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Bobby started today's show singing. It makes me smile when Bobby sings the theme song! Rosie started the show immediately talking about the oil spill in the Gulf. She mentioned how her friend Eileen's partner Susan, who went to clean up after the Exxon Valdez, died of cancer years later. She said that CNN had a woman on last night (named Kindra Arnesen) who spoke of the health effects that her husband and the other men he works with are getting sick from the clean-up process. Rosie called her brave and wants her to be on the show. She was seriously asking for her to be on, so if anyone knows her, Rosie wants to interview her. Rosie admitted that she is obsessing over the oil spill, how they're ever going to stop it and the effect that it's going to have on the environment. She said she can't think of anything else.

She is also horrified that 11 people died during the initial explosion and she does not feel that the fact that people were killed during this disaster is being talked about enough. Rosie said she failed science in high school and she assumed there was a BP pipe with a whole in it. Pete talked to his father (or grandfather?) who explained it like this: It's like a helium balloon under the ocean's floor, except it's filled with oil. If you take a pin to a balloon, it will pop. So, the drillers have to stick in the pin and simultaneously apply pressure all around the pin. The pressure has to be equal to the pressure of the oil coming out to keep it from exploding. He said the process of keeping the pressure equal as it changes is very complicated.

Hours before the explosion someone from BP came to the oil rig and said that they didn't want them to use drilling mud anymore, they wanted them to replace it with sea water because they wanted to use that mud at another job. The guys on the rig didn't think it was going to work but the BP person told them to do it or else. The oil riggers started to use it and thought they were being successful and then BOOM. They were not able to keep the same pressure. And then, because this is so complicated to keep the pressure even, they do have a kill switch to fix the hole right away. But, there was a confusion as to who could order the kill switch to be dropped. While trying to figure out whether or not to use the kill switch the rig was already in flames. Then BOOM, 11 men died. They just recently held a memorial service for the men that died and Transocean set up a website. Here is a link to the condolence website for the men that died.

Here are the names of the men that died that day.
Jason Anderson
Aaron Dale Burkeen
Donald Clark
Stephen Curtis
Roy Wyatt Kemp
Karl Kleppinger
Gordon Jones
Blair Manuel
Dewey Revette
Shane Roshto
Adam Weise

Each man has family, friends, children, parents that are suffering because they lost a loved one. My heart goes out to their families and friends. Pete did a fantastic job explaining what happened the day of the oil rig explosion. I feel like I understand it for the first time. I hope I did an okay job conveying it to you all that missed it.

Rosie then played the CNN audio of the interview with Kindra, the wife of the man who was hired to clean up the oil who is now getting sick.

Rosie and Janette commented on her bravery and how she said, "It starts with one." Rosie said again how she wants to talk with her.

Janette said she was watching Toxic America on CNN last night and related it to the oil spill disaster. She said people are dying of cancer etc. from the effects of the chemical plants in their towns and even when a chemist who got a genius award related the chemicals to the cancer the officials maintain that there is no correlation. She said no one listens and no one is taking responsibility and it all has to do with corporate greed.

Rosie recommended a new documentary on HBO entitled Gasland about the effects of harvesting Natural Gas has on a city where everyone is dying. She encouraged her listeners to watch it. Gasland premieres on June 21st on HBO.

Rosie took several callers during the conversation regarding the oil spill. One caller was from Louisiana and talked with Rosie about the use of seawater in replacement of the mud and how that was not unusual. She also said that the riggers were following protocol, that 2 supervisors had to approve the shut off and one of the supervisors was already dead. This caused a delay in deciding to use the kill switch.

Pete told Rosie that BP had over 750 of the a little over 800 total violations that the U.S. handed out to oil companies. Jon Stewart did a bit about this on The Daily Show. HERE is a link to an article about it. Watch it if you have time, it's sadly hilarious.

Rosie asked why some company is allowed to do this and keep making these violations without any repercussions. Janette said to follow the money. She said it's all about lobbying and influence. One caller suggested a nuclear bomb because "a little radiation" doesn't seem as bad as all that oil. Okay.... Janette and Rosie thought a nuclear bomb seemed so dangerous! Pete said that "they" don't know what would happen if we used a nuclear bomb under the ocean to stop the leak and he included that it's also illegal because we have a treaty that says we will not detonate nuclear devices. Janette said that in the end we, as America, have some culpability because of our dependence on oil. SO TRUE. She said we need to make small changes to use less oil and also stop buying plastic bottles.

One caller Rosie spoke with said we are too willing to just blindly follow rules that are laid out for us and she had wished those men had made their own decisions rather than just blindly follow the rules. She said there are cases when not following the rules will save lives. She said it's important for people to use their gut feelings. Rosie hoped that we put this on the air more and wished we had at least one hour a day dedicated towards talking about it. Janette thought there was probably a lot of minimizing going on about the oil spill and its damage to alleviate panic.

