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Rosie started the show talking about her bad haircut. Rosie has been shaving the underneath part of her hair for years because she gets hot and that seems to help her. It started as a one inch strip across the underneath back part of her hair and now it's become a 4 inch strip. She was wearing her hair in a braided pony-tail today so it really showed off her new do. Chelsea and Jeannie said it looks "pretty bad." Rosie asked them to rate it on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the worst haircut they've ever seen and Chelsea gave it an 8 and Jeannie gave it a 9! Janette said it served its purpose but it's now gone too far. Jeannie never understood why Rosie shaved the back of her hair at all and told her she should just put it in a pony tail. They all said she now looks like George Washington. Chelsea is not in school today because she couldn't go on her school camping trip because she didn't finish her homework. She was not very disappointed about not attending. She has a week off of school because of it!

Jackie, Chelsea and Rosie went to see the cast of Glee perform at Radio City Music Hall this weekend! Jackie said on a scale of 1 to 10 the show was a 12! Rosie said it was the best concert she's ever seen. Jackie also thought it was fantastic. They also had backstage passes so they got to meet the cast! Rosie said there were Gleeks everywhere. She described the opening of the show when the Cheerios went down the aisles of the theater and passed out barf bags. Then Sue Sylvester came over the loud speaker and warned the crowd that the barf bags were in the case they get sick.

Afterward, when they got to go to meet the cast, Rosie said Jackie was being a cougar towards the actor that plays Puck. Jackie said Puck is actually 29 and fabulous looking! Rosie said Jackie was glaring and lechery looking towards him. Jackie said she couldn't help but refer to the actors as their character names. Rosie said this is one of the only times that her kids have ever been impressed by her celebrity. They loved the actor that plays Kurt and said he is even more talented in person than he is on the show. Janette mentioned the picture of Rosie and Mark Salling, the actor that plays Puck (see right) that ended up everywhere on the Internet. Here's a direct link to that twitter pic. Rosie also really liked Heather Morris, the actress that plays Britney. Here is a link to a picture of Heather and Rosie! Maureen, the Glee contest winner, went to the show and called in to talk to Rosie. She said it was the best night ever and thanked Rosie for the tickets. They also talked about their favorite songs from the show.

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Jeannie wasn't necessarily sad she missed the concert because she went on a boat with friends and watched fireworks. She watches Glee but is not a "Gleek" per se. Jeannie is a fan of the Biggest Loser. Rosie and Jeannie said that they don't like Jillian Michaels, the trainer from the Biggest Loser! GASP! I think they are just afraid of her. She fricking rocks in my opinion.

Friday night Rosie took Parker and his friends to a Yankee game for a birthday party. Rosie said she still took him even though he blew her off on his actual birthday.

Jackie and Pete are going to lunch and going shopping for his makeover this afternoon! She was thinking of taking him to either Old Navy or The Gap.

This weekend was also the Rosie Radio Memorial Day BBQ! Apparently, Pete was playing Bananagrams at the party and leaning over to play and his butt crack was showing. Jeannie's husband took a picture of it and sent it to everyone. Pete feared it would be ending up on the blog, too! Pete's daughter Irene was there and Rosie talked about how adorable she is and said she's totally fine. There was some discussion over whether Pete's daughter may have had some sensory issues going on but Dr. Rosie has confirmed that she is okay. Pete said his daughter had a fantastic time at the party and it's just him she doesn't like. She has a fine vocabulary for an 20 month old but Ellis was there who can talk in sentences. Ellis is Rosie's friend/nanny's son who Rosie has since practically adopted into her own family. Ellis is also quite verbal for his age.

Rosie asked Lou what happened because he and his twin brother were a no-show at the party! Lou said he was "down the Jersey shore" and couldn't get back in time for the party. He said he never promised he could come, he only said he would try. Deirdre was also a no-show at the party and Rosie said they were throwing the party in her honor because they knew she would be upset over her boyfriend moving to Paris. Deirdre said she felt too horrible and was on her bathroom floor crying. Rosie said the whole point of the party was to help her get through it and Deirdre said it ended up being harder than she thought it was going to be to watch her boyfriend leave. Then there was Janette who also didn't show at the party because she said she had to go have a meeting with the Medical Missions people. That's what she said. Then Rosie comes to find out that Janette said she "doesn't do pools or kids and she couldn't think of a worse way to spend the weekend." Pete said if only one of the kids at the party had a hair-lip, then Janette would have come. LOL! Janette also said she didn't come because she "doesn't do the sun" and now she can't use sunscreen anymore.

Not using sunscreen was in reference to an article that they talked about last week that stated that the Vitamin A in sunscreen can actually increase your risk of skin cancer and make tumors grow faster. Pete said he would post the link on Rosie.com so that listeners could see how their brands of sunscreen measure up. Janette seemed frustrated with the article and knowing who to trust. Ever the conspiracy theorist, she suggested that the drug companies are in on this promoting that we use sunscreen that actually causes skin cancer so that we will get cancer and then be consumers for chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Jackie and Jeannie think there are more ethical people in the world than bad and that was a crazy theory. Jackie said she's going to still believe that sunscreen is good for you and continue to use hers.

