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Rosie began today's show telling her listeners that the consensus is that her friend Carlos shaved too much of the back/underneath of her hair. She didn't seem too concerned about it because it will grow back and she's still got a year and a half until she goes back to TV.

They talked briefly about last night's episode of Glee that they loved but thought that the part when the girl got eggs thrown at her was too mean. Janette didn't seem to follow that storyline.

Then Rosie completely stopped the Glee conversation to discuss Janette's new glasses which were distracting her. Janette said that she loves them and they were fantastic. In an attempt to describe them to the listening audience, Pete said they reminded him of a Pizza Hut tablecloth circa 1986. Janette said they were like a racing flag/pit crew. Rosie said that it wasn't how they looked that were the scary part. She said the really scary part of the story is the cost. The glasses are Alain Mikli and ran Janette a cool $1200. She defended herself by saying that she has wanted Alain Miklis for years and she finally decided at 85 years old to spring for them. She said they are the most fantastic pair of glasses ever! Bobby, Deirdre and Janette informed Rosie that she too has a pair of Alain Miklis! She didn't believe it and they assured her that she does! Deirdre said she loves shoes, Pete loves Star Trek and Janette loves her glasses. Janette has a few pairs of eyeglasses and almost treats them as an accessory like jewelry, not just for function.

Rosie told a story about the time that she ordered glasses online. Kelli and Rosie were in therapy at the time and after a heated therapy appointment she decided to walk and Kelli took the car. Rosie was walking and crying and walked into a Coach store and bought a pair of sunglasses and fell in love with them. She was so worried about the sunglasses all the time because of how much they cost but she loved them. She went online to order another pair and when they came they didn't feel like the ones she got at the Coach store so she was sure they were a knockoff. She told this to the man who sold her the glasses online and the guy went crazy on her and kept writing her! Then he said he sold her the wrong pair and wanted her to send them back to him! Rosie said she was scared by the crazed eyeglass retailer.

There was a debate how the brand Alain Mikli was pronounced and Deirdre was the only one who could speak it with the French accent. Janette pronounced it "a-lane mick-lee." They compared Janette's new look to a cartoon character or that of a mad scientist. Whatever the comparison, she was getting made fun of relentlessly for them but didn't seem to mind one bit! She was very happy with her purchase.

Janette got a listener phone-call in support. Rosie said that because of the very distinctive eyeglasses, people will notice her more on the street, not less! Janette said that if anyone on the street says something about them to her she'll say, "Up yours!" because she's over worrying what people think about her. Rosie ended the conversation saying the eyeglasses were "cute in a bright way" but that the double white spot on the nose was effecting her OCD tendencies. She said for $1200 there shouldn't be a double white spot on her nose. Janette said the glasses were not supposed to be symmetrical because they're magic!

Pete took a picture of Janette in her eyeglasses with his Droid phone which has a flash and Rosie commented on it. Rosie seemed jealous of Pete's camera phone because the iPhone doesn't have a flash. Pete has a Droid, not an iPhone. He likes it. A great flash and a 5mp camera.

Janette said she's always wanted to have many pairs of eyeglasses so she could switch them up with her outfits and now she can afford to do that. She said it is like wearing jewelry to her. Rosie said that her girlfriend, Tracy, who turns 46 tomorrow, got herself and all of her children glasses at Sears for under $1000! Rosie said the frames were pretty cool, too!

Bobby said that he loves the show Glee but last night's episode was not his favorite episode ever. He said it's like riding a roller coaster though and you need time to breathe. A listener called in who didn't like last night's episode at all. She didn't see the connection between the emotion of regret and funk. She and Rosie also didn't like the part when the pregnant girls were dancing. Rosie also said that the thought of Schuster being with Sue Sylvester was grossing her out. Deirdre mentioned that the actress who plays Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) just recently got married! Here is an article about Jane getting married.

