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Rosie announced that Rue McClanahan died yesterday (June 3rd). Rosie said she doesn't like when she watches people growing up on TV and then they die. She said it doesn't seem possible to her. She saw her do stand-up not too long ago and Rue called her up on stage. They originally met when they were campaigning for Al Gore. Rue was relatively young and died at only 76 years old. Janette said that's not old enough for her and then Rosie asked her (again) how old is old enough to die for Janette. Janette said she really doesn't ever want to die as long as she was able to actually have a decent time living. She said she would like to become a vampire and have immortality! She wasn't a fan of True blood because of the sexuality and the violence. She said she liked "happy vampires" like the Anne Rice character Lestat. This caused Pete and Rosie to gasp in horror and they then listed all the reasons that Lestat was not happy.

Rosie said when she was filming America there was a vampire werewolf convention in the same hotel where she was staying. She said all the convention goers were dressed as vampires and it was intense!

Janette said she doesn't want to die. Ever. Rosie asked her what she thinks happens when you die and Janette said she thinks "zip happens." She said she has no clue but it's the not knowing that scares her. She believes that maybe energy lives on but she loses the essence of her.

Janette then introduced her boyfriend Barry to the listening audience! Rosie called him her non-husband because Barry and Janette have been together for 15 years but they both do not want to get married. Barry actually held up a sign that said, "Will you not marry me?" and Janette said, "Yes!" And Barry knew she was the one. Barry and Janette met online and Barry said he knew the second he met her that she was the one he wanted. Rosie asked him if he wanted "a high maintenance, neurotic, crazy, funny, smart woman?" And Barry said YEP!

Janette used to have an AOL name "Manhattan blond" and she would set up a chat room and then wait for men to come into it to chat with. She would instant message with the men and then set up a date to meet them not too long after. Barry said he entered her chat room and said "Hello from Madison Avenue." They chatted a couple of times before meeting in person.

Rosie said that Janette's risky behavior meeting men on the Internet was scaring her at the time. Janette said she liked a little bit of danger and risk at the time.

After chatting for a day or two Janette and Barry met for coffee. They were both nervous but Barry said he knew right away, that Janette was the one. He said he just had that feeling. Barry kept hoping she would ask him out again and then when she did their second date was very romantic! After Barry and Janette had been out a few times she went to meet another stranger she had met online in Germany. To this day Barry doesn't let Janette forget that. In the end he ended up with her so that's all that matters!

Rosie said that they are an example that love can be found on the Internet. She said that there is a guy who has been writing to her on her blog who really wants to date Bobby. This man really admires Bobby and he really wants to go on a date with him. Rosie asked him what he has to do to get a date with him. Bobby said that he's open for anything but said that he's had several people in his life that got close to him just so they could get close to Rosie. Awwwwww!! Rosie asked him what is the worst that could happen. She told him to pick a diner, not close to his house and go to the diner and have a salad with this man. Janette said to have just a beverage. Rosie even sent Pete on a mission to find out more information on this guy! Pete wrote the guy about what he has claimed to be in his AskRos and asked him where he lives and if there's anyway he can prove he is who he says he is. Pete even offered to come along as his duenna (or chaperon).

Janette said her friend Laura also met men online and Janette would often come along on her dates. Rosie said that the only guy Bobby was ever interested in was a murderer! Bobby denied this and said he introduced that guy to his friend Jason, but he himself was never attracted to him. Rosie didn't buy it. Rosie said that the blogger's name is Randy and she wants Bobby to meet him.

Rosie asked Barry how Janette has been since she stopped smoking marijuana. Janette admitted she's been a little edgier since she's stopped smoking Barry said she was different at first but she's better now. He finds it easiest to interact with her when he's drunk. HA! ba dump bump. Janette notices the difference in herself. She said she feels more in control, a little bit edgier, but she feels like she has more time in the the day. Rosie asked her with the 2 month deadline approaching on June 26th (Janette agreed to herself to quit smoking for 2 months) if she feels like she will start smoking again. Janette said she's not really interested in starting up again anymore. She said she's not missing the high, she misses the act of smoking. She said that surprised her but it was the same way when she stopped smoking cigarettes.