One caller was in Alaska during the Exxon Valdez and said that when he tried to take off work to go make some money during the Exxon Valdez oil spill the health department wouldn't allow him to take off work for cleaning up oil and then come back to work for them because they didn't want to be responsible for their health issues afterward. Janette said we need to make small changes in our own lives to reduce our dependency on oil and we need to demand an end to lobbying. Rosie feels as if President Obama needs to address the oil spill better. Janette hoped that the President would at the very least address the illnesses that are sure to be caused from the cleanup. It's not right that these workers are being made to sign a gag order!

One blogger named Irene wrote into Rosie during the discussion and told her to watch the 60 Minutes piece about the oil spill with interviews of the survivors. Here is a LINK TO PART 1. And HERE IS A LINK TO PART 2. I totally stole these links from Pete.

Then in reference to the frustration over the oil spill Janette quoted a Bible verse, incorrectly at first. This was the quote: "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." Pete corrected her quote and even told the legend behind the moment in the Bible. Rosie suggested that be a new segment: Bible Stories by Google Pete.

Shoshana, Jeannie, Jackie and Pete went to the mall to shop for his makeover. The Rosie Radio staff played an audio segment from the shopping spree. After the audio clip it was time for "the big reveal!" and Pete stepped out in his new duds. Rosie said that Pete looks like he should be vacationing in a resort in Nantucket if he was about 50 years old. Rosie said it was a good look if he was going to a wedding barbecue. Then there was a whole discussion of whether to tuck or not to tuck. Pete admitted he had gained 10 pounds since the show started in November (ME TOO, PETE!). He attributes the weight to the goodies provided from their sponsors in the Rosie Radio kitchen although he didn't want to besmirch their advertisers. I attribute my own 10 pound gain to sitting on my ass everyday writing this blog and munching while I do it!

Janette doesn't think they're done with the Pete makeover and does not think this is Pete's new look. Janette thought the shirt was too conservative and the pant leg was too short. She suggested man capris and said they should get a professional like Carson Kressley to make him over. Janette thought the new look made Pete look shorter. Rosie actually agreed and didn't seem to like it for Pete too much. Rosie said that Jackie's husband would look fantastic in the new emsemble. Janette adores Jackie but said that they need to find a look that screams PETE.

Jackie called in and Rosie told her that Pete put on the clothes but really didn't like them. Jackie thought he looked neat and like her son would dress or her husband. Janette said again how they needed a professional and Rosie reminded Jackie that she was being critiqued for her style choices from a woman who was wearing Pizza Hut glasses. Rosie suggested a Star Trek uniform for Pete and Pete said he's mentioned that to his wife before and she said he's allowed to wear a Star Trek uniform maybe 3 out of the 5 workdays.

Rosie announced that it is her girlfriend Tracy's 46th birthday today! She played Say Hey I Love You by Michael Franti for Tracy which is her favorite song. Happy Birthday TKA!

Janette wanted to talk about America's Got Talent and her favorite performance last night. Taylor Matthews sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Janette loved it. Rosie stopped it right at the beginning to tell Janette that the version that he was doing had been done before. Janette had never heard that version but didn't seem to care either. She still loved it.

Rosie played the Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow for her and then she played last night's version that was sang on America's Got Talent. Janette didn't care, she was so touched by the story behind the performer who sang it. She said that right now they're weeding through the ridiculous on the show but the talented people are coming.

Rosie then introduced Kevin Chamberlin who is starring as Uncle Fester in the Broadway musical The Addams Family! Rosie said she and her family have tickets to see it this summer and she can't wait! Rosie has heard great things about it, especially from Bobby. Kevin and Rosie starred in Seussical the Musical together. Kevin remembers when Rosie and Kevin first met outside Tavern on the Green and said that Rosie was so kind to him and his family. She told him that she saw Suessical and that she wanted to be in it and be the Cat in the Hat. And then she went on to do it! Kevin remembered his favorite moment of the show with Rosie. He told a story of the time when Rosie was in the audience asking the children questions and a child asked her "How big is Horton's trunk?" Without missing a beat Rosie replied "he says it's seven feet but it's really only four." He loved it! Rosie recalled the last night of the show when she said the wrong line. Her lines were supposed to always rhyme and she made a mistake and they did not that last night.

Kevin has just been nominated for the third time for a Tony! He said he's tired from doing 8 shows a week but he loves it. He thinks he should win this year out of merit and he's the oldest one nominated. They discussed each of the other actors who were nominated and (although they think all the other performers are fantastic) Rosie predicts that Kevin will win too. The first time Kevin saw a Broadway show was in the theater he is now performing on stage for in the Addams Family! Kevin and Rosie talked about the role of Uncle Fester and Kevin said that he wanted to pay homage to the original character but to also put his own spin on it. Rosie said that she heard that he stops the show with his song performed on the moon. They both couldn't believe that Addams Family wasn't nominated for a Tony for design. Rosie and Kevin also discussed all the other actors in the show all of whom they love.