Rosie asked what she is going to watch now that American Idol is over and Janette recommended America's Got Talent because of the human interest stories. Careful, Janette! Your non-cynical sensitive side is showing! :)

Rosie asked if the staff is doing well on day 2 of not drinking soda for the summer. Bobby's still drinking soda. James isn't doing it either. Pete had a soda this morning. Rosie had small fries and a coke after the shrink yesterday and said not getting a soda was a little more difficult than she imagined. Deirdre suggested Ice-T to Rosie as a substitute for soda. Pete suggested they make sun tea at the studio. Last summer, Rosie went to McDonalds and ordered a sweet tea and said she almost went into diabetic shock from all the sugar. Pete said that children who have a soda every day are 60% more likely to have an weight problem and those who have 2 sodas a day are 120% more likely to be obese. A listener called in who quit soda and lost 7 pounds since April. She really misses it though.

Then Vivi, Rosie's 7 year old daughter, wandered into the Rosie Radio studio! Vivi was playing hooky from school and had plans to go swimming with Rosie and hang out with the chickens. Rosie asked Vivi a bunch of questions including which chicken is the cutest and Vivi replied Snowball, the one she named. :) Rosie asked Vivi about the Glee concert they went to a Radio City on Saturday and Vivi said on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, what she would rate the show. Vivi gave it a 10, better than all the concerts and Broadway shows she's ever seen! Rosie talked with Vivi about how she did something that Rosie had never seen her do before. After the show, Vivi picked up a paper plate and got the autographs of several of the actors from the show. Vivi couldn't pick a favorite part or a favorite song - she loved everything. They talked a little about last night's episode of Glee which Vivi really liked and Vivi said she didn't like it how Schuster was hitting on Sue Sylvester. She agreed with Rosie that it was a little creepy and gross. Rosie asked Vivi if she had any plans for the summer and Vivi said no. Rosie asked her if she wants to go to arts and crafts camp and Vivi didn't know.

Then Vivi asked if the show was live and of course Rosie told her yes, that people were listening to them talk. Rosie invited listeners to call in and ask Vivi a question.
Here were the questions from the listeners...
What does she want to be when she grows up? Vivi said "no idea."
What is her favorite kind of animal? Vivi said "every animal." Rosie asked her what the best part about having chickens is and Vivi said she didn't know and Rosie told her that was a boring answer. lol She said the best part was playing with them.
One caller asked Vivi what movie she should take her grandchildren to see this summer? After much prompting from Rosie, Vivi recommended the new Karate Kid movie and the new Shrek.
A caller asked Vivi what it is like having Rosie as a mom and Vivi said it is good. Rosie asked her if it is weird that everyone knows her. And Vivi said yes, but didn't seem to mind. Rosie asked if it's annoying or okay that everyone says hi to her at the mall and Vivi said it was okay! Rosie asked her what the worst part is about having Rosie as a mom and Vivi said, "Nothing!" Awwwwwww!!! Rosie loved that answer too. Rosie asked Vivi what the best part about having Rosie as a mom is and Vivi said "everything!" Rosie said Vivi was too adorable for words.
Another 7 year old called in and asked Vivi how many teeth she has lost. Vivi said 5 or 8, it's hard to keep track.
A listener called in an asked Vivi if she's ever read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. She hadn't and the caller said that Vivi would love it. Rosie said they would go to the mall and get it at the store or order it on Amazon today. Vivi said she doesn't want to go to the mall so asked her mom to order it on Amazon for her.

Then Vivi and Rosie talked about how Blake needs a "farting blanket" that absorbs all the smells of farts so that he can't shoot his farts at her. Rosie said that sometimes Vivi cries when he does that (although Vivi said she doesn't though, that she only ever cried once).

Rosie wrapped up the interview with Vivi and Vivi said she wasn't ready to be done yet. She decided to stay and listen to the rest of the show. Awwwwwwwwww.

Rosie had all the members of the studio watch the Billy Meier documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth. Pete loved it. Bobby rolled his eyes in disgust and didn't believe a word of it. Shoshana hated it too and felt it was all fake and found it hard to pay attention. Janette was skeptical of parts. Pete believed that this man has had experiences with aliens but he felt that the photographic proof was faked in order to try to get people to believe him. He also didn't believe that aliens would choose German as their language of choice or that religion is a sham (Janette said that's right where she started to believe him).