Rosie said she's only on day 4 of quitting soda and she really misses it. Barry is on 4 weeks of no soda! He decided to quit soda because he was drinking the diet and it was lousy for him.

Rosie asked Bobby if they discover that the Randy guy is alright, if he would consider meeting him. Pete guaranteed that he will be there even dressed in a Star Trek uniform with a light saber if necessary. Oooooooooh. Scary. Pete then said he would yell at the guy in Korean if he started any funny business and then he started singing in Korean. Rosie thought he was making it up so she made him repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

Barry and Janette are taking a 10 hour car trip to North Carolina this weekend for a Brown Family reunion. He has a large family and they all get along! He said that his family is made up of caregivers and everyone takes care of each other. Rosie recalled when Barry first started dating Janette and how clean her apartment was after he met her. She said all the sudden there were places to eat and sit when he came along.

Janette had a roommate of 17 years before Barry moved in who is now working in a law firm, dating a really great guy and playing in a band on the side. Barry and Janette have separate bedrooms for sleeping in their apartment. In the house that they own, they don't have separate bedrooms but in the apartment she only has a full sized bed and there isn't enough room for both of them in the bed with all the cats. Plus, when she got together with Barry she told him she didn't want someone breathing on her for the rest of her life. He gladly agreed! They really are perfectly suited for each other!

This was Rosie and Cat's second interview together and they sounded as if they've become great friends. Cat and Rosie talked about their kids and what it's like to watch them get older and how fast it goes. Cat's oldest is only 6 years old and graduating from Kindergarten soon. She has a new cookbook out called Cat Cora's Classics with a Twist. She said it's comprised of all our favorite dishes "jazzed up." She and Rosie talked about the cookbook and Rosie thumbed through it during the interview and asked Cat questions on various dishes. Cat said she created easy to follow recipes with inexpensive ingredients found at your local grocery store.

They talked about acupuncture for a while. Rosie did acupuncture for stress related reasons and Cat did acupuncture when she was pregnant. Rosie said that right now her nutritionist(?) has her on aloe vera juice with a tablespoon of chlorophyll for the nutrition. She said she's felt tired ever since.

Cat's kids' favorite recipe from the cookbook are the Greek nachos. She said in general they're pretty good eaters. Rosie and Cat talked about family, Cat's mom and her book tour that she's about to go on! Cat was invited by the First Lady to launch a program where chefs adopt a school to nurture healthy eating. She's headed to D.C. for that event this weekend. Cat is adopting her son's school in Santa Barbara. Cat and Rosie talked about encouraging healthy eating and how a garden can change kids perceptions of where food comes from. Rosie said the garden has been shocking to her kids. And the first time Rosie had ever eaten something that had been picked from the back yard was with Tracy! Cat said that that is a message in her cookbook - that good healthy food can taste good.

Rosie told Cat all about her squirrel Shady and how she trained her as Shady was making an appearance during the interview. Cat said that one of her favorite things to do in the summer is to put stone fruit (cherries, nectarines, peaches or apricots, etc.) on the grill and drizzle them with a little olive oil. YUM!

Rosie and Cat talked about both being gay moms. Rosie said that her teenage daughter recently told her she doesn't like it that she's gay. Rosie said she was sort of surprised because that is all she's ever known. Rosie told Chelsea that she can't help that she's gay and if she had a mom that wanted a dad for a spouse then she wouldn't have her for a mom. The other night Rosie said to Chelsea, I'm sorry that it's hard for you that I'm gay and Chelsea told her it was okay. Turns out someone was teasing Chelsea saying that she was gay because Rosie is. Rosie confronted the boy the other day at school and said "Hey "Bob", I heard you were wondering if my daughter was gay BOB?! Are you gay?! Because all us GAYS were talking and we heard that you're GAY. I think your GAY BOB!" He never bothered her again. Rosie and Cat talked about how it's important for your kids to know that you've got their back. Rosie called this a protective presence (an adult who lets you know that you are protected) and said it was the one thing that Janette was missing in her life growing up. Cat said she often tries to tell her kids that it's okay to stand up for themselves.