Kevin said he likes working on stage because he likes to be in control of his performance and if he does something in his performance he's not happy with, he knows he can fix it the next night. Pete talked with Kevin about his performance in Die Hard With a Vengeance. Pete brought his copy of the movie with him hoping that Kevin will autograph it. Pete told Kevin that he loves when he sees him in movies because he knows, the moment he sees him, that the scene is going to be perfect. Rosie and Kevin talked about making the most of a moment in a film even if you're just a small part. Kevin was also in Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks. Pete told Kevin he once followed him for two blocks trying to work up the courage to say Hi.
Kevin married his partner after 19 years together. His partner is an Executive Producer on the show Make It or Break It. Kevin and Rosie talked about their favorite series and reality shows.

Rosie and Kevin discussed the art of "second acting it" when you hit a Broadway show in the second act, merging with the theater goers during intermission and then entering the theater as if you had been there all along. Kevin said it's hard to "second act" Addams Family because there are no empty seats!

Both Rosie and Kevin love Nathan Lane who Kevin said is having the time of his life in the Addams Family. He said that the audiences love him and called him the King of Broadway! Nathan has done 8 shows since The Producers but has yet to be recognized by the Tony committee. Both Rosie and Kevin thought Nathan should be recognized for all his work in theater. Rosie said she once was asked to host the Tony's and asked if Nathan could host it with her.

Kevin asked Rosie what the secret is to a good acceptance speech at the Tony's. Rosie said "no notes!" She said they're theater actors and we do not need notes or teleprompters. She told him to go up and say what it means to him to see the seat that he once sat in to see his first Broadway show now that he's performing on that stage. Kevin said he first came to Broadway on a H.S. trip and he hopes that schools continue to do that. He said he will oftentimes look out into the audience and all he sees is grey hair. He and Rosie agreed that Broadway shows have become too expensive.

Kevin said his parents told him if he's going to be an actor he's going to have to learn everything about theater. They sent him to Rutgers where he did just that and he was close enough to visit NY on a regular basis.

Rosie talked with Kevin about being married and asked him if it has changed the way he feels in the world. Kevin said it has and he's going to be an outspoken proponent for gay marriage.

Kevin and Rosie talked a little about community theater and Rosie shared that she once tried out for the part of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. When she didn't get it she made such a fuss she made her mom go in and talk to the director. She was cast as Glinda. Kevin was once a singing waiter at the Jersey Shore where they did a Broadway review and if someone asked what the ice cream flavors were they had to sing them along to the Hallelujah chorus.

Here's a video of Kevin Singing Alone In the Universe from Seussical. Rosie gave out tickets to the Addams Family to the first 4 listeners who called in from the New York area! Rosie thanked Kevin for coming in and told him what a talented actor and a great guy he is. She said she'd invite him to come this summer to a reading of her one-woman show Find Me when it's ready!

Check out the photos and videos from Kevin's website from the musical Seussical! And here's a video of the cast of the Addams Family on the Letterman Show...

After the commercial break Rosie said she was going to put up the 60 Minutes links to the show about the oil spill so they can all be a little more educated about it. She encouraged her listeners to watch it.

She said there is big news in the world! Men are now wearing spanx. They described the compression shirt and its cost. Rosie said that spanx give her gas and they're not easy to go to the bathroom in. Janette said she has decided to "let the flub flow free."

Then they started a big conversation about whether or not you should donate your underwear to charity or not.Tracy tells Rosie that when people throw their clothes away it clogs up the land fills. Rosie's donated underwear before but it was new and too big - a size 10. Janette said a Size 10 fits her like a glove and is very comfortable. She even has a VIDEO about that!

Janette said she will take Rosie's size 10's if they're still new. Rosie went to Target last night just before closing to get Tracy the boys underwear that she likes.

Rosie closed the show letting her listeners know that they will be back live on Monday!

and that's what you missed -kw

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  1. http://abcnews.go.com/WN/bps-dismal-safety-record/story?id=10763042

    "In the last five years, investigators found, BP has admitted to breaking U.S. environmental and safety laws and committing outright fraud. BP paid $373 million in fines to avoid prosecution.

    BP's safety violations far outstrip its fellow oil companies. According to the Center for Public Integrity, in the last three years, BP refineries in Ohio and Texas have accounted for 97 percent of the "egregious, willful" violations handed out by the Occupational Safety and Health"

    Yeah, Americans' need to boycott BP so they can go out of business in America. I'm sure China won't mind taking the left overs.