Rosie asked for listeners to call in if they've ever had an experience with a UFO. Rosie asked if Pete had ever heard of Whitley Strieber. She said he's really interesting and writes about being contacted by aliens. Rosie used to go to UFO conventions! Rosie once thought she had been kidnapped by aliens and had a device controlling her brain. She said it's not uncommon for people who have sex abuse issues.

Bobby was convinced that Billy Meier was just making it all up. Bobby said that maybe Billy believes it happened to him but Bobby didn't buy it. Rosie asked if Vivi if she believes that man they were talking about was visited by aliens and she did not.

Pete went OFF about how he believes that the Nazis used the plans to make the UFOs in WWII. He said the aliens changed their plans to make the UFOs faulty when they found out that the Nazis were not using their power for good. He truly believes that sometimes we have UFO sightings because the government is experimenting with the plans and making their own version. Someone asked Pete how the aliens did not know that the Nazis were bad if they can see into the future! Pete said that "time is a river" and it can branch off in different directions. Whatever the hell that means! And Rosie started singing "time is a river" the lyrics from the song The Finer Things by Steve Winwood. I think I would have been singing a circus theme song for a train ride to crazy town, but that's just me.

I think it was Bobby who said they always found it odd that aliens only went to deserted rural areas and revealed themselves to people who do not have any influence. That's not the only odd part here, Bobby.

A listener who is a truck driver called in to share her alien encounter story. Yes, I just wrote that. You are reading that correctly. She was driving along on the highway at night and hovering above her was a circle of lights spinning in one direction with an inner circle of lights spinning in the opposite direction. Her cat was laying on the dash. The aliens in the spacecraft started communicating with her through her thoughts and asked her "What is the cat?", "Why do you pet the cat?", "What is the purpose of the cat?" I've been asked all these questions too by my proofreader Liz who is afraid of cats, I'm just saying.

During the next couple of months, thoughts would come to her in regards to something she had seen and asking about things on the planet that weren't human. The caller consulted a person that has written a couple of books on UFOs (there's your first mistake) and a psychic (annnnnnd there's your second) and they both felt she had an actual alien encounter. For the next 2 to 3 months her shoulder itched and she pulled pieces of a small fiber out of her shoulder. The questions kept coming until the last of the fiber was gone from her body. The psychic told her the fiber was a transmitter between her and the aliens and once it was removed the communication stopped. She reassured Rosie that she never felt afraid she only felt comfort and peace. Rosie gave her a snuggie cause she was a trucker. She needed more than a snuggie. Maybe a prescription for something.

Pete totally believed the caller. He himself has never had a UFO encounter. Rosie asked him to come with her to a UFO convention. Both Rosie and Pete believe the universe is too large for there to only be us in it. Janette said she thinks we're just a virus and a one in a million chance that we were created. Bobby was still hung up on the fact that he couldn't understand why aliens would want to meet with people in a trailer park and not our world leaders.

Rosie then briefly and randomly mentioned that Tipper and Al Gore were getting divorced after 40 years of marriage. She said it depresses her but she wasn't sure why. She said people often said the same thing to her when she and Kelli broke up and she never understood it. The Gores have said that they would both be happier alone and Rosie said we can never really tell the truth, only the couple can know why.

Jackie took Google Pete shopping for his makeover yesterday. Jackie told Rosie that she thought Pete didn't enjoy the experience very much. Pete said he didn't really like the finished product. He said he felt really awkward in the changing room and didn't understand why he had to try on a t shirt. He said he never tries on shirts, only pants. And he said now there are 2 shirts at the store that he had on his sweaty and hairy body that he didn't buy. He's supposed to wear the ensemble tomorrow and Jackie told him to shave and to put product in his hair. Although she wasn't specific with what kind of product. Pete said he felt like an over the hill Frat boy that graduated from Princeton 10 years ago in the outfit. He also said he looked like a "doofus" and like a guy who would be in a Dave Matthews Band concert.