Cat and her partner have been together for 11 years. They were both out to their parents when they got together but not in a relationship at the time. Now their parents are good friends and even talk on the phone. Cat said that she is still going away a lot this summer for her book tour, and the Iron Chef but she's excited to go on the Iron Chef cruise with her entire family. Rosie told Cat she's going to make some of the recipes in the book and then call her to ask her why it doesn't look as good as the picture.

Cat told Rosie about her recent trip to Haiti. She said it was an amazing trip because they got a lot of understanding about what's going on there but said it was very sad. They've raised $100,000 for a food program so they can work on helping the people of Haiti become more sustainable on their own. She said it would be a work for food or work for hire program. She said the area is still very chaotic and it's going to take a generation to rebuild.

Cat has her own charity called Chefs for Humanity that was created as an emergency feeding relief organization after the Tsunami hit Asia. She said huge disasters can often feel overwhelming and she just wanted to do something. Cat really believes that one person can make a difference. She said it's also important to not forget that they are still struggling. Americans have a short attention span and we have to keep making people aware that others are in need.

Rosie said she wants a tattoo of the Coconut Red Velvet Cake that was pictured in the cookbook. She was salivating over it! Cat asked Rosie about her tattoos and said she wants one on the back of her neck with her name, her partner's name and the names of their two boys. Deirdre told Rosie it was bad luck to tattoo someone's name on you. Rosie warned Cat that tattoos are addictive.

Check out Cat Cora on her book tour HERE. And follow her on Facebook HERE! She's updating on facebook today from the White House!

Rosie had her lifelong friends in the studio and asked them if they know of anyone else who has had friends in their lives for as long as they have. Jackie and Jeannie couldn't think of anyone. Janette has had her friend Fran Capo in her life for 25 years but has no friends that she once had as a child still. Rosie wondered why they have stayed friends all this time. Chelsea, Rosie's oldest daughter, wishes she had it. Jackie was laying by the pool recently and asked her if it annoys her that anytime she makes a false move Rosie tells her and Jeannie about it. Chelsea said it didn't bother her because she said she likes Jackie and Jeannie, so it's okay.

Rosie was teasing Jackie's daughter, Katie, who recently has been fibbing to her mom. Rosie asked her a question and then said, "I don't even know why I'm asking you because you'll just lie." Jeannie's daughter, Toni, never tells Jeannie anything unless she promises FIRST that she's not going to tell Ro and Jackie. Jeannie said she tells them anyway. :) Jeannie's daughter, Cami, will be hysterically crying and in the same breath say "you're going to tell Ro and Jackie!" Rosie said that now whenever Vivi does anything she says "you're going to say this on the radio!"

Rosie asked Jeannie and Jackie if they could think of any secrets about their kids that they haven't shared yet. Jackie said the three of them need to back off from the fact that they don't like her daughter Katie's boyfriend. She said it's creating sneakiness. Rosie doesn't enjoy Katie's boyfriend. Jackie said she often tells Katie that all 3 of her mothers just love her and want her to be happy.

Jeannie, Jackie and Rosie have a high school reunion coming in June!

Jackie does not enjoy Shady and Rosie gave her crap for it for a while. They talked about Albino squirrels and black squirrels. They talked about their favorite grade in school which was Senior year of high school for all three of them. Jackie said they had such a good group of friends and school was easier because the pressure was off for college because they were already in.