Rosie compared the FDA possibly keeping the information about the dangers of sunscreen a secret from consumers to the oil spill in the gulf and how when Dick Cheney was in office, he made sure that the the oil companies didn't have the expensive regulations in place that would have prevented the problems we are having today. In order to save the companies half a million dollars Dick took away the requirement for the necessary shut-off valve. The staff talked about the bad behavior of BP and how we need to take control of this mess in the gulf. Rosie also talked about how everyone who is being hired to do the cleanup of the oil spill has been required to sign a release that they will not talk about it or any health effects that they are having. Rosie said she wants to talk to the wives of some of the workers who have gone down to the Gulf and are getting sick. She asked if any of them would call in. They also talked briefly about how hurricane season starts today and that if a hurricane hits it will either drive the oil onto land or drive it south into the Gulf Stream.

Rosie said that she was wearing a bathing suit at the Memorial Day pool party at her house. Jeannie had asked Rosie if she was going to wear a bathing suit at the party because it was a "work party." Jeannie said she wouldn't wear a suit at the party and called Rosie's suit a "swim mumu." Jeannie said she made margaritas and helped Pete out with the grill so she had no time for lounging by the pool. Jeannie said the way Rosie plans a party is to send out an email to her and says "BBQ at my house, bring food." Which really means she has to take on all the responsibility to invite everyone and throw the party. Jeannie said she and Rosie couldn't be in those "swim granny dresses" at the party together.

Rosie seemed shocked by all this talk about her bathing suit because she thought she looked really good! When Rosie showed the staff a picture of the suit she wore to the party Jeannie said she would not be comfortable walking around in that. Rosie said she was feeling so proud and then Jeannie came and she felt like such a loser.

Jeannie said she wants to plan another party for the end of the summer and then an adults only holiday party.

Rosie took a call from a listener in Indiana who said that BP is advertising like crazy in her area recruiting unemployed workers to come down to the Gulf for oil-spill cleanup. The caller's brother-in-law took one of the jobs. She said it's hard to resist because many of the factories have closed down in her area and BP is offering $50-$60 an hour. The caller had no idea there were any health risks involved in that job until hearing about it on Rosie Radio. Rosie told the caller to google the health issues with the Exxon Valdez oil spill. HERE is an article about the Gulf Stream oil spill and the health effects on the workers.

Then it was back to the big bathing suit debate and whether or not Rosie's suit was flattering. Jeannie said she isn't ready to "give in to the whole swim mumu yet." Rosie said that Jeannie was being mean. Jeannie said she was too busy to swim anyway because she was making margaritas the whole time. Actually, she kept handing Pete's wife margaritas forgetting that she is 4 months pregnant! Rosie said she was humiliated about her grandma suit and now she has to go to talk to her shrink about it after the show. Rosie was looking at
Swimsuitsforall.com and recommended the site to the listeners.

Rosie said she needs good flipflops and really liked the ones that Jackie was wearing. Jackie was wearing Merrells that she got at Marshalls. Pete started looking for a bathing suit for his wife who is pregnant and Jeannie and Jackie recommended peainthepod.com for maternity suits.

Rosie then introduced Euan Morton, the actor and singer most famous for his role as Boy George in the musical Taboo. Euan was in the studio with his son Ian who Rosie said was "the cutest kid she's ever seen in her life." Euan is currently starring in Sondheim on Sondheim on Broadway.

Rosie and Euan talked about how having a child changes your life. Euan said it took away all of his desperation. He realized he has everything he needs now because of his son. Euan told Rosie about the time his appendix exploded and he almost died! He spent a month in the hospital. This was when his son was a baby and because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with Euan in the beginning the baby had to go through a battery of tests because he was sick at the same time.

Euan and Rosie talked about his niece and nephew and Euan said his sister is getting married this Saturday but he is unable to attend because of the Broadway show he is in - Sondheim on Sondheim. Rosie and Euan talked about the show, Sondheim himself and the other actors and actresses in the show.

Euan said he has made plans to finish up the play and then spend the rest of the summer (and the year) in Virginia with his son and his son's mom. He will be performing in Chess the musical in Arlington, Virginia.

Rosie and Euan talked about his son and having kids and she said that having kids was like seeing life in color for the first time. Like the moment that Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to color. Euan said his whole life has always been about his career and although it took him a while to put aside his selfishness, having a son has completely changed his world. He said life's all about his son now.

Euan and Rosie met 9 years ago in England when she went to see Taboo. She watched the whole show and didn't even know Boy George was in it! Euan was working at a record store in London and was singing from some musical and Boy George came into the store and said he should come try out for his new show. Euan did one audition and got the gig! Euan said that everything has changed now and it's all because of that musical Taboo.

Rosie and Euan reminisced about the other actors from the musical Taboo and what they are doing now and Rosie told Euan that she just worked with Brooke Elliott on Drop Dead Diva! Did you know that Brooke was in Taboo?! I must have forgotten that little piece of trivia.