Rosie said that bad Karma hit Lou because he blew off her Memorial Day Barbecue. Lou said someone threw a basketball sized boulder through the driver-side window of his 1988 Nissan Sentra that he bought for $800 specifically for his job at Rosie Radio. Rosie said it was because they heard that he didn't come to her party. Lou said the thieves only stole his iPod shuffle and 4 stamps but left his Sirius radio alone. Rosie found the fact that the thieves didn't steal his Sirius sad. Rosie asked Lou what kind of music they got on his iPod and Lou said it was filled with 300 Pearl Jam songs. He's decided he's not going to spend the money to fix the car, he's just going to put a t-shirt over the window when it rains. Rosie was still shocked that no one wanted his Sirius radio and said that sometimes she feels like no one is listening to them. As if they're just hanging out and chatting in some room. Janette often feels like that which is why she thinks she's revealed as many things about herself as she has! She also thinks that's the way everyone feels who's on the radio.

Rosie then interviewed Francesco Clark who has written a new book called Walking Papers: The Accident that Changed My Life, and the Business that Got Me Back on My Feet. Francesco was swimming in the Hamptons when he dove into the shallow end of a pool and hit the bottom. He shattered his C4 vertebrae and in a split second and immediately became paralyzed. He told the story to Rosie of the accident and how it felt like two pieces of metal hitting each other really hard and then he felt nothingness. He was face down in the pool completely awake and about to drown and then someone found him. Francesco told Rosie that he was immediately mad at himself and kept hearing his mother's voice at what a stupid thing he had just done. When the person lifted him from the water he told them "you just saved my life now call 911." He laughed and said he's bossy and was immediately telling everyone what to do.

Francesco said that he believes that everything happens for a reason but sometimes you just fall or you just get cancer. He said that sometimes, things just happen. But sometimes, he continued, you wake up and you can't reach a glass of water you wonder "why me." He was 24 years old at the time of the accident working in the fashion industry at the time.

The accident happened on Memorial Day and he said that the holiday has been hard for him ever since. Francesco said he believes that things happen but there's not always a reason for it. He said it's the way you react to the things that happen to you that defines you. The doctors told him that he would never be able to breathe on his own, let alone walk. He didn't believe them.

Rosie and Francesco talked about Glee and the character on the show that is in a wheelchair. Francesco said that he's trying to get some of the Glee actors to perform at Born for Broadway, the concert to benefit The Christopher Reeve Foundation to which he is an ambassador of.

Francesco told Rosie about the latest treatment he had when he went to China. He said it all started when he was reading the New Yorker article called the Reeve Effect. He read it and decided to email the doctor who was mentioned in the article. The doctor uses embryonic stem cells and converts them into glial cells. He then injects them above and below the spinal injury. He said it was a little bit scary but he thought what did he have to lose? He flew to China for 6 weeks and the minute he woke up from the surgery he could feel his ribs on his left side. He hadn't felt them since the accident! Three weeks ago he started to feel his feet! Amazing! He said the surgery is not a cure but it does give a level of sensory back. Francesco is also starting to kick his legs 2 or 3 times a day now. He is also doing 5 hours of therapy every day, stands for a time everyday and rides a special bicycle.

Francesco started a cosmetic line Clark's Botanicals. He said that the day that Christopher Reeve passed away he was doing therapy and he thought to himself, what have I ever done to bring awareness to people with disabilities? He has a subtle shift in his thinking and he wanted to become more of an advocate for people with disabilities. He went from being a wallflower never wanting to be seen to wanting to be more vocal and more himself again. His appearance became more important too. Francesco said his skin looked red, dull, gray, bumpy and flaky. He talked with Rosie about how it's so important for people with spinal cord injuries to take care of their skin.

Francesco said he tried everything and nothing worked for his skin. His father is a doctor and does homeopathy and vitamin therapy and they started to create things - mixing them in the kitchen.

Francesco is 32 years old now and his skin care line is doing very well! You can visit his website to find out more information or buy some for yourself!

He is also doing book signings as part of his therapy. Rosie told Francesco what an inspiration he is, especially to those with spinal cord injuries. Francesco said you can overcome anything and never set a limitation upon yourself. He said he hopes that people will read his book and realize that they can accomplish their dreams without having to face near death. They ended the interview telling each other how much they loved and adored each other. It was a fantastic interview!