Rosie said she didn't smoke pot in high school because it made her mouth dry and said she really didn't start smoking pot until her 40s. They talked about the time they got oregano and buried it in the backyard to trick the neighbor. And Jackie's father used to grow real pot plants in the backyard.

Rosie said when they went to the Glee concert, Tracy overheard a woman say "God, Rosie is so much tanner than Jackie" She said strangers have been coming up to her and telling her that Rosie's winning the tanning competition! Rosie said she's excited she's winning the tan contest. Janette has never tanned on a regular basis. Jackie said that the dermatologist told her brother that the sun damage that caused his melanoma was from years ago so the damage is already done. Jeannie just thought Rosie and Jackie were making excuses for their irresponsible tanning and Rosie relentlessly made fun of Jeannie for being pale and having the palest kids on the planet. Jeannie said her pediatrician commends her for how white her kids are. This completely set Rosie and Jackie off for a giggle fest and Jeannie flipped them off and threatened to walk out.

Rosie asked if they're going to be having another party soon. Jeannie said she wanted to have another party for the staff before the warm weather goes so they can have it by the pool. Jeannie said she will organize it. Traditionally, Rosie throws the party but Jeannie does all the work! She recalled the time after a party that she and Eddie were making their 5th and 6th trip up to the house cleaning up and Rosie was just laying in the sun.

They played the bit about Pete's makeover process and the clips that they recorded on the shopping spree for Pete.

They played a game where each person had to listen to a 5 second montage of several songs by one artist and the person had to name who the artist or band is.

Bobby - Billy Joel mix- he didn't get it though so he was OUT
Janette -Simon and Garfunkel mix, GOT IT
Pete -Abba mix, GOT IT
Rosie -Van Halen, GOT IT
Barry -Micheal Jackson, GOT IT

Janette -Led Zeppelin- she didn't get it though so she was OUT

Pete - Prince- he didn't get it though so he was OUT

Rosie - Elton John, GOT IT
Barry - Beastie Boys!!!! I was yelling at my radio. But he didn't get it so he was OUT

For the tie breaker Rosie won. And they kept playing.
Rosie - Creedance Clearwater revival, then Aerosmith, then Eminem, then Pearl Jam.
Rosie was the winner and she said that's all that matters.

NAME THAT SITCOM - The next game was to name the sitcom based on the characters read.

Barry - Lewis Depalma, Eric Regier and MISSED IT. The answer was TAXI and he got it wrong so he was OUT.
Rosie - Joe Hacket, Helen Chapel, Antionio Scarpachi. Rosie didn't know but Shoshana texted in WINGS and she was right.
Pete - Carlton Banks. Pete immediately said FRESH PRINCE.
Janette -Sam, Diane, Cliff. She said CHEERS and she was right!
Bobby - Andrew Squigman and Leonard something. Bobby didn't get LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY.

Pete- Raymond Barone. He got EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND but someone gave him a hint so he went again.
Then he got Michael Scott, Dwight Shrute and he said THE OFFICE.
Janette got Dr. Robert Hartley and she guessed BOB NEWHART which was right.

Pete- Les Nessman. Dr. Johnny Fever???? This was hard they were reading them very fast! Bobby gave Pete the answer.
Janette - Judge Harry Stone, Dan Fielding- Janette said NIGHT COURT and was right!

Pete - Doug Heffernan, Carrie Heffernan - The answer was KING OF QUEENS but Pete didn't get it so Janette was the winner!!!!
Rosie gave her silly bandz as a prize. Janette said she really wants them to take to the third world with her to give away to kids in need and Rosie told her she should take them to the family reunion and give them away. Janette said she and Barry have been saving them up. She said they pack easily and that you'd be surprised how excited the kids get by one little toy. She said they also all ask Americans for pens whenever she's there for them to use in school.

Rosie closed the show asking everyone to send all sorts of positive energy that the oil spill will heal itself.

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