The Rosie Radio Recap connection will be down for the next 2 days as I will be attending the Oprah Show for the Rosie taping on Thursday! And, since I am staying with my friend Carrie, who does not have Internet at her home (GASP!), I will be unable to listen to the show and update until I return.  After I get over my withdrawal symptoms from being unable to get on the Internet for the next 48 hours I will come and update about my trip.  I'd like to thank my husband who is taking care of my 3 little monkeys while I am gone, my sister for making this trip possible and Carrie for asking me to go with her and letting me crash at her pad (even if it doesn't have Internet access, I think I'm getting the shakes from withdrawal already...). 

Thanks for checking in Rosie Recap Readers and I will see you on the flip side.




  1. can't wait to hear all about it! xo



  3. so great seeing and spending time with you kel, cant wait for the update ;)

  4. Kelly...Darci here (the one sitting next to you while we waited to go into the studio...the one who Rosie gave tickets to) It was great to meet you and Carrie. What a super show/taping it was!!!! I was crying when Oprah came out and then again when Rosie came out. I will be looking forward to staying in touch and up to date by reading your blog. Great work you do and what a sweetie you are!!!!


  5. Hey everyone!

    I mistakingly deleted two comments trying to approve them from my cell phone because I didn't have internet! I feel so bad. I think they were from AG and Heidi (my two best commenters!). Sorry guys! Please continue to comment and I promise to not try to blog from my phone anymore. lol

    Darci! So nice to "see" you here! It was great meeting you! Hope you come back soon. :)

    Arthur, you're adorable and next time I come to Chicago we're going OUT! :)

  6. Have a ball! Can not wait to hear all about it!!!

  7. so glad you had such a great time Kelly!
    can't wait to hear all about it
    sounds like it was a fantastic show and that both Rosie and Oprah rocked

    no worries about my comment not getting posted
    the joys of technology sometimes!

    i just said that what comes around goes around and that it was meant to be for you to be asked to go with your friend and that the stars aligned for that to happen and how happy I was for you

    as usual your blog is fantastic
    and I look forward to continually coming back!

  8. one more comment/question.........are you going to post the details and clips etc before or after the show airs on Monday?
    either way will be cool
    just curious!

  9. Hey Kelly!
    Was the internet withdrawl ok? Did you make it through? lol. Sorry about that.
    I had a great time with you and Rosie and Oprah and Arthur and Kasey! It was a very nice, positive break in my life. Much needed.
    I'm still soaking in the whole experience. As you know..the show hit me pretty hard. I will write you a blog later.