Rosie closed the show.

and that's what you missed - kw


  1. Thanks again, Kelly! Great job as always.

  2. hah! verrrrrry funny, kw! ;) your trixie is nothing but trouble!!!!!


  3. Kelly I loved your comments today and absolutely agreed with everything (I always hate it friends or family start talking about aliens/UFOs-I think they're embarrassing themselves, haha.)

    I also find your Janette comments hilarious. Gotta love Janette :P

  4. Yikes, I meant to say when people talk about ENCOUNTERING aliens*** I believe there is life somewhere out there but come on, that trucker lady was hallucinating along with the rest of the abductees.

    Thanks again Kelly!!

  5. Thanks Kelly for the recap. I do have to say that I wasn't a fan of the side comments you had about the alien conversation. It is something real and while there is a lot of BS you have to educate yourself on the subject in order to realize that beings from other places are visiting earth. I myself have had several encounters, but I don't speak of them to no one for fear of ridicule.

    Again thanks for the recaps, you do a wonderful job and I look forward to them after work.

  6. Francesco's story is amazing!

    I take offense at the UFO jokes. LOL I was raised in rural (very rural) South Dakota and I've always felt like I've been contacted - but I have no proof. It was more of a recurring dream where I was outside at night but it was light out and there was a weird noise. That same dream happened many times.

    Honestly though - imagine if we were to make first contact with a planet that had very large cities - would we land there or somewhere less populated where we could "test the waters" first?

    I hope Rosie and crew can rest assured that we are "listening" even if it is through Kelley's great site!

  7. You were definitely on a roll today with your pink comments. Very funny!

  8. I was falling down laughing, almost needing a depends reading your little comments in pink about the ufo sighting truckdriver caller. I was buying it until the cat thing. I missed lots of the show this morning as we were trying to pack up and leave. But you are so funny when you comment on the caller. But never never read that book Communion by Whitley Streiber unless you have all the lights on in broad daylight and one other adult is home. I mean, that man makes this abduction thing seem real and it scared the begeezus out of me. I can still see that weird alien head if I close my eyes. I am never reading any of his books again. And I thought Liz was afraid of dogs. Now she is afraid of cats too. Well, she won't be wanting to visit me. ha ha.

  9. Please - What was the name of the sunscreen Francesco mentioned that does not contain cancer-causing chemicals? He mentioned one that was available in Canada (I'm in Canada), and I'd love to track it down. Thanks for this and for all you do to educate and entertain us!

  10. Lots of pink today, YAY! I have decided that your pink makes yellow for me. Thanks, Kelly!

    : ) P

  11. Your comment, "She needs more than a snuggie. Maybe a prescription for something."

    Oh, you gave a good long chuckle! Thank you for that one. I'm still lol! Even a lbl!


  12. Hey Anon, not trying to offend anyone. I believe there is a mystical force that removes a sock from the dryer every time I do the laundry, but I don't believe in aliens. I'm more of a I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it kind of girl.

    Since I was the one writing the blog I just needed to express my opinion on the subject because my family thinks I'm crazy enough at this point. Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings though, just trying to be funny. But the good part is you totally have Rosie on your side and we all love her, right?! Seriously. She totally agrees with you and that means more than some stay at home mom with too much time on her hands. :)

    Kim, I didn't get the name of the sunscreen. That was right when my Kindergartener gets off the bus. Damnit! I knew someone was going to ask me that too.

    Thanks for reading everyone and for the comments! xo

  13. I have the Droid phone and I LOVE it. Since I can't afford a fancy-shmancy camera, I use it to take every pic on my blog. The camera on there is one of the best I've seen for a phone.

  14. Re the sunscreen

    I'm not sure about the one he specifically mentioned, but here's a nice list of 12 safe and effective ones:

    I'm not sure which are available in Canada though, maybe one will ring a bell? Here's another good site:

  15. candy- i'm not afraid of dogs...just cats!! :)

    and kw- meant to say your ufo comments made me laugh. i'm with you- i'll believe it when i see it.