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Rosie started the show talking about how the staff spent their spring breaks! Deirdre spent the week at home in Brooklyn and getting hooked on the game Farmville on Facebook! HA! Weenie told everyone her story about how she fell down her stairs carrying her laptop this weekend. She is now covered with bruises and was worried she may have broken her coccyx bone again. Jeannie told a story about how when she was 14 years old she broke her coccyx and her parents took her to a physician to have a rectal massage (3 times a week for 6 weeks). This process consisted of a physician doing internal manipulation inserting a gloved finger into her anus and manipulating the coccyx!! Holy crap. I'm still laughing. They were all laughing hysterically as Jeannie and Rosie told the story.

Rosie said she opened a large package this morning from her friend Georgette Mosbacher that contained coveralls and overalls that say "Rosie's" on the front of them. Pete coveted the overalls so Rosie let him try them on. Pete loved them even though Rosie said he looked like a performer in "The Village People" and they were way too tight. Pete thinks the overalls/coveralls are "awesome" and hopes the style makes a comeback! Here's hopin' Pete! You can find the overalls Rosie was talking about at Rosie's Workwear for Women. I totally need some. I just started a garden this weekend! lol

Rosie spent the week in Miami with Tracy and most of their kids. Some of Tracy's kids didn't come to Miami and Chelsea, Rosie's eldest daughter, went on the rfamily cruise with Kelli. Rosie told a story about how during their vacation they went to the beach one day. She said they sat down and a bus with about 300 children with disabilities in wheelchairs from the Miami Children's Hospital came to spend the day at the beach, too. She said she was inspired by their strength and any challenge she had ever faced with her own kids began to pale in comparison. Rosie said that she and Tracy their friends, Tanya and Eric, were reading and resting just as a lot of teens/20 somethings set up a tent nearby and began blasting dance party music. Rosie's friend Tanya went up to them and asked that they turn the music down which didn't work. Then Rosie went up to them and asked the group if they noticed the disabled kids and her family that were trying to enjoy the peaceful day on the beach. Not only was she not met with a warm reception she was not recognized which gave the studio staff a good chuckle. Rosie threatened to get the cops if they did not turn down their music. Just then a young woman came over to Rosie (not knowing who she was) and told her she would go a lot further in her life if she was nicer to people. She asked Rosie what her name was and then said "Rosie, do you understand what I'm saying?" The group of "Jersey-Shore look-a-likes" had no idea who Rosie was and they would not turn the music down.

Eventually one of the girls came over to apologize to them again for the music and Rosie told her that she was going to be on Oprah tomorrow and she was very famous. She told the girl who she was and the girl vaguely knew of her. This made her friends who were with Rosie laugh hysterically. After the group heard who she was, the original girl came up to Rosie and told her she was often misunderstood because she was a "bitch just like her" and she wanted a picture with her. In the end, the lifeguards came and made them take down the tent and turn the music off. Rosie saw this as an act of God. :)

Rosie also mentioned how she has mastered her savage tan to which Janette commented on what an unusual goal it is to be as tan and leathery as a purse. Janette said she doesn't understand her obsession with tanning as she works side jobs as a night light. Rosie said that fat looks better tan. Rosie also said her thighs were sore from bowling a few frames this weekend and the staff agreed that they wanted to go bowling as a group rather than go to Dave and Busters.

Rosie and Pete discussed in depth about the cover-up of pedophile priests done by Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church and how it only seems to be getting worse and worse. All this as more evidence emerges that Pope Benedict helped shield pedophiles before he became the Pope. Rosie asked Pete how he feels about the leader of his church being responsible for looking the other way and what this does to his faith as he is a practicing Catholic. Rosie was born and raised Catholic but no longer attends Catholic church. Pete said he feels the shame that stuff like this goes on but also believes that the Catholic church does great things in the world and that is why he stays. Pete thinks maybe Pope Benedict is hoping that those who don't wholeheartedly believe in the infallibility of the church will just leave the church now and only the truly devout will stay. Rosie said she thought about sending some of the kids to Catholic school but said she cannot support an organization that would do such a thing. They took several callers on the topic.

Brendan and Rosie discussed the details of the scandal and he and Rosie recommended the documentary Deliver Us from Evil. 'Deliver Us From Evil' tells the true story of Catholic priest Oliver O'Grady, who admitted to having sexually abused/molested and raped approximately twenty five children in Northern California between the late 1970s and early 1990s.

Watch the trailer.

Rosie also recommended the documentary Children of God: Lost and Found. "Children of God" is a documentary about a former member of the Children of God cult who explores how he and others like him have struggled to come to terms with a childhood that was wildly unconventional at best and abusive at worst. You can read a synopsis of that movie HERE. You can watch the documentary in all seven parts on YouTube (for now anyway).

Part 1
(warning, very disturbing)

During their discussion on the Pope issue Rosie played this clip of Bob Schieffer talking about the Catholic church scandal:

Rosie took several callers on the topic. Rosie ended the discussion talking about her own faith and the parts of her upbringing in the Catholic church that remain with her today and the parts that she cannot agree with that keeps her from returning. Rosie said she now feels like she has her own personal relationship with God rather than only finding access to Him through the church.

Rosie then introduced her friend and multi-Tony award winner Christine Ebersole! Christine and Rosie talked about many many things including their love of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the reaction over the last time she was on Rosie Radio and they discussed how they didn't believe the full story of 9/11. Christine read from The Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King and talked about the irony that the anniversary of King's assassination fell on Easter this year. Christine talked about how she was scared when she was asked by a reporter(?) if she was scared her career would be in jeopardy for believing and speaking about 9/11 conspiracies. Christine said she stands for the truth come what may. They talked about Obama and the Patriot Act being reinstated and how our right to question our government should never be taken from us. I have to admit, there were a few times when Christine mentioned that Santa isn't real so I had to quickly turn off my radio for a while because my 6 year old was home so I missed some of the interview! So, this is not the best recap I have ever done. :)

Rosie closed the show reminding everyone that Jesse Ventura will in the studio tomorrow!

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  1. Kel -

    I was laughing so hard today at work that my eyeswere watering. Today's show was by far the funniest!

    Between the Jeanie's rectal fingering to the girl on the beach, I could not stop laughing....

    plus one of my favorite singers, Christine Ebersole, who I saw perform in Scottsdale a few weeks ago and who I was fortunate enough to run into in the parking lot later and got a chance to briefly speak.


  2. Haha, wow! I only read the first part so far, but I'll come back later to read the rest! Thanks again, Kelly!

  3. thanks kelly! so glad to have you back!!!!

  4. It is so great to have Rosie, and the recap, back! Great job as always, Kelly!

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  5. We figured out that teeth falling out dreams can mean anxiety or lying about something

  6. so great to have the show and your recap blog back Kelli!
    i am smiling as I read about the coccyx incident and the girl at the beach.....that part of the show was one of the funniest yet

    i wondered about parents listening with kids around when the Santa talk came up

    thanks for another great recap

  7. Love Ro, but surprised when she does the "do you know who I am? Famous" thing.