lady Gaga on the last episode of Glee and how we once talked about Madonna. Seeing that documentary and Glee recently made her really realize that she's almost 50. The staff talked about keeping busy as you grow older to stay and feel young.

They briefly talked about the three day weekend and started talking about bathing suits. I think that Rosie was looking on the Junonia website at bathing suits and Jeannie said those are "the most matronly looking bathing suits she's ever seen" and she said it's her "motivation to get out of this weight group." Rosie wears her biker shorts with them and enjoys them.

They talked about the latest article that says that sunscreen with Vitamin A causes cancer. It said that the FDA has known that sunscreen is not really good for you for almost 10 years and it might actually increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Only 39 of the 500 sunscreen products are safe to use according to this article. Sunscreens with Vitamin A and has photocarcinogenic properties. Janette was outraged that the FDA would keep this from us! They listed the good ones and the bad ones and Rosie's favorite sunscreen was listed as one of the bad ones. Pete said it didn't seem like a very scientific list because of the comments about the brands and their descriptions.

Rosie also recommended the documentary Gasland. Rosie said it's terrifying. She said the documentary is about drilling for Natural Gas near people's homes and federally protected lands and now people and animals are dying. Rosie said the film was really fascinating and wanted to have the filmmaker on.

Rosie then recommended the documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth about Billy Meier. Rosie asked that the staff and the listeners watch it this weekend so they can talk about it next Tuesday. This man claims to have been visited by aliens and has the largest collection of photos and videos of UFOs. Rosie used to be very into UFOs and Jeannie got scared for her.

GAME -5 BY 5The staff played a game called Five by Five. You have to name 5 of any topic in 5 seconds. If you get all 5 you get 1 point and get to move on. If you do not, you're out.

This is how it went...
PETE had to list 5 brands of computers. He only got HP, Gateway and then Mac and then he was out.
Janette had to list 5 tabloid magazines. She listed The Post, The Enquirer, The World, The Sun and one other that I missed and she got a point and got to continue.
Bobby had to list 5 musicals currently on Broadway. He listed Phantom, American Idiot, Lion King, Memphis and Jersey Boys.
Deirdre had to list 5 California sports teams. She listed the 49ers and then she was out.
Rosie got 5 80s sitcoms. She said Mary Tyler Moore, All In the Family, Rhoda, Phyllis, and Laverne and Shirley and even though most of these were in the 70s, they gave it to her.

Then there were 3 people left.
Janette - 5 comic book superheros. She listed Spiderman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and the fabulous Four (she meant Fantastic). She was out.
Bobby - 5 brands of soda. He said Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Seven Up, and Rootbeer. Even though rootbeer wasn't a brand, they gave it to him.
Rosie got 5 board games. She listed Monopoly, Sorry, Yahtzee, Chutes and Ladders and Life.

Then there were two.
Bobby -5 brands of cigarettes. He said Camel, Salem, Winstons, Marlboro and was out.
Rosie - 5 songs in the musical Grease. She said that wasn't fair and asked for another.
So then she got 5 HBO original series. She listed Treme and the Sopranos but then was out.

So Bobby won! Rosie gave him a $100 giftcard to Birkenstocks!

Rosie said that they will be "off" on Monday and that she is hosting a big staff BBQ and the rumor is that they're going to meet Lou's twin brother!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed -kw


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