Euan and Rosie talked about the oil spill in the gulf, Don't Ask Don't Tell, and the need for changes in this country. Euan said that we need kids that want to grow up and be inventors to find a way to make the planet a better place rather than have kids that all just want to grow up to become American Idols.

Euan and Rosie talked about the technology-filled world we live in today and how his sister communicates primarily through texting. Rosie sees this in her kids too and says that's why she doesn't allow her kids to be on Facebook. She talked about the importance of looking someone in the eyes and telling them how you feel.

Rosie ended the interview telling Euan that he is so talented and one of the most brilliant singers ever. She said when Madonna saw the show (Taboo) she said she "just wanted to stand up and say keep singing" when Euan was onstage. Euan said that he feels like singing is his gift he was given and therefore that is what he has to give to the world. Rosie recommended his CD Newclear and ended the interview playing his version of the song Hallelujah. You can listen to the single on Amazon and buy the MP3 there!

Rosie said the Rosie Radio staff is going to do a soda free summer starting today and she invited the listening audience to join in! Janette has no problem with it because she already thinks soda is "the devil." Jackie suggested Perrier as a good transition drink to get you from soda to water. Janette talked about the links between soda usage and childhood obesity. They talked about the high sugar content in regular soda and the dangerous chemicals in diet sodas. And that diet sodas can actually cause you to gain weight and are just as unhealthy for you. Rosie is having all the soda removed from her house and really only drinks it in the morning instead of coffee. Rosie's kids are only allowed to have it at an event or at a birthday party.

Jackie said she recommended a loofah once for someone's skin and Tracy told her "I can grow a loofah!" Rosie said that will be the title of the book about the two of them. They talked about Tracy a little and how things that seem overwhelming to city dwellers like them don't seem as overwhelming/impossible to her. However, Rosie said that Tracy has a tonsil stone which Rosie learned about on popthatzit.com. They then started talking about getting your tonsils removed and I think that Rosie was implying that having the tonsil stone removed is something that does bother Tracy.

They talked about an article about the health problems that the oil spill clean-up workers are having and how BP is saying that it is probably food poisoning. BP maintains that there are no health risks to the workers and maintains they do not need to wear protective gear. Rosie said it's clear that BP is ignorant, lying or worse. Rosie said it's horrible and she hopes someone gets in and does something soon.

Then Rosie said that Jackie was being mean to her squirrel who comes to the window ledge when they tape the show. They talked about what's on TV tonight and no one in the studio likes the show Hell's Kitchen but they are all going to watch America's Got Talent. Janette said what a great interview Howie Mandel was and Jackie remembered what great interviews John Stamos always had.

Rosie admitted she coaches Ellis to say RoRo when she asks him "Who's your favorite?" and "Who's the skinniest?" and Janette used to try to get Parker to say "20% bump" whenever she mentioned Janette's name to try to get Rosie to give her a raise.

Rosie closed the show letting listeners know that Cat Cora will be on tomorrow!

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  1. thanks so much for your recap - now i know i'm not crazy. out by pool (yes,hard life i know..) trying to listen to rosie radio via iphone, so excited for new episode! and... they are playing re-run highlights (joan r interview etc ) - anyone else having this problem? rabg sirius. said would report. then was cut off.

    help - having serious (no pun intended) withdrawal in memphis tn! x

  2. i feel bad for rosie re: the staff saying her bathingsuit was ugly,,its hard enuff to wear one in public,now she will be self-conscious

  3. update:
    after over two hours on the phone, 5 calls in total, with customer service reps in the philippines (3), the dominican republic, and here in the states (all lovely and wanting to help), i was finally given the explanation for why i was hearing excerpts from last week's shows, rather than the re-run of *today's* show - sirius is performing some programming update, and it's causing some problems (including this one where the iphone or internet rosie channel doesn't play the current show). the update should be done and the problems solved by tomorrow morning, i was assured.

    realization: i am a total rosie radio geek and completely obsessed with the show. although i'm a total night owl, i'm going to set my alarm and wake up early, hoping to hear today's show before the new one airs.

    and yes, one of the reps tonight explained that i could've heard rosie repeat on channel 102 - which had just ended 30 minutes earlier (now they tell me!). it's been an interesting, labyrithine chase to get to the truth of what's going on, all to follow my obsession to hear rosie & co. talking about the glee concert (and all that you've described, kelly).

    thanks & appreciation from a sister rosie o mega-fan in memphis, x

  4. Thank you so much for the recaps! Being at work during the day and unable to listen to the radio (let alone XM radio), i make my daily visit to your site and read your recap and laugh like crazy alone in my cubicle. Rosie and her staff (her friends really) are just so hilarious.

    Keep it up! It's greatly appreciated!

    Nicole from Canada

  5. "Rosie and Jeannie said that they don't like Jillian Michaels, the trainer from the Biggest Loser! GASP! I think they are just afraid of her. She fricking rocks in my opinion."

    I totally agree with you. It's just that she's very tough and I think she only did that for the participants benefits not hers. She's a great coach.